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 Mysterious Demon

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Song: Reign Of The Dark | Artist: Adrian von Zielger | Word Count: 450
Ritsuko was ready to face whatever he was about to dish out whether it was those butterflies or a new type of technique she was ready even if she loses her limbs she'd still keep fighting.

Her look changed to utter shock as the man approached Ritsuko with blinding speed as his body dissolved into a flurry of red butterflies that circled with the blue ones around it. As the butterflies moved closer towards Ritsuko the man suddenly appeared behind her; she tried to retaliate by punching him but due to her injury she wasn't able to react quickly instead she felt the force of his swords (the blunt side)
She could it felt like two large weapons piercing through her body one of them was lodged deep inside her leg while the other was in the center of her shoulder. She kneeled down on her good leg as if too be subdued rather than executed in a instant.

Ritsuko was thinking several things on the back of her mind such as Why didn't he just kill her right then and there, did he felt sympathy towards her or was it something more funny thing is she that didn't even ask what his name was..

Ritsuko did have fun though, although the battle was short-lived it gave her the opportunity to see how she'd perform one on one with a being who has different abilities than her's. It also was a learning experience, besides she must learn from her mistakes and become stronger not only physically but mentally as well.

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She fell to the ground, this girl who'd technically started all of this surrendered. Sijel slowly closed the gap between them before hovering over her as she laid their prepared for whatever was to come. Sijel fell to his knees and laughed softly as one of his eyes began to glow and a marking began. To form in the pupil and iris. Several green butterflies began to appear and form around him before resting onto the girl. She would feel a warm sensation pulsing rhythmically through her body, centering on her wounds as they slowly began to heal.

"Haha guess your bark is bigger than your bite huh?" He said as he smiled at her. He didn't get to push himself like he wanted, but he did get to switch roles for once in a fight. Unlike the others though he would at least try to not leave a bitter taste in his opponents mouth.
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Mysterious Demon
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