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 Henrex Astillon, The Living Tempest [REVAMP] [Semi-Approved; 0-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex Astillon, The Living Tempest [REVAMP] [Semi-Approved; 0-3]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm


Name: Henrex Astillon


Titles: Stealth Force Captain, The Unholy Storm, Storm Ninja, Speed Demon

God Of The Iga Shinobi: This is a title that Henrex was given to the ninja that resided in the Iga mountains. After he was easily able to mold himself to adapt to the beliefs and practices of the ninja, as well as master both the basics, the most advanced arts of the ninja, and even some of the secrets that only Soke -- the ninja grandmaster of the Iga ninja in both name and title -- had been able to learn, decipher, and master. Through this, along with his already immense skill and power, the men and women in the Iga mountains proudly claimed Henrex as a God among their shinobi, even if he profusely denies it.

Appearance Age: 17-18
Real Age: 862
Birthday: 08-31-1556 [August 31st, 1556]
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Primary Religion: Shintoism / Buddhism

Gender: Male
Base Race: Shinigami
Secondary Race: Demon

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Japanese & Irish

Organization: Gotei United, Guild of Heroes, and Vastime Nation
Position: Covert Ops - Captain [Gotei] | Class 3 Hero [Guild of Heroes] | Code-Name: Nevermore [Vastime] / Corporal Henrex Astillon

Reiatsu Color: Azure Blue
Quote: "I am a ninja. My magic is training. My body is controlled. My strength is adaptability. My weapons are everything that exists."

Direct Family

Astillon Family:

Wudang Mountain:

Asahi Astillon (Mother):

Rei Astillon (Father):

Kitarune Astillon (Sister):

Mieko Astillon (Cousin):


Miyuki Vael:

Takeshi Masamoto:

Arianda Vael: There's a lot of conflicts that Henrex faces whenever he thinks about this literal embodiment of conflict. Arianda is both close, as well as far. They have a strange bond that is very hard to describe for both of them. But, if he had to do so, he would probably call their relationship a sibling level. Henrex cares for Arianda as if she were family. Thus, he is able to talk with her without much fear. While she is the cause of his growing madness, as being the one who began his journey towards reconciliation, and self-acceptance, Arianda will always be close to Henrex in some way.

Taichou Ryakketsu-Vael: So many emotions. Fear, possessiveness, comfort -- but more than anything else: love. He loves her, and there is absolutely nothing that can change that. For him, her happiness matters above everything else. Whenever he is with her, his emotions always overpower his composure -- as he feels so safe, comforted, and emotional whenever she is in his arms, and he never wants to let her go. He constantly wants to tell her that he loves her, over and over again. He can't say it enough -- all of this is out of fear. Fear that he might lose her, fear that someone might take her away from him. She has been the one that can calm him, the one to ease his heartache. Thus...the terror of falling back into the darkness of his mind makes him incredibly possessive and fearful of losing the woman that he loves -- it's what makes him repeat himself over and over again that he loves her -- to him, it's never enough.

Ritsuko Nicklovich:

Mitsuyo Nami:

Akane Nami:



Ulv Auber:

Tatsuya Oda:

Inami Asthavon:

Liu Xinshen:

Desmond Hayden: The King Militant of Vastime. The man who helped in starting some of the change in Henrex's life. It should be obvious that Henrex thinks very highly of this man. To him, this man acts in a way that makes Henrex view Hayden as a father figure, although he would never say that to his face. While he does hold him in high regards, there are a lot of secrets that Henrex keeps from this man, afraid to let them leak to the surface. Furthermore, Hayden is also the person who has inspired Henrex to work very, very hard, in hope that he will make the man proud. It would be something that he was unable to do during his living life, so why not fulfill this through his spiritual life?

Sofia Montero:

Ibiki Suika:

Squadmates (Gotei)

Kuro Okami:

Shuten Suika:

Yoriko Morri:

Dhalia Crush:

Yurei Mizuhime:









Appearance Written:

Appearance Images

Face Claim: Sasuke Uchiha - NARUTO - Henrex - Henrex Astillon


— Quiet & Shy: For the longest time, Henrex has never been a very loud, extroverted person, quite the opposite. He hates being the center of attention, as it is something that causes him to feel a great deal of discomfort in these moments, as it can make him feel incredibly pressured in order to say something that would have at least some level of impact. Henrex is a person who prefers to listen, rather than talk -- as shown whenever someone asks him questions, he will often spend a large deal of time thinking about what he could say so that it would be something that isn't entirely obvious or generic.

-gets extremely flustered from sexual topics

-comfort and able to talk to friends

-low self-esteem

-terrified of what others will think of him

-often will try to say as little as possible

-uncomfortable around couples

-flusters from affection in public

— Undying Willpower: This is one of the traits that Henrex has shown throughout his entire life -- his desire to keep going, despite all odds. While this is something that is proven a bit more with his skill sheets, as well as in general combat, Henrex is someone who does not give up easily. While this does make others view him as very stubborn, Henrex firmly believes that if he pushes himself hard enough, results will be brought out. If he is to achieve his goals and live up to what he has devoted himself to, it is something that he has to have. This has only been fueled by the people that he's met, and befriended. They are the people who have shaped him into who he is today.

Firstly, this has shown to be something that has heavily altered how he views many things. For him, there is a large sense of determination when it comes to doing the things that he believes is right, and will aid in his goals and make the people he looks up to proud of him. This is something that has been shown again and again to be one of the core forces that drive him to do what he wants and needs to do. As a person who simply wants to do the right thing, it is a powerful asset that proves to be one of Henrex's strongest traits, outside of his kindness and gentle nature.

Ergo, it's something that makes him keep going, no matter the odds, simply because of the possibility of the struggle being worth it. The chance and hope of validation as of the results of his actions, as he wishes to prove himself at nearly every chance he can get. Considering himself a failure in his human life, the path that he roams in the world of spirits is, to him, the way to make up for that.

Furthermore, to lightly touch on the stubborn portion of this determination, Henrex is someone who will never give up -- as said before. When it comes to a goal that he has, he will always be trying to complete it. It doesn't matter if the goal seems impossible, he will always find a way. Even if it has to do with finding the tiniest bits of hope and light within what he wants to do. If there is a way, there is the willpower and desire to get to it. It is a bit of a stubborn mindset, but it has brought him this far and will continue to do so. That is just who he is.

And finally, as stated before, this is something that has been enforced by the many friends and comrades that he fights alongside and interacts with. They are the people who he seeks to impress and make them happy. He is determined to help and protect them, and with how they have acted towards him and shown how they feel, it has been more than enough to cause him to undergo a large boost in determination over time. This can be seen with people such as Hayden, where he seeks to always live up to his expectations and be something of a son to him.

This can also be seen with the interaction between Cirno and Erna, someone he believes he has the duty of upholding his heroism to -- as they helped him find his way on this spiritual life. But, the biggest and largest influence has been none other than Erchanhardt Burgstaller. With the heavy standards that the German has on him, Henrex has been shown to be even more determined -- so that he can make his best friend happy, and exceed his expectations, as he should.

— Traces of Insanity: This trait is something that has recently attached itself to Henrex's mental psyche, as of the last few months. It was something that came to fruition because of one specific individual named Arianda Vael. In the late-ish days of September of 2416, Henrex had sought out the demon girl as a result of Mirja's recommendation when she found out about his demon half. Since his powers and demon half, in general, was highly unstable, unable to really put any knowledgeable effort into control over it with the blood being something that surfaced just before that, Henrex knew that he needed help, and he was desperate. Traveling to Europe and arriving at the doorstep of the Archduchess of Shadow Fall, Henrex requested her aid in what he had come for in the first place.

She accepted and took him in, partly because of the fact that Mirja had sent him. But, Henrex would soon come to regret that decision. As you see, his body was abused quite a lot during these training sessions to help him not only build up in power and control physiologically but also physically. However, there would be one other thing that had been nearly broken in the process: his mind. The training that Arianda had put him under was something that was supposed to allow him to quickly take a hold of what his body could do, and capitalize on that. But, there was one main unfortunate side-effect. That would be the madness that threatens to tear and rend at the folds of his mind.

To begin things, this side-effect was purely accidental, and something that Arianda tends to apologize about just about every single time it starts to take a true toll on him. The effects that have been noted to come from something like this would mainly be many voices that reside inside his head. The first thing that should be said about this is that there is no definite number that can be counted. With them constantly change pitches, tones, and so on, it makes it impossible to full pinpoint how many voices there are. But, it can easily be guessed that there are well over a few hundred. Another symptom that can be noted is one that is something that is primarily only noticed by someone who looks directly at him when this happens.

Have you ever seen him flick his head slightly, or suddenly tense up? If you have -- well, then you should probably get him talking about something. These subtle actions of the human body are usually signs -- for Henrex at least -- that he is experiencing auditory delusions. This isn't something that's too bad, mostly brief noises that cause him to turn his head for a bit, before returning back to the way that he was. But, the more scary part is that they've become more and more frequent, and more and more...personal. He has been seen to hear the voices of the deceased -- usually the same as the others, which means that they usually are very brief when it comes to lasting. These are all the further his symptoms have shown, but as time goes on, his insanity will only serve to grow more and more.

— Sadomasochist: If there is one thing that Henrex tries to keep suppressed when it comes to his personality and actions, this would be it. Henrex's body, surprisingly, doesn't react to pain like normal people. He doesn't scream whenever a knife digs into his flesh. He doesn't whimper or cry whenever a limb or chunk of his body is lost. Rather, his body derives a form of pleasure from that. This is something that has heavily come from being born with that innate feeling, but this hasn't always been the case. this was actually something that developed more during his spiritual life.

After a few months of the constant abuse towards his body, the nerves within him was quickly becoming numb to the pain that a normal person would feel. This is what brought along his masochism -- the reason behind why he enjoys the feeling of pain. But, this has also brought along another trait -- sadism -- the enjoyment of inflicting pain. This is something that goes along with his alternate persona, someone that embodies the most violent and negative traits about him in order to keep Henrex sane. Therefore, the influence that Kyoki has on Henrex is quite large.

There is a large want for Henrex to hurt someone as a result of this, as it gives him the immense satisfaction that a sadist would get -- which is something that mainly is spawned from whenever he harms someone that he perceives as an enemy. And thus, Kyoki is someone who heavily encourages that. As a violent person, he encourages violent acts. Yet, there is also a sense of art that he sees within hurting someone. The many unique, artistic aspects that can be applied towards something as strange a habit as hurting someone and both sides of Henrex are very willing to capitalize on that.

— Guilt: Throughout the eight-hundred and sixty years of living, there is a lot that has happened to Henrex. Most of it hasn't entirely been good. There have been the wars that he's flung himself into to protect and serve his home, the trauma of his family being mercilessly slaughtered, even the events of the present, with his sanity teetering on the edge of snapping. All of it has a large amount of stress on his mind and has caused him to turn the blame on himself. He is the reason why his family was murdered. He is the reason that the wars ended the way he did. Most things that go wrong regarding him, the blame is usually placed on himself, by himself. There is a lot of things that haunt Henrex from the past. While he doesn't always let them drive him or define him, they definitely play a role in how he acts.

— Wandering: A more recent trait that has come up in the mind of Henrex. As someone who has lived for hundreds of years (eight centuries, to be precise), along with being raised in the old ways, it should only be natural that he is someone who wants to find a place in this new world, both as part of who he is, mental and racially. Thus, Henrex is someone who wanders the world for such answers. This is why he is someone who will have a habit to be anywhere. Whether it be in the middle of Karakura Forest or being stranded in the middle of the sands of the deserts, Henrex is always traveling and wandering.

For the most part, Henrex always considers himself on a musha-shugyo, a warrior's pilgrimage. He is on a constant quest to improve himself and discover more about himself so that he can be the best that he can be in the Gotei, in Vastime, and in the Guild of Heroes. There are a lot of people that he looks up to, and who holds a lot of expectations for him -- and it is his job to be able to fulfill those expectations as best he can.

— A Loving Heart: Perhaps one of Henrex's greatest traits to his entire character is that he is gentle, kind, and loving. He is not an aggressive person by nature, and never will be. Instead, he is a person who tries his best to befriend those he meets, often times rarely caring of who they are, or where they are from. Take, for example, Arianda Vael, an Arch-Duchess of the infamous organization Shadow Fall, one of his closest friends. While the circumstances of how they met were what generated this friendship (eventually), it goes to show how he views people.

For him, it's not always about the organization that the person belongs to, or what alignment they reside by, but who they are as a person, and how they act towards Henrex himself. While this is not the case all the time, such as when he fought in Panama against Azuma, the King of the Monsuta. He was there for only one purpose -- to further the Gotei's agenda. But, this can go even deeper than that. This is something that is able to be clearly shown within his circle of friends and allies.

