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 Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)

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Subject Post 31PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:42 am

_____Many things happened as Unohana was observing the conflict. Normally, she would be somewhere safe since she is the most important of healers; it is her duty to remain in good condition for when the injured come in as the aftermath of the conflict. She could name most, but the name, “Zefonse Kaizme” does not occur to her. Why would a Segunda Espada benefit himself from defecting from the Espada and joining Kin Iramasha, a traitor known throughout the Soul Society like Rihiku Hitsugaya? By her side, Neviah stood eagerly, no doubt she is feeling the urge to rush headlong into battle and Unohana knows that Neviah would end being hard on herself if she failed. Nevertheless, she is a healer like herself and Unohana could not sit by and see someone she promised to watch over get into trouble that Unohana could not save her from. Throughout the whole event, she observed with a cup of green tea safely tucked in her grasp as she sipped once. While the fight unfolds in the sky, she already noticed the arrival of three giant machines through a Tal’Vohlan Portal, a technique she has not seen in a very long time. Strange to her, the hovering machine attacked and slew its ally. It was odd for Unohana; even the captains in the Seireitei are not that willing to kill their own ally. Unfortunately, the walking machine was heading her way. By the time it stopped in front of her, it raised its huge gun at Unohana and Neviah. Unohana raise her hand in front of Neviah, silently ordering her to stand down.
_____“Where’s the threat, woman!” The walking machine demanded. “He is up in the sky and you should think twice before raising your gun at a healer. Not very few liked the idea of having their healers threatened like that.” Unohana answered calmly before the walking machine raised its gun to a harmless angle after a brief pause. Meanwhile, Retta was hovering around, looking for the threat before the communicator comes up, “Captain. The threat is in the sky. I repeat. The threat is in the sky.” Retta cocked Aello’s head back so she could look into the sky. “Roger. Keep the HV Targets out of danger and decimate anyone that tried to leave the safety parameter.” The walking machine looked back down to the captain and the woman, along with other few members of the fourth division. “Alright. I received orders to keep you people here and create a safety parameter under martial law. If you try to leave, I will not hesitate to shoot squarely into your heart. Orders are orders.” The walking machine informed to Unohana and Neviah, along with the other members. Some of the members are outraged about the demand while Unohana was concerned of the outcome.
_____The hovering machine departed from ground level before it is clearly visible to those in the sky. Seeing the threat after the rise, Retta charges Aello’s silicon sword, allowing it to harm spirits like a zanpakuto. If the electricity does not harm it badly, the heat from the charged blade will. Aello posed like a fencer, a style that was favored by the strictest captain of the Hashiamatsujiyuu, Ice-Haired Retta. Back down to the ground, Unohana was facing house arrest from a giant machine. Normally, something like that is compared to a Gillian Meno; gives the lieutenants a challenge, but easily beatable to a captain. However, Unohana knows that she is a healer and can only attack when in self-defense, or when some guy accidentally walked into her bedroom like Captain Shunsui once did some time back four-hundred years. “Stand down. We will not fight against it as it would only bring unnecessary harm upon ourselves.” Unohana ordered, but when she looked at her group, she noticed one cowardly running away. Unohana snapped her attention back the walking machine, seeing she has only a few seconds to save that member from being shot. Unohana disappeared from the group and reappeared by the retreating member.

_____Unohana quickly raised her free hand against the upcoming slug from the machine’s cannon. “Bakudo 39! Enkosen!” Unohana commanded as a barrier was formed just before the slug impacted the barrier. The slug exploded and pushed Unohana back a little; it was indeed a slug that would have killed any member of her squad. Since it was an attack against her subordinates and her, Unohana sees it as an opportunity to be defending her division. “Bakudo 9! Geki!” Unohana commanded again and a red light surrounds the walking machine. is immobile and vulnerable to attacks even from Neviah. Unohana can destroy it on her own, but she chose to let Neviah have some piece of the action in hopes to keep her from going out into battle and putting herself in danger.

