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 [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]    Fri May 05, 2017 11:05 pm



» Name: Cyng Duulheim
» Titles: Viridescent Asura, The White Rider, Demon Sword
» Age: 19
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank:

» Association: Yuel Duulheim/Kuanastha Saca Dila Merged

» Appearance Description:

Physique: Though Cyng had never been one to stress her physical stature, a new life in turn offered a new body, and one templated off its previous existences. That being said, to a degree Cyng has some level of fitness to show off in her body. Primarily, it’s just slender, without an excessive level of muscle mass. Admittedly, her physical stats could be considered fairly average, though that fails to discourage her considering she’s always placed more importance on the strength of the mind. Thus, though she does have an admirable figure, Cyng lacks a lot of toning to it, instead possessing fair and supple skin, with the constitution of a silk marshmallow. With fair skin, not to the extent of pale but still not quite at a healthy tan, Cyng further boasts a decent height for a female, at around 5’8, and lithe limbs.

Hair: Inherited from Kuanastha, Cyng’s hair lacks any pigmentation, but holds a decent strength to it. Without any distinctive natural posture, Cyng’s hair can range from a tangled mess to something kempt and straight, depending on the circumstances leading. For the most part, she’s content with leaving it as the wind blows it, for the most part falling straight down with slight waved deviance, offering a bit of a messy look from lack of styling maintenance. That being said, she’ll still give her hair its due care, keeping it healthy and strong thus offering a bit of a luster. As, naturally, whilst Cyng isn’t self-conscious on her appearance, she can appreciate a respectable presentation, and thus when appropriate aims to offer one.
Eyes: One of the few remnants of her past, Cyng’s eyes shine some

» Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)


» Personality:

Idealistic: After years of experience and training, ideals can make up the majority of what occupies Cyng’s thoughts. The root of this characteristic lies in the fact that Cyng’s very much been capable of accomplishing almost everything he’s set out to do, not just from his inherent strengths and resiliency on a physical and mental level, but as a result of his own machinations and plots. Even throughout consistent failure and rigorously lifestyle led in the many lives his modern self has drawn from, though the desired result would take literal eons to achieve, that much just proves evident that it is in fact entirely possible--even if it requires a miracle to make things happen. And that’s fine too; what could be more idealistic than a miracle occurring? Miracles are generated through circumstance, luck, and effort combined. It’s not hard to wait for time to naturally have all these factors converge.

Patient: Honestly, who could call themselves more patient than Cyng, to wait until the end of time in the most literal sense for him to achieve his goals. The White Rider has put himself through hell, relishing in its fires, for even the slightest semblance of progression to fuel his desires and move his plots forward. And it’s not just patience in relation to his goals, but a willingness to wait for all things. If there’s anything Cyng has faith in, it’s the power of fate--hence him stressing how important it might be to reign its powers into his hands. Fate proves consistent and accurate, and sometimes, there are things that are just meant to be, and things that aren’t. It’s for instances like that which Cyng finds it instead futile to run against the currents, and instead he’d rather just take his time shifting the direction which the currents flowed.

Practical: Without a doubt, Cyng is an idealist, and she earnestly believes idealistic and practical thought don’t have to be contrasting, and instead complementary. Mainly because Cyng is under the impression that an appropriate amount of effort can make dreams come true, thus it’s easily considered practical to pursue ideals. That being said, her approach to attaining these ideals is well rooted in reality. That being said, Cyng keeps herself in tune with the present, not just losing herself in her dreams but actively working to make them manifest, and to that effect Cyng will keep in mind what reality is like as is, and what it’ll take to change it. That being said, the White Rider will rarely lose herself in thought, and maybe it’s the wisdom gained from experience and longevity, or a combative instinct born from plenty of engagements Cyng had reluctantly entered, but the girl is also incredibly vigilant towards her surroundings. Rather, she’s particularly attentive--even without much effort, though not to some stupidly supernatural extent of instantly deducing the life story of a person at a glance--not to discredit the potential of inference upon inspection.

Unperturbed: A crucial aspect to Cyng is her ability to just outright ignore the pressures of life and its countering machinations. Failure has been a very consistent part of her life, in all its renditions, and for that sake, there’s a bit of an adaptation to all that stress. Combined with her somewhat aloof personality and eccentric nature, typically under any sort of pressure physically or psychologically, Cyng can maintain focus. Calm, cool, collected--while that’s not Cyng’s perpetual attitude to take, particularly during an event stressing some sort of strategic nature, anything of shock value won’t inhibit her capacity to take into account all the information at hand and formulate some plan of action and response. Call it a warrior’s experience or scholar’s talent. Yet, this can very well be attributed to her sense of relaxation and carelessness bordering fatal in nature, and not just due to some innate sense of confidence, but an earnest inability to properly assess and treat the splash-damage of her actions as much of a threat.

» Likes:

Bravado: A larger part of what Cyng has made of life despite the sense of futility he holds over reality is to in effect provide a decent exterior. That is to include a sense of Bravado at times, especially given the demanding circumstances where might need to stand his ground. Of course, Cyng just outright enjoys offering bravado, to present himself in such a manner and highlight himself as something great--as someone in a position of power and authority. Of course, to some extent he’ll be sure to circumstantially provide this bravado where he could actually back it up to some extent, through a variety of methods. Whilst this is more so a trait carrying over from his past as Cyng, on occasion a sort of condescension and sense of superiority may be conveyed here and there, aspects drawn from his existence as a Saca Dila of the two girls.

Novelties: Cyng is a very driven person willing to give all their being and time to single-mindedly pursue their goal, but they aren’t one-dimensional in the sense that all there is to them and their lifestyle is that one goal painting their monochrome world. Especially with his rebirth and roots taking from two different, modern-living beings, there’s much more willfulness to appreciate what the world can offer. This especially pays truth to light novelties like letters, games, silly social interaction. Life isn’t just about conquering the world for the Rider--it’s about experiencing what the world has to offer as well.

Curiosity: As a part of her drive to experience and enjoy what the world has to offer, Cyng has a curious side to her that borders, in fact is completely past the border of sanity and safety. When she has the leeway and time to pursue anything aside from her primary motives, the girl has no trouble in chasing after the unknown, to the extent of lacking control and modesty at times. The pursuit of the world’s mysteries has been a trait shared in all her forms and renditions, so to have all these persona come together, this sort of trait is amplified exponentially. Without prudence or concern, in fact with reckless abandon, Cyng can easily drop whatever she was doing on the spot to confront the subject of interest, for even the most minor of manners. For that, her attention is easily solicited by even substantially insignificant matters. Though, it’s that sort of thing that allows a person of her calibre to come across the strange and never before seen.

Amnesic: An odd thing to be listed under likes, but without a doubt the awkward coalition of a wise and expansive base of knowledge from the original Cyng mixed with the amnesic qualities sustained from the forced binding of, in essence, the personas and beings of three different entities into one makes for a ridiculously fun experience. After all, a third of him feels like she knows everything, a third feels like it doesn’t know enough, and a third is addicted to unraveling the unknown. This effectively makes for a perpetual feeling of adventure and admiration for self and others towards the actions of recklessness following. Specifically, unearthing the hidden secrets within the confines of her own mind and discovering things her old selves already knew, both about the world and themselves.

» Dislikes: (This is self explanatory. What does your character dislike?)

» Fears:

Death: Without question,


» Background: It’s a reoccurring tale, so severely repeated it’s come to be something of a cliche. Yet, history, evidently, relishes repetition. So, for the sole survivor of the Duulheim family, to face complete eradication per the efforts of a sheer force of nature? What else could they resort to other than a rapid descent into obsessive insanity, the prospects of saving their personal fate, and reversing that of their family becoming the driving motive.

After all, the universe itself demanded the Duulheim’s to perish. How could it be seen as anything except “fate”? Rather, the true and proper force of nature bending reality to its will, as it truly felt as if it had one, was Death. Death’s power crept on their bloodline, drowning them in its essence. All because just one of their kin, grasping for greatness, dabbled in the darkness, stared into the abyss, and brought the returning stairs on the entirety of the clan.

