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Tsui is quite dumb, he can quite easily be fooled and due to his happy go lucky lifestyle he usually enjoys doing stupid things which adds to the idea of the mans foolishness. Though hes seen as a mastermind within battle it seems outside of it hes nothing more than a plain old fool, preferring a laugh over the serious nature of everything. Though the man may truly be dumb, he is actually quite up to date and informed on most events and has quite the knowledge of many subject. his attitude tends to leave people believing that he may truly be idiotic yet some believe its actually a ruse for the man tends to have an incredible intelligence that he doesn't tend to show.

Tsui has always had the tendency to not really have that much interest in topics. he has never really taken anything serious and usually tends to act quite aloof. Thanks to this he is often quite Lacking when it comes down to actually doing things. He prefers to let others do his jobs usually saying hes helping them get over the learning curve of things, in truth he is just being laid back and palming his duty on to someone else.


Tsuis made it his life mission to appear as tame and happy as possible. hes never really found a way to truly be happy but he has tried to never let that sadness inside out, this is probably because after his wife's death she made him promise he'd never be upset again. He usually has a smile on his face and a song in his heart, though both tend to be a lie he tries to play off. If anything he just loves making others happy and seeing them have fun thus he should appear happy so they don't have to worry. Tsui doesn't really hold much in his heart apart from a deep depression, but he would never allow that to define him as a man and decides instead to show nothing but happiness.

Tsui seems to be a bit of a fool. He is often caught joking around and getting into trouble for it. He usually tries to hide this with some idiotic even just plain old dumb excuse. he is seen as the life of the party always sharing a laugh and messing around. It seems Tsui can be very serious at times but he prefers to have fun and just have a laugh rather than understand the situation hes in. He has often been seen as a bit of a menace for his jokes and all round idea of more play and less work.

Tsui is nothing less than brave, he believes in protecting others no matter the cost. this has cost him a lot of his missions but he refuses to sit by and watch others suffer. He is quite reckless if he feels others need his help. Willing to put his life on the line to help those he feels are innocent and punish those who are guilty. though he isn't one for resolving problems with violence he would destroy any that threaten those who cannot protect themselves.

Tsui has always believed in the "ill do it later" approach, he quite often takes naps and finds excuses not to do things. He is a very active person but when it comes down to doing boring things hes usually given up on it all and just finds a nice tree to sit and sunbathe. Tsui idea of a good day is usually seen as one were he doesn't have to do any work, earning him a reputation as the sloth swordsman among the hiru clan.

Tsui has never been a person to fall into the lines of, "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause" ............... sorry got carried away there. Tsui is a person who admires the strength in others praising their capabilities and even saying the truth about their strength. he believes no one is weak ... well except himself, and feels all do have a purpose.


Tsui doesn't like to wait for things. He is very impatient to the point of doing anything (besides actually doing the task) to enable that it is done fast. He usually relies on others to speed the process along even trying to the point of making others try and prove they can go faster. This is also quite associated to battles, Tsui really dislikes the idea of fighting believing it would be much nicer to go have a good nap.

Certain things can really push Tsui over the edge, at this point the man becomes a monster. Throwing all of his laziness and such for the pure aggressive hateful rage. Whilst like this he will rip everything within site to tiny shreds before he is satisfied. When he gets like this the best idea is to remain well clear for he would not only kill you but torture you until you bleed dry finally fulfilling his sadistic side. Whilst like this he takes no pleasure just a anger, something completely contradictory to the mans beliefs and his years of happiness.

tsui over the years has faced things that pushed him to the brink, hes completely shut down falling into a sort of depression that he tries to hide away and put on a brave face. But deep in the mans heart he is still hurting trying to deal with everything he feels that a smile and a laugh can conceal all the pain and that hopefully one day he may actually smile for real once again.