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Subject Post 32PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:52 pm


"I may have no parents, but they've already done more than you ever will..."
Child of Existence Neviah Clixx-Kimura



That was what was pounding into the minds of Neviah Clixx-Kimura as she watched the destuction unfold. Being a member of the 4th Division, she was placed under law of conflict to not be harmed as long as they were not involved. It was a just law to make sure that no senseless slaughter occured, and when whichever team won, they would take in the healers as a prize to heal all the wounded, and press on to continue. It was something to feel like a bargaining chip in a war, but it was another thing to just watch knowing you have no power over it at all. It was one of the less greater joys of being a member of the 4th Division. This kind of chaos was something that should not be tolerated. Why the entire Gotei 13 was not mobilized to remove this threat was something out of question, as the surrounding destruction took place. Buildings were broken down and removed, while the lives of the innocent bystanders because collateral damage to these beings of destruction and tourment. This was the kind of thing that wouldn't even happen if her father was here. If her father was still in Soul Society, then the threat would have been removed almost instantly, and it would cease to even be proposed as a threat. But because he's gone, Soul Society must be considered an open target now, and it's becoming stressful. The Legacy of the Memory Rosaries was quite a title to live up to, but what made it worse is that in Neviah's mind, she felt this was now her responsibility. She is responsible for taking care of what was left of her Mother and Father, and now she has to remove this problem...

Standing next to Captain Unohana, Neviah stood close. Even though she wasn't the Vice-Captain, she was always close to Unohana as she was the one that raised her the most in her life. To Neviah, if there was someone to idolize and follow, it was Unohana. For some reason, Unohana could feel the tension within Neviah as she was shaking a little. Her innocent look was still presant as she watched everything unfold and her look of worry was there. She was scared, and worried, but still upset that she couldn't help. The best Neviah could do was to heal any injured. In the back of Neviah's mind, Serenity was keeping Neviah's mind clear. Her gentle expression kept to Neviah's mind as Neviah kept her composure. Then, Neviah became challenged...

As a giant machine approached, Neviah looked as she could see that it was an enemy in a giant suit of armor. Neviah threw her right hand back, to place her hand on the hilt of her Zanpaktou. The glass wakizashi sat in the palm of Neviah's hand as she was ready to assult the giant vehicle, but whe Unohana raised her hand, Neviah understood that was the sign to stand down. Neviah was also notorious for being the only one in the 4th Division with combat capabilities. Neviah could not only heal like a Vice Captain, but she also held combat expertise. Neviah listened as her Captain and the machine spoke. Neviah took her time locating the points on the machine that pivoted and rotated while they spoke back and forth. It was simple really, because this machine held the same human complexities like the normal human body. If that is entirely true, then it must mean that if connected at the correct points, the machine will fall the same as a human. And you know what they say, 'The Bigger they are, the Harder they fall..."

Unohana then spoke saying for them to stand down. Neviah released her glass wakizashi from the palm of her hand, and continued to watch helplessly. Her frustration only growing as she wanted to help. She was the Daughter and only child of Ceon and Senna Clixx-Kimura, the Memory Rosaries and heros that have protected all of existence years ago. It was almost Neviah's responsibility to remove the threat from Soul Society, and she wanted to accept that responsibility. It became worse though. A member under Officer number 4 became scared of the situation. They didn't seem to realize they were already protected, and became scared. They ran, fearing for their life, and this began the uprising of the 4th Division, the Division everyone never expected to stand tall...

Unohana took action to protect the Division member and sheilded herself and the member. At that instand, Neviah's hand reached back, and she unsheathed her beautiful glass wakizashi as it shined brightly and glimmered in the light. Unohana then did something that would make Neviah let loose, as she restrained the machine, causing it to become immobilized.


At that instant, the thought of the fact that Unohana's life was in danger, and it caused Neviah's anger to spike. Neviah's gentle and kind appearance changed at that instant, as her eyes became sharp and and feirce. This was a Neviah not anyone has seen, as it was the blood of her father now taking control and leading Neviah to retailate and take the offensive.

"Bring life to salvation and death to corruption, Serenity!"

Immedietly, Neviah's glass wakizashi shinned brightly as it became a long 6 foot long diamond chain, with 2 fans attached to it. On one side there was a black fan of a metallic appearance, and was covered in deadly sharp razors. On the other end of the chain was a white fan of beauty and contained 10 beautiful white feathers. The chain surrounded Neviah, circling her shoulders and arms a couple times, and the fans in each hand.

Neviah took action.

Neviah whispered under her breath "Scars of Eternity...", and without hesitation, the black fan began to spin rappidly, appearing as a black buzzsaw, and Neviah shunpo'd to the giant machine after studying it's humanoid appearance. Neviah's chain then unraveled itself from her body, and it began to move around.