Fortunately, the world was small, and the Duulheim’s family was, at the time, of a respectable size. A size grand enough to encompass someone of the opposing path to greatness: Cyng Duulheim. His studies in the lighter aspects of the world was actually the sole reason he escaped his very own end, much to his chagrin.

While his brother forsook the family by attempting to use Death’s power as his own, Cyng was more suited to pursuing the opposite end of the spectrum: to use Life’s power as his own. Both had their own forms of success. Whilst his brother’s success resulted in the power coursing through the veins of his brethren, Cyng’s success applied only to himself, hence himself being the sole survivor.

As a result, Cyng fell into an abyss of his own. All the love in his world vanished, and as someone which pursued the light, love was just about everything. What became of the empty shell of a man was an obsessive hound, desperately searching for methods to tear the machinations of reality apart. The obvious reason was to save his family. Maybe an additional underlying reason was to satisfy his vindictive self. Perhaps, on top of all that, it was the desire to prove true sovereignty. That the strength of Life was but a tool to ascend the mortal shackles.

The reasons weren’t of utmost importance; rather, what was important was his partial success: the Keter Particle. Ironically, his pursuance of Life and the purity in him which drove that pursuit practically vanished after the loss of his family. Instead, with that very power, he proceeded to vanquish all life in the entire realm. To have Life Energy course through you, a degree of Immortality naturally came.

Taking advantage of all the effects which came with harnessing a force of nature, for however many eons it took, Cyng spent the entirety of his life bringing absolute chaos and ruin to the realm. His actions embodied the very concept of infinite entropy. Of course, all the beings in the realm fought back, but even if he hadn’t the most impressive combat potential, the ability to potentially live forever was a trait taken advantage of well. He allowed time to grind and polish his wisdom and intellect. Cyng fought face to face at times, other times literally outliving his opponents. True to behold, Cyng’s soul was a far darker entity than his brother which brought ruin on their family.

The cruelest of acts wouldn’t be beneath him. And one of the reasons he could treat the lives of others so frivolously, was because he could treat his own all the worse. Perpetual success wasn’t the path Cyng walked. Throughout his life, many times he was successfully stopped, imprisoned, and even executed. But of course, fate wouldn’t let his suffering end. In the truest sense, Cyng would earnestly outlive his opponents. At times, he lied in wait at the deepest parts of a dungeon, awaiting the fall of the kingdom which held him, awaiting for the dungeon to be lost to the ravages of time, and the ambitious adventurers of a new age to explore the ancient ruins, only to find a bedraggled man staked to a wall, and in pity release him. Thus, the cycle would start once more, until all opponents which faced him could no longer contend.

As the final breath of the last of the living released, only Cyng was left. The sole living being in an entire realm: the Nether Realm. At times, Cyng forgot the purpose which drove him. By this point, there were far too many factors that brought him to all sorts of states of insanity. But he persevered regardless. And finally, now that all which occupied the realm was nothing but death and chaos, fate saw it fit to restore some sort of balance. His goal all along was to force fate to bend to his will, one way or another. He didn’t know how it would work, or if it would at all, but insanity wasn’t one to demand reason to justify action. In fact, it made no sense for his family to return by eradicating all life in the Nether. Though, fate certainly did react, perhaps not in the exact manner he had devised.

The forces of reality once more went to work, and instead of restoring all of life to his world, as if the realm had its own conscience, the Nether sought to eradicate all life from itself, all of life and death. Death’s energy would no longer fill the realm, but cease to exist within it, as well as the energy of Life--meaning, Cyng would finally meet his end, ironically enough in the same manner as his kin. Yet, as much of a hypocritical act as it was, faced with this reality, Cyng only felt trepidation.

The man had existed literally until the very end. Countless times he was subject to a blade at his neck, cross on his back, or spear through his core. Death was never a prospect. And now that it was, Cyng actually felt fear for it. It was an earnest belief of his that he would never die--and at this point, he now knew that he didn’t want to die. It was selfish--an act of disgust, that he would begin to work on ways to avoid his end. Without hesitation, he crushed all of life itself, and now here he was, guarding his own so tightly.

But, the eons of experience and understanding he developed over all of reality lead him to an escape route, and that was to in the most literal sense grasp the fabric of reality and bend it to his will--to not just make fate work for him, but to directly control it: the root of the Nether, the Keter Particle. Yet, the conscience of the Nether still opposed him. And, having only barely grasped the energy which sustained the realm separate from other ruling forces, complete control couldn’t be achieved.

The conflicting wills, in fact, served to begin to break him. And, to save himself, he proceeded to break himself in half: his soul and his body. As the Nether eradicated Cyng, collapsing in on itself as the essence of Life and Death was driven away from it until nothing but the chaos which now embodied the Nether’s entirety remained, Cyng’s final willful act allowed for his two halves to be removed from the Realm. His body passed on his blood and name, eventually forming the Duulheim family on Earth. His soul passed on through the cycle of reincarnation, and in fact inseminated the souls of varying beings throughout varying times as the remnant Keter Particles in them spread fragments of his being through time. And until this moment, his two halves would never meet.

The existence of the Black World was something so mysteriously powerful, even a being which met it’s end in a manner such as Cyng could breath life once more. The Saca Dilas of the two beings which held the essence of his life the strongest in modern times, Kuana Asthavon, whose powers of Entropy and relation to the Nether drew in more than enough fragments of Cyng’s soul spanning across time, and Yuel Duulheim, whose own machinations effectively formed herself as an anomaly in a manner very similar to Cyng, her life now bouncing between time and space as the energy and soul of Cyng now performed.

Reflecting these two beings, the chaos of the Black World and, perhaps even the workings of fate itself, served as to merge the two Saca Dilas in their own endeavours throughout their realm, eventually realising the rebirth of Cyng Duulheim. And yet, not all of him properly returned.


» Natural Attributes:

Selective Memory: An odd disposition given her passing, rebirth, and the factors leading up to his rebirth. As a Saca Dila, it isn’t a surprise that Cyng retains memories from her original selves to include the original Cyng, as well as the catalysts for her revival--Kuana and Yuel. That being said, her mind can often be a jumble, confusing which memories find origin in which being, as well as entirely missing fragments of memories, which further seriously inhibits her power and knowledge overall.

Disproportionate Endurance: Inheriting the mortal bindings of one of her “descendents”, Yuel, Cyng possesses a fragile physical disposition. Yet, the experiences of the past have forged within a tolerance to all harm on every level, physical, mental, and emotional. There have been moments where she was broken in every sense, and yet Cyng persists even beyond the grave. For that reason, whilst Cyng’s body may not be able to tolerate much abuse, her mind is unceasingly thinking forward and undeterred, thus leading to some Disproportionate Endurance.

Tactician: In past and present, Cyng’s primary force of influence wasn’t some ridiculous level of personal strength, it wasn’t some terrifying power to behold--it was her own mind. The power of immortality can be a frightening ability, but overall it’s useless to get anything accomplished without an intellect to appropriately take advantage of longevity. That isn’t to say that Cyng is some genius strategist, and she certainly doesn’t view himself as one, though she does hold confidence in her capable acumen. Instead, it’s a natural result of accumulating experience and seeing an infinite number of events take place in response to her own hand playing the cards on the field. Through trial and error, Cyng didn’t get to where she is now without a plethora of strengths in strategic play.

Part of her tactical mindset is just the way she lets things play out before acting on it. Preferring to make sure all the right cards are in her hand before moving forward, Cyng meticulously plans the circumstances and surroundings, making sure all her resources at hand are allocated where necessary, before acting up and striking forward in full confidence, as she’s made sure to the fullest that her chances of victory are at the highest possible, even opening paths for counterplay in case she really did make a miscalculation somewhere along the road.

Though, given the rebirth of Cyng without the entirety of her memories at her beck and call, it’s well worth noting that a new sense of immaturity has taken root in her, and as a result, it’s much more common to find her rushing to the execution before properly ensuring all her cards are in the right places, leading to a much higher potential fail rate.