Indomitable Defense
Tsui has always been a master of the simplistic art of defence. The man is just how he looks, a wall, he can take numerous hits and insurmountable damage and not give a care in the world. This is because those that aren't on his level would have a difficult time even getting past his first layer of skin much less could they come to really harm the man. The beast is reliant on an old strategy of taking upon the strikes as they come, and that is just what he will do, how he does this is simple an elite form of akuma kyodo and demonic energy manipulation. The man although he is quite a master at stopping these strikes dead in their tracks and leaving the other man in more pain than himself he has also come to take pain with an indescribable indifference. The man truly doesn't seem to care what happens to his body as long as it is capable of protecting anything and everything it stands for. In truth Tsui is a man that could take a variable beating and stand there brushing it off like nothing really happened, no matter how many hits someone throws he wouldn't back down, this has always been the way with the man and it truly brings to question just where did monster come from?

Superior Immune System:
Tsui's immunity system is unlike many others, the man for long periods has been subjected to high doses of many different diseases and even radioactivity, even contracting terminal lung cancer. Due to these massive subjection to internal attacks his white blood cells now react to a supernatural level being fuelled by his very core demonic energy. This allows the man to go for extended periods without even worrying about the idea of infecting the man with an ailment isn't that likely. the man has been able to adapt to most things he is faced with and thus his immune system has flourished and grown with each parting. the immune system of the man also allows another function, the formation of a higher level of cell regrowth and regeneration making wounds heal much quicker than they normally would. Though this isn't up to the levels of high speed regeneration it allows for the primary cells in his bodies to instead of focusing on the defence from disease and such be used to replace cells until they can regenerate and heal him much faster ie. instead of months only a few days, or for days hours.

Enhanced Skeletal Structure:
The mans skeleton unlike most has always been incredible thick his bones like rocks in some respect. some say this ability wasn't anything to do with the outer shell of the man but more of a adaptive method to handle the environment he lived within before he died. The thick skeleton has a much more circumstantial approach to other skeletons becoming large enough for bones to actual form a sort of wall for his internal organs, though their is a gap between still allowing full unrestricted movement, this gap is probably his biggest weak point and any who could break through the outer layers and be precise enough to strike into it would more than likely kill the man. though this isn't saying that it is impossible to break through these bones, with a solid enough strike one could still shatter the bones, after all they are still just bones despite their thickness. This heavy skeleton also allows for the mans own strength to be increased, due to the heaviness of the skeleton each punch he throws is enhanced within strength due to the extra force. Any other who would have this little skeleton behind them would almost be left immobile but with extreme training and living with it for most of his life the man now sees it as pretty much the normal thing.

Energy Reflection:
This is a move that solely advances the level of defence the monster has. the move works of the principal of meeting the opposing force with a barrier of pure demonic energy bound to Tsui's very being, as the energy attack hits him the energy surrounding his own body acts as a sort of wall for it and thus sends it back in the same direction it came from. The move comprises that Tsui's own energy acts as a sort of armor for most types of energy. This move however is by no means permanently within effect and has no weaknesses, the move itself is switched on and off by the monster of a man and may only remain in effect while he isn't within motion. It also isn't all powerful and can be broken through with a strong enough blast, which though in terms of strength would equal out to a monstrous hit, but it is still capable of being broken through non the less. In essence this move is more of an addition to his original armor and thus protects him even further in essence and makes it not even necessary to attack a sole energy based user. Energy is also including attacks centered around things like the elements, with an exception of earth.

Incredibly Dense Skin:
Some say that it is near impossible to even breach the top layer of this mans skin. Well in essence this is a very solid truth, the pure skin of the man is like a casing of the most pure of iron. this is because the mans external layers of skin are thicker than even that of diamonds to a point and the pure strength of the man backing including the muscular growth that acts as a support to it makes breaching his Armour like outsides incredibly difficult. The mans Armour like defense is enough to allow him to take a strike the size of a small building and come out with only moderate damage. Against those who are not truly skilled in strength he would seem like a friking unbreakable wall, though there are was to by pass his defenses. One such of these ways is the soft and squishy insides of the man, they are largely under strengthened compared to his thick outside layer, if someone was able to get an attack inside of him it would be easy to simply rip him open. But in essence with enough circumstantial damage to a single spot eventual someone may be able to minorly pierce his skin, though this would take relentless amounts of attacks to achieve. The mans skin however is incomprehensible hard and on occasion with enough force from the enemy would hurt them more than it would ever hurt him.