When it comes to his friends, he has been shown to be extremely kind to them, treating and considering them to be like family. This has proven cases in people such as Arianda or Hayden, as he considers them to be sister and father figures to him, respectively. There's a strange sense of safety and comfort whenever he is in the presence of friends, something that allows him to relax and loosen up whenever he's around them -- mostly. While he is an extremely kind person, loving, and caring for those he considers close to him, there are times where he is particularly harder on his friends than anyone else.

This may be a trait that he has replicated because of his time with Erchanhardt, it is something that is extremely similar to him. For him, he has shown to be hard on his friends due to him wanting them to be happy, knowing and hoping for the best for them. Because he is so close to them, he -- like Erchanhardt does to him -- holds his friends on a set of standards much higher than his own. Yet, he holds them in a sense of respect and has expectations that he has no doubt they will be able to meet and exceed.

Although, this does have a major hit to Henrex's mental state when it comes to his kindness -- being that his mind is constantly burdened with worry, fear, and sadness. This is due to him being too kind. In conjunction with that, this has led up to become one of his biggest weaknesses. As he is someone that always attempts to make those he cares for happy, he will not hesitate to sacrifice his own well-being -- physically, mentally, or emotionally -- in order to keep other's intact.

Ergo, he has no problems having himself sink into a pool of despair, depression, or pain in order to keep those he cares for happy, and thriving. It happens astonishingly often and is not something that he really moderates for himself, but it is something that works, in his eyes. He can make sure that his friends have good lives, ones that he will support -- even if it does hurt him immensely to do so. Ultimately, his kindness will be the end of him.

— Melancholic Detachment: Behind the kindness that he gives to others and behind the immense loyalty and will that he has, there is a much darker side to Henrex. Deep down, Henrex is a rather glum fellow. This was something that mainly developed during his spiritual life, as the events that took place during and after his death caused his heart to sink into a deep sea of melancholy. This was caused by a plethora of reasons, many of which are simply brought on by his own misfortune.

-touch on the reasons why he's depressed and what can trigger it

-potential info about harming himself in various ways

-isolates himself

-sleeps a lot, as per tiredness

-eats and drinks a lot to fill the void that his depression leaves

-occasional extreme blankness in emotion

-leads him to have a very pessimistic view of life

-leads him to forge a false confidence:

"If they want to see someone different, he'd show someone different."

"He'd just let everything that hurt him gets buried further and further"

-always sees himself as not good enough

— Creative Mind:

— Tired:

— The Devil In Me:

Kyōki (狂気: Insanity), Artistic Madness

— Violent: When it comes to the foremost parts of Kyoki's mindset, this is definitely something that takes the helm. While it rests mainly on the back of his mind, and rarely ever takes the front whenever Henrex is in control. This is something that is very easily explainable. It is something within Kyoki's nature to be incredibly violent, often times resorting to lashing out at those around him whenever he doesn't get his way. This segways into the next part of this trait -- anger. There are not enough words to fully describe Kyoki's anger problem. He usually can get irritated very easily, which is something that can also fuel this trait even more -- as it is also something that causes him to lash out, and is his main trigger from lashing out.

— Partially Remorseful: Within nearly everyone that does something wrong, there is a tinge of regret for their actions. As someone who is birthed from the mind of a tender, caring man -- Kyoki is someone who also shares some of those feelings. While he does not feel them to such an extent as Henrex does, Kyoki does feel remorse for the hurtful things he does, and sometimes even the things he says. It's what shows that he has such a link towards Henrex, by sharing at the very minimal one personality trait with the "original".

— Blunt: If there is something that Kyoki has on his mind, chances are that he'll end up saying it. He doesn't care if someone opposes his opinion, or if someone asked for it or not. If it's on his mind, he will willingly throw his thoughts into the ring. He is by far the nicest person, especially in this regard, but he one of the most real people by far. He'll tell you how it is, what he thinks, what he feels, whether you like it or not. For him, the act of bluntness isn't really rude, it's just the brutality of honesty. It hurts, yes, but -- for him -- it is fact, and the facts are better to be known, rather than hidden. There isn't a point to beating around the bush since all it is, is a waste of time.

— Protective of the Original:

— Hatred of Liars: This is quite the hypocritical trait for Kyoki. A liar, who hates other liars? A lot of people would probably be baffled by this when they first would hear about this. But, with more explanation, it's something that is pretty well justified. When it comes to the subject of liars, Kyoki knows that he is a liar (and a damn good one, according to him), and he takes no shame in that fact. However, other liars are people that infuriate him to no end. This isn't to say that he hates when people lie to him in general because it's mainly for one specific reason, which ties into his violent nature. Liars tend to make him angry because of how confusing they are. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that this causes him to lash out, furious that he can't figure out the truth.

— The Arts: Another trait that Kyoki shares with Henrex, the love for the arts. Although, unlike Henrex, Kyoki views it as something that could be adapted to violence and slaughter. The spray of blood, the shimmering gleam of the laceration, the act of slashing, all of it are what he considers can be tied in with the arts in some way, shape, or form. It's a poem of pain, a painting of gore, and all of it absolutely wonderful! It gives him an immense burst of joy and excitement to see these things, as it is something that triggers a much deeper view of the subject, allowing him to appreciate something so horrible but tying it into something that, in his eyes, is so very, very good.

— Soft Spot: Similarly to the original, Kyoki is not a complete monster. The sadistic thoughts and actions are halted by the thoughts of the original seeping into the back of his head, something that shows whenever it comes down to those that Henrex cares for. Friends, family, comrades, anything. Kyoki is physically unable to be as cruel and ruthless to those people. Rather, he's quite the opposite. In those times, both personalities get very tender and gentle, showing the symbolic link between them, as well as just how powerful Henrex's will is.


  • Chess
  • Writing
  • Caligraphy
  • Swords
  • The Arts
  • Reading
  • Chocolate
  • Masks
  • Cherry Blossoms


  • Daimyo Kamakura
  • Large Crowds
  • Brats
  • The Power Hungry
  • Most Big Cities
  • Rats
  • Liars
  • Hell
  • Anything That Lowers His Speed


  • Poison
  • Dokugan Ryu
  • Needles
  • History Repeating Itself
  • Losing his mind
  • War


Now the spirits of heaven all commanded the mighty ones, He Who Beckoned, and She Who Beckoned with words, proclaiming:

"Make firm this drifting land and fashion it in its final form!"

And so proclaiming, they gave them a jeweled halberd of heaven to aid in this undertaking. So the two spirits stood on the floating bridge of heaven, and when they lowered the jeweled spear to stir the sea below, its brine swished and sloshed around as they churned it. When they pulled it up, clumps of salt dripped from its tip to pile up into an island.

— The Kojiki, An Account of Ancient Matters (Izanagi and Izanami)

Henrex as a child, born with the two wings he still bears today

Birth: Welcome To The World

"Sekai e yōkoso, Henrex Astillon."

The first words that he remembers hearing. Welcome to the world, in his mother tongue: Japanese.

There is very little memory of his birth, outside of where and when. A child born of the lust of consummation born nowhere else than on the top of a mountain. In the midst of Toba, Japan, at the very peak of a mountain named in the likeness of the one in China, Wudang Mountain. The cries of the newborn filled the mountain, and many of the family who was available gathered in the mass to see them, this Child of the Mountain.

He was healthy. A healthy baby boy.

However, something Something that they never expected something to develop so quickly. That was the two small wings that had sprouted from the back of the child, as well as Henrex's mother being able to notice the surprisingly large lack of weight from the newborn, which originally had brought concern. But, after the two wings revealed themselves, everyone was...mostly calm. The child, at mere childbirth, had already developed something unique to him -- the physiology of an avian.

And that would not be the only thing that comes from the Child of the Mountain.

Childhood Arc: Constantly Training

-disappointment at birth

-not good at much, at first

-training young

-Meeting Hattori

-beginner's training as a ninja in secret

Henrex, during the Circle of Three training as a samurai

Teenager: Devout Guardian Of Japan

-Circle of Three

-Niten Ichi-Ryu

-Meeting Hattori for the final time

-Told what Hattori is

Adulthood: The Downward Spiral of Loss

Henrex, looking at the remains of his home -- after it was burned to the ground

-mother's death

-starting to fight in wars



Death: The Spillage of Red Ink

Assassins were common in the day and age that he lived in, yet he never expected one to ever come after him and his family. The death of the male was something that he never expected. In the middle of a summer night, he had found himself doing something that was quickly becoming a habit -- training in the middle of the night, until the early hours of the morning. It was a night that was like any other, with him taking his bokken -- wooden sword -- and practicing the various kata that he had learned over the course of the week.

It was something that had become so ingrained in his collective subconscious, that it really had just become second nature to do this. Yet, this is also what prolonged his life for just a bit longer than it would have been. As the male stepped outside, there was one thing that he could smell as he had taken a moment to rest and take into consideration the surroundings.

Smoke. Something was burning.

Turning the corner, he saw it. A fire had broken out in not just one, but multiple places at once. Everything around him was a wild inferno. His blood ran cold, and shivers began to writhe up and down his back. It practically overwhelmed him. He never thought this day would have come. He couldn't force himself to look away from the raging red and orange. For what seemed like forever, he remained there, trembling in fear, absorbing the screams and cries of his friends and family.

But, there was one thing that he caught from the blackness of the night. A single, green orb from the shadows, darting towards the head building. There was only one man that he knew that had an eye like that. There was only one that knew this location, too. Tatsuo Hattori. This caused his panic and fear to quickly melt away into bitterness, and the male immediately took off towards the head building, where he knew his father and master was. He burst into the room, weapon ready. He cried out for his father, and for his master. While his father was nowhere to be seen, his master, however, was.

Takeshi Masamoto was fighting for his life against a lone man, clad entirely in black. One thing stood out about this particular ninja -- that same single, green eye. Several other shadows lay on the ground, crimson leaking from various parts of their bodies, and some even missing limbs. Sparks flared from the steel that clashed, the two warriors engaged in a deadly dance. Heat swirled around them like a shield, seeming to halt anyone from coming close to the battle. He had barely stepped into the room when all combat froze.

He watched Masamoto's gaze switch to him immediately, his eyes bulging in surprise. This was his mistake. He had to watch as the ninja took advantage of the registered shock on his enemy's face, adjusting himself to begin a killing strike. Overcome with emotion, Henrex foolishly charged at the ninja, bringing his weapon above his head and cut down at his head. As the wooden weapon was mere inched away from his enemy's head, he stopped. A cold, heartless laugh came from the ninja as he uttered two words to him:

"Never hesitate."

Within the span of a single second, he was immediately disarmed and brought to the ground, pinned by the threat of a sharp ninjato piercing his back. Everything had gone by so fast, Henrex was barely able to keep up with it. His vision was spotted and blurry, and everything in his midsection stung like the very flames that surrounded them. The assassin ordered Masamoto to kneel. With his student in danger, the man had little choice but to obey.

Dragging his arms forward and pinning them to the floor with a spare tanto, Dragon Eye relished in such an easy victory over "the mighty Takeshi Masamoto". The assassin drew a new weapon, holding it over the man's neck as he asked him if he had any last words. The male simply turned to Henrex and smiled warmly, before closing his eyes and making one last prayer. Then, he imparted his last words to him.

"It's alright, Henrex-kun. This is the Way of the Warrior. It is the resolute acceptance of death. Remember what my master said to me: Though you give up your life, do not give up your honor."

Those final words burned themselves into his mind as the knife smoothly slid across Masamoto's throat. Gore splattered across the once beautiful and clean tatami mats, drying near instantly from the surrounding heat. The body of the mighty swordsman collapsed to the ground as the last bits of light faded from his eyes. Tears welled in the young man's eyes as he watched his master, teacher, and idol breathe his last right in front of him. With his head bowed, Henrex silently grieved. But, it would be cut short by the sudden sound of soft footsteps across the room, directly towards him. Barely a mumble, the assassin would bare one compliment towards the now dead swordsman:

"As fearless in death as he was in life..."

The assassin crouched down behind him, pressing the cold steel of the tanto against his back.

"Unfortunately for you, you won't be getting such a quick and painless end."

The icy blade left, before the flare of pain rocketed through his body as the assassin thrust the blade into him, pinning another part of his body to the floor. This process repeated until every part of him, outside of his vital spots, would be pinned to the floor. The process was rather quick, as the assassin was not exactly one with spare time. It was complete and utter agony for Henrex. He desperately wished to writhe around and scream from the flaring pain, but he couldn't.

As Henrex's eyes opened for the last time as a human, he saw the face of his killer. There was only one trait that he needed to see; the single, green eye. A sadistic grin was plastered on his pale features. Henrex could feel his heart sinking into his chest. The form of his killer vanished, Henrex felt a searing pain in his heart as heat flared throughout his entire being, and his vision whitened.

And then...nothing. With that -- the Child of the Mountain, Henrex Astillon, breathed his last.

Life Of A Ronin: Reawakened & Wandering

For the longest time, everything felt so cold.

This...was death? It felt so cold, and dark...

