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 The Mortal Reminder

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Mortal Reminder   Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:21 pm

The Righteous Guardian


Artist: Teminite - Song: Ascent - Word Count: 461

Toshiko rubbed the back of her neck softly, thinking on these Regalia. Her brain moved at about the speed of light sometimes, especially when she got to really extreme amounts thinking. She racked her brain on the subject of these objects before she sighed and then looked towards the device that was clearly unnatural. Toshiko watched as the device changed from a harmless looking pocket watch to a sword in merely moments. The girl blinked in amazement. Sure, technology could accomplish much, but, this was more than just simple technology or some gimmick or power; it was something far more. Toshiko grinned for a moment before she let the grin fade, simply looking at the device until it faded back to what it normally was; a pocket watch. Toshiko looked at Ghislain for a little bit longer before she sighed softly.

"I see... Yeah, I have never heard of them before; these Regalia. Also, I wouldn't mind learning more fighting forms... Knowing just martial arts alone can be limiting at times. So, please do teach me; and Ritsuko as well if she wants training. Just saying. A-Also... do you think I could get a Regalia if possible?"

Toshiko was looking at Ghislain with a look of determination; her eyes gazing into Ghislain's own. She was looking for answers, training; especially what these Regalia were. It was extremely hard to tell what all Toshiko was looking for, but, she stared to understand what she was looking for. To boil it down to simplicity, it was power. However, in more complicated terms; it was far more than just simply the craving for power. What may it be then? The want to protect; that's what she was all about after all. Toshiko wanted to protect those she cared for; and power seemed to be the only way to do it in situations like these. Toshiko let a soft sigh escape her lips as she let her gaze fall to the ground momentarily.

However, she soon noticed that Ghislain was showing her something. She looked back up in nearly an instant and watched as Ghislain basically caused an uncountable number of reishi bullets, of a sort, to be manipulated and to move how he wished. Toshiko stared at this in amazement, knowing that she could control the reishi shots used by her Gatling gun and railgun, but, she didn't know that it was possible to do it on a scale this large. She swallowed softly as they faded before looking to Ghislain. She bowed her head slightly, put her right hand, balled in a fist, to the ground; knuckles touching the sand. She looked down still and made only one request.

"Please teach me!!"

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Song: Reign Of The Dark | Artist: Adrian von Zielger | Word Count: 320

Ritsuko took a closer look at Ghislans pocket watch as she could hear something growl almost like a dog, but she just shrugged it off assuming it was all in her head.
She never knew regalia could have names, hell even take on different forms; she just assumed it was another weapon used to help quincies in battle. However based on what Ghislan was saying its safe to assume it's similar to a zanpaktou spirt that shinigami have within their zanpaktou's; companions who work together to achieve a common goal.

Ritsuko watched closely as ghislan demonstarted his reishi manipulation; seeing two tips of reishi flowing within the edge of his fingers. As a dark figure appeared before ghislan but he didn't show any signs of fear or worry, actually it was the complete opposite he immediately cut the figure with his fingers.

Learning new fighting styles is always a must for me, sure i know a few fighting styles such as boxing and wrestling but those aren't going to really help her out if she's fighting against other supernatural beings. She wanted to learn whatever was avaliable.
Words couldn't explain what the hell ritsuko has witness in front of her very eyes, moving a bullet mid-air making it do tricks like a animal.

Ghislan continued as he demonstrated more of his unique abilities to both ritsuko and Toshiko, almost like the bullets were asteroids or planets orbiting around the sun or in this case ghislan.

Ritsuko couldn't help but applaud to it, after all it did look pretty amazing and made her question whether or not she'd be capable of at least learning the baiscs of reishi manipulation.

She wanted to learn this technique as well, albiet her sniper rifle is a bit different but it's safe to assume with enough practice she could also fire countless bullets with complete control.

"I'd like to recieve training as well Mr.Ghislan!" Ritsuko said kneeling on one foot

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: The Mortal Reminder   Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:10 pm