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 Pure↓Produce [Adam/Kamui]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Pure↓Produce [Adam/Kamui]    Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:43 pm



Song: This City - Artist: Plaid - Words: N/A

Results. That's all this world cared about. It did not matter if one was weak or strong if you could produce results. Results that could change lives, results that could alter reality, results that could unify people, results that could empower a whole person or nation; none of it mattered as long as you picked something within your skill set which could provide value and worth to another individual or group. And so, through a string of events, this lone vessel of humanity found himself taking up the mantle of waging full-scale and organized operations for the Monsuta.

Thus, the shores of Phú Yên, Vietnam is where this warm loving human found himself next. He was in the pursuit of tools, knowledge, and resources to further the development of the Monsuta's weapons arsenal. Rumor had it that a large cluster of chi energy held within an unknown artifact had arisen on this beach and there were a few locals which were protecting it. This interested Adam as he was always curious in acquiring any extract he could attain for bettering his own species.

Therefore, instead of coming in guns blazing, the trick was to instead recruit, take and expand. Adam understood that this region of the world was one that was neglected and one that had attention rarely placed to it. So, with a show of force and wealth, the human would have the Monsuta troops mow through the city and prove that they were just as strong as ever.

Then, after locating this small band of human guards, he would offer them a high amount of money to simply buy them off. While, at the same time, promising the prosperity of development, growth, wealth and expansion if they were to take arms with the Monsuta as contractors. They need not be directly tied to the organization, but they'd have the option to become full members if they so wished.

Running on a campaign which fed off the sense of neglect within this city, Adam spent his days convincing the citizens of this city to come to the side of the Monsuta so that they could see this change and take back earth from this state of total apathy, decay and random death that it was ensured in with how current governments, factions, and organizations managed things.

Of course -- some told him to straight out piss off. In fact, there were even some whom tried to hunt him down or have him reported because of the reputation that the Monsuta had by those who were "champions of justice". They wanted nothing to do with him.

But there were always volunteers who heeded his message, and he took those to begin growing a shadow faction within this city. It did not take long until he possessed the needed connections in order make his purchase, acquire new strength and begin getting a foothold with those in power and strength.

Eventually, he even found himself in possession of that artifact. Enough strings were pulled so that he could acquire an old weapon of chi that had washed up on this city's shores following a battle between a colossal hollow and a group of humans who tried to prevent this island from falling into their hands. It was but a small gem which was square in shape that was no longer than Adam's right palm, but held within it a high volume of Chi that could be used to create a weapon Adam had in mind for the Monsuta.

What were the details of that weapon? Well, that was for his mind to know~

For now, he had what he needed and could be seen resting under an umbrella and enjoying the beautiful shade of a large umbrella. Together with a pair of sunglasses, chocolate milk, a chocolate bar and a flush pink blush on his eyes; Adam felt pretty warm and giggly about his small-scale incursion. It was a small splash, to say the least, but at least this little gig had potential.

As despite resting and relaxing, something in his gut was telling him a rather attractive offer was going to make itself appear. One does not simply take a dip in the world and expect for waves not to come back. Adam was surveying the place and looking for any possible resources, hints or paths to take in order to keep expanding his plans and furthering the agenda of The Monsuta.

"Alright, give me a sign~"

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