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 Spirts flows [SOLO]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Spirts flows [SOLO]   Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:04 pm

A peaceful, and quiet, day sent a sense of ease washing across town. The lively, and noisy, city wasn't somewhere Ritsuko enjoyed. Loud metal carts passed by those who preferred walking. Or maybe they couldn't afford cars and choose a cheaper alternative called public transpiration. The city's inhabitants were accustomed to tides of people. Today was just another day for normal people but an antisocial ritsuko preferred traveling without metal cart or sidewalks filled with noisy pedestrians. Alleyways wreaked so Ritsuko avoided them as well. So without moving across streets, public transportation, or hidden alleyways Ritsuko's options were nonexistent

A simple situation for most weighed heavily on Ritsuko's mind, causing feet to drag cross pavement at a time after lunch. The Japanese were busy people who immersed themselves into their work meaning sleeking through what few people along the street weren't an issue. Well, given they didn't try striking up a conversation. Ritsuko carried with her a bag who's fingers firmly gripped around the black bag filled with a small variety of important equipment: Note books, pencils, clothes, as well more exotic items.

Ritsuko suppressed irritation through shear pride, for what was to come was more important than her social anxiety. She made way past town town deep into the woods. Of course traveling moderate for some was more of 'packing heavy' for Ritsuko. With low physical parameters she was forced to carry a heavy bag across on her back with effort. Blut Arterie made more sense here, that twenty percent strength increase helped Ritsuko more than Blut Vene. While her physical endurance could stand up she was more worried with how quickly stamina would give way. To her, a steady pace was better so she wouldn't burn herself out. Hopefully Ritsuko could deal with these planned expeditions that would become routine.

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Spirts flows [SOLO]
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