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 Operation Clean The Sea

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation Clean The Sea   Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:14 am

Soi Soi Soi Soi Soi the rotaries of the MRH were powerful. Sitting inside it, each of the occupants could feel the swish of the blades as they cut through the air and brought them towards their destination. Mirja, the crazy wolf girl with the cute tail, was feeling a little awkward. Two of the people in the MRH were of an indeterminate relation to Mirja, and the third didn't speak. Made small talk a hell of a thing to try and pull off. Henrex, well her and Henrex were destined to never get along with each other, like fire and oil that was mixed with nitroglycerine and pure oxygen. Kimitsuki, well...her mood seemed to depend on which day of the week it was, from Mirja's experience. That left Verniy, who had not said two words since Mirja had met her.

The other three, were deploying down to the ocean floor to scatter the fleet and prevent it from terrorizing the locals with their main batteries. Mirja, was staying on the MRH as support. Not because she wanted to, but because deployment would be a logistical nightmare nobody wanted to deal with. There was no parachute on the planet that could arrest her momentum, and she couldn't swim or create Reiatsu besides. It was the worst theater for her to be deployed in. Tapping her comms to make sure they were working, she looked to the radar, and then nodded.

"We are closing in. I'll be on the aircraft giving you direction from the Radar. It looks like the fleet is pretty well spread out, so try to restrain any flashy displays of power, you are not liable to hit more than one of them. Once you land, you should be safe from fire from the other ships, but do be careful of flak and machinegun rounds" She told them, before returning her eyes to the Radar. The frigate they wanted was in the center of the formation, so they would be dropping into the kill-box if they wanted to take it out right. Or they could leap frog from one patrol boat to the next. However they wanted to do it.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Operation Clean The Sea   Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:30 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 280

It has certainly been long since she has been on an air transport as sophisticated as the MRH. Despite its noise, it was suitable for the amount of people participating in the mission to assist the expansion of Vastime. Other than her days training and working with the Russian government, she rarely ever went on a plane to perform any type of operation.

Verniy remained as silent, not speaking a word as per usual. Almost all of them were the people that she met before although she's closer to only one of them because of her visits to a certain cafe called the Tundra. She doesn't have much recollection of her memories but she had only encountered the male in a forest while the other female was the only person here that she has not established a common communication with. She remained in her seat, with her sacred weapon, Stertyy, held in front of her seated position as she listened to what is said in the comms, only to hear that they are closing in soon and the rest of the order regarding the operation, replying with a nod.

As they are closing in, Verniy would unsheathe the katana in front of her with her thumb, revealing the sharp edge of the sword and the reflection of light that is present within the MRH. It was clear enough, even without her expression, that we wasn't going to hold back in the mission. If a task is given to her, then she will execute it like a real soldier would without questions. She looked at everyone again, before standing up with her slightly unsheathed katana to prepare herself for deployment.

It is almost time.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Operation Clean The Sea   Wed May 10, 2017 6:38 pm




Song: N/A| Artist: N/A | Word Count: 300

This is Ritsuko's first ever mission especially with other members she was eager too socialize with people but the MRH was too loud so it'd be pointless anyway. However this was no time for small talk, just get the mission done and we can all go home. She wasn't sure what the mission was about but if it's important for Vastime expansion she's all for it; hopefully everyone will see the wonders of Vastime and it's goals for a better world ridden of all evil whether human or supernatural.

Ritsuko looked around the MRH seeing many people both male and female wearing their Vastime combat uniforms some we're socialize while others remained in their seats silent not uttering one word.
Ritsuko just remained in her seat, making sure her dragonov had the right attachments in case this was a night mission, it had a heartbeat sensor on the side which displays the positions of people who are fairly close to and in front of her. It also will produce a beep whenever it picks up a hostile target, which will increase in pitch the closer the target is. It also was equipped with a suppressor, which is more efficient for killing targets while also not being detected.

Hearing the comms, it was hard to hear but it appears they were almost at their destination and the voice talking in the comms was mirja? she didn't know Mirja was involved in the mission but it was nice hearing a familiar voice.

Ritsuko closed her eyes and took a deep breath and exhaled to calm herself down and was ready for deployment, she wasn't going to mess this up and this was her chance to show her skills to those unfamiliar with Ritsuko.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Operation Clean The Sea   Fri May 12, 2017 8:07 pm


Artist: KY0UMI - Song: Unravel - Word Count: N/A

In order to take a step in furthering his goals Vladimir has come to realize that he must be willing to open his mind; he had to correct his way of thinking. For so many years he had trapped himself within the same mental state; he was ashamed of himself for failing his people when they needed him; he had blamed himself for all that the acts he had committed under the Soviet rule. While he had committed himself so full heartedly to the cause he had blinded himself to what was happening to the country; to serve the country, this is what he thought it had meant to be a good man. This, however, was something that he had realized was not correct; to be a good man did not mean to blindly serve your country, it meant serving the people; Marxism had only increased the corruption and destroyed the people. This blind faith was the first error in his mindset, and he had conquered it rather quickly; he saw the error of his ways and had rid himself of the soviet government. This realization, however, had sent him tumbling down the rabbit hole; it had caused him to enter a dark place in which his mind had stuck for many years. Countless years passed as he marinated in his own depression; he had blamed himself for all of the terrors the people experienced, and it was with this that he had decided to train himself; if he were needed by his people he had to be prepared, though he dare not leave his self imposed isolation; he was a failure afterall. This mindset had crippled him for many years and as such he did nothing but train. It was not until very recently that he had decided that he was not doing all that he could for his people, but more importantly the world; he realized that there were threats which were a problem for more than just Russia; they held the power to dominate the world. It was with this new threat that Vladimir made a realization; he had to spur Russia forward and attempt to prepare the world for the day peace ends. This is what drove Vladimir to expand his mind; while Russia would still be his home, the place which he would drop everything for, he realized that the needs of the many outweigh those of the few; the world was in a situation in which it needed all those with power to help.

Although Vladimir had spent a majority of his time, at least up to this point, in Russia he has finally decided that it was time to leave the motherland; while it was true that he had already left Russia it was not for anything like this; it was on this day that he had decided that he should invest some of his time and energy into helping a few African states; while they were not part of Vastime it was only a matter of time before they chose to join them. While helping these smaller nations would have been a good enough reason for him to expend this effort the added benefit of, possibly, gaining favor with Vastime was always an incentive. Not only this, but gaining knowledge of the area was something that could always be of benefit; although he doubted he would need it, there was always the chance that he would need to know his way around this area once more. It was with this little information that he decided to investigate the matter; perhaps he could serve some role in the recapturing of the island; surely it wasn’t going to take much effort. He already had the notion that he was not going to be the only one attempting to liberate the island; it was with this that he was pretty confident.

Although he was approaching the island via a rather risky means of transport, what good would a speed boat do against mortar, he did feel it would be the quickest; the quicker he got there the safer he was. Luckily for him there was some sort of loud ass helicopter approaching the island; it was due to this that it seemed the ships began to move toward the helicopter; they were distracted and Vladimir was able to make a relatively safe travel to the island; landing on the shore he was unsure of what he should do; where was he supposed to start?

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Operation Clean The Sea
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