Heart-Force: A passive, brought forth by one of the natural traits which comes with a power which takes its source from “Conquest”: that being, “Conviction”. Heart Force is for all intents and purposes the embodiment of the mind, enacting physical phenomena and in the most literal sense shaping reality sheerly by the grip of one’s mind. Through her Zanpakuto, Cyng has reshaped an ability from her past to fit her current existence, that being the manifestation of her heart, mind, and overall emotions to reign in the shackles of reality and tug at them at her beck and call. Of course, there are some limitations, as this is quite literally sheerly the strength of her heart imposing its will on the world. There is no energy, no special type of reserve to draw from that powers this ability. If anything, it would be Cyng’s mental endurance, and every usage of Heart Force just serves to siphon a bit of that mental strength.

Generally, Heart Force is used as an accentuate to some other force or action, and not usually one used by itself. For example, if Cyng were to execute a sword-strike. She could potentially infuse Heart Force in that strike, significantly bolstering its power, speed, and precision, forcing the intents of her heart and mind to control the existence of her blade and the forces driving it, and thereon empower it. Alternatively, she could be meeting her match in swordplay, and to defend against a swing containing more power than she can naturally endure, Cyng could infuse heart force into her parry and successfully ward off the attacker.

In essence, Heart Force allows Cyng’s intentions to take shape in reality, but due to the degree of power necessary to cross that threshold, a lot of the potential effects are lost in conversion. Thus, Heart Force is often more suited towards empowerment. The prime exception is in the case of using Heart Force to impose her will on someone else’s heart. It’s not absolute, naturally, but the effects are easily comparable to abilities of a psionic nature, and are also considerably less fatiguing.

For example, conveying her thoughts to another person. Considering there’s no sort of conversion which takes place, where her will must take shape and effect reality, it’s an easy feat to accomplish, with something more sinister and malicious being not too much harder. Cyng could apply some mental pressure, potentially affecting the target’s ability to think properly, offering disorder in their minds, or even just exuding a sort of aura which instills some trepidation in their hearts. In fact, effects along the lines of Cyng exuding some sort of aura is a passive occurrence. As, Cyng’s sheer level of will is what allowed Heart Force to exist in the first place, and drawing from that boundless will, it’s easy to accept that her Heart Force will naturally cause her to exude an aura inline with her state of being, thus leading into a child ability.

Bloodline Domination: Likely one of the most direct applications of his “Conquest” theme coming from his core ability of “Heartforce”.

Heartsense: Heart Force’s attunement to the world isn’t a one-sided connection. While Heart Force can impose on reality, reality may offer things in return. An attunement to the world will innately offer some bits of information on the world itself, at times mimicking extrasensory perception. For example, an ambush during an adventure. Cyng may only hear it as the whispers of fate, but that would be more than enough for her to at least get a feeling that there is something to come. Fate will never just spell things out for you, and to some degree you need to do a bit of numerancy, deduction, reasoning, and hold a bit of faith before anything accurate can be formed from a vague whisper of caution whisking by. Think of it as a sixth-sense, though amplified by a considerable degree. That being said, the foremost application for Heartsense is a sort of intuition, particularly to danger, but in general an intuition at the level of supernatural.

Heartseep: The technique referred to in the equipment section, Cyng has developed a way to bind material objects to his soul, thus following him in his pseudo-transmigration. With Heart Force being an ethereal power of will and heart, it’s applications majorly extend to matters concerning the soul, and in turn acting as a bridge to connect the power of the soul directly to physical reality. In this sense, Heartseep enables converting physical material into something which can be bound and directly possessed by the soul itself, in a way allowing material things to enter what could be considered his Inner World.

Heartlock: As aforementioned, Heart Force majorly deals with matters pertaining to the soul, and Heartlock is likely the most crucial technique in its arsenal. It’s fine to have a wide array of techniques that gives an edge in battle, whether in the sense of live combat or a tense conference. That being said, while some might feel that the greatest defense is an overwhelming offense, there’s no harm in having a good amount of both, and that’s where Heartlock comes in.

While most of the Heart Force techniques listed thus far are supplementary, Heartlock serves a purpose directly as “defense”. It may not be common in the world, but there are beings out there which can directly target one’s mind, heart, and soul. For that, Heartlock functions to adamantly shield Cyng’s self from these effects, parts of his being acting as the driving force to power this technique.

Tying his memories and abilities together, combined with the amnesic effect of a pseudo-transmigration, Cyng has lost a great deal of his previous self and essentially fortified the walls of his mind, heart, and soul. Thus, any strikes to the protected subjects will be redirected to that ephemeral wall, and in conjunction break them down, destroying the sort of seal of his power and returning her memories.

A powerful enough effect or offensive against these three things will naturally seep through the walls and successfully damage Cyng, but in essence so long as it isn’t someone of the Grand Master level, or someone of higher Focus and/or Willpower that specialises in attacks of this nature, for the most part Cyng will be safe.

(e.g If Cyng is a master level on the relative will skills, then considering she would be a master-level will skill fighter that specialises in will skills, naturally no one should be able to get through her defences without also being at her level and also specialising in will skills, or if they don't specifically focus on will skill related techniques and abilities, they should at least be at the GM level to override her defences simply out of being all that much more powerful in the relative field.)

This particularly is effective against something that might serve to change her soul, such as any attempts to forcefully bind or attach something to her, or change something fundamental about her spiritual being. In this sense, she’s also nigh immune to any attempts at spiritual siphoning. Other indirect applications which still affect the three subjects, depending on their degree of strength and nature, such as illusions driven by magic, spiritual techniques, or otherwise, will most of the time also be subverted.

True Sight: A child-ability to Heartlock. While Heartlock defends the soul from outer effects, to include attempts to deceive it such as illusionary tactics, True Sight is an inherent application of Heart Force directly on the senses. Thus, while the technique is named “True Sight”, technically it applies to all the senses--including the pseudo-sixth sense clairvoyance of Heartsense. Thus, effectively True Sight offers nigh-immunity to optical and sensory illusions as a whole.

The reason it’s considered “nigh-immunity” is primarily because some illusions truly are marvelous, to the point where it even leads the senses of reality astray. For example, an illusion caused by magic directly or relative forces wouldn’t fool Cyng. However, against an illusion caused by literal light bending? Reality itself has actually been changed to conjure the illusion, thus Cyng can’t actually perceive past it through True Sight. Technically, to a degree Heartsense could warrant knowledge on the truth behind the matter, but naturally Heartsense is foremost a passive which acts as a sixth sense, so it truly is limited to detecting events and phenomena on a grander scale than photokinetic-derived illusions.

Heartsight: While True Sight is a child-ability of Heartlock in terms of seeing through illusions, Heartsight as a parent ability has wider application, with some child-abilities being a bit more offensive in nature, others being similarly supportive but more direct. Heartsight is the direct and willful application of Heart Force through Cyng’s eyes to purposefully execute abilities optically relevant.

Reading: Likely the child-ability with the most potential application. Reading, true to its name, allows Cyng to Read things around him of a more spiritual, mystical, and spiritual matter. This ranges from being able to “read” and see the auras of beings and accurately gauge these auras as well as things which might serve to change them and therefore gauge those effects (e.g emotional weight on spiritual effectivity, etc.), to even some farsight applications that enhance Cyng’s vision, allowing her to see so far that she may even see through dimensional walls.

Discern: Discern allows Cyng to discern some qualities and applications of certain things, such as an ability, or an item, the truth of an entity. While this is wide in application and can on occasion overlap in purpose with reading, Discern focuses more on a technical and specified range of uses, such as discerning more physical aspects like the dimensions of an item, focusing on minute details hidden nearly hidden by optical or spiritual illusions.

