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 Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)

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Subject Post 51PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:32 pm

Dellapero Grance watched as his opponent activated the mask of a hollow, a traditional ability known by most vizard..So, this guy was more then a simple shinigami? Well, that didn't exactly make this fight easier for him, if not the opposite. Having barely dodged the last two attacks, he had a feeling it wouldn't be long before he had to go out so early in the fight. Then again, his opponent had already used their bankai and hollow mask, which leaves no other forms to Dellapero's knowledge that the being could have. For now, if he wanted to survive to examin the new power of the man, he would need a weapon. A unique weapon rivaling the strength of most zanpakto that he recently purchased. Thing costed quite abit, but how well it performed in a real fight would soon be tested. Speaking quickly the exact same time as his opponent was speaking of their actual race, Dellapero muttered, "Jinbotsu" under his breathe. In a instant, a scythe appeared in his left-hand almost instantaniously, as if it had teleported. The pole measured approximately four feet in distence with a curved bladed in the shape of a crecent reaching up to three feet out-ward with a smaller 5 inch blade at the opposite side of the original.

Just as soon as his weapon had been formed, Dellapero's current opponent had already appeared to his side using a attack at speeds that only appeaed as a blur even with his enchanced eyes. Not being able to move fast enough to dodge, the Trecero espada spun slightly on his heal so that he was facing the slash while putting both hands on his scythe and holding it horizontall infront of the blade's path to try and block the majority of impact. However, the force of the slash had actually been so high that the area hit by the zanpakto would crack slightly and Dellapero was sent back over ten feet from the force, the claws on his feet trying to claw into the ground and stop his movement. Well, obviously this stage, even with his custom weapon, wasn't going to work out. Meaning there was only one thing to do, though using it this early was an annoyance to him. The arrancar hated using his best tricks so early in a fight as they are supposed to be a last-resort method, and if such are called out so easily by an opponent, it doesn't exactly speak well for his own abilities.

Dellapero Grance used his spiritual energy to vanish again using sonido to get even farther from the shinigami, about thirty feet away in order to use his next technique. "Wretched curse from byond death itself, awaken and unleash the wrath of gods upon those who oppose me." Upon finishing that small incantation of words. Dellapero's spiritual energy would begin to rise slightly, not a huge spike right off the bat. To most, it would seem only like a technique to raise power for the first two seconds. However, after that brief moment of time, a giant eruption of reiatsu would come forth from his body and reach ten feet high above his head, the energy causing high-scale winds to blow across the feild outward from his location. The espada's tail cracked apart and turned to dust as blood begin to pour out from his shoulders. Two three fet long spear-shaped objects lodged out from the bleeding areas, covered in the same blood for only a moment. The same material that covered his entire body began to form under the two spear-shaped attachments, the result being bat-like wings of a pure white color with traces of blood still covering the top of the wings. The bleeding stoped, but that was only the first part of his evolution. The spikes along Dellapero's armor-like skin became shorter and his height reverted back to it's base of six foot four. The very air turned thick from the vast energy being unleashed from the transformation, making the last stages harder to see. The espada's entire body was now coated in a calm flowing stream of reishi, not as uncontrolled as before, but now in a highly focused state. The mist of blood would clear shortly, allowing sight to be used to it's fullest

Dellapero Grance didn't bother waiting after this. As soon as the mist had mostly cleared, he smashed his feet against the ground to push himself forward at speeds slightly above sound, however, he wasn't even using a sonido or a shunpo, it was his base speed alone acting at such levels. To most, he would appear as a blur, though the case wouldn't be nearly the same for the vizard, as they also were extremely fast. The trecero espada knew about the Vizard's charging cero from earlier and was prepared to counter it with a little technique of his own if it would work against it. Spiritual energy of the same variety as the red aura that coated his skin was surrounding the blade activating a effect of it. The effect being that it could deflect the entire blast back at the target if equivilant spiritual energy was placed in the slash. The trecero espada sent the outer portion of the three foot blade at the center of the targets chest in attempt to impale straight through the individual or to deflect the cero blast back at the target. Though, if the second were to occur, it would cost abit of energy on his part, seeing as the cero was fully charged and composed of high amounts of reishi.Not letting his guard down incase the vizard was about the counter, Dellapero was prepared to dodge an attack from most any angle through the use of his wings and their capability to fly or through sonido which amplified his speed even higher.
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Subject Post 52PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:24 pm

[Both people who had been before me in the posting order got skipped thanks to the 72-hour-maximum rule. Any complaints and death threats are to be made in PM to me or staff if you need to.]

