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 Kimitsuki's Berserk State Expansion

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kimitsuki's Berserk State Expansion   Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:01 pm

Berserk State Expansion

Kimitsuki Yamamoto

The method of the beast is naught more than killing… but, what if this beast not only had intelligence along with its berserk attitude? Well, destruction awaits.

The Berserker Waits for no one.

» Berserker State Appearance:


» Berserker State Details: Same height as her True Appearance; normally emotionless. Same body proportions as other forms; does not possess emotions if forced into the state.

Berserker State Abilities

» Save the Mind… Save the Soul; Save Everything: A passive ability that activates whenever Kimitsuki’s emotions are going haywire and she nearly loses control of her fire. However, this only is a saving grace for Kimitsuki so she does not end up torching the earth or wherever she is. Therefore, it only focuses her fire elsewhere and causes her to lose nearly all sort of emotion. That is only if she is pushed into her berserker state, through an overload in emotions. Another thing to note is that Kimitsuki does indeed become completely relentless in this state; causing her to act far more like her demonic heritage. Otherwise, if she enters the of her own will, she will retain her emotions, thoughts, and less demonic actions. Regardless, her appearance will remain the same and show to her be far more demonic than normal.

» Greater Heat Resistance: Due to Kimitsuki, quite literally, baring lava in her veins her heat resistance has greatly increased to the point where her body can resist all but the hottest of heats. This means that she can resist lava, and heat like it. However, when one starts to approach the heat of the sun or hotter is when Kimitsuki starts suffering some and will normally need to get back or burn a little; being burned something she does not want to feel. However, it should be noted that Kimitsuki's body also doesn't catch fire. Due to the heat resistance, the fire can never actually catch; so she won't burn until it reaches heats that exceed around 3000 Kelvin.

» Blade of Focused Heat: Whenever Kimitsuki enters her berserk state, she gains a claymore-like sword; which is exclusive to this state. The sword itself is shaped strangely, being very jagged on most of the blade. However, that is not what makes this weapon special. What makes it special and specifically for this form is the fact that the blade channels fire into it, directly from Kimitsuki, and heats the blade to the same heats of Kimitsuki’s fire at base. The blade also forces her fire to run through her veins as to help it properly control and seal most of the fire. This requires no energy from Kimitsuki, since it is this form’s way of keeping her fire completely in check. This will occur regardless of the circumstance in which she entered her berserk form. For example, if Kimitsuki entered this form of her own will she would still have this blade as well as its method of basically sealing her fire. Of course, the same goes for if she was forced into this form as well.

» Blade of Focused Heat Appearance:

» Lava-like Blood: Kimitsuki’s body is normally far above the average body temperature for a human being; meaning that her body is naturally very hot. Such a heat increase also applies to her blood; especially since her fire partially melds with her blood in this state. This occurs since Kimitsuki is already the Danava of Fire, her fire basically being part of her, and because of how the blade in this form binds her fire. However, in Kimitsuki’s berserk state the blood becomes much hotter, scalding even, and may seem to sizzle if she bleeds; which is certain to happen. While the blood won’t melt metal, it is definitely hot enough to inflict burn wounds onto enemies who are below Kimitsuki’s tier and those who have terrible defenses. Of course, this changes on a case by case basis.

» Personal Blood Control: Whenever Kimitsuki is in her berserk state, she can control her blood, and only her own blood, due to the fire that literally courses through her veins in this form. This allows Kimitsuki to literally use her blood as a weapon; turning it into a burning hot liquid from her body. With this she can even use it to put some of her own blood back into her body if she is suffering from blood loss. However, this will not allow her to control the blood of others unless the blood is synthesized. This means that she needs to take the time and wait for her clothes to synthesize the blood of others that has fallen on her clothes; otherwise she will only have her own blood supply to deal with.

» Bloody River: Kimitsuki using her lava-hot blood to attack in this state is not just for show; it is quite literally something that she has to do since her fire is restricted to only her blood now. This forces Kimitsuki to get creative and basically manipulate her blood. This causes her to create attacks like Blood River. Bloody River itself is just that; a river of blood. However, it takes a large turn when it comes to other situations.

The attack itself is normally when Kimitsuki focuses some of her blood into a vast beam in front of her; mixing it with raw demon energy so she doesn't have to literally create a blood river. When doing this, the attack will fly from her at a normal speed of mach 1. However, this is if she didn't amp it up with her speed. If doing so, the attack could exceed that speed greatly at the cost of more energy and blood. This means that the blood itself could exceed the amount she meant to put in and cost her a couple of posts of time when it comes to her running out of blood. However, it also means the attack is devastating.

If the attack ever connects, one would be met with a torrent of blood like lava and energy that feels like it could burn most metals; the sensation one that would not be very pleasant. Due to it's properties, the attack could break through low level defenses and weaken high level ones; leaving those in the mid-range a little stuck on what she could do. The attack could also push back beings who are not able to resist the force of the beam of blood and energy. In other words, if one had a lower strength than Kimitsuki did, they would be blown back by the attack. Those with the same would have difficulty with their footing while those above would still have to contend with the heat, but would need to worry about being taken away by the river. It should also be noted that this skill can be used as long as Kimitsuki has blood to spare; having a cooldown of 2 post in between each use.