Burn: Originally used as a torture technique, Burn had a malicious use without as much aggressive damage as its current usage may be. Currently, Cyng has refitted Heartburner as an attack to initiate a level of control over the battle, as opposed to a tool of negotiation after control has already been established. Burn directly attacks the mind and soul of the opponent, inciting a burning sensation that won’t dissipate with sheer spiritual retaliation. In fact, Heartburner works to breakdown any means of spiritual or magical usage from inside out, thus quantity of energy and expulsion of Burn through energy is completely ineffective. The only reliable defense is either a defense of the soul directly, powerful enough to ward off the burn which in prolonged usage will actually break down and reduce a person’s energy reserves, or to break the catalyst which incited Burn to begin with, that being eyesight.

Similar to an illusion, there is no real, physical damage that will take place, and a ritual of sorts must be completed before the effects may take place. As a child ability to Heartsight, one can guess that this is drawn from eyesight. So, simple enough, avoid eye contact with Cyng. Burn alone will naturally be easily countered by this one stipulation; the issue is achieving this when Burn is used in conjunction with other Heartsight abilities.

Gaze: The window to the soul is the eyes; perhaps that’s why quite a few of Cyng’s applications of Heart Force is focused on eyesight. At the same time, Cyng can use this connection and apply it to others. With their own eyes as windows to their soul, locking gazes with Cyng can be a fatal or prosperous event, depending on where you stand with her. Gaze, similar to Reading and Discern, allows for some information to be conveyed to the White Rider, though with Gaze it’s specific information on a person’s core being, their own heart, mind, and soul.

The effects vary from person to person, but Gaze, for that moment which Cyng holds their attention and eye contact, the two will form some inexplicable sort of commune. Cyng sees through to the principle truths of the person, whether it be their truest desires, a dark secret, the origin of a vast power within them. Of course, particularly if the receiver is not willing, there isn’t much definite information Cyng can grasp from this interaction, if nothing more than a vague sense for some of these things, though if they accept his scouring then some clarity is offered.

A particular effect that makes Gaze not so freely used is the fact that anything Cyng can grasp at with Gaze, others can with him. If you stare into the abyss, the abyss will stare back, and for the time which Cyng gazes into the target’s heart, that person is then able to also Gaze into his.

A major difference is that it doesn’t matter whether he is willing or not, but a very strong clarity is offered to the target to Gaze into him regardless. Of course, besides Heartlock, a powerful inhibitor of Cyng’s own heart being easily revealed is the sheer vastness of what his heart encompasses, and the experiences he holds.

For a past life that lasted for eternity, for someone to Gaze into his own eyes, they would be flooded with a literal infinite expanse flooding into their own mind. With enough mental fortitude, that can naturally be overcome, and all of Cyng’s being becomes open to the person, but as a result of that regardless of their strength, it becomes easy to see the stars in Cyng’s eyes which offer an entire world of wisdom. And it’s that very strong, powerful flood of information communicated between the two that also locks the two’s eyesight, which in turn makes it very easy for other Heartsight techniques to be applied.

Pressure: Cyng’s primary deficiency in his current state is a lack of spiritual strength in the sense of reiryoku. Whilst, as a human, he’s not completely without, it isn’t enough to actually induce any supernatural effects sheerly from spiritual prowess. One of the most defining applications of spiritual energy is the pressure one can induce through it, and Cyng who is without a manipulable level of spiritual energy, cannot perform this--except with his sight.

Similar to Gaze, the catalyst to Pressure is maintaining mutual eye contact. Once achieved, Pressure is exerted, not even entirely of Cyng’s own volition. Similar to spiritual pressure, it’s a passive effect drawn from sheer presence, and for the White Rider whose strength is drawn from his powerful soul and heart, that incalculable level of strength in this aspect is all at once conveyed and felt by those who meet his gaze.

For the weak-minded, like spiritual pressure this can induce unconsciousness, for some others an innate sense of fear, and for those with their bearing, at most some trepidation, though the pressure is still very much there and weighing.

Aura of Conviction: A passive force which exudes from the core of her heart and soul, Cyng’s Zanpakuto is entirely based around “Conquest”, and any subsidiary powers surrounding the core theme. That is to say, for lack of a better phrase, Cyng exudes the aura of a King. For the weaker-willed and small-minded, some sort of noble impression will form in them, some failing to even notice a sense of obedience welling in their hearts. As, the crux of Conquest is the power to garner obedience, exact governance, and execute judgement.

As a result, Cyng exudes a unique disposition, literally. Even the hegemons of the world, though they may not be affected as directly as the masses, will be able to sense this natural feeling of nobility and power coalescing her figure. In fact, if one should attempt to employ their own will over her, they would see that coalescing power take form and lash out. Though it would be nothing more than an illusion, it would certainly demand some hesitancy should someone attempt to impose themselves on the girl.

Especially when provoked, the Aura of Conviction surrounding Cyng would even take shape at times, forming an indistinguishable but towering figure, large enough to blot out the heavens itself. As, that’s just how powerful Cyng’s heart and mind is, that her conviction would ephemerally manifest and coat the skies. All that desire and intense drive is condensed within her small, human body. And, in certain circumstances this manifestation of Heart-Force may even offer some level of physical pressure, an intent to subjugate all of reality conveyed should someone of a respectable level come into contact and read that aura.

Typically, an ability of this nature would more so tie into the character’s emotions, tapping into their passion and intense feelings to power something so demanding as a physical manifestation of will, something which just further acts as a testament to the sheer level of honing undergone to be capable of such a passive level of power exerted through Heart-Force.

Important to note that in many circumstances this can be confused as and treated similarly to reiatsu, the physical pressure of one’s reiryoku, but Aura of Conviction and the intense pressure it can exert is independent and separate of spiritual energy, though beings with inadequate perception skills may not be able to differentiate when subject to it. Those of higher perception will be able to tell the difference, and for that reason sometimes defend from it. But, considering it isn't generated by energy, Aura of Conviction cannot be guarded by or resisted through energy whatsoever.

Willful Existence: The whole point of Heart Force is to bring the desires of the heart and intents of one’s will to life and have tangible presence. Willful Existence takes strength from its roots and in essence materialises that will, not just as a force which can be applied physically, but as a physical existence. Of course, that conversion of sheer will drawn from Heart Force into something real and physical is an enormous task, something not to be done as spur of the moment action.

Of course, currently the limitations are so great, especially being of a Zanpakuto in its sealed form, but it is enough to bring a constant spell to life: materialisation of the Zanpakuto Spirits. The Zanpakuto Spirits actually don’t occupy full physical form, and are like spirits to humans, except to all things: material interaction is impossible. They are sustained just barely by Willful Existence, and can communicate with the real world, but no more than that. Currently, besides instances that may be incredibly demanding and impacting on Cyng, this is effectively the only application for Willful Existence. (Also can materialise the occupying spirits of Cyng’s equipment.)

Technically, Willful Existence is actually the ability which allowed Cyngs’ Zanpakuto Spirits to surface at all despite her lacking spiritual energy, further enabling her to connect with them to the point of learning their names. That being said, knowing their names won’t grant her shikai simply due to being spiritually inept, thus being unable to manifest any energy that can bring forth her shikai.

Emotional Empowerment: Cyng makes it a point to not let her emotions control her, at least in the heat of the moment. The girl is entirely driven in motive and purpose by her emotions, but it’s all about the bigger picture. Thus, for smaller occasions, a cold sense of rationality in her actions is at a strong display, and the only part her emotions play is to add flavour to the event, or in the case of Emotional Empowerment, strengthening herself.

Heart Force is the heart bending reality through sheer will, thus the feelings from Cyng’s heart will naturally have some effect on this power. And, generally, Cyng will in fact harness those emotions. Driven from a sense of passion, such as a feeling of absolute rage welling within, Cyng’s strikes can be accentuated by her emotionally fueled Heart Force, offering heavy battering blows, or in the case of immense sorrow, parrying or defending from her blows can offer a mentally draining feeling, each attack siphoning the opponent’s mental endurance and offering large amounts of fatigue.