» Origin Name:
Cancerous Smoke

» Origin Power:
The Danava of smoke but to be more specific that of a smoke that comes from something that tears away the insides of those who inhale it. the cancerous tobacco smoke. What caused Tsui's control over this is something beyond his definition some tend to look deeper into him believing he deep down something much more expansive and deadly but the man knows not of how he came to be or what he truly is just that he was sentenced to be the carer of the origin of this plague. The ideal of smoke is one that encompasses the very ideals of what we allow ourselves to intake and what we allow it do do, base desire and wish come from this but more importantly everything associated with it is Tsui's dominion from lighting that first cigarette till you die of lung cancer he is the ever essential light that lets you indulge in your desire, but you best enjoy that smoke... it may be your last.

» Origin Abilities:

Smoke Generation -
this is a simplistic but incredibly odd technique for Tsui to use. The details of this is quite different to what most would expect. By generating and inhaling smoke within seconds of inhaling and holding his breath smoke starts to expel from his skin. This smoke encases the man and not only advancing his strength to a whole new level but also enables his to contort the smoke to his will changing the composition of it and generating it out of his own being. This smoke is manipulated and generate via Tsui using his ability to generate certain composition of elements that relay to that of tobacco and smokes the 2 taking effect here and using his body as a catalyst to form is the minor level of fire and water mixing together to form smoke, this smoke has the added ability of solidification and via changing the composition of the smoke also allowing him to change the general density to levels that could match even his pure strength. this however isn't capable of phasing through or entering through living tissue, unless there is a massive gaping wound that would allow the smoke to infect an opponents body and cut away at them. The biggest advantage of this move is its extremely long range being able to reach over a mile with his smoke and even block out the sky with it by expanding the smokes molecular bonds and changing it so that it expands outwards, though this lowers its integrity and makes it much easier to rip apart with regular attacks when it is solidified, and it can be expelled by using oxygen to purify the smoke when intangible a factor that comes into affect as well during this techniques special ability. By controlling the genetic makeup of his own body to match that of his smoke Tsui an in theory force a sort of intangibility, though this form is very dependent on the mixture of his own body with the smoke and his control over their composition, in this form Tsui could by theory phase through most base attacks however he cannot attack whilst phasing and due to the common structure of his natural body and that of another physical body he is unable to go through living tissue at risk of becoming nothing but steam as his composition must change completely to not confuse molecules and this dissipates everything that was Tsui. But the biggest disadvantage is the downfall of his own breath. This move shall remain in effect until Tsui exhales a thing that must be done to stay alive, though Tsui himself is able to hold his breath for an extraordinary time (2 posts with a 3 post recharge due to his lungs needing to retake in air) whilst unobstructed, if someone where to say break past his defenses and force him to exhale or attack him with pure oxygen it would force him to tangibility and the move would be rendered useless.

Ash generation -
Another technique his powers allow in the convergence of his ability to control to a small level parts of elements. This ability deals much like his smoke generation by using his own body as a catalyst for his ability to take in compositions from the elements and combine them together, this one being a composition of fire and air unlike his smoke however this is activated through a different means. Tsui is capable of simply from his very fingertips pools worth of ash falls from it which like its counterpart in the form of his smoke generation can travel up to a massive distance of a mile and in that area, though unlike his smoke he can not expand the current amount of ash as it has already been expanded by changing its molecular bonds when first created. The ash however is constantly converging and moving to where Tsui points it, the ash itself being like the steam able to be changed in density and and controlled at will by the man. But the key difference about these two substances is that though his ash can not become intangible or even merge with his being It has an ability that makes up for this. For the tiny embers within the ash's temperature can be controlled and risen to the point that this ash could melt through even metal or cause some serious burns. The coating of the ash can also cover over his skin giving him an extra dermal armor making it so that any physical attack on his person could be perceived as a double edged sword as upon contact it would burn away at them, this also allows Tsui to enhance his own physical attacks making it so that it burns away at enemies with each hit. Another thing to note that like his steam his ash too has a major downfall in the form of its opposing element, this one however being water, due to the flammability and bonds being disintegrated upon touching water and making Tsui lose all control over it making his ash useless. The man however doesn't tend to resort to this power very often due to it's limits, The ash whilst incredibly useful can only be used whilst standing still therefore he couldn't go in and brawl with it covering him and not worry, it requires concentration for control and thus he has a major downfall by being unable to react whilst using it.

