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 Blazing into Greatness

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Blazing into Greatness    Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:13 pm

» Name Of Character: Desmond Hayden
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Grand-master Will Power/Speed

0-2/0-2+/0-2++ [Base/Shikai/Bankai]

» Why:

Will Power


Resolve. Determination. You're stubborn or innate ability to refuse defeat or failure. This simple concept has led to some of the greatest warriors of this generation overcoming massive challenges, in it that simple reason that I think Hayden should be counted among those beings. From his humble beginnings as a 4-5 to his rise to super stardom as one of the most influential people on site, he has held a consistent theme: His inability to not back down from his goals. I cannot claim he has always won his fights, but he has never been defeated. His will has never once in this entire time waviered one, his entire shikai/bankai even working to manifest it within his armor.

In social threads such as 'A wolf called to office' or 'Searching for Answers or Common Ground' the tangible will power of Hayden has influenced others, even in shades of liberty it was able to provide a calming aura to multiple people. The ambition which drives him was so great he was able to form the nation of Vastime- arguably the strongest nation on earth. Even being in the presence such as those like Zin Yuudeshi he was able to assert his own influence and allow that flow of energy into him.

In conclusion, it is pretty plain to see why Hayden is deserving of this- he has since day one always been a willful being- from his ethics to his ambitions. His drive, in my opinion, is one of the strongest on sites.



The muscular structure of the body is capable of many great feats, from the connections of ones nerve system to their muscles. Each working in conjunction to produce powerful efforts, working in unison. It is why someone like Desmond Hayden is able to be in the upper tier of fighters, he is neither dedicated truly to speed or strength but rather the physical unison peak condition that can be offered. Throughout his threads there has been a constant theme of overpowering physicality, the ability for the body to produce massive efforts of not only strength but also speed and reaction. But how does his body use this speed in an unlikely way? What separates him from the useless chatter who claim the high title of warrior?

The efforts of Hayden lie not in his raw travel speed or ability to move but in the sharply refined skill and precision in his muscles. The man's ability to produce attacks of varying speed and power is thanks to his mastery over his bodily systems, a refined ability which he gained early in his time on PH. The man instead of focusing his speed into raw momentum or travel increases his reflexes and speed of his attacks to dramatic levels, using short bursts of speed as his primary travel method in combat. His dedication to explosive power showcases not only the combination of strength and speed- but the warrior knowledge and skill he has accumulated.

So when one examines why Hayden should be counted among this caliber of fighters, think not of his travel speed or the raw speed he generates- but how he uses that in a bracket higher than those on or above him. His body is at the peak condition of what those of his level should consider deadly, he has effectively turned his body into a well rounded weapon- one which draws upon both strength and speed using one another together to produce his results. To simply call him a brute or a speedster is not enough, like the gladiatorial warriors of Rome: He could not afford to sacrifice one for the other. And I think it showcases in his history of fighting.



This is pretty cut and dry. But for the sake of your entertainment and my own reasons I'll speak about why Hayden has earned these. I think no one can argue he's been at this long enough to warrant a flat 0-2, that at this point with who he fights- who he stands among. From his bout with Neoveta to his bout with Ghislain, he's at the very least displayed the power capacity to be warranted enough power to be well within 1% of the fighters within the world.

However, which is more unique is my request for the 0-2+/0-2++, my reasoning for this is due to specifically how dramatically Hayden has shown his power increases every release. Be it from his mask, which he draws huge amounts of raw reiyoku from his Hollow, to his release states. His shikai was designed around the concept of an explosive internal boost to power hence the large increase in his over-all power. Even within the ability it describes this as a 'catastrophic' reiatsu gain. It is my reasoning that granted how his release works along with the beings he has to stand with, it can be fairly surmised that he would be able to handle this boost.

And when it comes to his Bankai, a thing he has seldom used since it's gaining and perfection, it in my eyes deserves the right to push his power to the utter peak. Considering his power is increased to such a high point, compressing that energy into his body unlocking any latent potential from both his custom Cyberbrain the 'Deus Ex Machina'. From his smallest clashes to his biggest, he's exhibited the power to increase his energy reserve to unfathomable levels- I believe it's time he gets the proper recognition that comes with that. When combined with his mask or alone- the power released is something not to be taken lightly.

In conclusion, through a culmination of history, work, and the simple necesity for the character; I believe this upgrade is well warranted. It has been some time since and upgrade like this was submitted for Hayden, with everything going on it's about time he step into the role that was thrusted on him.

» Extra:


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Blazing into Greatness
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