White broke into his eyes, and the world began to take form in his vision once more. He scrambled to sit up, his breathing quickly turning into hyperventilating. His head turned from side to side, his eyes widening in horror as he saw the carnage around him. Everything came back; his death, Takeshi's death, the fire...

Tears welled up in his eyes as he clambered to his feet, turning around as he cried out. He called for his father, he called out for his mother, his sister, his brother, his master...but no one came. Sinking to his knees, Henrex's emotions overpowered his composure. He sobbed and cried to the heavens, begging for it all to just be a dream within a dream. For the very first time in all of his life...

He was alone.

There was one thing that Henrex could deduce from that: it hurt. There was so much new, foreign pain that slowly encompassed his heart as a result of this. These emotions that he had spent so long trying to suppress now overflowing. An enigmatic warrior, now reduced to a sobbing child. Without those who had guided him this far in his life, where was he to go?

What was he to do? Having them with him all of his life, and then suddenly having everything he cared about and loved taken left him confused, lost, and overwhelmed. Taking a look around at the carnage one more time, he put his head in his hands -- staining his hands with tears as he choked out his plea one final time.

"Please...come back..."

The sound of a chain rattling broke through his cries. He looked down and saw the Chain of Fate. A small metal link that signified his detachment from the physical world. The feeling of realization, and remembering his own grim demise soon came to the forefront of his mind.

He was dead.

Scars: Afterlife & The Seireitei

-Write Rukon life

-Write Shin'o Academy life

Tainted Blood: The Life of a Hybrid

-upon clashing with Nemesis, a strong demonic force, the combat and resonance with his negative emotions caused his demon half to awaken

-genuinely afraid of himself and what others would think of him

Shinobi Training Arc: The Pathway To Acceptance

September 2416. Months after he initially discovered his "rebirth" into the world as a Hybrid. As a result of Mirja recommending Arianda to him, Henrex traveled to Europe, knocking on her door and being taken in. Soon after getting him in a new set of clothes and taking him to the Demon World, Arianda started her training of her little half-breed apprentice. The two would spend most of that day, along with the next few days on the basis of his demon half, and what he could do with them. Some of the lessons weren't able to be had, with Henrex being fairly limited on what he could do, but it was something that he could keep in mind for what he could learn from others of his kind.

Thus, there would be a distinct increase in these days, both in mind and spirit. It was something that would allow him to be able to grow as a person, and come to an understanding of the thing within him that at first he outright detested. Now? He had come to a point where he knew what he was, and he had come to accept it. After all, with Arianda's help, he was able to come to terms with all of this.

He was a creature of impure nature and something that truly was not meant to exist by normal standards. That was absolute. That was a fact.

But, with who was after all of this, it would bring to him an idea that he could become someone who would be able to make use of this half of him and be able to grow even more because of it. Therefore, as the days with Arianda came to a close, there would be one fateful night that he would make his decision. Slipping out undetected, the male would leave a note for the demoness as he exited her home within Europe. After all, it would be rude to leave without something like that.

"I have somewhere I need to go. Thank you for everything. I will come back, I promise. When I do, I will be very different."

The relationship between teacher and student, along with the personal friendship was another thing that Henrex was able to appreciate. It was something that opened his eyes to the world beyond. Therefore, Henrex was -- in a way -- obligated to leave Arianda a note as per his whereabouts. Stepping out of the door and unfurling his wings, the male took off flying towards Japan.

One place in particular.

The Iga Mountains, home of the shinobi.

Henrex, finishing his training and accepting his calling as a ninja

Nostalgic Embers Arc: The Final Trip Home

Present Day: Continuous Corruption

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Further History

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Avian Physiology: As a man who has wings, it should not come as a surprise that the rest of his body would be that of an avian. However, this has noted to provide a bit more of a downside, rather than having positives. To begin things, this is something that heavily affects Henrex's skeletal system. For one, it makes his bones fairly hollow. This basically means that Henrex's skeleton is a lot weaker than normal, which causes his bones to be injured a lot easier. This is something that does not affect his skill sheets, but rather, just makes him a bit more susceptible towards damage. While he makes up for this with the Cybermind plating that his skeletal system is surrounded with -- along with other protections -- this also has a slight upside. This also allows Henrex to move a lot faster, as his weight is slightly decreased from this.

Furthermore, Henrex's body receives a number of natural boosts as a result of this. The first thing that is boosted would be Henrex's senses. While this mainly excludes touch and taste, Henrex's hearing, sight, and sense of smell are increased to exponential levels, with him being able to hear and smell things from miles away, while his sight is only enhanced by being completely 20/20. So, while his senses are not extremely boosted, they most certainly are not normal. Another thing that would be his increased lung capacity. This is something that grants Henrex a much larger range of how long he can hold his breath, or even going as far as to keep his lungs constantly filled with air.

Titanic Levels of Speed: When it comes to all of Henrex's general traits, this is the one that shines the most. Speed is something that has been shown throughout his character, and is by far has the most time poured into it -- as well as having a large amount of natural aptitude for it. To begin things, this is something that plays very largely due to Henrex's physiology being that of an avian. With this, the hollow bones that he has allowed for his body to be much lighter than normal, which allowed for higher levels of speed. As such, it was something that would quickly be mentored and matured throughout his human life, and he would continue to do so throughout his spiritual life.

Ergo, it was something that was a heavy and prime focus when it came to the training of this in his spiritual life. Ever since the very beginning, Henrex's fighting style has never truly revolved around physical power. Rather, he has been one to be constantly moving and attacking in order to overwhelm an opponent. For example, during his fight with Azuma Lazarus, he was able to keep himself moving quickly throughout the battlefield, easily slipping through the various Monsuta and Gotei members battling against one another and keep up with the speed of which Azuma's attacks were coming from.

Furthermore, this is something that also has been shown to be used in more subtle ways, tying into his purpose and core as a ninja. What this means is that Henrex is capable of using a burst of speed through extremely small movements, whether it be moving from his current place, or even something as simple as attack speed. This could allow Henrex to utilize a burst of speed within this channeled state, allowing for quick, usually unnoticeable motions.

Strength: Pure, physical, power. This is something that Henrex is very wary of, afraid of, as well as being addicted to it. With the way that his mind is affected by everything around him, as well as the people he's met, Henrex is not one to have slacked on the strength department, especially in recent times. While Henrex always will consider speed to be the greatest thing that he could ever wish to attain within his life, he is by no means weak. Being someone who trained heavily in the physical body early in his life, as well as having himself being forced to those limits time, and time again, it should be known that he has quite the amount of power behind his small body. While his strength isn't boosted by a natural trait, one should not underestimate Henrex within this field.

Jack of Weapons: This was something that came shortly after Henrex finished his training with the shinobi in the Iga mountains. One of the main concepts of the ninja is to use everything that they can as a potential weapon, mainly through substitution for other weapons. While skill in various weapons is not the strongest suit for Henrex, he is most certainly good. The reason for this is due to -- as said before -- his ninjutsu training, which called for him to master multiple weapons and to be able to use them all -- while not always being at once, though that is an option. Even the common, everyday items that would not be considered weapons can be used -- or, to go a step further, to use random objects that are not considered "weapons" but any standard definition. This is again, a result of his training as a shinobi. The shinobi meant to not only be extremely versatile in their weaponry but also meant to be able to be adaptable as well. When it comes down to the mission, a weapon may save a ninja...and a lack of one might destroy a ninja.

Master Swordsman: There is no other skill that triumphs all of Henrex's natural skills, and shows who Henrex really is than his natural talent with the art of the sword. There is little denying that Henrex Astillon was born to wield a blade. Being raised as a samurai, as well as obtaining the skills of the ninja later in his life, Henrex has had many teachers in kenjutsu, all of which eventually led to him becoming a master of the blade himself. From learning different ways to wield a sword to learning the different sword styles of Japan and some of China, Henrex has done everything he can in order to further his skill as a swordsman. When it comes down to the sword styles that Henrex can use, there really is little that he can't. While there are many sword styles that Henrex has not either learned or mastered, he is most certainly willing to learn even more to be able to call himself a true master of the sword.

Ninjutsu: What would a ninja be without their training? A dead man or woman, that is what they would be. The shinobi have been around for hundreds of years, and these core concepts and skills have been the essentials for one to become a true shinobi. But, that is not the entirety of what the shinobi follow. While samurai have their seven virtues of bushido, ninja follow the code of niniku. Many people believe the ninja to be faceless, merciless assassins, but they truly are the opposite. While they are, in technicality, assassins for hire -- they prefer to avoid direct killing when it comes to missions and jobs, unless they are directly required to. So, with that said, below are a list of the techniques and skills that a ninja learns in the art of ninjutsu.

  • Bōjutsu – stick and staff techniques
  • Chōhō – espionage
  • Hensōjutsu – disguise and impersonation
  • Intonjutsu – escaping and concealment
  • Kayakujutsu – pyrotechnics
  • Kenjutsu – sword techniques
  • Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama (chain-sickle) techniques
  • Naginatajutsu – naginata (polearm) techniques
  • Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement
  • Shinobi-iri – stealth and infiltration
  • Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques
  • Sōjutsu – spear techniques
  • Sui-ren – water training
  • Taijutsu – unarmed combat

Kido & Demon Magic: This is a bit of a complicated topic, as it is a bit of a grey area for him, in terms of general skill and usage. This is something that is heavily tied to his skill within ninja magic, but Henrex's overall usage of Kido is rather lackluster. Ergo, it can be pretty difficult to really gauge his skill in Kido and Demon Magic solely because of the alternatives that he seeks out and uses more often than the aforementioned. So, while Henrex's skill may be high, the outright usage of Kido is something that is heavily deceptive, as more often than not, he diverts to the magic that he is the most familiar and comfortable with using.

Hoho: As a man who is built around speed, his skill in Hoho should, would, and does just that. Henrex's skill in Hoho is something to behold. Being one of his most commonly used skills with his Shinigami half, this should also be something that shows Henrex's skill within it. Able to perform multiple Flash Steps at a time, along with being able to use the skill and "step" to extremely large distances with little effort and energy, and having created multiple variants of the original Shunpo based on the various powers and abilities of his Zanpakuto, one should never underestimate Henrex when it comes to raw speed in any form.

Zanjutsu: With someone who is pretty much a master of the sword -- as they have trained and practically devoted their life to the way of the sword -- Henrex's skill within Zanjutsu is among the best. This is due to him being able to adapt to the Shinigami's art of the sword with immense ease, with his first thoughts being that it was easy, yet also challenging. With this -- although he is incredibly skilled -- he is always seeking to learn more. From the past, he calls onto the lessons of a samurai and ninja always never being able to stop learning, something that helps him to be able to expand his knowledge of the sword to even greater lengths than he ever could hope for within his living life.

Hakuda: The skill within this trait of the Shinigami is rather...average, to say the least. This was one of the only grades in Shin'o Academy that was the closest to failing. This was a pretty simple reason -- it was lackluster, in his mind. For Henrex, this was one of the most boring skills that he learned. Preferring Zanjutsu and Hoho over hand to hand combat, this was something that Henrex was able to practice and cultivate a relatively average skill level. Therefore, there is very little drive when it comes to hand to hand combat, and only a real want to use it whenever he's disarmed, or when he's using the style of the ninja.


General Overview: While Henrex is a Hybrid by birth, he is not a perfect mix of Shinigami and Demon. Upon birth, his Demon half became mostly dormant, leaving him as a Chi Human/Demon hybrid at birth. Living out a majority of his spiritual life ignorant of his demon half following him, the awakening of his demon half was something that changed Henrex's life as a Shinigami. However, Henrex's demon half is more focused on the granting of his own unique abilities, rather than racial skills.


  • Can use Za Koa, like a normal Demon, along with the applications tied to it. (Knowledge of Environment, Za Koa Influence)
  • Can use Body Manipulation
  • Can use Kage Chōkyō-shi
  • Can use his demon half to augment his existing skills
  • Retains Zanpakuto and Shinigami skills


  • Inability to use Reiatsu Drain, Akuma Kyodo, Shadow Movement, Sacrificial Incantation, Affinity for Hell, or Curse Effect
  • Adjustable Demon States unattainable
  • Unable to gain a power boost while in the shadows or at night
  • Mental state is deteriorating
  • While this allows him access to Za Koa and Reiatsu, this has the potential of triggering demon alarms
  • Consistent use of either side makes the opposing side weaker
  • Release of Shikai and Bankai considerably increases the aforementioned

Feeding: This is one of the main aspects that Henrex draws from whenever it comes to his demon half. For him, this is very well the most important part of his physiology, as this can lead to his demise if it is not kept in check. While many demons focus on a single emotion or concept to feast on to sustain their hunger, Henrex is a lot more general and board when it comes to eating. For him, his source of food as a demon is any sort of negative emotion that a human can find themselves encountering. Sadness, grief, distress, even despair as a few examples. The most common way of retrieving such emotions is simply through physical contact. Any sort of physical contact will do, which leads Henrex with a number of options of how to approach this.