Vapor Generation -
The final form of his normal abilities this one like the two others converges two separate elements with each other in order to generate a brand new compound. This ability invokes the combination of merging both air and water molecules in order to make a vaporous gas, this technique is activated when Tsui simply exhales this vapor from his very lungs causing a massive spurt of vapor encompassing Tsui himself in a sort of haze. This mist like substances expands outwards encompassing an area of up to a hundred meters and can be manipulated and used like the others up to a mile area. this fog covers over the area and within this zone is a sort of area of danger for Rule can in fact change the density and such things of the vapor and control the patterns in which it flows enabling it to act like thousands of bullets shooting forth at its target. This however isn't the only capability of this technique as it may also be used to in turn collect all these water droplets and converge all of the vapor to sling onto something before expanding it out causing huge water spurts capable of ripping skin from flesh with their intensity, and drowning opponent by collecting vapor into their lungs which requires them to stay within the mists zone for a 2 post period which will then begin to fill their lungs with water that expands out causing them to vomit up water and choke unless they can get out of the area as it would continue to fill their lungs. This technique like the others can be attached to Tsui's body and used as a more physical sense, however unlike the other 2 this is done by creating a sort of mist that can form into blades of water and air mixture allowing a cutting force to his punches ect. This too like its fellow techniques has a downfall in the face of fire being capable of dissipating the water and making it so that he cant control this vapor because of the bonds destruction.

Oxygen manipulation -
The oxygen affect is a principal that allows the man whilst simply having a smoke to draw in, expel and even control all oxygen in the air around him. Tsui is capable of through his energy creating a small vacuum to form thus allowing him the capability of drawing all external oxygen within the area. this is done by his very energy forming a small pocket of demonic energy inside Tsui's lungs this allows when inhaling and exhaling oxygen for it to form protective barrier around his lungs that breaks down and reforms oxygen particles on a whim allowing him to hold more oxygen within his lungs than any person alive due to it legitimately being stored within retrospectively its own small broken down molecular prison within the confines of these energy pockets. The man himself is simply acting as a catalyst of usage for this as when he expels oxygen it is infected with the same energy that line his lungs allowing him a control over it, this control is subconsciously linked to his smoking habits thus allowing through his simple act of smoking Tsui can quite literally control the oxygen within the air around him constantly creating more and more oxygen within his control capability over the time he uses this meaning the longer he smokes the more o2 he has absolute reign over. the power is however limited by distance and the amount of energy it exerts, this is due to the fact that he can only send it up to distances of fifty meter's in radius around him. This accompanied with the energy expenditure being so high he could only maintain it for three post at a time without requiring a two post cool down makes it very harsh of an ability to use

Temperature manipulation -
Via the flickering flame of this mans creation, his energy literally coming a light, it gives Tsui's true control over the temperature itself, heat cold its all just a simple whim to the man. Through this method the spark of his flame is fueled with energy much like the oxygen principle, this allows the man raise the base temperature of his flame through simple focus, doing this allows the man to quite literally change the internal temp of that flame to the core of the sun or that of absolute zero. and through his exhalation method it takes this effect to an outward audience, by expelling the energy within the flame it spreads through the air but something very intriguing to note about this demonic energy is that it whilst incapable of actually causing physical harm to people it carries the same surface temperature of the flame originally created by tsui the original spark of energy. this doesn't mean he can cause an unyielding freeze over mass areas in seconds, much like the oxygen affect this affect spreads over time building up concentration and surface area the more he smokes, meaning that if he were left to his accords to just simply smoke he could cause a small radioactive fallout zone within a large city given an extremely large amount of time, a fact that rarely happens as due to the vast expulsion of energy this technique acts like a beacon to every person around drawing hollows, shinigami, other demons and everything of the sort right out of the wood works.

