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 Tai Chi

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tai Chi   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:42 pm

Wudang-an-han: Translating as 'Body and Soul', Wudan-an-han is a unique Martial Art Form that teaches the practioners how best to direct their force. Uterlizing the concept of Reiki, the concept of internal energy, it allows for superior freedom on the battlefield. Wudang-an-han has several varying kata to slowly bring the user into the art of controlling one's energy distribution about the body. When learned, Wudang-an-han allows for the user to appear more powerful than they were before, to have discovered new strength in the forms. However, this is technically incorrect, as they are as strong as they where when they started, they simply are able to strike with pristine effiency, losing nothing from their movements to the point of impact, and able to deliver a strike in it's entirerty without the loss of a single drop of force.

First Kata -The Breath of Life: Before controling one's Reiki, they must be aware of it's existance. This Kata introduces the pivitol breathing exercises and basic movements required to become aware of the energy within your own body. A mixture of slow, methodical movements and sudden, rapid strikes can be adapted to use in a fight, but the main use is to propogate the flow of Reiki and in doing so, eventually allow the user to become aware of it.
Second Kata - The Exhale: Once a person has sharpened their senses to their internal energy, then they may begin the lesson of controlling it. This involves a great deal of flowing movement, that is unsuited for the battlefield, unlike the First Kata. The new understanding of how their Reiki flows allows them to slowly become adapted to the movements of it. And then, once the user has adapted, they can begin to manipulate it as they desire, making it flow towards their target, or away, if they wish a strike that is weaker than it appears. Controlling their own ebb and flow allows for the user to take control of the ebb and flow of the fight itself, keeping the enemy off guard with their expectations of what is coming, compared to what actually came.
Third Kata - The Disturbence: Requiring full comprehension of the first two Kata, the Third Kata is more a mental Kata than a physical one. It allows a highly skilled fighter to come to grips with the flow of Reiki within another person's body after a short time of fighting with them. Once they can see the enemy's flow, they can strike against it, seemingly hitting points without focus to damage, outward or inward. The strikes can disrupt the enemy's flow of Reiki, and in doing so, disrupt their entire flow of combat, making them unable to properly fight, confusing them without them knowing why they are confused. It lasts for a short while, but allows a skilled warrior to get in a mighty blow while they are confused so.

Tai-Chi Fist: An ancient martial arts style, and one of great potency on the battlefield. Learned from the same book as Wudang-an-han, this is far more than the modern sport. Rather, a style based around control of one's own power. Solid Reiki control is required to even begin, and incredible martial prowess is demanded to ever continue past the first steps, but once the person become skilled at this, then they can truly see the power inherent in Wulin's Strongest Style. This is the basic primer, the palm strikes, punches, and kicks that make up the basis. If a person was to learn this and no more, they could still call themselves a proficent martial artist. But for those who want more, there is a whole world behind this technique.
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Tai Chi
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