Furthermore, this has also been noted to go one step further when it comes to what all Henrex can eat whenever it comes to his demon half's sustenance. While this is usually something that is very seldom done, Henrex is able to consume flesh, bones, and the blood from other people. If he can get his mouth on it, there is a very strong chance that he can consume it, and potentially draw power from it (figuratively). So, it should be noted that this is not the only things that Henrex can eat and consume for his demonic half -- at least not primarily.

While Henrex is someone who can feed off a large number of various foods and such, this is heavily limited by the fact that anything other than negative emotions will simply be considered by his body to be a secondary food source, and he will not gain as large of nourishment as he would normally be able to via negative emotions. Finally, there is one more trait to this that is a byproduct of Henrex's ability to consume negative emotions -- the ability to sense them. A fairly minor trait to his ability to feed, but all the more needed for when he does.

Regeneration: While Henrex lacks extremely when it came to bodily durability, he was able to more than make up for this with one of his signature unique abilities -- regeneration. Henrex's regeneration first sprouted when he first became a hybrid of Shinigami and Demon, with something that had previously been around the level of an Adept of Arrancar. However, over time, Henrex's regeneration has built up more and more, with his capabilities rising, as well as the speed of his regeneration. This is something that can vary based on the wounds, as well as how much energy he has left. However, something that Henrex has been able to do, is adapt his regeneration to things such as the aspects of his Zanpakuto.

For example, Henrex could passively use the ability "Constant Conduit" to modify, and instead of simply nullifying the lightning itself, it would instead power his regeneration, giving him a loophole of energy usage. In addition, this is something that also allows him to greatly increase the speed of his regeneration, as the lightning would charge his body, and increase both his regeneration factor's speed, as well as the body's natural healing process. However, this is something that is not just limited to lightning. Another example would be his ability to manipulate water.

While this is something that is very limited and restricted, Henrex can use this to his advantage, causing the water to cover said wound, and lowering the temperature to change it into ice, which freezes and renews dead molecules, stop bleeding, as well as blocking off wounds. While the "regeneration" part of this application is rather slow, it is something that can prove itself useful if used in the right instance. And again, this all comes down to energy usage. While this is primarily coming from Henrex's own, core spirit energy, this can also have adverse effects on outside sources, such as extreme fatigue, or being unable to access their power for a while.

Body Manipulation: The very first skill that Henrex learned about his demon half, and one of the most important This is, like the name says, allows Henrex to perform various feats through the manipulation of his body, and the contents of it. This is something that Henrex was trained in by Arianda -- as he had unstable powers during that time -- which is something that he still is able to do, to this day. This is something that has many associations with the rest of his unique traits, such as his Body Manipulation being the main basis for his regeneration, or tying in with his Avian/Corvid Physiology. Now, while this is something extremely potent and powerful, there is one major drawback, which is energy. Most of Henrex's uses of Body Manipulation requires at least a small semblance of energy in order to perform.

Mother's Gift - Heart of Kagutsuchi: As his mother was a demon, he has inherited something from her as a result. Something that soon became his own custom form of the Demon's Black Inferno Blast, this ability is something that gives two specific abilities to Henrex: Fire Manipulation, and Black Fire Manipulation. As his mother was a descendant, and the mortal reincarnation of the legendary goddess of the Sun and the Universe, Amaterasu, it should not come as a surprise that this has to deal with the woman's prime -- fire. This allows Henrex to delve into the very basic applications of Fire Manipulation -- creating it, shaping it, and extinguishing it. However, if Henrex were to apply his Demon half's energy to these fires, it would cause a much different outcome.

The first thing that one would notice is that the flames turn pitch black in color, and now have additional effects to them, namely an incredible boost to their total amount of heat. For example, this can lead to the fire having the ability to evaporate and survive underwater, and not have to survive on the limits and restrictions that the normal Fire Triangle requires, as the flames are running solely on energy itself. Therefore, this also grants them incredibly longevity, last up to days or weeks on end, as most of the time, the energy within them takes a very long time to burn out. However, this is just exaggeration based on the legends of the fires of Kagutsuchi.

These fires are able to be summoned in any way possible -- whether it be from casting them from his eyes' energy vents, the energy vents in his hands, anywhere Henrex can produce his energy, this can be created. However, this has it's fair share of downsides when used in combat. The first would be that the black flames need a sum amount of energy in order to create a large amount at once. This can drastically cause a difference in energy drain, and can sometimes cause Henrex to choose to spend this ability in a different way, rather than take the risk. Finally, these flames can only last up to seven posts, and the number of bursts that Henrex can perform with this before overexertion would be six to seven.


Actualized Heroism - Oath of Heroism: The definition of heroism, for Henrex, is -- as said before -- an oath. This is reminiscent of that which he had done long ago, swear an oath to himself to protect those he loved and those who could not protect themselves. And in his spiritual life, he swore to live up to the expectations that others had for him, no matter how difficult they seemed. He is the man who stops the monsters. Therefore, it would be fitting that the ability granted by the Seal of Heroism would be named none other than "Oath of Heroism".

This was born under the stipulation that Henrex would live up to his values and goals as a hero. Ergo, one of the first things that should be noted about this power is that it cannot be activated directly out of willpower. Rather, it is something that can only be used properly if someone needs his help. If he makes an oath to protect others, then the seal will grant him quite an extensive scope of power, all stemming originally from Cirno's holy magic.

This can span from creation-related abilities, healing powers, purification abilities, or even to the extent of warping reality itself in order to live up to what he swore to do. Virtually, there is a very small restriction as to what all Henrex can do with the Seal, as long as it is within the scope of his power. Therefore, there is a lot of symbolism within his concept as a ninja, as this allows for an immense amount of versatility and creativity when it comes to the usage of this.

Yet, there is still a major restriction to it, and that would be when it comes to mastering it. There is a large amount of practice that needs to be had when it comes to him using this ability, learning when to use it, and learning how to take it further and further as the seal continues to bond with him. Ergo, it is very much up to Henrex when it comes to the maturing of this seal and power, as it primarily relies on the limitations and guidelines that Erna and the Seal itself has set within it.

Yin Yang Salvation: What is Yin Yang Salvation? It is an ability which was bestowed to Henrex by the prowess of Liu's Liberation Flux. It is meant to place him on the path to inner freedom from his suffering, instability, and heartache which he produces for himself. The nature of this power stems from the origin that to attain enlightenment is through the spiritual harmony of both ones positive and negative self. Yin Yang Salvation achieves this through the demonic particles of energy which bled from Liu's essence merging, bonding and becoming one with Henrex to become his own power, mend his broken essence and give him the chance to thrive in this world once again by bringing acceptance to his physical body, spiritual mind and inner will.

Cerebral Yin-Yang: The primary focus of Yin Yang Salvation is to make him further resist to falling into the depths of instability that his fouler ego has been entrapping him within. Therefore, Cerebral Yin-Yang was designed in order to allow Henrex to enter into an easy to access, meditative state. When he feels his mind being consumed by the shadows, the objective of Cerebral Yin-Yang is to allow that negative frustration of himself to have its sorrows brought to his mind, but not to drown out the insights of his positive mind. Instead, the internal scenery of his mind should allow him to place his conscious at the center, while the full feedback from both his positive and negative aspects should seep into his brain and allow him to better process the stable and unstable traits of his body to reach a whole-self and produce better results in the actions which he wishes to take.

Extrinsic Essence: This focuses more so on creating the internal scene of balanced fusion and reflects it on to the world around Henrex. Extrinsic Essence activates itself by Henrex pin-pointing the elements of the world which he wishes to bring harmony to, combine and then realize this union in the universe outside of himself. On the most basic level, for example, Henrex could utilize Extrinsic Essence in order to merge the elements of fire and wind in order to create a combined fire gust to burn down an area rather quickly.

Of course, given his intellect and creativity combined with his vast energy reserves, this ability can become far more complex when he begins to understand the metaphysical structure of the world around him. As, in essence, this is a reality-bending power that comes into effect based on his harmonized state of being. And, as such, it takes a high amount of focus to keep actively activated as none of this can be passive. This power is primarily meant to be used to force Henrex to always keep himself in a state of balanced alignment to prevent himself from being consumed by his own unstable mind, body, and soul.


  • Meter Range:This ability only has the capacity to be used in a one thousand meter radius at a base. It can be increased, however, based on the times multiple of each of Henrex's releases.

  • Number Of Applications Per Post That Can Be Generated: Due to how complex this ability has the potential to be, it is recommended that Henrex only use this for one or two applications per post to avoid tiring out his mind. If he goes over that, there is a great chance of exhausting his body, using up rapid energy and leading to injuring his body. In order to bridge this gap, he will have to meditate and seek out the mastery of this inner balance to make the ability stronger and overcome his limitations.

  • Tier Limitation: Like with most powers, the limitation of this ability is rooted in how much energy Henrex has to expand. He cannot merge both the sun and the moon to become one, but it is possible for him to merge other elements of the world such as heat and cold to produce an explosion of frigid chill temperatures and blazing hot eruptions of damage on the battlefield based on how he mends the perception of reality through this power.


Personal Tulpa - Senkente (千剣の手, Thousand Sword Hands): As someone who is a swordsman, it shouldn't be a surprise that Henrex's Personal Tulpa is relative to swords...mostly. While Henrex's Tulpa revolves around the entirety of the sword and the various concepts and sayings that Henrex has heard throughout his life about the sword. Therefore, there are a few more effects to Henrex's Personal Tulpa than just the initial creation. The first thing that would notice during the activation of this ability would be the large, purple rib-cage that spawns around Henrex, attaching to his spine.

This is something that embodies the concept of durability within the sword, which could not be any truer. The natural defense of the rib-cage is quite large, able to take multiple hits from Advanced level Strength users with ease. Furthermore, this is something that can also extend Henrex's will into the form of several arms that branch from the back of the rib-cage. These have a seemingly unlimited amount (in actuality, they're limited to around 100), and are not just limbs with hands at the end. Furthermore, as per the nature of a swordsman, these hands are able to manifest several swords from Henrex's willpower.

The swords that form from the arms of rib-cage are not entirely restricted to just the ethereal swords that form in its hands. If Henrex wished it so, he could potentially merge this with his other abilities and create swords with the various other applications of his powers that he could use for this. However, the swords are not the only weapons that are available in his Personal Tulpa. By manipulating the rib-cage, Henrex is also able to merge the bones of the rib-cage into a single form on each side, sharpening into a blade, allowing him to make one solid construct.

Personal Tulpa:

Full Tulpa - Ken no kigen (剣の起源, Origin of the Sword): Standing at nearly forty-two feet tall, along with its bulky attire to reflect it's amazing strength, completing it with two large katana to be unsheathed and sheathed at any time -- as well as the ability to form a bow and arrow out of sheer willpower -- Ken no kigen is quite the monster. The main power that this creature possesses is it's titanic strength, especially within the blade of the sword, able to cause an immense effect on the world around him with simple swings, such as causing massive gusts of winds -- an example of how powerful this creature is. Not only that, but the creature can also use the hat on its head, the sheath, and it's physical body to attack, although Henrex and the Tulpa prefer the weapons.

Full Tulpa:


The Sixteen Fists: What ARE the Sixteen Fists? Well, they are a collection of various techniques that the shinobi have used for well over six centuries. These techniques, as shown by many shinobi during the Edo era of Japan and beyond, have been noted to have one main concept -- Use the entire body as a living, breathing weapon. These techniques can be found here

Gentle Breeze Sword:

Frozen Melody Blade: As someone who is heavily enthralled by the arts as both a child, teenager, and adult, something that ties in that with his swordsmanship should be expected from someone like Henrex. The strikes of this sword style are rather average with speed, as it is meant to tie in with the "melody" part of the name. The movements are careful and precise, something that is replicated with the footwork of this particular style. Now, something else that should be noted about this style would be the strange way that fighting with this entails.

Rather than just sword strikes with a strange pattern of fighting, this is something that ties in with Henrex's Zanpakuto. As his Zanpakuto is able to control and create all forms of storms, it isn't hard for him to recreate the "Frozen" part of the name of this sword style. Thus, it should be noted that this sword style uses ice to not only cause additional effects but also to create sound from the vibrations in the ice.

Furthermore, there is a passive effect of all techniques of this sword style -- being that every single time a strike successfully bites flesh, a target is slowed by a small margin. Seven strikes are able to cause a Master's speed to drop down a level, with five being able to decelerate an Advanced by a level. This is due in part because of the energy that is on the ice, causing it to seep into the body and cause the muscles and bones to tighten and lock up. Thus, this is something that has not only a large amount of offensive potential but utility as well.



Shock Step: This is one of Henrex's most common variations of Flash Step. Instead of simply disappearing in a flash, like normal, this instead causes the user to disappear in a flash of lightning. As per the name, this is something that also ties in with the nature of his Zanpakuto, which allows him to link this technique up with one of his most common Zanpakuto technique, Flying Storm - Mark of the Storm. As this technique is being used, Henrex can have the option of transporting himself to any mark that he has placed in the area he's in.

