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 A Tragic Triangle [Private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Tragic Triangle [Private]   Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:20 pm

Word Count: 740

In this tale of the Flame Reaper, Poliro had found himself within the African region controlled by the forces of Vastime on a visit of sorts. He was aiming to find a certain someone that had now become quite special to him. While Poliro was within the desert environments, his usual stomping grounds for relaxation he encountered a demon lady by the name of Kimitsuki and this encounter had the two spar and overtime they began making more romantic advances such as kissing as they realized they were quite compatible for each other and Poliro had met a woman he thought, was just right for her.

Unfortunately for the Reaper the circumstances were much more complicated as during his chance encounter he was told that she held feelings for another man but judging by how they acted she and him had not committed to anything. He still had hope and Poliro since then had decided he was set on her. Deep down, a void was left in his heart since his last lover passed away many years ago and he could feel it filling after meeting Kimitsuki. The filling of that void gave Poliro much more happiness, more than he had ever felt for the longest time.

Poliro specifically was travelling to the headquarters of Vastime believing he would find Kimitsuki there. Before she departed from him, the demon girl made him promise to come visit her in Vastime and Poliro was a man of his word as he now found himself in Somalia, where the headquarters would be found within the capital known as Roran now, but used to be known as Mogadishu. In the olden times, the region had a tradition for poverty but had evolved into something much more futuristic and luxurious.

He didn't know the exact location but he'd probably figure it out or be found by Kimitsuki eventually as his spiritual energy was quite obvious as it stuck out as pretty high although Poliro was trying to suppress it to not distress citizens he walked past or the entire city, for that matter as his spiritual energy unsupressed could definitely be a cause for concern to a regular citizen.

It was just going to be a regular day for him, so he thought. It had been a long time since he found himself within an urban environment as he was mainly isolated within forests and deserts, preferring the peace but this marked the first time for years he found himself in a major city. The word had already spread around the world the Reaper had been active again, so perhaps Vastime were already aware of his due appearance here within the capital and they would find him before he found Kimitsuki.

Using his sense of direction within this city, he eventually brought himself to what seemed like the headquarters of Vastime where Kimitsuki was going to be. It was heavily guarded naturally as the base of operations for this nation would be. Poliro wasn't able to progress much further from this point due to the intense security but since his presence was now made aware to the base, he began to stand and wait patiently for the demon girl to make her appearance to him as she would certainly know that hes turned up at this stage.

Its here Poliro wondered if the man Kimitsuki mentioned back in their first encounter also resided at Vastime. Would Poliro have to deal with that awkward situation? It still bugged him deep down when the girl first brought it up but he was polite about it and feigned how he truly felt as he didn't want to appear to be possessive even though deep down, he was disappointed. A lot of thoughts went through his mind as he hoped the worst case scenario would not come true - such an emotionally taxing encounter was something the Reaper was not adept at handling. While he could handle all sorts of physical pain to the point of being able to lose limbs and still fight, the pain of the heart was something he was ultimately weak to still.

Only time would tell as he stood in wait outside the security of the Vastime HQ, with all these thoughts racing through his mind and making him feel a wide variety of emotions. The reaper had a gut feeling this wasn't going to the happy friend to friend meeting he had hoped for...

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A Tragic Triangle [Private]
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