Cried out Neviah in pain and anger. Soul Chain was an ability to track the soul of Neviah's target, to either bind it's target, or to make a homing attack with Scars of Eternity. The chain then threw itself into the machine's chest compartment where the black buzzsaw-like fan entered the metalic object, sawing right through the sternum of the mecha. When it entered, the chain of Neviah's shikai then glowed, as it signed for a hit as it sucked some of the vitality from her attack. This made Neviah think the mecha was alive, so she decided to disarm it immedietly. Neviah threw her arm left, as the chain followed and extended, causing the buzzsaw like fan to carve it's way through the metal of the mecha, all the way to the joint, slicing it's arm right off and disarming it from the giant gun, but this was not it...

As Neviah then pulled her arm back, bringing the fan back to Neviah, she caught it. Neviah looked down at the wreckage of what she just did with only minor satisfaction. She wanted to do much more, but that was not nessecary. Seeing as she disarmed it, and eternally immobilized the machine beyond repiar, that's all that was needed. Neviah did not however see the fuel lines become open between her attacks, and because of that, the circutry sparked and caught fire to the fuel lines. When that did, the Mecha proceeded to expode. Neviah turned from the wreckage behind her, and went to her division. Neviah's expression changed once her feet hit the ground from a deadly appearing assassin like her father, to a caring and worried individual like her mother and Unohana. Neviah needed to calm the Division down now, and she proceeded to wave her arms and comfort the worried Division members. As she did, Neviah looked up, quiet once again, to look for Unohana to make sure everything was okay. A smile appeared on Neviah's face to Unohana, as if to tell her, it was okay...



Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Subject Post 33PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:08 pm

"Attitude...? I'm tryin' to avoid fightin' you." The redhead turned sharply towards the kidou that was being fired at him, and drew his blade, releasing Shikai wordlessly, as any Bankai user could. He was ready to use a Seishou-Hakaisha on the man's kidou... until he felt another surge of Reiatsu. He shifted his footing slightly, and looked around to find the
source. It felt familiar, it was Zefonse's...

“Ciervo Volante”

Staring at the man, he felt this great feeling of respect welling up within. That may have been a cruel-looking Resureccion, but if Dai knew one thing about Zefonse... A small smile crossed his face, and he turned back to Shintaro, a fire burning in his eyes.

"I can't fight you. My mind wouldn't allow it, nor would my conscience. I'm sorry. Just..." The Captain was the next to appear, and the mechas along with them. Yes, Zefonse would be able to look after himself, but he felt that... He had to...

I have to... His eyes closed.

I have to... His head was raised to the air.

I have to protect everyone... Everyone I can!

It had finally come out in him. There was one other thing that had been sealed up with his memories - his bankai. His eyes opened, and he stood up stiff and straight, staring at Shintaro.

"I will not fight against you. I will protect you. I will make sure that nobody is injured. That is all I want. Get with the Fourth Division members. They may have a Captain, but a second hand never went wrong." He had a feeling that this Shinigami would attack him anyway, but hey. There was always one... The redheaded Shinigami raised his zanpakuto before his face, and swiped it down to his side.

"Bankai." The blade doubled in length, and covered Dai's body with a surge of Reiatsu. As the surge disappeared, he was standing there, white clothes draped over his body. He sighed, and a large, white wolf appeared from behind, standing over him.

"Runa Ookami. Look. Don't try to fight me. I will only defend." Dai's voice was calm and confident as he spoke to Shintaro. He really was against all of this. Maybe he should just convince Zefonse to get them out of here... Then again...

His ees noticed what had happened with the mechanical beast. The redhead sighed softly, but didn't change his mind. He would defend them. They wouldn't have to worry.
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Subject Post 34PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:00 pm

Well, things didn't exactly go as planned in london. The espada's opponent had left the fight saying that he had been too pathetic to bother fighting. Such seemed only as a disguise to a fear of his power. For, unlike normal, Dellapero was ins his ressurection state, a form in which his physical power reached levels that would shock most opponents. Though, with his opponent dealt with in London, there was a new location he had to go to. That being a area of even greater destruction then before. Dellapero didn't bother to use garganta to head to the new area as, in his current form, he could simply dash there over the spiritualy-coated air to enable one to stand or move in mid-air. It was a common technique that was used many a time in the world of the living by both shinigami and arrancar alike.