Sword Force: Similar to Heart-Force, Sword-Force is in essence the result of imposing Cyng’s mind on reality itself, with a well so strong a literal force is manifested. Of course, it takes tremendous amounts of focus and mental endurance to apply Heart-Force directly on space itself, whereas Sword Force is comparatively less demanding. In fact, it’s minute enough to be considered completely negligible, and the main reason is that instead of her own willpower and mind, Sword Force draws its power from the sword.

When Cyng comes into contact with a sword, as if it were a natural force enveloping himself and the weapon, Cyng exudes a sort of Sword Intent, similar to his Aura of Conviction, but more refined and focused. His aura sharpens, and even a mere stare from him induces the feeling of blades stabbing at you. Of course, the more seasoned warriors won’t be fooled by it, but the sensation of his glare being a weapon in and of itself won’t be dismissed.

The prime difference is that while Sword Force can still affect reality through sheer sword-intent and willpower, it can be used only exclusively with the sword, and similarly to the imbuing properties of Heart Force, Sword Force is primarily used to hone the sword and allow it to achieve feats not normally feasible without the application of some sort of energy. Thus, even if Cyng was entirely powerless and devoid of all energy, the opponent may not be able to discern the fact and even be fooled into thinking that Cyng retained every bit of energy, as the effects of Sword Force can guide her blade like some ethereal force moving, masking, and holding the weapon for her.

Spiritual Ineptitude: While Cyng inherited several qualities from his indirect descendents, such as Kuana’s karmic affinity, she also drew from them some severe drawbacks, such as Yuel’s physical and spiritual disposition. That is to say, Cyng is wholly human, with a tinge of shinigami lineage running through her, and also nearly entirely spiritually inept, no ounce of spiritual energy able to be manipulated. Now, this does mean her path is hard-set as far growing spiritual goes, that is to say if she developed her spiritual energy she’d progressively take on sub-shinigami qualities and go through a qualitative change of being, developing even zanpakuto spirits.

Oorja: A trend with Cyng is resurfacing her lost powers and abilities, and while Oorja isn’t actually an energy she previously possessed, her position as a Saca Dila does offer access to it. The primary issue is actually activating and connecting to that bit of energy waiting to be under her control, and once she does find the spark necessary to bind herself to it, there’s an expectation of large waves of power to grasp given the core concept flourishing in Cyng’s Heart: Conquest, Domination, Control.

Life Energy: ?????


» Equipment: Given the degree of power Cyng had consolidated in the past, as well as the sheer amount of time, a great deal spent in isolation, naturally there would be a method to somewhat bind his earthly treasures to himself, making anyone else unable to take advantage of his own equipment. And, though Cyng wasn’t much of an engineer and inventor himself, the Nether held civilisations spanning an infinite expanse of time. Thus, with the heroes and villains it birthed as well, there was no doubt some great blacksmiths and scientists put their mark on the world. For the timeless Cyng, it wouldn’t be much of an issue to eventually unearth these treasures as the centuries passed, and eventually seal these equipments to himself.

Violetjewel: A weapon forged by someone who could be considered at the pinnacle of swordsmanship in the Nether. One of the prime reasons Cyng had gone through the efforts of binding this weapon largely due to the sheer level of power and expertise the original wielder had reached, to the point that even in all eons of the Nether, he could easily be considered one of the foremost powers. Furthermore, Violetjewel couldn’t be considered as just a “tool”, for which Cyng largely views the sword to be.

Violetjewel happens to possess a sort of spirit to it, an occupying soul born from the insights which its creator infused into it. And, while the sword itself cannot supply any direct level of power to the user, the core aspect to which it holds value is those very insights. To have the entirety of a sword master’s discoveries, techniques, and understanding of the weapon all grafted onto a single object? Why wouldn’t it be considered a precious item?

Of course, considering they’re just insights, Violetjewel cannot directly provide any power, and even if the user goes through the insights, it’s nothing but information. The user would still have to meditate on those insights and take time to understand what they meant, as well as how to apply them. Thus, more than anything, it’s an interactive textbook, further supported by an actual occupying spirit which could help guide the user in understanding the insights, on occasion even helping to interpret the information.

Earth Quaker: Even Cyng is baffled when it comes to the origins of the Earth Quaker. In fact, unlike the majority of her treasures, Earth Quaker’s background is ambiguous. Cyng didn’t seek this gauntlet, whereas he sought out Violetjewel after studying its history and knowing its power. Instead, she came across it as happenstance, without her own intent, the gauntlet naturally bound itself to her. The reason is left vague, and the power it holds is unknown. The ambiguous nature of the Earth Quaker--a name which popped up in his head after first acquiring it--is what drives Cyng to keep and continuously study it, as curiosity truly is a driving force for her.

There is, however, one readily available technique from the Earth Quaker: True Destruction. An interesting and grandiose name, but very appropriate for what it does. The rings circling the wrist and forearm of the gauntlet rapidly circulate at an increasing speed over-time, and in tune with the spins, the fabric of reality is seemingly drawn in as space distorts and circles around the gauntlet.

At the final, 81st rotation of the rings, Earth Quaker is ready to release. When Cyng sends out a punch, all that comes into contact with Earth Quaker is met with an overbearing force, a power which seeks to eliminate that which opposes it from existence. Even the air around the gauntlet disperses as a sort of layer of a vacuum surrounds the gauntlet.

The power is not absolute, especially considering, as is evident, that Earth Quaker’s true potential has yet to be realised, thus True Destruction cannot be used to it’s fullest either. Yet, the degree of strength it holds even then is abhorrent. To compare, as the power is concentrated, the bulk of the damage is done on a focused point--the point of contact for the gauntlet and whatever stands in its way. Yet, if True Destruction was to be used on the ground beneath Cyng? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that an entire cavern would be formed on the spot.

Darknorth Swords: Also a relic obtained through a treasure hunt essentially. The creator of the Darknorth Swords was an upcoming legend in the Nether, and one whose path after a certain extent became unknown. Considered to be someone who could very feasibly reach the pinnacle just as the creator of the Violetjewel sword was, the weapon they created and fostered would naturally be held in good light.

That being said, their power found origin in a much darker theme. The Darknorth swords were known to be “sinful blades”, as their strength grew proportionally to the amount of deaths it caused. Though the wielder of the Darknorth swords wasn’t known to be a malicious person, the path they walked was bound to be coated in blood, thus he created tools that would proportionally grow with him.

Considering his path became obscure as the figure popped up less and less, naturally so did the Darknorth Swords’ strength. Especially now that Cyng has been reborn, though he has actually turned out more powerful now given the larger expanse of resources readily at his disposal, the methods to truly utilise the Darknorth Swords properly isn’t clear in his mind. At most, he knows that like the Violetjewel Sword, there exists a spirit in each blade.

At most, what she is aware of is how durable each sword is, and that flowing any type of energy through it will yield marvelous results, as the Darknorth Swords actually amplify the energy coursing through them. Though it’s difficult to control, this allows for a higher amount of firepower with explosive bursts of overwhelming power in each swing. Further mastery over the weapons will naturally serve to increase the strength of the amplification, but for now at Cyng’s current level, she can only amplify her energies twice over, making each strike backed by a power two times greater than however much energy she put into it.




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» Racial Abilities:

Suika Lineage: Similar to Yuel, Cyng's mortal physique and spiritual ineptitude makes a lot of their ancestral lineage inaccessible as far as the more material and metaphysical traits go. In turn, much of their familial traits can be considered dormant, as it can be expected that once they break that barrier which keeps them from invigorating the innate vitality of their bloodline, a wave of traits will manifest within them.

Strength: Yet, even then it's difficult to escape the sheer level of inborn strength the Suika tribe offers, so much that even across transmigration of two beings several generations over, to the eventual surfacing of an ancient figure reborn through a descended bloodline, their natural affinity to brute force persists. Thus, Cyng inherently offers an overwhelming sense of sheer physical power (as far as normal humans go). That being said, this level of strength is more self-destructive than anything, as even despite a decent boost in strength, Cyng's physical mortal body doesn't properly keep up, and in turn any over-exertion of her strength will easily begin to break down her lacking physique.

