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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active Since June 3rd, 2010]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Cookies' Anyburst Tracker

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The Cookie
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cookies' Anyburst Tracker   Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:02 pm

New material to Khan's app:

» Unpredictable: How so? While he does exhibit destructive behaviors, trying to predict what he thinks may be extremely difficult to do so.

His state of mind can be described as constantly adapting, morphing and changing and never static. There is always something to do in his head even when idle, and he may not seem like the kind of person who would think before he'd do something. Khan becomes very calculative to whoever he talks to even when his tone says it otherwise and if presented under an unknown environment, his mind can easily adapt to it given the right circumstances.

Because of this behavior, Khan can switch between personalities a lot, sometimes rather destructive and sometimes, calm and collected, always thinking and planning ahead of his steps. Noted that while he is not a very intellectual individual, his constantly-changing mind gives him the ability to change, adapt and learn his errors which surprisingly makes him rather 'humanly' despite being a Rakshasa. Granted, he can become reckless and too confident of himself if he deems something unnecessary to think about.

» Unique Spiritual Power: What makes his spiritual power, well, 'unique'?

In a sense, Khan is still a Rakshasa and possesses a massive amount of Za Koa energy within him due to the fact that his existence revolves around the concept of destruction and naturally born with such an amount. While incomparable with other beings that holds an even greater quantity of spiritual power within themselves, Khan's Za Koa energy is massive in its own right.

What truly makes it different from the others is his other energy within him, Verdict and his own mind that influences the behavior of his spiritual power.

Verdict is a type of unique energy that only Khan possesses as it is tied to his will, desires and thoughts, which allows him to force that will into other things and create destruction. Since both the Za Koa energy and Verdict lives within him, same body and soul, the spiritual power it unleashes or emits gives those who senses it a very bizarre feeling into their body.

It acts like a spiritual manifestation of his mind as the intensity, feeling and volume is constantly changing. Unlike most spiritual beings that always a certain output of their spiritual power, Khan's spiritual power is not consistent in how it behaves and follows according to his train of thought. It responds to his personality, mood and every thoughts that is processed in his head, causing an extreme variance in his spiritual power and becomes very difficult to gauge his actual capabilities. It is similar to a fluctuating spiritual energy but it is responsive to who Khan is as an existence, a personality, a person and displays as it is with his own power.

» Unshackled Strength: What Khan prides himself for is his physical strength. Sure, he is physically powerful enough to easily crush a mountain down to a pebble, wipe out an army with a swing of his fist and if he was serious, Khan can easily create a crater that stretches out for miles with a powerful stomp. Simply put, his physical strength alone can become a threat to a large city if it does come down to it but less on how physically strong he is as a Rakshasa.

Emphasizing on the idea of unshackled, it all boils down to Khan's control of his physical strength. To him, it is not about how powerful can someone punch but how much control do they possess over their punch. That being said, Khan is not just the type who's JUST physically powerful but another attribute is that he has an impressive control of his physical strength, his body as a whole. By being able to control his body's physical strength however he wishes, there is almost no restrictions of how much or how little of his strength that he can use.

Asserting dominance over his physical body, Khan's application in the use of his strength can be limitless in a battlefield by understanding his own physical body and be in control of what his physical body can and cannot do. He believes that if he is dominant over his physical body and unshackle the boundaries that is set upon a physical body, he can control the flow of the battlefield by his strength alone as long as he has in control of himself as a whole.

That being said, control is not the only thing that determines his strength but his wits. There is no point being able to control one's body but incapable of using it in a smart way and wasting all that control only to end up a failure. Combined with his ability to adapt, it grants him the capability to change and adapt his strength to situations that is otherwise impossible to do so if one were to swing their fist around with nothing but raw power and obliterate everything around them. Precise strikes, smart application of physical strength and understanding the anatomy of the body gives him a powerful edge in not just his physical strength but in his martial arts.

So, what makes him terrifying is not because he has a lot of strength but he has the will to control his body however he wishes and the wits to use effectively & efficiently that benefits him in a fight, granting him control over the flow of the battlefield and turn the tables to him.

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Cookies' Anyburst Tracker
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