By now, his spiritual energy would be clear to sense to any decent in sensing such forces. This was mainly due to the mass reiatsu of his current stage that he never bothered to surpress or revert from. It was above that of even any normal captain could reach, the reiatsu being easy to identify as a arrancar, though it would seem like that of a more hollow-like version of one. That would be the case visually and soon-to-be, mentally. Seeing the multiple beings in the distence, it was clear the fight had already been occuring for quite some time. People were also in their released states, some even in bankai already. Seemed things were just starting to become entertaining. Dellapero stoped his use of the air-gliding technique and droped down to the ground from fifteen feet above and landed down, his feet breaking it apart instantly as contact was made making two small craters.

Dellapero's entire body was currently covered in a hollow-mask coating with sharp spikes able to function like blades shot out from his head, shouldes, legs, and arms. His fingers and toes were claws that were shorter, but just as sharp, if not more so then the others, and a two foot tail extended out from his lower-back, a six inch arrow-shaped formation of the material there with the tip being the same as the several other details of his being. Red markings that looked like that of blood were seen on the armor, giving it slight color. It was mainly around the spikes, sides of the head, and along the stomache and back. The markings were just lines, nothing special, and they had no unique meaning what so ever. They were caused by Dellapero's own blood mixing with the armor slightly to create what was seen. His eyes also glowed a crimson-red and a large black hole was apparent at the exact center of his chest.Dellapero Grance glanced around the battlefeild.

There were many powerful beings here, but hardly any were on his, or the one beside him's level. The problem was, if they all were enemies, then Dellapero was abit outnumbered. The espada stood up to his full height of six foot eight and decided to wait a moment to examin the abilities of those around before starting an attack himself. He had his guard fully up and was prepared to react to any attack from behind or too the sides, but wasn't as focused on a direct strike on the front. This, however, could be simply fixed by seeing an attack before it would hit and reacting accordingly. So, now it was time to wait for the next chain of events to occur.
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Subject Post 35PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:54 am

Diablo Cortar~Segunda Espada

~The Cutting Devil~

While there were certainly already a number of strong fighters in the area, with the opening of yet another Garganta, the air itself seemed to thicken. It was as if the land knew that a strong presence was on its way and wanted to make that known. As the Garganta opened fully, the figure of a tall, slim man could be seen, although his presence could be felt before he was revealed. Stepping out of the Garganta, the figure jumped down the small distance to the ground as its portal closed up behind it. Raising its head, the figure revealed an emotionless face with crimson red hair and eyes; two white horns protruding from the top of its head. As if this distinctive appearance wasn't enough to reveal his identity, then the number "2" tattooed on the left side of his chest would; the man was Diablo Cortar, the Segunda Espada. As Diablo looked around the battlefield, the emotionless tone of his face didn't change at all; even after seeing the Trecera Espada and some sort of lightning-based barrier. Taking a slow step forward, Diablo made sure that the other Espada knew he was right behind him. "Trecera..." Diablo said in his emotionless tone, his Spanish accent audible in his voice. "...I have been ordered to take part in this fight, do not get in my way" Diablo added before walking up to the barrier. Now, while Diablo was definitely not a "team player", he had warned the Trecera Espada because he simply didn't want his own fighting abilities to be compromised.

Now standing only a few inches from the lightning-based barrier, Diablo took a moment to analyze it and the battles going on within. Normally, Diablo would have been the last person to have ever even considered storming into the Seireitei, but since he had been ordered to by his superior, in both strength and rank, he really had no choice. Without a change in his facial features, Diablo drew his Zanpakuto and slashed it across the barrier in on smooth motion. As he did so, the barrier was not only cut, but was completely destroyed, allowing him access into the fray. While anyone else would have undoubtedly felt some amount of pain, Diablo was a special case; in that he was literally unable to feel pain at all. As the barrier was destroyed, it would of course draw the attention of at least the one who had created it to him, if not everyone's. Still, being, well, Diablo, he didn't rush in and just attack someone. No, Diablo would much rather let the others do the fighting; only getting involved if he were attacked.


