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 Poliro GM Upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Poliro GM Upgrade   Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:27 am

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» Name Of Character: Poliro Tensol
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Willpower/Determination to Grandmaster + Pain Endurance to Grandmaster + Hollow Control to Grandmaster

» Why:

After discussions with peers I decided that Poliro should have his grandmasters within these two areas for various reasons. First off, as an all rounded fighter even at 0-tier having masters in the various combat skills is more suitable than having Grandmasters in Speed/Strength etc, so I decided for a Will skill to become Grandmaster and I chose Willpower/Determination as Poliro's history throughout the years show a very high determination/Willpower to act and I will provide examples.

Firstly - Poliro has experienced lots of mental issues with his inner hollow and the loss of his loved one and despite all this was able to bring it under control through his force of will and is not severely affected by it. In addition, in his past he has recovered from the toughest of defeats such as his fight with Gilgamesh which would have greatly demoralized anyone being pushed that close to death but Poliro chose to keep going and becoming stronger to train himself.

In addition, even when outclassed Poliro has determination to keep on fighting until the bitter end - this is shown with Poliro vs Tsubasa where for practically the entire fight, even in his Ress form he is unable to land a single hit on Tsubasa and despite his moment of hopelessness his determination allows him to quickly pull it together and keep on fighting in spite of Tsubasa easily being able to cut him and even taking his entire arm with him and through willpower was able to quickly stop himself going into shock from the bleeding of his arm and close the world with fire cauterisation.

One more piece of evidence is his ablity to channel his willpower into a temporary power boost to allow him to break out of suitations that seem impossible such as in Poliro vs Tsubasa where he is bound by 2 Bakudo spells and trapped within a Black Coffin, full power and in addition is trapped within another attack and he uses his willpower to power himself up to break the bindings and survive an attack that would have killed most people.

On the overall, Poliro is a character that has experienced a lot of adversity through trial by fire with his defeats and losses and still presses to become stronger as his desire to make his dead wife proud overpowers any doubt or insecurity he has, this being the ultimate source of his determination and willpower, allowing him to keep on fighting no matter how much he is outclassed or how much he is struggling, being able to suppress his pain from mortal wounds for a time to recover himself.

This is the case I have to make for Poliro having a Grandmaster in Willpower/Determination and Pain Endurance.

For Hollow Control, I believe he should have a Grandmaster in this field as his Resurrección form consists of him and his Hollow fully merging beings temporarily which requires an immense amount of control to achieve, which I believe means Poliro should have a GM out of this skill out of principle - he has trained and his history shows his struggle with his Hollow and how eventually he gained a master level of control but after this his Hollow came to a mutual agreement to let him use this power and merge for the sake of their survival. Thats my argument for him having GM in Hollow Control

» Extra:
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Poliro GM Upgrade   Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:42 am

[adm]There is a very special reason for the approval of these GMs, the reason simply being Poliro is a 6 year old character who in their time has seldom applied for upgrades despite being arguably in the top 5 vizards on site- ever. So for these reasons and the justifications offered by Portal, I will be approving these GMs in a special usage of my powers- typically a triple GM approval would be met with hesitation but after a talk we all unanimously agreed: We will allow this.[/adm]

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Poliro GM Upgrade
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