However, this is something that also has it's purpose offensively. By utilizing the same method of use as before, along with adding in the benefit of Static Flow -- one of his Zanpakuto techniques --Henrex would be able to lunge forward with this technique, causing a large discharge of electricity in front of him. This would have the potential to cause a large amount of nerve to misfunction upon being hit with this if one were to be Adept or below in Durability. Upon using this way of usage, Henrex would find himself unable to use this as a post.

Silent Step: This is a passive ability that affects Henrex's Hoho, along with every single one of the variants that he's made. With Henrex's main skill being stealth and infiltration, it should be obvious that he would make something to accommodate for that. Thus, this passive ability causes the energy of a normal Flash Step to be silenced, muting out any sound that would be made from the movement, along with the energy burst that would normally come from a Flash Step to be silenced as well -- leaving Henrex with a much more stealthy when it comes to using one of his most common skills as a Shinigami.


Kuji-in: This is by far the most important lessons a ninja can learn. Back in the old days of the shinobi, magic was considered a myth, or legend. Anyone who was known to practice the supernatural, many would be mocked and seen as a joke among the samurai, and farmers. But, magic was very far from being fake. In fact, the shinobi -- specifically the Iga ninja that Henrex trained under -- had trained in these arts for several years, even before magic's plausible existence was brought out. The nine core hand seals, along with more information about Kuji-in, can be found here.

Fuuinjutsu & Juinjutsu: These two base Kido spells are items that Henrex obtained through receiving the Cardinal Seal from Tsubasa Unabara. The slight interest in the Seal slowly turned into a fascination, leading Henrex to create his own brand of the same thing. While -- at the time of writing this -- he hasn't made any of them yet, he very well has the option to. The written descriptions can be found here.

Kage-musha (影武者, Shadow Warrior): Being one of the most common techniques of old world Japan's ninja, the Kage-musha is an effective deception tool. The spell in it of itself is very simple -- the creation of an identical clone of one's self to use for various purposes. This could be to distract someone, or to substitute yourself for the clone -- the applications and uses of this are, like with many ninja techniques, endless. The technique was first used without any supernatural means -- as there had not been any way discovered that would incorporate the ninja's magic -- and is used with, at the minimum, two nearly identical ninjas.

In the case of a potential death, it would lead to the original substituting themselves out for the shadow, allowing for the original ninja to continue to live on. However, the skill eventually was matured into taking up a place within the hand seals of the ninja. To begin, we must first talk about how to cast this. One must first perform the hand sign for Zai, without saying the incantation. Afterward, one would find themselves -- based on their tier -- able to summon a flexible amount of clones.

While this is something that is usually reserved for the higher tiers, the one who casts this would be able to alter the number of clones that appear, along with being able to modify the strength of them. This is something that usually means that a user will sacrifice the equal strength of one or many to be isolated into just one. Which segways into the next important factor to this spell: tier. The tier of the character is something that heavily affects how many clones one can spawn at maximum -- although this is something that also affects how powerful the clones are.

Tier Listing

4 Tier: 10 clones
3 Tier: 20 clones
2 Tier: 40 clones
1 Tier: 50 clones
0 Tier: 100 clones

While there is a static limit to how many clones each tier can spawn at most, the power of the clones is actually something that can be altered quick flexibly, as said before. This is because someone of any tier 3 or higher would find themselves able to sort of "move" the power of one or many clones and condense it into a certain amount, or even just one. This can cause the tiers of the clones to rise in order to begin to match the original. The tiers of the of the clones from tier three and below are all one tier underneath the caster.

However, the 2 tier and above level casters would be able to find their clones two tiers below the user. This is due to a large number of clones and the power that would need to be dispersed equally between them. Now, the final thing that would need to be noted would be the skill sheets and powers of the clones. As they are clones of the caster, they contain the ability to perform all of the techniques and skills of the user. However, this does not allow the clones to be able to access any sort of release form from the original.

The skill sheets of the clones are a fairly tricky subject. The way that the skills are distributed is the same as the skill sheets, which can be seen below.

Tier List
4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 3 Beginner
3-Tier: Allowed 3 Adept, 1 Beginner
2-Tier: Allowed 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
1-Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Advanced, 1 Adept
0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 3 Advanced.

However, this is not something that can be decided by the caster. Based on their skill sheets, the caster's clones will find the highest skill of the original being their highest skill, with the skills working down the line in terms of the user's skill, theme, and preference in those certain skills. These clones are not able to attain a GM in any skill. The will skills, on the other hand, are something that is quite similar to the user's, with following this formula:

Quote :
Skills are equal to one rank below Willpower skill. The original can focus on one aspect to the detriment of the others, allowing it to be the same rank as Willpower as the expense of the rest being one rank lower.

Yet, there is still one fatal flaw to this spell: the durability of the clones in general. While this varies, depending on the strength of both the user and the attacker, there is a generalization. The more clones that someone creates, the weaker those clones are. Thus, if someone were to have a large assortment of clones, they would be able to be dispersed of in a single hit. However, those with a fewer amount of clones would have the potential to take multiple hits before disappearing.

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WARNING: This is an alternate form of Tai Chi Fist, and a sum amount of information in this is coming from the original Tai Chi thread. If you don’t understand some of the contents of this, read the original Tai Chi thread, which can be found here:

Dantian Form - Great Ocean Beast: Great Ocean Beast is a Dantian that grants the power of its namesake, the Ocean. Raging seas and crashing waves allow for a might beyond the usual of Qi and also grants a Dantian the scope of the very seas themselves. Vast, and broad, the usage of techniques is not a thing that should be paid any mind to one with a full Dantian, however, like the Ocean it is a long and arduous process to fill once emptied. The cavernous size also hampers compression of Jing and results in a slow process from raw energy to purified energy. The work of many continuous hours, those who possess this Dantian develop a strong sense of patience. Rank: Silver III

Info on Dantian Cultivation:

Shinmeiryuu: Translating to God’s Cry School, this sword style is considered the brother of Tai Chi Fist. Over three thousand years old, Shinmeiryuu is a very scarce kenjutsu in the modern world of 2417. In the likeness of Tai Chi, this is a style that advances and grows stronger as the user continues to practice the style itself, as well as with cultivation of the user’s Dantian. Control of the blade is key, as this is something that requires a large amount of skill in the way of the sword in order to be able to grasp fully, and use to its maximum potential, another parallel to how Tai Chi Fist requires incredible martial skill to perform and master.

However, what is strange about this particular sword style, as well as what makes it different from Tai Chi Fist, is that ranks one, four, and seven are not standalone techniques that require Qi. Instead, tying to the nature of a sword, they are “stances”. These are ways of holding the weapon that grants the user access to the two other techniques that require that prerequisite. Furthermore, this parallels to Tai Chi Fist even more with the fact that Shinmeiryuu itself -- outside the nine techniques that it grants -- is just the starting point for Gods' Cry School.

[Author's Note: These techniques are written thematically and a character's overall stats and abilities factor into both the user and the target for the final outcome]

Rank 1 - Ryote (Art of Two Hands): Ryote is one of the three stances that the user achieves whenever they ascend in rank in Shinmeiryuu. The art of two hands is rather simple. Simply by grasping the sword with the two hands of the flesh, and taking the footwork and stance of a typical Kendo practitioner, one has entered Ryote. This opens the pathway to the two other ranks in this branch of Shinmeiryuu, granting two techniques that are focused on the aspects of the blade itself, Blade of Nought, and Blade of One’s Self. Therefore, this is only the starting point of Shinmeiryuu.

  • Rank 2 - Blade of Nought: One must always be able to have a sword with them. To a user of Shinmeiryuu, everything is a sword. By focusing the user’s Qi into their hands, and allowing that Qi to flow into an object that the user is holding, this weaponizes it, turning the object of the user’s focus into a sword. This allows for a large amount of versatility in the user’s arsenal, as well as allows them to have a weapon on them at all times. However, this would not be a sword style without an effect on blades themselves. By the user performing the same focusing of their Qi into their sword, they can enhance the durability and sharpness of their weapon for five to seven posts. However, some high-level Tai Chi users have shown to be able to extend this to nine to ten posts.

  • Rank 3 - Blade of One’s Self: Blade of One’s Self is a technique that, instead of enhancing the sword’s properties through Qi, the user empowers their sword with their Dantian. Whether it be through Five Flaming Pillars and coating the blade in a raging fire, through Twelve Lightning Bolts and coating the blade in crackling lightning, or through Great Ocean Beast and inspire the weapon to take on the aspects of the Dantian -- increased power. This doesn’t take much to use, but can only be used five times before initiating the single turn wait time that it needs to recharge. Furthermore, this is a unique technique in Shinmeiryuu, due to the fact that once it has been used for the first time, it is not restricted to a stance -- it is something that is merely activated by sheer force of will, allowing it to be used at any time once performed.

Rank 4 - Hakai (Art of Destruction): This is the second stance that is unlocked when a user progresses through Shinmeiryuu. As a continual progression of the first stance, Ryote -- the art of two hands -- this opens up more techniques when it this stance is held, similarly to Ryote. However, instead of gripping the sword with two hands and taking the form exactly like the aforementioned stance, this has the user hold the sword with three hands. While many would be left scratching their heads after the mention of three hands, this is not something that is entirely impossible. Those with tremendous willpower have been noted, and even Shinigami with high levels of control over their energy has been noted to be able to do this. However, with one’s Dantian and Qi, it can become rather tricky. Functioning in a way similar to the previously mentioned methods, this allows the user to grasp their weapon with both hands of the flesh, along with the hand of the spirit. As this stance is achieved, this allows for a gateway to two more techniques: Demon-Stopping Slash, and Stone-Rending Hew.

  • Rank 5 - Demon-Stopping Slash: Being a style that was meant to stop Hollows, the rank five technique “Demon-Stopping Slash” is something that does just that, and aims to prevent them from using what Hollows are known for -- their High-Speed Regeneration. While this has mostly been broadened to incorporate regeneration as a whole, the origins of the technique have not been altered. With the strike of the sword being empowered by the user’s Qi, they are able to use that inner energy to make a powerful slash, coated with the energy, which also is remaining in the wound that they make. While this highly depends on the Dantian rank of the user in question, as well as their overall stats, but even at the lowest levels, one can see a large slow in regeneration speed, making the act much harder than it usually would be. If one were to reach the final ranks of Gold, or higher, they would be able to leave such a powerful mark that they would negate Regeneration as a whole for two posts. This can only be applied to someone once per five posts.

  • Rank 6 - Stone-Rending Hew: As a side to the Demon-Stopping Slash, “Stone-Rending Hew” is another technique of the Rank 4 stance, Hakai, the Art of Destruction. In a way to parallel the Demon-Stopping Slash, this technique draws on the power of Qi to, instead of breaking through the fast healing of what this style was used to hunt, this is meant to break down the defense of those it cuts. Whenever a cut is made, the Qi from the blade will have an immediate effect on most types of defense, most commonly -- and its most well-known usage on -- Hierro, the typical defense of an Arrancar. The defense in question, upon being hit with this attack, will find that their armor/defense will not be able to block this attack very easily. The blade that attacks is one that is highly refined with Qi, able to align itself with the plating of said defense incredibly easy, granting it a bit more leeway when cutting through. Furthermore, this has also been something that causes the Shen within the strike to spread, causing the armor in question to become much more brittle and fragile, allowing for more damaging strikes. In the higher realms of Tai Chi, such as in Gold or Black-Gold, there have been cases where the user can extrude Qi/Shen through the sword after the hit to degrade any armour or armour-powers for a short term of three posts, but this causes the consumption of power to sky-rocket and become comparable to Rank 9 techniques.

Rank 7 - Keihatsu (Art of Enlightenment): This is another stance within Shinmeiryuu. However, this one is quite different from the other two, especially with how the stance is executed. Firstly, this stance, along with the two techniques of this stance requires the Perfected Energy of Tai Chi -- Shen. With this stance, one must let go of their weapon. Instead of holding it with their physical hands, they must hold it with the hand of spirit. Comprised of Shen to ensure a firm grip, the user is granted incredibly swinging speed, as the blade is able to move at the speed of thought, granting immense flexibility and fluidity with their movements, allowing for strikes that would normally be impossible from certain standpoints. However, this is something that requires a large amount of focus, and can sometimes leave a user open for attack if they are caught off with this stance.

  • Rank 8 - Silent Night Wind: This is one of the final basic techniques that a user of Shinmeiryuu can use. After unlocking the Art of Enlightenment, Keihatsu, one can use these two techniques. Firstly, Silent Night Wind is used to counteract energy-based attacks. By concentrating Shen into the blade of the sword, the user is able to quickly slice through energy itself, using the Shen on the blade to align itself with the attack that it meets. This has a limit of being used three times, before initiating a two post cooldown. Furthermore, this is something that also has been known to have an additional effect on it. Upon an attack on the physical body with this technique, one would be able to notice that their energy will be highly disturbed, causing immense instability within the opponent's energy attacks for two posts. Although, with multiple strikes, Silent Night Wind is also able to cause such an instability within the opponent that they can stop energy-based attacks from flowing and exiting the user properly for two posts. Things such as Ceros, or anything that leaves the user's weapon or body in the form of energy.