Ravana Ichiro~Ex-Captain Vizard/Vizard Corps Co-leader~0-3+
Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+
Diablo Cortar~The Cutting Devil/Segunda Espada~0-3-
Albert Wesker~Biohazard~0-4++
Dracula Vlad Tepes~The Dark Lord~0-4
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Alfonso Gunter Reinhold~Evil Bastard~W.I.P.
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Subject Post 36PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:54 pm

Yokkyu stood there as the Arrancar forcibly removed the Bakudo that had held him. An interesting power - but it couldn't completely stop the Bakudo. Luckily for the Arrancar, he was able to fend it off and get out of the area before the Bakudo slammed back into him. Interesting, and after his little explanation, Yokkyu ruled him out as an enemy. Perhaps his explanation would give him room for friendship... they desired peace and that was something that their specific organization wanted, but everyone else was too blind in their ignorance to notice that. Shortly after, the Arrancar released his power, taking on a new and rather creepy form. His power was truly great, Yokkyu felt a bit weak. He knew he should release his power, if only for defensive purposes only. However, such a move would have to be perfect, else he could take too long and leave himself open for an attack. With many opponents and allies there, Yokkyu decided it best just to disappear once more with Kyokko, hiding his appearance as well as his reiatsu completely. He knew the move was cowardly, so he would only use it while he has to to ensure he doesnt get a sword struck through his heart as he promptly released his Bankai.

Yokkyu who was now under the protective wing of the Bakudo Kyokko watched wide eyed as events before him unfolded. None really interested him, as he had missed most of it while concentrating on the Arrancar. However, there was one person in particular that caught his eye -an old foe - Dellapero. Stunned and still under the protection of Kyokko, Yokkyu used a shunpo and appeared many meters back from the battle for defensive purposes. Perhaps he could really ally himself with the Arrancar-who-wants-peace. He wouldn't be so foolish as to contact him directly, for if he was to ally himself with the Arrancar, everyone else there would be an enemy, and they would all know of his treachery. So, he would wait a bit before initiating a sneaky plan to contact the Arrancar. But as for now, Yokkyu had to concentrate on making himself a great and known power to all before him - that and to protect himself.

Yokkyu unsheathed his blade, still hidden from the battle, and still meters away from the commotion, he would skip his shikai and go directly to Bankai, promptly changing the battlefield for all around. Yokkyu's reiatsu began to skyrocket, however the others couldn't feel it, since it was well hidden by Kyokko. The sky slowly began to darken, and thunder began roaring, lightning striking. This - all could see. All within this battlefield would feel the wrath of the fierce Bankai storm. Yokkyu's arm began to shake, and his blade began to wobble in his hands. Thunder roared once more, and lightning flashed, and the clouds stole the light from the sky, replacing it with darkness. The battlefield would now only be illuminated when the flash of lightning began. Yokkyu smirked as he dismissed the Bakudo that hid his appearance and his reiatsu, which would then become obvious to all around him as he was now a force to reckon with.

Ban... KAI Yokkyu shouted, and as if on que, a bolt of black lightning with a purple aura flashed down and slammed into Yokkyu's blade, which turned into a great puff of black reiatsu as it slowly began to morph into it's bankai form. The blade began to curve like a middle-eastern scimitar, and it blackened as if burned by the lightning. Red rivers of Reiatsu flowed around the blade before turning into a permanant color of the blade in a reddish orange color. The guard formed into that of a screaming skull and spikes formed all around it. Yokkyu glared into the battlefield and was now ready for some true combat. However, he wouldn't begin just yet. Yokkyu held up a free hand and pointed it at the Arrancar. Bakudo 77... Tenteikūra he said, which now enabled him to mentally speak with the Arrancar. He smirked and chose his thoughts carefully.

Seeking allies, hmm? Yokkyu thought. Explain to me a bit more before I willingly strike one of my "allies". he thought, awaiting the Arrancar's reply. he thoroughly ignored the rest of the battle and ensured that he was ready to defend himself if he was attacked. However, for everyone else, wind howled, lightning flashed, and the battlefield was blackened by the clouds. The only light shone when the frequent bolts of lightning flashed. Yokkyu had the uper hand against all until they adapted to the newly changed battlefield.

Tier: 1-3

General Skills

  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced
Racial Skills

  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidou: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner
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Subject Post 37PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:23 pm

[Kurosaki Ichigo]

Not only the real world was currently in a chaotic state - the same thing applied for Soul Society, that much was for sure. The battle happening here was a displaying of raw powers on both sides, but currently, the defenders were outnumbered. the 4th Squad was not able to fight directly, only their captain and very few members had any experience or talent in combat. But right now, just this injustice was about to get fixed by the only Vizard accepted to join the ranks of the Gotei in millenia. One of the defenders of Karakura in the past, someone who caused quite a ruckus in Hueco Mundo itself, and had a large part in the fall of Aizen.

