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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Office Call Blues, Duty Calls [Private; Hayden/Kimitsuki]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Office Call Blues, Duty Calls [Private; Hayden/Kimitsuki]   Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:15 pm

Blazing Heart


Artist: Tolerance - Song: Exotica - Word Count: 448

It had been a little bit since Kimitsuki had seen Hayden; at least to her it had. There was that time where they basically cuddled for an entire night, which was... interesting to say the least. Poor guy had to wake up to Kimitsuki in berserk state; while cute she wasn't too terribly interesting for him. However, things had gotten rather interesting when Kimitsuki was called to Hayden's office rather randomly; well, it wasn't exactly random, per se. She was given about a week's warning, in which, Kimitsuki could not help but freak out in manners that was only shown in how she was working; which was not much. Kimitsuki normally had issues simply sitting at her desk and taking care of paperwork and what else she may need to do as was given to her. Of course, it consisted a lot less of reports since Hayden requested/ordered her to stop writing reports about Mirja; which she was glad to do as it became a daily annoyance. Kimitsuki could normally handle herself when it came to her restlessness, however, today, well, that notion of "handling" it, had gone out the window as she could no longer handle it.

Kimitsuki groaned as she paced around the room in her Vastime Shifter form, uniform, sword, and all. The Demon girl truly could not keep herself from being worried about this. Normally, if Hayden had something to do with Kimitsuki he'd likely just send her a message or call her to his office in a way that didn't sound so formal. However, when she got this notification of being called to his office in one weeks time, she couldn't help but flip out and be worried about what may happen. Kimitsuki looked towards the clock in her room, looking at the time; and it was almost time for her to be there. Kimitsuki swallowed softly and fixed herself, grabbed her hat, putting it on of course, and then left her room; her heart pounding like that of a snare drum being beaten endlessly.

Kimitsuki sighed softly as she trudged through the hallways of Vastime, moving swiftly and without pause; not wanting to be late but also wishing to not go due to the unknown being present to her. The Danava swallowed softly as she continued to walk along, seemingly mindlessly, until she arrived at the door to Hayden's office. Her right hand slowly rose to the door, rapping her knuckles against the door; making a loud enough knocking sound before Kimitsuki presented herself in a manner that was hopefully adequate.

"Kimitsuki Yamamoto reporting as requested, sir. May I enter?"

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Office Call Blues, Duty Calls [Private; Hayden/Kimitsuki]   Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:01 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

The door which Kimitsuki was met with was the iron door of Hayden's office, the heavy iron enhanced and enchanted to withstand the blows of being far exceeding in power than her. But two armed guards in full ceremonial gear was brandishing swords blocking the way to the office, one sword which seemed to vibrant strangely distorting it's appearance and the other blade having blue veins running across the blade. The air around the blade seemed frosty indicated some hidden nature or power to it.

However, upon a single thud on the door made from inside the office the men would step aside going to attention as they allowed the now raven hair'd girl to pass. Upon entering the room she would be greeted by five men, one of them being Hayden encased in his Shikai armor- the thin eye slits resting on her intensely. As soon as she would step inside the door would slam behind her, the heavy iron vibranting slightly before halting all together. It would be at this time one of the men would speak to her, his voice deep and unyielding in it's nature.

"Approach and kneel."

The command was a simple one, if Kimitsuki had been paying attention during basic she would know to approach within ten steps before halting kneeling directing her gaze to the ground. This was simple procedure when called to kneel before the king or most of any royalty figure. So with that command being issued should she follow through with those simple steps and not fuck it up, she would remain their for a solid moment as the tension in the air built.

The tangible power in the air, the weight of the will of Vastime manifested in these five men- with all the power and attention focused around Hayden and Kimitsuki. Yet, despite this death weight he did not speak, instead the man who had commanded her to speak now spoke again this time posing a question to the woman.

"Do you, Kimitsuki Yamamoto , swear to enforce the lawful orders of Desmond Erasmus d'al Valerius Cunaris ae Hayden, maintaining the integrity and realm security while also obeying the orders of those placed above you, your superiors?"

It would be at this time she would answer with some sacred swear such as 'I swear upon my honor' or something dramatic like that, a personal but sacred way unique to them to maintain this oath about to be sworn. It would be at this time Hayden's Zanpakatou would be uncased slightly the crackling of energy heard as lightning rippled down the blade. It seemed it was time for her to answer.

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Office Call Blues, Duty Calls [Private; Hayden/Kimitsuki]
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