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 The Maple Iramasha(open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Maple Iramasha(open)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:30 am

Matt looked around with an expression of nervousness set into his small face. His violet eyes clearly betrayed his unease at being without his brother, as did the way he was gripping his stuffed polar bear for dear life. Without Alfred by his side, he became a bit of a wreck, unable to think or speak clearly. Only Alfred understood him, after all. Pushing his glasses up, he attempted to walk calmly to his destination, a small shop at the end of the street, but was pulled along by the currents of the crowd, unable to control where he was going as he was pulled right past the shop. The crowd was pushing him, and with no ability to control where he was going, he was soon lost.

Gripping his stuffed polar bear ever more tightly, he managed to drag himself out of the crowd, anxiously looking around as he realized he was lost. Fidgeting, he played around with the drawstrings of his hoodie, unsure as to what he should do. Should he call Alfred to come pick him up? No. Then Alfred would never stop teasing him. He had to find his way back on his own. Determination crossing his face, he walked back into the crowds on the sidewalk, this time certain he would get to the store. If he didn't do this he would never be able to do anything without Alfred, and as much as he loved his brother he needed to start being more independent.
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