Dashing across the ground and the air, he was nearing the site of the fight - nobody other than Kurosaki Ichigo, the son of Kurosaki Isshin, wielder of Zangetsu and one of the persons with the highest Reiatsu in history. Normally, if he just walked or ran into the site of the fight, his large Reiatsu would've given away his presence, since he was unable to hide his constantly leaking pressure that was on Captain level when not fighting. But right now, he was speeding at such high speeds that the instant you could feel his Reiatsu, he was already standing right infront of you.
If one had very fast eyes or a very good sense for Reiatsu, it would be easy to determine one thing - the Captain had released his highest state prior to his advance into the war. With his cloak that resembled the one worn by old man Zangetsu in the inner world of his sword and himself, a chain from the thin blade of Tensa Zangetsu wrapped up his arm with the right sleeve missing - the hair a bit longer than he had it in his time as a substitute Shinigami, it had lost some of the spiky characteristics, but it still was the trademark of Ichigo, with the orange hair.
Using his sense for Reiatsu - and the ring on his left hand which showed that he was a member of a certain group of 'heroes' founded by Johnathan Walker - made it easy for him to figure out that one of his friends was already here fighting - Ravana Ichiro, a man many called his 'sidekick' for some odd reason. However, the Vizard knew how to take care of himself - Ichigo had no worries about him currently. Ravana would beat his opponent - if he had any trouble, he could still use the ring on his own hand to call for help.
With his sharp eyes, Kurosaki was able to tell that something was going on in the sky - but strangely enough, the Hollow Reiatsu from there had no single bit of killing intent in it. For now, he would leave that guy in peace - he couldn't be in two places at once, after all. And there was a more immiment threat right infront of him.

Using his advanced flash steps, Ichigo appeared besides Unohana in a flicker and the typical swooshing sound they made. His eyes fixated onto the mecha that was currently being torn apart by one of the more combat-ready 4th Squad members, if not even the only combat-ready of them all besides their Captain.
"Unohana-san. I'll intercept the two Arrancar that arrived some moments ago." The reason for telling her was simple. This would make it easier for her to coordinate the possible directions from which attacks could come at the healers, but also tell her from which directions to expect possible mis-judged blasts during the fights. Without waiting for much of a response, Ichigo used his Shunpo again to jump over the mecha that the girl was tearing to complete shreds. Didn't he see her before? No, that must've been his imagination for sure. He wasn't the most social guy, and generally the only time where you could find him at the 4th was if Kenpachi attacked him again for one of their 'spars' that wrecked parts of the Seireitei each time.

With the typical sound of Shunpo once again, Ichigo appeared where the barrier had been shattered. Two Arrancar... well, this would be just great. One of them was emitting a large killing intent, and the other one had a striking resemblence to a certain individual Ichigo didn't want to think about - Ulquiorra. Not in appearance, strength or Reiatsu-aura - the expression on the face and the eyes. It was like a second Ulquiorra was staring at him.
"Tch. Espada, right?" Having the usual frown on his face, Ichigo had his blade ready to strike at any time needed - a fighter of his caliber never let his guard down infront of the enemy.
"If you guys get out of here this instant, I might not be forced to kill you. But if you stay, I won't show any mercy." The voice of Kurosaki was calm and collected - Seireitei was his home. He would not allow for it to be destroyed. But he also knew that this request was futile - those two were Espada. Not hiding any of his Reiatsu, the collection of raw spiritual power condensed in his katana was enough to cleave apart the hardest materials. His main focus, though, was the Arrancar that already released his powers. From his current position, the Shinigami was able to percieve both of his opponents perfectly.
"You're the Segunda, right? You don't emitt any intent to kill. Get out of here and keep your head down. As long as you don't attack any Shinigami, I won't attack you for now. Your friend over here though..." Ichigos eyes focused onto the Trecera in his released state. The black and red aura surrounding Ichigo was wailing up, and behind the brown of his eyes, the bright blue of his powers on their peak was swirling.
Without any more words, Ichigo disappeared seemingly. His Shunpo in this Bankai state was so fast that it appeared to be only a flash - it was able to confuse a Captain without trouble. However, this time, he didn't plan to search for an opening - he simply stabbed his sword foward with his dash, aiming to impale his enemy right with the first strike, before pulling the sword back from the quick thrust. Charging it with energy, a black energy blade with red outlines was conjured in mere seconds. This was the signature move of Kurosaki Ichigo. This was...
"Getsuga Tensho!"
Slashing down from his upper right to the lower left, his attack was aimed to hit the enemy right from the front and swallow him in the intense energy, which was able to cut through many materials without any trouble. Still, Ichigo was not yet fighting at full power. His mask was still not summoned - as a Vizard, his true powers were only released once he 'ripped' the mask onto his face to mix the two kinds of Reiatsu he had inside.

