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 Journey Through One's Past

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Journey Through One's Past   Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:10 pm

Vladimir was a person who had spent a majority of his time alive simply studying himself; in his early days he was able to push his body to the limit through the Russians basic training, and then further through the KGB’s training of his body and mind. These experiences were able to reveal many things about himself. Vladimir realized just what he was willing to put on the line to do what he believed to be correct, he did not mind putting in a plethora of effort if he believed it would lead to him accomplishing something that would help further his goal or protect those he held dear. It was through his deployment as a member of the KGB that he realized his eagerness to help those around him is something that could blind him; it was a feeling that he pursued so strongly that he was blinded by what he thought was the protective nature of his country. While this was something that shook him to the very core it was something that he had to accept; it was something that he had to adjust himself to. He swore he would not be used in such a way again. It was with this determination that he decided to separate himself from society. Vladimir simply did not want to face a world in which he was used to hurt his people again; he did not have it in him.

It was during this time in isolation that Vladimir began to study himself; he wanted to know what it was that made him so blind to the goals of the KGB. He wanted to learn the errors in his actions, as well as what he had felt during his days of meditation. What had caused the feeling of serenity that had flooded him after having killed Pablo, his pet chicken. While the act of slaying a chicken may seem trivial to many people it was something which put an enormous amount of psychological stress on Vladimir; Pablo was the only thing he had an interaction with throughout his training. Having formed a rather deep bond with this animal, he had to care for the thing after all, and as it were he had been told to simply kill it; it was not as though you simply told the handler no. It was after this that things turned rather dark for Vladimir and this was when he began to meditate; it had only taken a few days until he was able to find the serenity, though it had quickly dissipated. It was this feeling which he would chase. This feeling of safety, this feeling of understanding.

These were the feelings that had pushed him to this point in his life; a place where he felt that he was ready to continue helping his people. While it was true that his allegiance was primarily held to Russia that did not mean he would not help others that needed his help. Perhaps he was too nice a man.

It was with these thoughts that he found himself simply walking through Moscow. He had no real destination at the moment; he simply found himself wanting to explore a city which he had known so well so many years ago. What was he to do with his free time?
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Journey Through One's Past   Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:29 pm




To think, the pink haired Chi Human would find his way into the largest country in the world in such an easy way. It was as if the security was lax for those who meant no harm to its people. Russia, the motherland. Or, at least that was a name is used to go by. Nowadays, people like Radioactive are backing and protecting its population as best as possible. It was the perfect place for kids of all ages to approach and learn the ways of those who came before. Not only was it vital for young men and women to learn of the deep past of the world, but learning from people such as Radioactive and his comrades were already a treat that only the best could ever hope to accomplish.

Of course, this was Saisei's only reason for leaving Karakura whatsoever. Radioactive wasn't someone that would go and invite him personally, but colleagues of the shark from what he would assume was the Vanguard were always looking for new material to work with. There was nothing special about the child's picking, but nevertheless he had no choice in the matter. Denying someone like Radioactive or, in this case, his allies was suicidal. They had reasoning behind their choices, Saisei would have to agree with them.

That's where today came in. The sun wasn't too high yet, nor was the summer heat kicking in just yet. Saisei was directed towards a lone forested area of northern Russia, a training ground for those that wished to hone their survival skills if he had to guess. It was odd, having zero guidance in how to find the group that seeked him, it was as if this was already training in itself. 'Before you can train you have to find us!!! That sure is fun isn't it?' If anything, most kids would give up before they even started. Who wanted to wander around a forest forever in order to find a group that was already extremely dodgy? Only an idiot would do something so... stupid.

Funny enough, Saisei was the right idiot for the job. Dressed in nothing but average clothing, the boy slung his already tattered backpack against his right shoulder before venturing forward. The chilly morning air only forced him forward faster, the cold almost being a propellant due to the child wishing for warmth. Obviously, the best he could hope for now was to just walk in a zig zag pattern forward, covering enough land to not miss anything too important.

There wasn't much to do from here on out obviously, the quiet chirping filled the air as sticks and leaves continued to be crushed by the young man's shoes. It was obvious he would be in this state for awhile, foot after foot leading him forward. Or well, he thought that would be the case. Along the thick of the trees, a small clearing opened up into what was a single person, to think if Saisei had just spent the time searching with his Chi it would have been easier to find him. Bolting forward, he rocketed through the thicket of trees, exploding into the clearing as if it was a life saving action.

"You! There's no way some guy is just out here on his own. Were you one of the people I was meant to find?" Excitement filled his voice as he belted word after word. He was beyond happy to find out he may have just finished his assignment without any trouble.

"Man that was just too easy." A cheeky grin filled his cheeks before he rocked back and forth, excitement nearly tearing him in two.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Journey Through One's Past   Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:13 pm

Vladimir's original goal was to simply spend this day reflecting on his past; thinking back on what it was that got him to this point in time. It was the quiet nature of the forest is what had drawn him to this area; the only sound was the chirping of the birds, or at least that was all he was supposed to be able to hear. It had been not even a few moments before this ideal world was shattered. The calm nature of the forest, on which was generally inactive, suddenly became tainted with the a foreign energy. The energy, in and of itself, was something which he found very familiar. Chi. It seemed that there was another being that had entered the forest and was quickly disrupting the pace that he had so eagerly awaited.

This newly arrived presence did not change Vladimir's composure, though it did aggravate him. The fact that the person was simply running through this land, without what could be called direction, was rather annoying; this act was in and of itself inefficient as well! When one had access to chi they also had the ability to enhance just about every portion of their body; while it was not expected that a person be proficient in this, he did expect to at least sense some sort of attempt to do so. Simply looking over to the tree line Vladimir was able to quickly notice the child, that was all he could really use to describe the lad. He had no spectacular traits, and it seemed he was rather untrained. After having listened to the male, the child made whatever assumptions that would prove most beneficial for himself, he simply sighed. "And what evidence do you have to say any of this? Simply approaching a stranger and making such accusations will only lead to you making a negative impact. Learn some manners and introduce yourself." Vlad spoke, simply looking the child once over. Who the hell was he?
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Journey Through One's Past
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