» Mind of the Berserk: Whenever Kimitsuki is forced into her Berserk State, her mind can lose itself to madness and revert to a more demonic nature. This means that Kimitsuki will become far more relentless and destructive than normal; a more demonic approach to things in a certain sense. However, this is normally if Kimitsuki is in a true threat. If she is with someone who doesn’t seem to mean harm, she will retain enough control to not destroy everything. However, if she goes into her berserk form out of choice she will be able to at least control her actions completely. This does mean that her emotions will be partially in her control; making her more emotionless and blunt instead of having emotions and actually talking with true meaning.

» Bloody Clothes: Many think that the attire of this form is pointless or lewd. Well, it is neither of those things in the end. The clothes themselves are certainly skimpy in nature, but, the clothes actually absorb the blood of other around; it even absorbs Kimitsuki’s own blood. This serves to fuel some of the abilities this form gains to compensate for the lack fire Kimitsuki currently has due to her blade sealing her fire. However, there is no actual way to tell that the clothes are absorbing blood without paying attention to the lack of blood on Kimitsuki.

There is also another part to this ability, to make it more than just blood absorption and skimpy attire. The outfit can take the blood of others that has been thrown onto it and it can synthesize the blood to match Kimitsuki’s own blood exactly. Of course, this process is not immediate, so, from the second blood is shed on the clothes it would take a post in total for the blood to be changed. Afterwards, it can be used as pleased. However, the blood cannot be absorbed into Kimitsuki’s body due to being unable to make it completely copy her genetic code. In other words, she is only able to make it so the blood that gets absorbed by her clothes, that isn’t hers, can be controlled but not absorbed.

» Bloody Release: Kimitsuki has a very interesting way of attacking in this form; which is by using her blood. Something that may not be well known, but, it is certainly a good way to attack when your blood's thermal temperature is much like that of lava. Whenever Kimitsuki uses this, she sends blood in a circle around her; the blood spraying from her body in a 20 meter radius. When this happens, those in the radius will be covered in the blood as well as the ground in said radius. After using this skill, her time before passing out will be halved; no matter the state it was in before. However, if she has a low amount of blood in her system, the attack may not even work.

After Kimitsuki sends out that blast of blood, she will normally work on slashing those who are closest to her, however; that is not all she can do. After about a post of recuperation, she will send a few waves of blood from her sword before she attacks the nearest enemy entity; impaling them with her sword. Upon doing this, any of her blood that is on her ground, or any blood on her clothes, with gather around her and the person and create a geyser of blood; burning as hot as lava. The geyser itself will not hurt Kimitsuki, but, it will burn her enemy greatly. The attack can cause third degree burns to those who have a low racial defense and durability, but those with a high racial defense and durability may only be inflicted with first degree burns. Those that have mixed in abilities, low racial defense but high durability, for example, will not experience as much burning but may experience a first to second degree burn depending on tier. This ability can only be used once per thread and is a threat to Kimitsuki if she is hard pressed for blood. After the ability finishes, half of the blood that is Kimitsuki's will be reabsorbed by her. However, there will still be missing energy.

» Blood Absorption: Having a way to get rid of your blood and not get some back in some way is a rather stupid way to go about things; hence blood absorption. Due to her being unable to take in the blood of others after her clothes synthesize it, she has to have some way to reabsorb her blood. This is done by Kimitsuki normally retrieving as much blood as she can from any attacks she has made; making sure that she get's at least half of the blood back. However, this is not always so. If Kimitsuki came into this form of her own volition, she would be thinking about this more; actually trying to retain her blood. However, if she was forced into her Berserk State, she would be unable to absorb much blood; forcing her to withdraw in time or find a way to get more blood.

When Kimitsuki is able to absorb blood, she will gain at least 1 post back to the amount of blood she can use before falling unconscious from blood loss. This means that she has to have come into the form of her own volition; that or her berserk mind has to figure out that losing blood is bad and something should be done about that. However, that latter case is rare and will only happen if Kimitsuki truthfully is near death.

» Blood Creation; Last Ditch Effort: No matter if Kimitsuki is in her Berserk State be force or by her own will; this ability will always proc if Kimitsuki is near death. Think of it as a last ditch passive that is meant to save Kimitsuki's life if she ever is in a really, really, bad situation. The ability itself takes no time to charge up or anything like that as it is instantaneous. However, the ability will only replenish Kimitsuki's blood; nothing more.

The ability itself will take in 50% of Kimitsuki's remaining energy to create the blood she needs to survive and possibly get away; this means that she will have more blood, but she will be very exhausted. In situations where Kimitsuki has low energy, a low amount of blood will be created; however, it will always be enough to keep her alive. This does not mean, however, that it will always work. If Kimitsuki is excessively low on energy, she will simply regain enough blood to barely stabilize her; leaving her to fall unconscious and likely be left as prey to whoever may come around. However, in situations like this she does have Kagutsuchi to help her, but, he may not be able to do a lot. IN the end, this ability is meant to save Kimitsuki from blood loss. After triggered, the ability cannot be used in the same thread again.

» Limited Blood: Just like any being, Kimitsuki has a limit to the amount of blood she can loose before she dies or falls unconscious; this means that she could possibly nearly kill herself in this form or merely just fall unconscious due to overdoing it. This means that in this form Kimitsuki must either be careful or find ways to retain blood after expelling it for attacks or losing it from getting cut. This means that after ten posts of constant use of her blood-related abilities, Kimitsuki could pass out. However, if they were used intermittently, it would only take 15 posts. If not at all, Kimitsuki would not have to worry about passing out from blood loss unless someone drove her to it. This mainly means that Kimitsuki can pose a danger to herself when in this form, if she is not careful.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kimitsuki's Berserk State Expansion   Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:39 am

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Kimitsuki's Berserk State Expansion
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