    Rank 9 - Caress of a Thousand Hells: The most arrogant technique in all of Wulin, as well as one of the most powerful and potent abilities within the basic collection of Shinmeiryuu techniques. By emitting such a thick intent, this ability is purely offensive in nature, requiring a large amount of Shen in order to pull off. Through such thick intent, this causes an opponent to have a vision of what's to come -- not quite an illusion, more of an extremely brief glimpse into the future. Utilizing the stance of Keihatsu, the user is able to use the thought-swinging speed to simultaneously attack three places at once -- the neck, the chest, and the legs. This is a rather simple technique, solely because of its lack of an additional effect and immense striking range, allowing the user to have the potential to take an enemy off guard and inflict major damage at one of the regions that are targeted. However, this has an immense drain on the user's total capacity and is not able to be used freely -- restricted to being used once per post, and four times per thread.

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Zanpakutô Name: Raiu (雷雨, Thunderstorm)

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance

Face Claim: Indra Otsutsuki - NARUTO - Henrex - Henrex Astillon

Zanpakutô Spirit Personality


Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

Zanpakutō Manipulation: This is one of Henrex's main powers in terms of usage. With such a strong connection to his Zanpakuto, as well as the main part of his kit once again being versatility, Henrex has gained the ability to manipulate his Zanpakuto at will. From the shape, size, or even the properties, there is little limit to what he can do with his Zanpakuto. This process is usually instantaneous, or damn close to it -- as it also takes very little energy to pull off in general, including the various applications of it. When it comes to changing the shape, size, and other various parts of his Zanpakuto, the length of which they last in that state is indefinite, as Henrex does not have a limit to how long his Zanpakuto lasts in those conditions. However, the properties of his Zanpakuto are another story entirely. When it comes to matters such as those, they usually last around five to seven posts and have a three post cooldown.

Storm Manipulation: Outside of being able to manipulate his Zanpakuto's aspects, this is the main power that comes to Henrex when he uses his Zanpakuto. To explain this ability is rather simple. Henrex is able to control all aspects of a storm, as well as create them with little to no effort most of the time. With the abilities section of his Zanpakuto, it is known that he is able to control and create the different aspects of his Zanpakuto if he wished to. In addition, Henrex has also been able to faintly tap into this strange power from his Zanpakuto: being able to sense when a storm is taking place. While this is more of annoyance, or even just a subtle note for him if he happened close enough, it is something that is a minor ability that has no real effect on Henrex, or his opponents.

Additionally, Henrex gains another ability as a result of this. As something that shouldn't be a surprise, Henrex is able to control the weather. Again, as with the statement of the powers earlier, there is a wide variety of things that he could do with this ability in order to turn the tides in his favor, or simply to set a mood, or for whatever reason, he is doing so. With simple mental influence, Henrex is able to change how heavy the rain is, how often lightning and thunder occur, or even how thick and dark the clouds are. All of the effects of the weather are under his command, although there are drawbacks to this -- the first being that Henrex has not been able to manipulate more than one aspect at once. This means that if he is changing the frequency of the lightning and thunder occurring, he would have to halt his control over that in order to do something like.

Another one would be that this is incredibly taxing on Henrex's mental energy, as he forces him to focus fairly hard in order to perform this with maximum efficiency. This is due to the wide area that this ability grants him in general. However, this is something that can be altered, as Henrex could instead attempt to focus on a specific area, instead of a massive area, granting him a bit of safety from the mental taxation that could occur if he were to overdo this. Another drawback would be the significantly small time that he can do this. As the mental energy is incredibly demanding -- as stated before -- Henrex is only able to do this for one post at a time, as this can grant him quite the massive headache if he were to attempt to go any further.

Furthermore, Henrex's prowess over storms is something that has a few more additions, along with downsides. Another of the additions would be the ability to enhance the storm around him. This is not something that is directly affecting his Zanpakuto itself, but it does affect the area around him to the extent of being able to cause storms to worsen upon releasing his Zanpakuto. However, this is something that plays into the effects of his normal weather manipulation, which means that this can cause Henrex to have some serious mental drawbacks if used in excess.


Ochiru kaminari (落ちる雷, Falling Thunder): Similarly to Henrex's Electricity Manipulation, this is one of his favorite skills to use, as it is very simple and practical to use with the minimal energy use that it takes. To begin things, Henrex's body begin to surround itself with electricity, making it incredibly difficult to hit him in this state. Following this, Henrex's body immediately performs what can only be explained as a "reverse lightning strike" in the regular performance. This is because of Henrex quite literally shooting from the ground, into the sky while his body is encased by a lightning bolt. After this happens, Henrex is free to roam around in the clouds that he retreats to.

After about a single post maximum of remaining in the clouds, Henrex becomes the centerpiece of a bolt of lightning. As the electrons and environmental energy around him charge up and compile, Henrex's body shoots downward, unable to waver from the target location that he's charging towards. As he reaches the ground, electricity spews outward towards everything in a ten-foot circle around the landing point. This has an incredible amount of possible "burst" damage that it can cause if this ability is placed properly, which could give Henrex the potential to really cause an immense amount of damage to an opponent, as Henrex suffers no movement penalty after landing. This can be used to five times a post, with the cooldown being around three.

Ōnā no kenri (オーナーの権利, Owner's Right): This is, again, one of Henrex's main techniques when it comes to his Sealed Zanpakuto. This is something that is meant to show the immense and powerful bond that Henrex has with the Zanpakuto Spirit, Raiu. With such a powerful bond, they are able to understand one another and are very capable of responding to such with a variety of things. This is something that does not have a single effect on its own, but rather has a combination of effects that makes this ability what it is. The first passive that this has is something that Henrex has always had with his Zanpakuto, which would be that no one is able to hold his Zanpakuto outside of himself. This is something that Henrex had previously been able to control, as he was able to give permission to be able to hold and lift his weapon.

Strangely, this is something that Henrex lost control over for unknown reasons. Something else that comes with this would be the ability to call the blade to him, as well as to call himself to his sword. This is due to an invisible tether that is connected to Henrex, his Zanpakuto, and his Zanpakuto Spirit at all times. Outside of acting as a literal tether to keep them connected, it is also something that connects Henrex and his Zanpakuto Spirit in terms of mentality. They are able to share each other's thoughts and feel each other's emotions. This also allows Henrex to call his Zanpakuto to him at any time, as long as he has the energy to do so, as well as to concentrate for a small period of time to execute the task.

Teisū dōkan (定数導管, Constant Conduit): As a person whose main powers come from the aspects of storms, it is fairly obvious that his powers would delve into lightning. This certain ability is...very common in the theme of lightning. With Henrex controlling such a large amount of lightning, it should not come as a surprise that he would be able to absorb one of his elements. As electricity comes into contact with Henrex's body, both he and his Zanpakuto act as a lightning rod, absorbing the lightning into his system, and nullifying any harm that would come to him from said lightning. However, this has been known to be extremely resistant to physical lightning, with lightning abilities that are spiritual in nature being able to counter this by a moderate margin, as the energy within spiritual lightning is quite different than natural lightning, which causes him to only be able to absorb said lightning for four posts, before his body would become seriously affected by the foreign energy.

Seiteki Nagare (静的流れ, Static Flow): This is something that Henrex enjoys using simply because of how literally flowing it is, hence the name "Static Flow". To explain things somewhat further, this is something that causes Henrex's lightning, as well as his energy itself to adapt to one of the concepts of the ninja, which is "nagare". Translating to "flow", it is something that is symbolic of this part of Henrex that has defined a turning point in his life. Therefore, it is something that is used very frequently, as the symbolism and closeness of his shinobi training keep his attention connected with this whenever he enters combat. To get into the nitty-gritty of this ability, this is something that allows the Spirit Energy from his Zanpakuto to resonate with the other energy sources in an area, including his own. While this is limited to around twenty feet in all directions around him, the lack of range makes up for the additives that this ability can grant.

Through the release of Spirit Energy, Henrex's energy can augment Reiatsu, as well as other forms of energy. This is something that can vary heavily, as there are many effects to this that can be produced by the passive channeling of this ability, such as increased conductivity, paralysis, or even increase the speed of said attack. Furthermore, this is something causes another kind of "flow" to occur within his body. This is generally referred to as an "internal flow", which could not be more accurate for this. This channeling is something that flows throughout Henrex's entire body. While this is something that is mostly dormant until Shikai is activated, as the powers that tie into that are activated upon said release.

Hishō Arashi (飛翔嵐, Flying Storm): This is a large collection of techniques that Henrex is able to perform using his Zanpakuto, which largely combines two factors of Henrex's kit, and his theme as a whole -- speed, and lightning. Combining his already immense natural speed, and potentially even Hoho, this could prove to be a deadly force, as this goes above and beyond much of what Henrex has ever achieved with his speed.

  • Hisho Arashi - Mark of the Storm: This is the main technique of the Hisho Arashi. This is something that can be placed -- quite literally, anywhere. On a building, a weapon, or even a person. Upon being placed on any sort of physical surface, (outside of another character) the Mark of the Storm will simply sit there, waiting to be used, or activated. However, things start to get a bit more interesting when it comes to being attached to another person. If one were to have a charge attached to them, they would find their movement slowed by 15%. However, only three charges can be placed on another character/NPC at one time, of which the speed debuff stacks onto it. Furthermore, this is something that connects to just about everything that Hisho Arashi does.

    Mark of the Storm is the basis for all of Hisho Arashi, as outside of the small debuff/buff that is grants the user and opponent, there really isn't much else that it does. Another drawback would be the limit as to how long these marks last on a person. On a regular surface, they last about seven posts, as most surfaces don't have a spiritual signature that can fight against the charge placed on their body. However, those with a spiritual signature that would be able to fight back against the mark, the mark would dissipate after around five posts. However, they are rarely attached to other characters -- as it is more a "set-up" ability for the other techniques at his disposal.

  • Mark of the Storm - Detonation: This is an application of Henrex's use of Mark of the Storm. If Henrex were to harness the energy that is within a charge of "Mark of the Storm", he would have the potential to create an electrical discharge from said mark, consuming it in the process. This is something that can cause immense nerve instability if someone were to be hit with this, as the electrical discharge directly targets the nerves in order to distort the enemy's muscle movements and basic motor functions. However, this is something that can only be used five times per post and has a one post cooldown.

Hiraishin (避雷針, Lightning Rod): This is a technique that merges Henrex's immense control over his energy, along with the ability "Constant Conduit". This technique creates literal lightning rods in the form of black poles that contain a decent sum of energy within them. While their main purpose is to absorb electricity, with the rod itself being used as a medium and catalyst to manipulate the lightning within it, these can be altered to change their size and shape, allowing for extremely potent hidden weapons, especially when it comes to the main ability these rods can do -- release a large discharge of energy with the potential to cause paralysis for those who are Adept at Durability or below. However, this is something that can only be utilized once per post and must wait for three posts before attempting again.

Hōden (放電, Discharge): This is, in short, Henrex's most basic application of Electricity Manipulation. As per the name, this allows Henrex to release a large burst of electricity, initially forming in his hand or on his sword, most of the time. Ergo, most of the applications of electricity use this as a medium. Due to this, it should come as no surprise that Henrex is able to fully manipulate the properties of this, allowing him to alter the size, shape, or even other aspects of the lightning and replace it with entirely new ones -- such as taking away the shocking power in order to cause it to have purely destructive capabilities like an explosion.

  • Hōden - Yari (放電 - 槍, Discharge - Spear): This is a rather preferred usage of Hoden, as this creates a spear of lightning in his hand, or fires one from his sword. Due to Henrex and Raiu's immense energy reserves, as well as how little effort it takes to create and shape these, it can be easy for him to create large barrages of lightning spears in quick succession, without consuming a large amount of energy. Yet, this is not the only thing that these spears can do, If these were to meet with some form of physical or spiritual defense, they would find these spears able to pierce the defenses fairly easily, if they were on Adept level or below.

  • Hōden - Raikai ((放電 - 雷海, Discharge - Lightning Sea): This is a technique that, instead of focusing on a single target or construct, this instead targets everything around Henrex. By slamming his hand or sword to the ground, the electricity would swiftly swarm from his sword and extends to everything within a five-foot radius around him. This is something that is heavily influenced by release states, as the range increases from five to ten feet in his Shikai, and twenty feet whilst in Bankai.