[Kurosaki Ichigo]

//What.. That can't... a Segunda Etapa?!// Ichigo felt the sudden, devastating increase of power in his enemy. But that shouldn't be possible - so Ulquiorra wasn't the only one with this? That was bad, real bad. The last time he encountered this, his Hollow had to take control to even stand a change. But now, as he continued to charge his Cero in the left hand. Because now, he was different from before. Behind the hollow-yellow eyes with the red and black energy swirling inside of it, his dreams and will to fight - it was unmatched now. Even if his enemy released again after being released - the thing Ulquiorra had called Segunda Etapa many years ago.
//I wouldn't have thought that I had to rely on... that...// As his enemy was speeding towards Ichigo, the Vizard raised up his left hand almost instantly. His reflexes and condensed form was the only reason why his speed could stíll keep up with the enemy for now - but the powers of the Espada had clearly increased since last time. He once promised not to get hurt anymore - and broke that promise multiple times. But he still wanted to do his best at it... and win this fight.
Releasing the energy blast at the scythe coming for him, the resulting blast and shockwave pushed Ichigo backwards because he let it happen - he needed a bit of distance for once, to do what he wanted to do more safely. Cause now, he wouldn't hold back. In fact, she thought never crossed his mind once. He didn't even know how to hold back anymore in a life or death battle.
As he came out of the ensuing smoke and dust, Ichigos left sleeve was almost as destroyed as his non-existant right one, with slight or a bit stronger burn marks on his palm and under arm, but thanks to his mask augmentation, he didn't suffer any large pain in this form, even when he was seriously injured - this scratch was nothing. Yet.
"Seems like today isn't my lucky day, huh?" Using a non-chanted Getsuga Tensho infront of him to ensure he had enough room for his next move, with incredible speed, Ichigo reached out his blade sideways from his body in a perfect 90° angle, before moving his arm in, in an arc... And the black blade stabbed right through his skin, the bone beneath, and finally - his own heart. A small splat of blood - way smaller than it should be from getting the heart stabbed - and a single word muttered, sounding way more like a Hollow than Ichigos voice even with the mask.
The transformation was swift and brutal. The erupting condensed power, finally fully released and even more concentrated, it ripped apart his Kimono on his upper body - in this form, the 'indicator' of his clothing for his spiritual power was no longer in effect. As the blade was retracted from the hole, the cut had already changed - into a gaping, black Hollow Hole directly above where the heart of the Shinigami should've been. The whole skin of the Vizard had already changed when he still muttered the word - looking pale and white, it resembled a Hollows skin out in the wild of the desert, granting protection not unlike a Hierro, although not as strong. Above the hole on his heart, black lines wandered upwards - seemingly being extensions to the more complex, thick lines above Ichigos hellish mask in this form, which was accompanied by two horns.
The chain around his right arm remained, just like Zangetsu - but both on his hands and on his feet, he now had the sharp claws of a Hollow. Long, orange hair floating behind him in the wind, in this form, Ichigo didn't really 'gain' any abilities. It was just his entire body and former abilities put into a massive overdrive.
The ultimate form of a Vizard, against the ultimate form of an Arrancar. Gripping his blade tightly, Ichigo let out a roar that shattered the rocks beneath his feet like they were nothing. However, thanks to needing to retreat for a bit to unleash his fullest form, he couldn't make his first move with this form against his opponent before he would get a chance to react, for sure...

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Subject Post 53PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Fri May 06, 2011 12:10 am

~Archived due inactive for months; Plus almost all these people are inactive. Locked and moved~

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Subject Post 54PostSubject: Re: Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:16 pm

2013 Rebuild: Old Threads
Threads of Members that have left are to be re-archived to the Old Thread Board.

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Walking around; Bored (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT)
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