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{{Whenever posting in a event thread, this is a new rule, when you are moving your fight (Between more then one person), you need to make sure you post the link to your thread that's for the EVENT.

Also since i see that there is practically no order in this thread, the posting order should be

  • Shintaro
  • Raiki
  • Kendall
  • Dai
  • UHCM
  • Majestic Moose
  • Dellapero
  • Yokkyu Fuman
  • Ravana
  • Silim


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Shintaro listened to Zefonse's speech, with his anger rising on each word he said. He couldnt believe the things he was saying about the Soul Society, and tried to contain his anger. A part of him was curious, since he had no clue who, or what, the Kokuryuteishi were, but any group that threatened the existence of Him and the Soul Society was not welcome in Shintaro's eyes.

As soon as he was finished with his speech, Shintaro tightly gripped the handle of his sword and rushed towards Zefonse with anger in his eyes. "You Bastard, How dare you?" But he was stopped in his tracks when intense energy came from, as he started to transform, which made Shintaro cover his eyes and slightly pushed him back. "What the hell? He can get stronger?" Shintaro saw his finished form and tightly gripped his sword again, ready to attack, when suddenly he appeared behind Shintaro and kicked him with intense force, which made him fly back a couple of meters.

It was a while before he caught himself and felt the stinging pain of his kick, which only made him angrier. "Thats It, Im through playing around." Shintaro shunpoed back to the area of fighting and faced Zefonse, only to hear the redheaded traitor talk to him again. Shintaro wondered what his problem was. He knew that he was an enemy and a traitor, but the way he was talking to Shin, it made him wonder if he really wanted to fight. but Shin just shrugged his shoulders, ignoring his comments. "Yeah, Yeah, Whatever" He suddenly released his bankai, which did not phase Shin one bit, as he stared at the white wolf at the back of him. Shin smirked at the redhead, as he was only going to defend. "Okay then, This will be easy" Shintaro held his sword tightly and swiped it a few times, making what like hot slashes in the sky. "Giragira Reikikyuushuu. (Glaring Aura Assault)" The slices flew towards the redhead, while Shin smirked at him.
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{Zefonse Kaizme }


More precious than anything, His Dream .Someday it'll come to an end, precious His life
just hurry up, there's no time, everything got to change. No time to waste He’ll never stop fighting for peace because he, want to be the one who fights for peace, that burning desire.

He watched as the female captain formed a large mirror in the shape of a snow flake. While more followed, taking the place. He saw her quickly, jumped inside of one of the mirrors, and let the others flow around a location, what sort of powers do these he holds. He wondered was it a trap or a set up to Bankai?

Something must be happening down below, now like he can get a good line of sight from this high up in the sky, It looked like a machine got destroyed by an healing squad most likely, since their sent on these kind of jobs to tend to any wound and help the citizens e
scape faster.

"I will not fight against you. I will protect you. I will make sure that nobody is injured. That is all I want. Get with the Fourth Division members. They may have a Captain, but a second hand never went wrong. “ Zefonse would of smiled on those word dai said, even then under all this fighting and basically war, he was kind enough to help others in need. And then he witness Dai power rising he remembered over 400 years ago when Dai spoke about Bankai for the first time, after he helped him gain it. "That shield... it's too large to be just for one-on-one fights. The halberd... would be better at defeating masses of opponents, rather than a single one. I see it now. I really am a defense to be feared, aren't I, Zefonse?” These words of the past made him seem to forget the chaos for the moment.

Spiritual energy would be clear to sense to any decent in sensing such forces. This was mainly due to the mass reiatsu of this person current stage that he never bothered to suppress it, it seemed to an Arranacr, already in release state. must have been back up, already on guard.