Kamikaze (神風, Wind of the Gods): Similar to Hōden, this is the main usage of Henrex's ability to control the wind. Deriving from the actual inclusion of the power in it of itself, this has two main applications of utilization. These would be a blast of wind outward and pulling someone towards him with a suction of air in the area around him. These two techniques are the most common uses of it, as they are by far the most simple, yet can also be the most powerful if he were to pour more energy into them, leading him to be able to perform devastating feats of destruction. However, these techniques both can only be used once per post, and have a single post cooldown.

Kaze Kūgeki (風空隙, Wind Void): A technique derived from Henrex's ability to manipulate the air -- Kamikaze -- this is the compression of air to the point where it creates a portal that connects to Henrex's inner world. In essence, the air is compressing so much so that the space of that specific area is manipulated to a small extent. While this is less of spatial manipulation, and more along the lines of ability combination -- as per the usage of Kage Chokyo-shi alongside it. Furthermore, this is something that has a suction effect on the very small area that this ability has. Around five feet from the center, all objects within that area will be drawn into the "Wind Void".

Yet, this isn't something that can be used very often on people. As this is something -- if ever used on another person -- will mainly be used for plot purposes. However, this is not a restriction that is placed on himself. Henrex is fully able to use this to transport himself into his inner world at any time. However, this has a rather hefty restriction when it comes to using this in a combat. This is something can only be used twice per post, and has a three post cooldown. This is due to the fact that each usage of a portal counts as one. Opening it to draw in something, and ejecting it from his inner world each count as one use.

Resolute Strike: Resolute Strike is an ability meant to be passed down to Henrex after Erna's training. As her intent is to make him focus on higher quality attacks with less need for spreading himself thin with a million lesser potent attacks. Therefore, Resolute Strike is going to be fueled by both his willpower and energy as a high 0 tier. Since it allows for him to utilize his electricity in order to cut through the bonds of attacks when he is able to gather, pinpoint and make a concise effort to attack an opponent or assault heading his way.

To give a proper illustration of how it works in combat: say that an opponent produced an attack that manipulated reality by blocking the ability to teleport within a radius of a city block. By focusing in on the element he wishes to attack, Henrex can channel that vision into his mind, infuse it into his lightning and attempt to enforce his will in a concise attack aimed at the general vicinity to try and cut through the particles of energy which produced this effect. In turn, with Resolute Strike, he could then attempt to cancel out the ability in order to break through it.


  • Appilication Usage: It is often recommended that Henrex focuses Resolute Strike into one or two applications per post. The reason for this is while it may not take away the amount of volume from within at a rapid rate, it can take away the potency as the whole aim of the technique is to allow him to have higher quality attacks. Repeating this in rapid succession will take away that potency and potentially make future attacks weaker if spammed. Thus reinforcing him making more critical thoughts when it comes to his plan of attack in battle.

  • Not Absolute: While this ability greatly increases his chances of canceling out attacks with his lightning, it is by no means absolute. It is possible to have draws where only half of the effect was nulled, while the other goes through. An example of this is if he fired it off a cero released by a Primera Espada. If the lightning hit, but it only vaporized half of the blast, he'd still get hit by the other chunk left at half potency. Additionally, with a high enough magic user, they could create potent barriers to shield themselves, or the opponent could just straight up move out the way or have other objects in the area around them take the damage. Which is the risk of this ability, as there is no telling if it will pay off.

  • Focus: If his focus is broken, as to will the lightning break and harm. Henrex needs to know what his objective is for using Resolute Strike to channel that into his energy and control it with the utmost of will because of the tremendous volume of the will being infused in his blast to distort the reality around him. So if there is no focus, there is no attack.


Shikai Release Phrase: Crash down, Raiu!

Shikai Release Actions: N/A

Shikai Appearance: Henrex's Shikai appearance, and release, in general, is something that ties heavily in the ability in his Shikai section labeled as "The Living Tempest". This is due to the storm theme that Henrex has through his Zanpakuto. When Henrex's Shikai is activated, the first thing that someone would be able to notice is that a storm is gathering. The smell of ozone will fill the air, and the rumbling of thunder and the flash of lightning can be seen and heard. The clouds will darken, if they are not already, and lightning will shoot down from the heavens, striking the blade of Henrex's Zanpakuto, and sending lightning across his weapon, and both of his arms, causing his arms to glow a faint azure blue, and his sword to emit lightning, as well as the same blue glow.

Shikai Abilities

The Living Tempest - Arm of the Storm: This is the main ability that Henrex unlocks when he enters Shikai and is potentially his most dangerous one. This is something that not only turns his arm into a center-point of a storm but quite literally makes the area he is a constant storm. The winds grow many times more violent, the rain grows heavier, and thunder rolls as lightning rages. Upon activation, Henrex's spirit energy flares, causing his Zanpakuto to become coated in lightning, or at the very minimum, the blade of his Zanpakuto. As said before, the storm that is caused by the activation of his Shikai is something that is constant, and Henrex himself cannot cause this storm to go away. In addition to this, Henrex in general gains a few numbers of things when his Zanpakuto is released.

One of them being a wider range of powers that he can use when he enters Shikai, one of them being the extended ability to control the air within a two-mile radius. This can branch into various things, strengthening the air current to boost his speed, lowering it, or even using the air to increase the power and speed of his attacks. Additionally, as it should be obvious, Henrex's Shikai grants him a general enhancement, granting a boost to his sealed skills, as well as his general abilities such as strength. However, the most affected skill would be that Henrex's body is charged with electricity as his Shikai is released, granting him an even larger cap of how fast he can go in all aspects, which is something that can give him the upper hand in fights.

Something else that his Shikai grants him is, again, tied to his sword. When his Shikai is released, Henrex's Zanpakuto gains an immense amount of cutting power. The lightning coursing through the blade of his sword is capable of cutting moderately leveled defenses with ease. This also has its effects of being able to cut through an Adept level of Hierro with ease. While this is something that passive drains energy, as the lightning is made up entirely of energy, this does allow his sword to become much stronger than before, as per the nature of both Henrex himself, his Zanpakuto, and the nature of lightning as a whole.

Internal Conduit: While the sealed variant of Constant Conduit is not deactivated upon releasing Shikai, it does gain a small enhancement when this does happen, a small component to it that makes it even more powerful. Something that rings true to the name of Constant Conduit, which is turning his body into even more of one, outside of the simple lightning absorption. However, this is only available when his Zanpakuto is actually drawn. This causes a large sum of electrical currents to begin traveling through Henrex's body. This doesn't boost much of his normal physiology, but it does help with one thing -- internal damage. The electrical currents that run throughout Henrex's body in his Shikai state allow him to disintegrate and dissolve things that would attack him internally, usually by heating it up. However, this does not protect him on a microscopic level, which is something that leaves him vulnerable to those types of attacks.

Hisho Arashi - Gathering Storm: This is another skill that uses Mark of the Storm. By placing charges around in a circular fashion, Henrex can use this to cause a lightning bolt to connect them all, before said lightning would come together and spin, eventually forming a single, massive lightning tornado, causing damage to everything in the area. These charges cannot be placed more than thirty feet away from one another, and are not affected by outside sources of lightning. However, this does take quite a bit of energy to pull off, and cannot be used more than three times, before going on cooldown for around five posts, and after this cooldown is hit twice, Henrex cannot use this for the rest of the thread.

Hisho Arashi - Taeko Drums: This is something that doesn't deal too much damage, but by no means is useless. This could be considered to be more along the lines of utility, as it creates sound, instead of something directly related to lightning. When this happens, there is a requirement of at least four charges placed on a surface. To begin, Henrex simply needs to dash into a charge, causing him to speed up, and create a trail of lightning where he was, to his current location. As this happens, a cloud appears around where Henrex and the charge are, before Henrex would zip off again, recreating the same events as last time -- while this time, a loud thunderclap will go off. While this is merely meant to distract someone, it does have the potential to damage hearing, if exposed to it for prolonged time periods. This process repeats over and over until the charges have run out.

Rairyū (雷竜, Lightning Dragon): After the fight with Erna in the Demon World, Henrex was able to fully adjust himself to singular investments in his attacks, and this technique, along with Resolute Strike, became the end result. As per the ability to control and freely manipulate lightning, Rairyu is an attack that can only be used when the power for it is focused solely on it. It is a lightning bolt that generates from the blade of Henrex's sword, taking advantage of the massive amount of lightning that the blade produces. Firing off a lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon, this crashes into and destroys anything in its path -- metaphorically, of course. But, it does go to show the amount of power stored in this single attack. However, this is something that has a limit of three uses in a post and having to wait for three before being able to use it again.

Kaze-tai (風体, Wind Body): Through his ability to manipulate the air, Henrex has displayed the ability to use this to affect his body. By drawing the air around him, Henrex is able to use this in order to cause his body to turn into the air that he draws in, making his body partially intangible for a short period. This is something that, unlike most of the other techniques in his arsenal, requires a small charge up time of one post, and only lasts for a single post after that, with a four post cooldown. However, this is something that has a limited amount of uses per thread. After four uses, Henrex would need to halt usage of this ability for the rest of the thread, as using this too often would cause major internal damage, and for potentially cost him his life.


Bankai Name: Shiro Rakurai (白落雷, White Thunderbolt)

Bankai Release Phrase: "Flash, Shiro Rakurai."

Bankai Release Actions: N/A

Bankai Appearance:

Face Claim: Blade Master/Furious Blade - Elsword - Henrex - Henrex Astillon

Bankai Abilities

Wild Storm - Chaotic Energy Surge: Everything containing the pressure of anything must break eventually. There can only be so much build-up before control is lost. That is the case with Henrex's spiritual power whenever he enters his Bankai. Henrex has been known to have a very large amount of control over the energy that travels through his body. However, his Bankai is an entirely different story. Instead of retaining a fine control of his spiritual power, keeping the energy damp and refrained, Henrex's spiritual pressure releases in the form of wild winds that originate from nowhere else than Henrex's body. The presence of Henrex, upon release, will become much more threatening, as well as much heavier, as emphasized from the nature of his Zanpakuto, and the nature of Bankai in general. So, whenever Henrex enters Bankai, one should be very careful.

Mugenha Tenmetsu Raito, Raikou (無限刃点滅-ライト, 雷光: Infinite Blades of Flashing Light, Lightning Strike): These are the two swords that Henrex's Zanpakuto turns into when he ascends into this form. Instead of being actual swords, the only thing that remains is the two handles, leaving what would normally be blade-less swords. However, this is anything but the case. Upon first glance, one would be able to notice that the blades of these swords are, in fact, lightning bolts. While they seem to be just replacements for the weapon that Henrex usually uses, they are not without their additives and downsides. To begin things, these weapons contain a large sum of energy being focused into the blades, flooding through the Reiatsu vents in Henrex's hands, into the weapons. Therefore, there is the potential for Henrex to fire off attacks, or use the electricity as a weapon itself.

For example, Henrex could fire off an electrical blast on par with that of a Cero in order to give himself an opening or take an enemy off guard against the sudden attack. Or, he could potentially extend the form of the blade in order to grant him an advanced, or even more dangerous form of attack. There would even be the potential for him to cast electrical-based Kido off the blade, in order to divert from using his own energy reserves, as well as potentially do away with him the restriction of having to speak in the incantation. There are many ways of utilizing the new weapon that his Zanpakuto becomes upon this transformation, most of them being incredibly simple, rarely ever becoming too complicated. Most of these attacks are ones that are fairly simple to cast, having only a one post cooldown after around five to six attacks, but there are some that are able to extend to much longer time.

Tempesta - Eye of the Storm: Within Henrex's Bankai, his arms are no longer the sole focus of the storm. Henrex in his entirety becomes the center of the storm. With electricity now flowing throughout his entire body, Henrex's attacks now are much, much more deadly. With this, he is able to release powerful blasts of electricity that originate from his body, giving him the power to take people off guard, stun them, or paralyze them if the conditions are right. Furthermore, Tempesta is able to transfer this effect to Henrex's wings, charging the muscles and bones in them. Through this, Henrex is able to move his wings at a much faster rate, giving him a boost to how fast he can fire off something such as Featherblades.

Genzai Setsuzoku (現在の接続, Current Connection): With large amounts of electricity flowing through Henrex's body, it should not be a surprise that an electrical current will form. While this is more of a slightly noted effect from his Shikai, Henrex's Bankai utilizes this to its full potential. Upon activation, Henrex's eyes glow the same color of his spirit energy, azure blue. On its own, this really has nothing special to it, as from an onlooker, it would simply look like Henrex had changed his eye color. However, this is not the case. This is something that heavily alters how touches from his body and his sword affect others. When contact is made from Henrex in this state, this causes a small bit of electricity to travel through the internal system of the enemy, spreading very slowly, leaving around five posts for the current to encompass the body in its entirety. This can be applied to multiple locations, in which doing so does not increase the speed of spreading across the body.

