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 The meaning of a name. [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The meaning of a name. [Open]    Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:44 am



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Rain pelted down, it’s rhythmic sound pounding against the pavement. In this quiet town of dunblane, scotland. Situated by a river , was cozy and quiet. A blanket of fog enshrouded the rustic houses that had long been eclipsed by modern day technology. It was akin to stepping back in time, this town; yet on the old tower of the dunblane cathedral a lone figure was perched upon the aged shingles, her golden hair slicked back by the mist and rain that poured down from above. Her golden irises peering into the darkness, lips stilled and neutral before pulling into the softest of frowns. “This world is strange, no matter how i look at it, the inhabitants seem. . weak, yet strong.” her knowledge of the world of the living was sparse, and bar those who were spiritually aware, the normal mundane human still was unable to see her, yet after leaving the soul society she had enquired about the demons tsubasa had spoke of.

That had brought her to a small country known by the name scotland. After traveling through the night she had then ended in dublane, it was a quaint town, bar the drunks or those unloading from the docks; there was only the softest whine of machinery in the background to accentuate this misty morning. She frowned slightly, at the site of a car driving across an old road, her nose wrinkling as she exhaled. Machinery was a concept she still wasn’t entirely sure of, these metal coffins that had mobility to her seemed more like cages than assets. She also didn’t quite understand the small square objects people seemed to tap on or stare at for hours on end, but then again it all was strange to her.

The cry of birds as they awoke from their roots punctuated the soft serenity of this picturesque place. The morning’s muted rays glistening through the air to reflect on the stain-glass of the cathedral. It had majesty, even after the passage of time had worn it down and it had become abandoned by the common populace. She didn’t know that it was a cathedral, and she didn’t understand the concept of worship. Yet she admired the way it was constructed, it made her feel calm; at ease. Her eyes shifted as she looked across the town, and pondered if she should continue on her journey? Her energy was completely suppressed, so most spiritual beings wouldn’t even detect her presence; let alone be capable of clearly ascertaining just how strong she actually was.

Yet looking at her, one might easily mistaken her for one of the statues erected in bygone ages to glorify a religion humanity had gone through so much in the name of. Her skin glowing faintly due to the light, her clothes still the same kimono she had brought from the black world. The weapons she brought still on her, firmly affixed to her being and tilted for quick use.

”..Even this close to the supposed “demon’s hq” i’ve yet to see a single . . creature that fits the description tsubasa gave me.” She thought to herself as she inhaled the cool air, letting it swirl and fill her lungs before slowly exhaling out once more. Each breath had meaning to it, allowing her to center herself and calm her racing thoughts. To return to the center that was known as calm, to let the ripples on the lake that was her psyche gradually still; leaving only a glassy calmness in its wake. She then slowly shifted a knee up, letting her arms loop around it, resting her chin atop her knee cap as her eyes continued to peer into the fog, slowly looking around to find something that would be. . Even if but a little; of interest to her.

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