Asthavon Lineage: While Cyng's physical self drew qualities from Yuel, matters pertaining to the soul drew from Kuana, and as a result Cyng holds some dormant traits relative to the Asthavon family, though particularly because of her spiritual and overall energy-related ineptitude, given that the majority of the Asthavon traits on a metaphysical level are almost all energy based, similarly to the Suika traits, the majority are inaccessible, though it can be assumed that once the barrier that bars Cyng from any spiritual or magical prowess is broken down, a very strong wave of varying capacities and traits will flood unto her.

Karma Threads: The only currently available metaphysical ability drawn from the Asthavon side of Cyng is Kuana's Karma Threads. It's important to note that any utilisation of Karma Threads would be enabled through sheer Heart Force, and is vastly more difficult to use than any native applications, thus being especially mentally draining, with no ounce of energy used as the power source to execute any application of Karma Threads. Furthermore, all effects can be considered considerably weaker than they would be applied on Kuanastha herself.


Zanjutsu: Both the Osamerukami and Duulheim families had always felt some latent connection to swordplay. Yuel, with her recognition of some innate compatibility with the blade, and Kururai having chosen it as his go-to method of combat amongst all forms he could have adopted in his studies of the worlds beyond the Nether. Perhaps that stems from Cyng, who also adopted the sword as his preferred weapon. At first, the the White Rider had no intention of engaging in direct combat, let alone adopting a particularly close-combat sort of weapon such as the sword.

But, given his lack of fear for death, and the eventual adaptation to the sensation of pain given countless years of torture in the case of a failure during his conquest over the Nether, there came a point in time where Cyng decided it necessary and appropriate to find a method of fighting physically, even if only for self-defense when a battle of the minds couldn’t be sustained.

Thus, Cyng turned to the sword, and while he couldn’t boast a particularly impressive degree of mastery over the sword, he did achieve a level high enough to be considered masterful in some circles, though compared to the beings wholly dedicated to the sword, she’s still shy of perfection, especially after Cyng’s rebirth which resulted in a few lost memories regarding swordsmanship. Thus, Cyng will have to relearn a greater portion of the sword, though there are some styles she has retained.

従順柳枝流 - Jūjun Ryūshiryū [Docile Willow Limb Style]
A fighting style dedicated towards going with the flow, centred around the basis of purely “counterattacks”. As named after the family name of Cyng’s mentors, the “Willow Limb”, “Ryuushi”, attacks are to be dealt with in a similar manner to a branch swayed by the flow of a river. Take note that this requires a keen mind and fast thinking to be able to not simply parry, block or avoid attacks, but divert them from their natural course, as the water in a river will go around the branch of a willow tree as opposed to breaking it. While Juujun Ryuushiryuu focuses on counterattacks, they are also capable of making offensive strikes, but to stress its inaggressive nature, medical knowledge has been implemented into the art style, where knowledge of pressure points and natural points of weakness in a body is known and observed, but not to take advantage of them; rather, to avoid striking those areas, avoiding any serious damage dealt to the assailant or opponent. A truly pacifist sword art. Of course, conversion into a malicious sword form is just as easily produced, in which case, it becomes one of the most deadly.

Considering its analytical nature, albeit her natural talent in swordsmanship Cyng has found it an enduring push for progression considering the stark contrast to the preferred style of her primary Zanpakuto Spirit which favours aggressive barrages to break down the opponent’s defenses and spirit. The Nether may have been a malicious world through Cyng’s interference, but the Yanagi family’s core values were ones founded on martial skill and honourable combat; therefore, fights and teachings concerning it were centred more around efficiency, intuition, and pure excellence of execution as opposed to penultimate combat effectiveness. That being said, it’s been a tasking process to convert its natural ‘honourable’ and straightforward fighting methods into a style of practicality via tactical combat.

As opposed to her typical committed fighting style to best synergise with her Zanpakuto Spirit, involving an infinite stream of techniques to provide impenetrable defense or intense waves of offensive pressure, Juujun Ryuushiryuu is a combat style dedicated to uncommitted defensive postures while maintaining minimalist movement to avoid as much friction and possible, and keep a change of stance readily available. An especially hard to adapt tenet is a purely counter-offensive manner of attack, requiring the opponent to make the first move for the sword art’s most effective utilisation. For the usually aggressive Cyng to go against her ‘constant motion’ method of combat becomes increasingly difficult to manage this sword art.

Raindrop Sutra:
While Juujun Ryuushiryuu was a style which adopted the more fluid and flexible side of water, Raindrop Sutra incorporates more aggressive aspects of water, such as the striking power of a raindrop, and the corroding efforts of the waves of water. Naturally, this sword art was something Cyng was taught as opposed to a creation of his own efforts. The original Cyng’s knowledge on this sword art was incomplete to begin with as he was taught the essentials and core concepts of the Raindrop Sutra from a passing stranger. Thus, it stands to reason that Cyng is even less experienced with this sword-art compared to most any other he utilises.

The Raindrop Sutra is obviously inspired by the power held within every drop of rain. Drawing from that, most of the abilities in this sword-art revolves around linear, rapid and piercing attacks, and contain a sense of relentlessness to a degree. With the focus revolving around abrupt strikes, an individual raindrop has limited power to effect the surroundings, but infinite rainfall will cause a depression on any surface.

Thus, the Raindrop Sutra also strongly embodies a pursuant rain of terror that hinges on allowing all its damage to go unnoticed due to how negligible each strike is, with a final blow consolidating all the previous damage into one noticeable wave of pain and strength. This in mind, the Raindrop Sutra can also be considered a sword revolving around a conjunction of patient relentlessness and cool, controlled mind games, thus both contrasting and complementing the Docile Willow.

Raindrop Sutra has eight core techniques which can divide the varying tactics or methods of success to be used, as well as their own illusionary and auxiliary effects. While the use of abilities and empowerment of energy can be used to strengthen the effects of this sword-art’s certain techniques, all the listed effects can still be used without a hint of energy applied, making the Raindrop Sutra an ethereal feel, as some of the techniques call for very convincing illusions.

Drizzle: A strike so faint and lithe, it typically goes unnoticed. Even the most sensitive of opponents would find it challenging to register the strike occurring at all, let alone landing. Of course, there’s absolutely no offensive power whatsoever, as that’s traded for both the striking speed to have the blade go unnoticed, focusing a degree of sword-force to have it swipe past the opponent’s senses. For the most part, Drizzle is used as a tactical strike, setting up to larger moves later on in the fight.

For example, if fighting against a chi-user? Drizzle can be used to repetitively strike certain meridian-points, or Qigong,eventually leading up to a major strike that requires the chi opponent to draw upon a greater amount of power than they had been using, only to realise how much the harassing pokes debilitated him, as calling upon a greater amount of Chi would prove more tasking, and thus likely cause a falter in strength or major delay of movement.

A major weakness of Drizzle, both as a result of Cyng’s inexperience and lost memories as well as the technique’s own flaws, is being unable to fool opponents who are as honed in their senses as Cyng, and especially those with greater sensory abilities. More so, anyone particularly talented in the sword could likely detect the Sword-Intent unleashed as the blade draws forward to strike them, practically light-housing its positioning and motion to attack.

Rainline: A swipe frozen in time and space, rainline is a precisely straight line drawn from the tip of Cyng’s sword. The crucial part which makes this technique unique from anything else in her arsenal of sword techniques is the concentrated use of Sword Force. Cyng hones her sword intent and unleashes all the physical damage behind a single, standard slash, and the sharpness of her blade freezes wherever the tip of that sword drew on. Anything which touches the area slashed by Rainline will react as if it had been slashed at with Cyng’s sword directly, the power directly proportional to the level of strength applied in the swing where Rainline was performed.