Wherever the current is placed, Henrex is able to see the internal structure of where said current is. Weaknesses in bone structure, muscle mass, and things of the like, Henrex would be able to see. This allows him to place his strikes more precisely, which can cause opponents to have a major disadvantage in the fight, should the current spread and reveal weaknesses. However, this is something that is restricted to a single target at a time, and is able to be switched at any time, although Henrex would have to make a new current, should he decide to change targets. Additionally, this can be stopped if one were to remove the area where the current is located at (i.e removing the flesh), in order to nullify its effects. Furthermore, the current lasts for four posts at its zenith, and once that has been reached, the character in question cannot be affected for the rest of the thread.

Tide Jewels: The tide jewels are quite the strange ability to behold. Instead of being some sort of direct attack, this is something that can be used over time. The tide jewels were a set of magical gems that the sea god, Ryujin, used to control the seas. While the effect doesn't play in full for Henrex -- as he is already able to control the water -- he does gain a small little ability for him to use at his leisure throughout his time in his Bankai state. When this is activated, Henrex spawns large orbs of water around his wrists, replicating the shape of the magatama design on the cuffs of his kimono. These are items that remain around Henrex's wrists and can be shot off with a simple burst of mental will, or be shot off all at once for a massive torrent of water. These last around five posts, with a four post cooldown.

Hisho Arashi - Takemikazuchi: This is a rather strange ability to come from the base Hisho Arashi. Instead of being something that is heavily based on high-speed movement, this instead opens up more opportunities to damage opponents, and take them off guard. This ability, taking after the two aspects that Takemikazuchi-no-kami is known for -- a god of thunder, and a sword god. So, to reflect on that, the ability itself is something that would be one that handled with swords. Upon the activation of this ability, a set of ten swords materialize behind Henrex in a circle. These do not follow his movements -- they simply remain idle. These blades, while they are not lightning of itself, have a small charge of Mark of the Storm inside them, which allows Henrex to create the next part of the attack.

Henrex can shoot these off in any direction with a simple burst of mental will. This cannot transfer the Mark of the Storm to a PC if it makes contact with them, and will instead phase through them, continuing on the intended path. Once the blade has landed in the intended area, it will remain there for four posts, before vanishing. If two or more swords have landed in the same vicinity, a lightning bolt will connect them together. When this happens, a loud thunderclap will go off, surging from the blades, across the lightning bolts, holding the sound until the two sounds from the ends of the swords meet, before combining the two sounds, creating an even louder thunderclap. This has the potential of damaging the hearing of the enemy for three posts, and can only be used once per post, before having a cooldown of five posts after all swords have been used.

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PhantomTech: Henrex currently has a Cyberbrain, upgraded and manufactured with the help of Vastime.

Phantom Tech Powers

Immense Mental Capacity: As per the upgrade of his Cyberbrain, and the vastness of Henrex's creativity and thought, there would need to be something that would allow his mind and memory to keep up. Ergo, to tie in with the abilities and powers that his Cyberbrain grant him, his mind needed this boost. This power of his Cyberbrain extends and improves his mental capacity, increasing his memory to exponential levels. This allows him to be able to potentially recall things from decades, even centuries back with little if any difficulty. However, there will be blips, as he does not have a perfect memory. But, this power is by far one of the most necessary, as well as the most useful things in his Cyberbrain.

Code Crafter: This is the main power of Henrex's Cyberbrain. This allows him to cause the code that would normally be restricted to a computer system to be manifested into the physical plane. This usually takes the form of green bits of data, of which it can be utilized in a variety of ways. Yet, this is something that only has a really high level of skill and proficiency when it comes to general creation. This means that Henrex is able to utilize these bits of data by compressing them together and causing them to form together and compile into a new form.

This is just a basic explanation, as there is a lot more complexity that can be had behind the scenes with this ability. While this is primarily used to just create regular objects, there can be the option of implementing this code in order to boost or improve a piece of equipment. This is done through the usage of "programs" that are created in the structure of the weapon. This can vary in great degree, as there are a lot of factors that Henrex can use in order to make programs work in certain ways.

Ergo, this could lead to something such as a sword gaining a brief ability to cut through average-leveled spiritual defenses for a few posts, or a program that grants that same sword the ability to cleave through the particles of energy that make up an incoming attack, giving it immense cutting power to the point of separating the very Reishi (spiritual particles) that make up that attack. With Henrex's vast knowledge and creativity, the only real limit to these creations is his imagination.

So, while this has a large deal of potential and versatility, it is something that is rarely, if ever used for direct combat. While Henrex could create a weapon from the bits of data at his disposal, there isn't really the ability to use this data for some form of offense alone. As they are merely bits of data, they would need to be fully solidified into a weapon before being able to do any kind of actual damage. Furthermore, it is not just the ability of creation that Code Crafter can perform.

By extending the capabilities of this ability further, the data can have the potential to replicate the code of other technological objects, allowing Henrex to corrupt this data and use it for his own wishes. This can also allow the deconstruction of data, causing the information within to be brought back into his Cyberbrain, storing said data into it and allowing him to access that information at any time. Ergo, this is a power of incredible potential, but it does come at a cost -- the mental strain of Henrex himself.

This is something that is best used in a stress-free environment, as the use of this in combat has an incredible amount of mental strain on him, as this can cause his creations and programs to be unstable, and have the potential to malfunction. Ergo, this is something that is best used for utility and aid for outside of combat. And if this should be used in combat? It should only be in brief instances where it is absolutely necessary, as the mental drawbacks are not something to take lightly.

However, there is another drawback to Code Crafter -- one that Henrex cannot control. While the limits of what he can create in terms of creativity are in fact limitless, the prime drawback would be that Code Crafter and his Cyberbrain, in general, do not share the same energy capacities as his own. As a way to lessen the mental stress that this power can cause, there is a limiter on the amount of potential that this power has. Drawing from the power scale, this power maximizes at around a small town's level of influence, which roughly translates to a 2-5. Ergo, there is a great deal that Henrex can do with this, but with the aforementioned limits, excessive use can lead to extreme repercussions.

Phantom Tech Abilities

The Lexicon: The Lexicon is by far one of the most expansive projects that Henrex has made for his Cyberbrain. In the process of upgrading his Cyberbrain, the Lexicon was born. It is a massive digital system within his PhantomTech, able to utilize his upgrades and purchases from the Cyber Mind with the utmost efficiency and skill and even upgrading some of his previous powers and abilities from his previous PhantomTech.

To begin things, The Lexicon has a direct access to the Shinigami Archives, allowing Henrex access to a plethora of stored information there, as well as letting him update some of the information there with his own. Furthermore, this is something that has very literal iterations of certain terms. For example, the term "Upload" can be used as a separate application of the Lexicon, transmitting and uploading data from himself -- or by establishing a connection with someone else -- to the network of the Lexicon.

In contrast, this can also allow for the use of the word "Download". This allows for Henrex to download information from any place that he connects to. Whether this is from the Shinigami Archives or some other place of information that he connects to, he can "download' information to his Cyberbrain at incredible speeds, often times taking mere seconds in order to do so. Ergo, this has quite the large deal of potential but is -- as per the name -- mainly an ability for utility. It is a storage system and should always be treated as such.

World Scribe: Through the combination of The Lexicon and Code Crafter, this ability allows for an extremely potent ability: the creation of entire virtual worlds. Now, while this may seem like something that is incredibly powerful, there are a number of limits that Henrex has when it comes to this. Firstly, this ability can only be used once per thread and has very little usage outside of showcasing scenes, as this leads into one of the prime traits of World Scribe, being that Henrex has full control over the properties of these virtual worlds. Whether it be creating a virtual city, a mountain range, or even a desert, this has a large variety of what he could perform with this.

As this is a byproduct of Code Crafter, it should be natural that it would carry over the drawbacks that it has. To reiterate, this is something that is best used in a stress-free environment. The mental strain that can occur from this is the same as the predecessor. So, it should be noted that under extreme amounts of stress and tension, this can cause the creation of these virtual worlds to be unstable, and have an involuntary change of scenery, or even collapse as a result. Ergo, as with Code Crafter, it should very rarely ever have usage in direct combat.

Optical Camouflage: By reflecting the light around him, Henrex is able to use this to cause his body to fade out of sight, allowing him to take on a temporary state of invisibility. However, this only allows Henrex to disappear from sight. While they are slightly reduced, other factors can come into play when it comes to detecting him, such as smell, hearing, and one's sensory skills. So, this is better used at a distance, as it makes it harder for him to be detected by most sources, outside of sensory capabilities. This lasts for about four posts, and cannot be used again for two.

Augmented Skeletal & Muscular System: As per his avian physiology, Henrex has naturally weak bones and muscles. Ergo, it was a natural solution for him to go to the Cyber Mind and request for not just his skeletal system to be augmented and boosted, but his muscular system too. Therefore, it should be obvious that Henrex's bones are not as weak as they were. Lined with Cyber Mind steel, his body is able to take quite a lot of (enjoyable) punishment. Allowing him to keep himself together from an Advanced level of strength, this grants the avian to keep going, more than he could before.

Further Enhanced Organs: As a part of what he requested when he upgraded his Cyberbrain, he didn't just stop at his muscular and skeletal system -- he went the whole nine yards. With a surgery done to protect all of his organs, this makes his body very hard to destroy by regular means. Ergo, this usually means that his body will require repeated attacks in order to cause a large-scale injury to him. Thus, this can be noted as an even higher level of enhancement and protection down to his innards, as it is meant to make up for the extreme lack of durability that Henrex possesses, due to who he is and what makes him up.

Self-Made Equipment

» Access To The GRID

» The Garb of Tsukuyomi

» Chōkoku-ka (彫刻家, Carver)

Equipment Received From Other Sources

» Cassiel's Confinement

» Jou-no-Chi: The Blade Of Order

» The Nemesis Rune

» Access To The Hero Network

» Deep Blood

» The Container: The Container is a small circular device that breaks down the atoms of any object you have, stores it inside of the device and keeps all your junk organized by showing you pictures of every object you have in your inventory. Simply press whatever object you have in The Container and it will be rematerialized. And to store items, simply point The Container at the object and it will be broken down.



Henrex's 101 Questions
Henrex's Debut Thread
Henrex's Old App
Henrex's BDSM Test Results

Upgrade List

First upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Willpower/Determination: Adept -----> Advanced

Durability: Beginner -----> Adept

Tier Upgrade: 4-1 ----> 3-4

Zanjutsu: Beginner ----> Adept


Second upgrade, with the following upgrades:

3-4 ----> 3-3


Third Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Tier: 3-3 -----> 3-2

Pain Endurance: Beginner -----> Advanced

General Speed: Beginner --------> Adept


Fourth upgrade, with the following upgrades:

3-2 -----> 3-1

3-1 -----> 2-5


Fifth upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Tier: 2-5 -----> 2-4

Pain Endurance: Advanced ------> Master

Zanjutsu: Adept -------> Advanced


Sixth upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Akuma Kyodo: Beginner ----> Adept

Tier: 2-4 ----> 2-3


Seventh upgrade, with the following upgrades:

2-3 ----> 2-1

Focus: Adept -----> Advanced

Strength: Beginner -----> Adept


Eighth upgrade, with the following upgrades:

2-1 ----> 1-5+


Ninth upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Strength: Adept -----> Advanced
Weapon Skill: Adept ----> Advanced
Speed: Adept ------> Advanced

General Speed: Advanced -----> Master
Hoho: Adept ------> Advanced
Zanjutsu: Advanced ------> Master


Tenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

1-5+ ---> 1-4

Focus: Advanced ----> Master


Eleventh Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

1-4 ---> 1-3+


Twelfth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

1-3+ -----> 1-2+

Mental Deduction: Beginner ----> Adept


Thirteenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

1-2+ -----> 0-5


Fourteenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

0-5 -----> 0-3

Kido: Beginner ----> Advanced
Hoho: Advanced: ----> Master
Strength: Advanced ----> Master


Fifteenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

General Speed to Grand Master
Zanjutsu to Grand Master


Sixteenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Will Skills Reallocated, from this:

Willpower/Determination: Advanced
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Master
Focus: Master

To this:

Willpower/Determination: Master
Mental Deduction: Advanced
Pain Endurance: Master
Focus: Advanced


Seventeenth Upgrade, with the following upgrades:

Focus: Advanced ----> Elite


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Grand Master
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kidō/Demon Magic: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Grand Master
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: Elite

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Going to quote my message from #staffhelp in Discord.

Quote :
Henrex - Last Tuesday at 9:51 PM
Ok. I want to preface this by saying that I know the Mass Archival is in a matter of days. I expect him to be looped in with the rest of the apps that are going to be rechecked, as Henrex is currently a 0-3. I also know that his personality and history are not close to being entirely finished. I looked through his history, and the length of it currently meets the requirements of approval, as does his personality. Ergo, I am looking for a semi-approval on this app when everything is all said and done. Relationships, personality, and history are the only things that need finished. Everything else is 100% finished. If there are any issues, contact me personally.

Marking him as finished, and ready for checking.
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Henrex Astillon, The Living Tempest [REVAMP] [Semi-Approved; 0-3]
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