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 Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]    Sat May 20, 2017 9:16 am


Artist: Johnny Rivers - Song: Secret Agent Man - Word Count: N/A

Vladimir listened as the man spoke his mind; he was rather confident in himself and that was good. A leader needed to have this confidence, it helped reassure the people and those who may have doubts. It seemed that he was able to spark the fire that Russia needed; thankfully his words did not fall on deaf ears. This man was, just from this brief encounter, someone Vladimir was able to have some faith. His words were earnest and Vladimir hoped that his actions would match them. It was with this that he simply smiled, looking out toward the horizon. “What sort of man would I be if I wasn’t able to handle such a simple task?If a person says that they will do something, then they must do it! Say what you mean and mean what you say, no?” He chuckled, though the laughter was short lived. “One thing, however, that I feel I should express. While I understand the meaning behind your words, I would suggest that we refrain from using words such as ‘I’ while talking to others; whether it be a politician or a friend. Words like ‘we’ have such an amazing effect on people. While talking to other nations it shows that we stand united in our decision, and when speaking to others more casually it lets them know that we see ourselves as an extension of this glorious country. This is just something that I had noticed and felt may be useful.”

It seemed the pieces were beginning to take shape; having just opened the box to this jigsaw puzzle it was time to see the shapes of each piece; it was time to see how each piece interacted and which fit together. It was with this time that he decided to take the liberty of suggesting a line of inquiry; it was nothing new, though it was something that could significantly help the military. “Perhaps we should begin researching augmentation. While it has been around for such a long time I am sure that our people could bring this to new levels, allowing our soldiers to reach new heights. This is something that could be of use.” It was with this that he looked over to the female; it was rather odd that she had not departed when Radioactive had asked her to; she seemed a bit odd, though that did not mean she was not competent.

It was with this that Vladimir extended his hand toward the male. “Well, tomorrow does seem like it will be a lovely day. It’s time to finally reignite the fire of this country and bring it to new heights. Once more will Russia reign supreme; whether it be in military strength or scientific community. There is nothing but possibilities in our future, Radioactive, and I’m sure it won’t be a smooth ride. I look forward to working with you further, let's do great things.” It seemed that great things were yet to come; who knew what the future held?

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]    Sat May 20, 2017 9:26 am

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Mirja settled in to do what she was here to do, and listen to the conversation. She didn't so much as move, or even blink as the two talked, all to reduce her footprint in the conversation down to zero. Were she not a six-foot nearly naked wolf girl, it would be easy to simply forget she was here altogether. They spoke some more, Radioactive being the one with much more confidence than the other, it seemed the other was pitching to Radioactive, who had some sort of power, or pull. What she learned was interesting. Russia was getting ready to stand up tall, rather than it's minor slump it was in right now.

However, she was then thrown into confusion when Radioactive looked at her, and told her to go. She frowned, and looked visibly confused, as her mind tried to comprehend the order, and then came up blank and just fell back on what she was told to do.
"I...was, told, to observe the conversation. So, if I leave before the conversation is over, wouldn't that be counter-productive to my orders? Even surmounting into insubordination?" She asked. It was an actual question, rather than a retort to simply stay here longer, because she had no idea what to do now. On one hand, there was here orders from Hayden, to observe, and the conversation had yet to finish, on the other, there was a giant guy with a very ominous and really scary and she didn't want to get on the wrong side of him. "I'm kind of new to this whole thing so I am really not sure what I am meant to be doing right now. So, sorry, for if I seem to be messing up this whole thing"

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Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]
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