Hakuda: Similar to how Cyng eventually went down the path of the Sword, a sense of necessity birthed his interest and dedication to putting some effort in hand to hand combat in his past life, and in turn he learned an assortment of styles. Though he experienced far less of a structured teaching in hand-to-hand, thus more so learning some fundamental qualities and styles of combat as opposed to precise techniques, the result was a more intuitive yet still viable means of unarmed fighting, with specific tendencies Cyng leaned towards birthing an epithet of their own, as Cyng's use of the sword earned him the name "Demon Sword" in the past, this one--drawn from his green eyes that shined like the stars, "Viridescent Asura".

Staying true to her epithet, the defining trait behind Cyng's main fighting style is relentlessness, in ways more than one. In terms of technique and skill, Cyng's movements mold together, offense and defense, footwork and hand movements working in tandem to move the whole body as a single unit in one flow. The most fearsome product of her fighting style in relation to technique in skill is how each movement is a flowing response leading into another seamlessly--that is the product of experience and training. In truth, what propels Cyng's techniques--and capability to tie together multiple schools of martial thought--is manipulation and control of force.

For Cyng, the truth behind her seamless attacks and defense is through manipulating her momentum. Every strike will never waste power, as its recycled into the next attack through centrifugal force. The Duulheim's relentlessness in technique lies in her never stopping movement, steadily and constantly building momentum. For example, a simple right-hook. Cyng's immediate action thereafter is to use torque through her waist, storing all that kinetic energy released from her right-hook in her shoulders as if actively converting it back into potential energy. Her shoulders must then follow after per inertia, pulled by her initial strike forward and the exerted centrifugal force pulling it back, and centripetal force pulling it around, keeping all the force of her right-hook available to add onto her next attack. Like this, the Asura’s movements constantly gain speed and momentum like a juggernaut, simulating heaven breaking blows with godlike strength.

This kaleidoscope manner of combat injected into a coalition of simultaneous attack and defense makes her all the more fearsome. This allows for inescapable pressure, as most attacks thrown at her are responded to accordingly, while she still provides her own strikes to give little room to breathe, fully embodying her “Asura” self. Once more, the key feature of Cyng's fighting style is “relentlessness”. Once she starts, it’s difficult to stop her, like a raging demon coming down on her opponent in a flurry of attacks whilst absorbing all initiations and counters perfectly.

Exerting maximum force with minimal exertion through whole-body utilisation in every movement, the White Rider’s endurance appears endless, presenting the second half to her “Relentlessness”. Born from her inexhaustible determination, Cyng's body may not be indestructible, but the toleration towards pain and next-level reserves of mental endurance and capacity to fight leaves her enemies breathless. While she prefers using technique as her defense due to a weaker constitution, blocking, parrying, and dodging any attempted damage, the Asura refuses to let injury or pain discourage her onslaught.

That being said, as is most often the largest fault in the young, Cyng's reborn self's combat potential is stunted by her immaturity. By the present descriptions, Cyng seems like an incomparable opponent with unstoppable force. She holds an iron defense which, even if penetrated, still meets her unending will, further accentuated by an offense battering down any opposition to an inevitable defeat. That is what it means for Cyng to be called “Asura”. So, what do you do against a difficult opponent with boundless energy? Restrict them, seal them or their driving power away, interrupt their building momentum before it becomes unbearable.

All things considered, Cyng still relies much of her force on wedging her way into a position where slowly building up power to an incredible extent is viable. Taking away that initial positioning, even outright restricting her physically, nullifies any attempt to do so, leaving her particularly vulnerable given she’s not in the peak condition to engage. Breaking her positioning is a weakness for her in that her combat potential relies on that initial build up, so facing someone who can break her stance and prevent her to start up the engine that powers her consistent dynamic combat style makes it impossible for her to gain hat "unstoppable force" to begin with.

Cyng's usual success using this method never allowed for development of proficiency in any sort of holding, grabbing, and locking-oriented martial arts, and instead developed in parallel on becoming proficient at avoiding situations enabling the sort, neglecting any attempt at learning them herself. All things said, considering her locomotive transactions using close-quarters combat as a conduit, any ranged fighter that could keep her at a distance would easily lead Atsuyo on like a dog on a leash.

Another apparent weakness is Cyng's straight-forward manner of combat, as that bit of immaturity disconnects her tendency and preference of mind-games to win battles without a single exertion of energy or drop of blood spilled and separating the two methods sharply. While she’s working on it, and at an incredible pace, as a young human she is not yet fully adapted to tactical combat and real-time strategy. She’s grasped many more rudimentary concepts such as misdirection, sensory illusions, or elusive body posturing, but something like mind-games through technique--as anything less direct to include speech isn’t a viable distraction for such an steadfast warrior--easily escape her attention and bypass her instinct-driven fighting personality.

Take too long and, in accordance with her personal tendencies and natural inclination and inherent talent with combat, and she may adapt, learn, and adopt these methods, so a hasty utilisation is paramount. Draw things out too long, and not only is her built-up momentum virtually unstoppable, but she's had the time to adapt to any cues that lead into strategic fighting styles, all leading up to Cyng fully embodying the idea of a “weak early game” character.

肢妖魔流 - Shiyōmaryū [Ghost Limb Style]
A custom created style of hand-to-hand offense in which witnesses have often commented on the user's arms or legs disappearing or multiplying, leaving a broken enemy in an instant and thus b being the true origin to her epithet, “Viridescent Asura”, as if Cyng were a four-armed oppressive demon. In truth, this style is designed to maximize time-efficiency and utilise breath-taking instantaneous and explosive speeds similar to boxing, resulting in the user's movements moving faster than what can normally be processed. Of course, against the spiritual level opponent, simply exceeding human standards of sense isn’t sufficient.

Shiyoumaryuu was developed on the basis of combining Cyng's past training and kaleidoscope style of combat with her new experiences of actual combat, even incorporating aspects of Juujun Ryuushiryuu to bring this martial art to the apex. Involving both the Asura’s natural explosive and constant nature of full-offense and the tricky and uncommitted body-posture and tactical techniques of a real life-or-death scenario, Shiyoumaryuu becomes a one-of-a-kind form with room for very little counterplay.

The basis for its seemingly invisible attack form is constant motion to attract the opponents focus, combined with visual cues to draw that attention away: misdirection. The end result is an unpredictable body posture difficult to defend or jump straight into, especially considering the differing attempts of misdirection through visual cues, implying rigid movements to force static to dynamic visual focus, and the contrasting seamlessness of Cyng's consistent-motion techniques.

The key is balance, which centres as the controlling force behind manipulating the propelling centrifugal force behind Cyng's additive attacking power. This is featured in controlling the pause in the transitional phase aforementioned in the right-hook example, where the time gap in the pull of inertia brings Charlotte’s static shoulders filled with potential energy around one revolution to strike with full force from hip tor am strength. That balance allows for more meticulous manipulation of the acting forces, exerting a flowing constant transition of rigidity and flexibility.

What makes her technique all the more fearsome is the initial power generated behind execution. Cyng is clearly an agility-based combatant (albeit even then a bit lacking in terms of overall physique, to include agility), but that doesn’t take away from her built-in strength that supports her capacity to reach that level of unstoppable momentum in the first place. Cyng enacts striking techniques for the most part, and therefore stresses focused power for maximum efficiency. Should she let that innate strength run rampant, each of her strikes would instead of possessing a piercing attribute, carry massive blunt force that shatters earth and voids the air itself.


» Zanpakutô Name: Kroniid
» Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: As a lively youth living his life in perpetual spring, the rowdy Kroniid embodies the charismatic protagonist with infinite potential. With his manner of play being rough and loud, any party he enters is electrified with his endless amounts of energy. For that reason, he’s considered the social type, albeit many conflicting traits, including an extreme level of aggression in all that he does. Whilst playing a game? Kroniid will put his all into it, getting maybe a bit too into it and heated. Paired with his loud and outspoken self, he’s the best tool for pissing your neighbors off. In terms of martial arts? A preferred style of relentless battering, with no room to breathe. Social situations? The youth is entirely comfortable with making first contact, but his approach may be a bit high-speed for some people’s tastes.