Then another spiritual being appeared and called the other one the 3rd Espada, judging from the number on his jacket it was the 2nd Espada, This is some powerful back up, some of the most deadly Arranacr ever can only join the likes of the Espada. Zefonse wonder what sort of power these two hold. He looked at them from afar, The 3rd seemed to be physical based, while the second one, Zefonse had a hard time trying to figure out his power, but he was the 2nd Zefonse former rank, when he was with the original Espada, but what was this man power. His face showed no emotion, it didn’t worry Zefonse

The second drew his Zanpakuto and slashed it across the barrier in on smooth motion. As he did so, the barrier was not only cut, but was completely destroyed, allowing him access into the fray, with the barrier it was going to be harder to control who comes in and out, but no time to worry about that now.

This feeling of other spiritual energy known as well it was an Vizard reaitsu, he seemed to dismissed the Bakudo that hid his appearance and his reiatsu, and before he went into Bankai Zefonse old self almost kicked in, lifting up his bladed arm and pointed it towards the vizard with cero in it about to fire, locked on aiming to kill in one hit before anything, Zefonse took control again not wanting to fall back into the lows of an hollow, he was above that, he changed the cero into a frost white aura instead. And looked towards the Vizard Bankai.

He seemed to use and another Kido to talk to him thou the mind. Bakudo 77 from his memory that allows for mentally speaking with others, kind of like chaos link for the so called “angels”

Seeking allies, hmm? , Explain to me a bit more before I willingly strike one of my "allies" . Zefonse wondered…. Did this man want peace as well. He wonder how one is suppose to reply to Bakudo 77 when there completely different race,

This wasn’t time to be standing still ether, even thou not a lot of time hasn’t past yet, maybe just about a solid minute, But as this day went on, well he be forced to kill. He had no time to worry about the back up life’s, and everyone power level. Zefonse raised one of his hands and created a rift and seemed to disappear within in a second, like always no one can see them unless there stronger.

The wind’s howled, lightning flashed, and the battlefield was blackened by the clouds. The only light shone when the frequent bolts of lightning flashed. It looked like had the upper hand against all until they adapted to the newly changed battlefield. But did he factor in what has happen before, Zefonse seemed to be very fast, and the fact he attacked three areas within the time span of 3 seconds, he could of tried to kill Shintaro by stabbing him in the back with the blade arm and firing his cero, and tried to kill the female captain by using that blast that took up a half mile on her at full power, he was holding back, why would someone that can be called evil, refusing to kill, and even then the damage he had done to them was minor, nothing permanent, Even by now those slight burn marks that the captain might of gained might as well fade away.

“Shadow Lance”

His voice like a ghost, where did he go?, but that name, its one of his attacks where Zefonse creates a condensed sphere made from Dimensional Rift and releases it, relying on the indiscriminate targeting of "Pesquisa" to track down the opponents spiritual energy. Because the sphere is small, it gains enormous speed but loses a lot of power, but is still powerful enough to go thought a human or another arrcanar body. He can move the ball in any direction, or stop it. When the small black sphere is tracking spiritual energy, it moves extremely quickly and leaves a trail of itself along its path that can be used to slice opponents by turning the sphere. This trail makes the Dimensional Rift resemble a lance made from shadow, hence the name . He fired one at the vizard, while appearing above him with another cero in his stringer arm this time he fired it at him, both not fatal just meant to be stun, however if one where to feel the engery from these attacls. They cal feel all of Zefonse dream of peace and his reasons, even if Shadow lance hits any part of the vizard body it would only leave a non lethal burn mark that shall heal in a second. The cero was like the one he fired at the captain, a stunning wave of energy instead of deadly

He disspeared again and appeared in area he thought was safe, but then looked to his side and noticed what seemed to be one of the snowflake crystals, he had to ready himself, he didn’t know what she do with that next to him. He gotten on guard, but then he went off guard, with the appearance of Ichigo attacking the 3rd espada, one of the most dangerous beings in history joined the battle, this placed in a perfect spot to attack from the female captain.

Chasseing the dream. Yielding for nothing, this “Assassin” is coming to end this war, wanting to break free of the same chains that keep the soul society and every other so called good side that dreams for peace and yet does nothing, It was time to show his power, but his holding back. Can it be his downfall?


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Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)
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