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 Operation Clean The Sea

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation Clean The Sea   Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:14 am

Soi Soi Soi Soi Soi the rotaries of the MRH were powerful. Sitting inside it, each of the occupants could feel the swish of the blades as they cut through the air and brought them towards their destination. Mirja, the crazy wolf girl with the cute tail, was feeling a little awkward. Two of the people in the MRH were of an indeterminate relation to Mirja, and the third didn't speak. Made small talk a hell of a thing to try and pull off. Henrex, well her and Henrex were destined to never get along with each other, like fire and oil that was mixed with nitroglycerine and pure oxygen. Kimitsuki, well...her mood seemed to depend on which day of the week it was, from Mirja's experience. That left Verniy, who had not said two words since Mirja had met her.

The other three, were deploying down to the ocean floor to scatter the fleet and prevent it from terrorizing the locals with their main batteries. Mirja, was staying on the MRH as support. Not because she wanted to, but because deployment would be a logistical nightmare nobody wanted to deal with. There was no parachute on the planet that could arrest her momentum, and she couldn't swim or create Reiatsu besides. It was the worst theater for her to be deployed in. Tapping her comms to make sure they were working, she looked to the radar, and then nodded.

"We are closing in. I'll be on the aircraft giving you direction from the Radar. It looks like the fleet is pretty well spread out, so try to restrain any flashy displays of power, you are not liable to hit more than one of them. Once you land, you should be safe from fire from the other ships, but do be careful of flak and machinegun rounds" She told them, before returning her eyes to the Radar. The frigate they wanted was in the center of the formation, so they would be dropping into the kill-box if they wanted to take it out right. Or they could leap frog from one patrol boat to the next. However they wanted to do it.
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