As a matter of fact, even some undesirable traits of his really exemplify his sociability, if at least proving a great friend. For example, his natural jealousy that blots out the heavens in green. He becomes easily jealous of just about anything, and true to his name, covets that which others have. This vice is triggered by anything from seeing a being with absolute power, as he thirsts for their strength, or even just a child with their parents, as he longs for his family--as, naturally Kroniid which is the Zanpakuto spirit of Cyng, shares many of his innate desires. To that extent, Kroniid is incredibly greedy and stingy, and yet, when approached by friends he’s willing to give. So, to see such a core characteristic of his be contradicted for the sake of the bonds he’s made? It’s hard to not find appreciation for this sort of character.

Not just being envious, but in just about all his emotions, Kroniid lacks discipline. Unfortunately, his emotions control him; at the very least, he’s well aware of the fact and strives to improve himself and reverse this dynamic. Often times, anger gets the best of him and he becomes explosive--but when someone points it out? Unless his rage cannot be suppressed because the offense was too great, Kroniid will take a step back and review himself, rethink things and in most situations, calm down. It’s a similar scenario with most any other emotion of his, to include a crush that may drive him to borderline stalkerish or obsessive tendencies, or a level of melancholy that brings you to check his room for any bleach--just in case. To that extent, one of the best words to describe the youth is: extreme, in everything that he is and does.

That being said, Kroniid actively pursues an easygoing persona, and desperately tries to not mull over every little thing. Of course, when his limits are reached--and they’re not all too tolerating to begin with--he becomes explosive, like a pressured bottle that finds release. Touch his reverse scale, and maybe he’ll curse you and your generations to come forever more, swearing to the heavens he’ll destroy every fiber in your being.

Kroniid exemplifies ambition, and paired with his radical nature, many accurately pin him as obsessive. Any goal he’s set for himself is something he’s chased feverently, and even without having gone through any exceptional hardships to temper his mind, Kroniid proves incredibly dedicated and focused--to even the smallest of performances. Considering he puts his heart into all that he does and plows forward with unparalleled aggression, his single-minded attitude is easily seen as a stubborn personality, or in more amicable words, a steadfast nature. In fact, his obsessiveness goes to the point being the type to justify the means with the ends, which is seen in his goal to find his sister, even by traveling interdimensionally if necessary, despite his fragile existence. There are of course exceptions, but generally his goal precedes the journey.

To that extent, Kroniid is well aware of his deficiencies and the work necessary to put into, little by little, with a single step making progression along that journey. This sort of self-awareness and self-critical attitude causes Kroniid to be the humble type, but by no means modest. He’ll never settle for being below anyone, especially when it comes to his goals. Kroniid strives to display superiority without question, proven in his ambition to be a recognised member of the martial arts community.

If anything, it’s not so much an obsessive quality to his ambitions as it is the willingness to do anything and attempt the impossible. That being said, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to consider Kroniid a dreamer, not that he minds the reputation that follows. In fact, he’s flattered when called a dreamer, as he interprets that to mean he has hope and direction, that he has meaning to his life--a sort of purpose that justifies his existence. In the end, more than anything Kroniid displays a level of determination inconsistent with his background and level of mental fortitude: that is to say, excessive.

» Zanpakutô Name:Dii Krosis
» Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Dii Krosis will most always have an impact on her immediate surroundings; the best way to spot her in a party is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about them as she moves from group to group. Laughing and [self-]entertaining with a blunt and nonsensical humor, despite contentment without notice, if Dii Krosis was to be in an environment of focused attention, she would much rather prefer all of it to be on her.

Hypotheses, abstract concepts and plodding discussions about concerning mass-welfare and their implications fail to keep Dii Krosis interested for long. The oni is one to keep her conversations energetic, with a good dose of intelligence--albeit in quite the broad sense, but they like to talk about what is as opposed to hypothetical situations--or better yet, to just go out and do it. Granted, these conversations tend to move rapidly from one subject to another, frequently without much to bridge the two concepts aside from Dii Krosis’s own broken train of thought. Those of the same litter leap without hesitation, eyes closed, and fix their mistakes as they go, rather than sitting idle while preparing contingencies and escape clauses. In layman terms, she acts before thinking; or, perhaps it's acting based on entirely incomprehensible, irrational thinking?

Dii Krosis is easily defined as the likeliest person to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. Living in the moment and diving into action, she is understandably the eye of the storm--or perhaps, the storm itself, with those she ensnares facing an inescapable barrier within the torrents. People with a personality akin to Dii Krosis enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure; and not for the stimulation given to their illogical minds, but to satisfy their greed, hunger, and lust, particularly in an emotional sense, as unstable as they are. They are in no manner obligated to make critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response, but entitled to commit actions based on thoughts which digress from common sense.

This makes any strict, organised entity a difficult thing to join. It certainly isn't because she isn't smart, and if not for the lacking rationale to her, she could do well, but the regimented, lecturing approach of formal guidelines is just so far from the hands-on learning that Dii Krosis not only enjoys, but is accustomed to. It takes a great deal of maturity to see this process as a necessary means to an end, something that creates more exciting opportunities: a trait profusely lacked.

Another challenge Dii Krosis faces in terms of the psyche is the mindset in which it makes more sense to use her own moral compass--which is fairly nonexistent--than another's, causing her to lack traits concerning sympathy and empathy, or understanding of a situation or mood. Rules weren't made to be broken in her mind--they just didn't demand to be so strictly observed. This is a sentiment few others are likely to share, and can earn her a certain reputation. But if she minimises the trouble making--albeit unlikely, harness her overbearing energy, and focus through the boring stuff, in all sorts of manners one can consider Dii Krosis a force to be reckoned with, if not already.


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced




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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]    Sat May 06, 2017 12:14 am

Uh, sorta kinda done I guess. Whole thing is basically a rough draft as I rushed this to completion in two days, since if I didn't I probably wouldn't ever get to finishing it. That being said, there's a lot of somewhat minor inconsistencies and stuff (minor imo lul) such as a lot of bouncing mentions of Cyng being a guy or a girl. Cyng is a girl, however, during character creation I couldn't decide whether I wanted her to be a male or female, and decided at the end once I wrote everything out. Haven't gone back to change all the pronouns to be consistent (yet?). Pls forgiv, almighty staffers. Pls.

Also, some of the sections look like they're unfinished, e.g the somewhat abrupt cut-offs in appearance and personality, or the crossed out and unfinished portions of some of the abilities. I decided, as this is a character with amnesic tendencies, they'd just slowly regain some of their personality traits or develop new ones with new experiences, and tbh I just got lazy with their appearance. Again,
pls forgiv almighty staffers, pls.



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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: After discussing things with S_E, things seem to be fine with how the limits, restrictions, and weaknesses are written out and explained. So, I'll be approving this. If these are abused in any way, I will come back to this and look it over again. Otherwise, approved. This is a trap tier character, and you can fill out the skill sheets as if she were a 1 tier.
  • Tier: 6-0
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[adm]Archiving due to member quitting.[/adm]
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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]    Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:21 pm

[adm]Moving back to approved.[/adm]
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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]    Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:35 pm

[mod]Having re-examined this application, it has come to staff's attention that this character was, in fact, not acceptable, and will need extensive reworking or removal. In particular:

References to Life Energy in the history, as Life Energy as an entity is under Genpaku's control.
Suika Lineage, and any related racial skills and abilities.
Asthavon Lineage, and any related racial skills and abilities.
Aura of Conviction, due to its reliance on Zanpakuto.
Spiritual Ineptitude, more particularly the fact that many of these abilities simply should not work without spiritual energy.[/mod]
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Subject Post 8PostSubject: Re: [Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]    Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:38 pm

[mod]This app has been gone over by multiple staff, and consideration of how the app is Currently, we find the app to be up to par and thus, the app is going to be re-approved for the previous tier and will-skill abilities.[/mod]


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[Hidden Class] Cyng Duulheim [APPROVED: 6-0]
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