euphoria manipulation -
this is an interesting piece of Tsui's abilities the ideals of all of most of the mans abilities relates around the ideals of his crux and the cancer that comes from smoking and the substances associated with it, this however is directly associated with the substance in which smoking is based around. This technique is far from the run of the mill simple control, this is the act of using dopamine and endorphin's to create an unbelievable sense of euphoria. by infecting the very substance with his energy and com-busting it Tsui is able to like oxygen spread and breed this newly formed smoke outwards spreading and merging it into the air itself, the basic idea with this is spreading these and causing a chemical reaction, how you ask? by infecting those around him through contact of this smoke with the skin. the energy forces itself as an outwards seal that allows these chemicals to enter the very bloodstream and force their way to nerve endings before creating an extremely heightened sense of euphoria by engaging the nerve endings and sending signals straight to ones brain, over time this allows vast amounts of unrelenting waves of pleasure, short spans within this area cause simple base feelings of goodness and joy but as time expands so to does the effect. Over the course of time the opponents will power comes into play and forces them to try and resist this unbelievable surge of pleasure to the point that if left on long enough would send even the most depressed and unhappy person into a trembling sack of pure brokenness by giving constant unbelievable pressure however this too has the same effects as his other techniques that draw like a beacon due to the vast quantity of energy truly used.


» Conceptual World:
A world of dark encompassing smoke that seems to make even the most experienced smoker choke upon the toxins, this world is dark covered in a pitch blackness everything leading for miles with no end. bones litter the floor and the smoke hides the beasts within this place the monsters created from it something darker than any reality, this place is an extension of a hell one dare not enter if one does truly they are looking to die.

» Rilīja Attributes:

Habius Corpsus:
this ability allows the dark demonic things that plague that place to rip into our wold literally calling the souls of the damned and cursed the bones that litter the floors form, some still freshly peeled from flesh bits still hanging as these grievous souls are formed, the darkness of monsters from within this place creeping out as the plagued individuals come forth all being coated in the black smoke as they are controlled and moved by it they act as the will of the smoke commands they essentially become the mindless servants of Tsui to die and be rip to pieces from him the dark terrifying presence still rippling from them as the foul dark smell coats them ... they truly are the dead risen to serve the smoke, for there will be corpses. they do however have a massive drawback once again because of the essence of this power it cannot be held for long mainly due to the sheer upkeep being to large meaning he could only hold it for four posts before these corpses became inanimate again

The Black Mist:
The darkness expands from his very skin much like his own smoke however this stuff is much different as he continues to expel it the black smoke infects the lungs of those who inhale it breeding nothing but the harmful choke of its toxins. Over time those who remain within its harmful area will slowly become the beast that inhabit it as the smoke has 2 very potent and vulnerable effects, one is infecting the core of ones body through inhalation, by doing this it infects their very system slowly spreading from their lungs to their very brain the effects are differing in the way that it eats away at ones insides causing mass fatigue causing hallucinations and even dysphagia to the point they begin chocking on their own spit the longer one stays within the field the more and more it effects them its essentially a terrible harassment to ones systems. the second ability is one much more noticeable, an acidic effect after large amounts of time remaining activated this ability begins to rot skin break down molecular matter act almost like a cancerous acid truly staying around this fog is a dangerous idea, however the biggest issue with it is that simply Tsui is not immune to his own smoke. Theres also a massive flaw in the smokes interaction with oxygen it seems whilst it initially can fight away the outside elements the particles of this gas slowly corrode and leave the smoke deteriorating and eventually disappearing making it only capable of lasting for three posts, it also has a big disadvantage in the way of not being able to reenter the environment after it already has or it will immediately degrade mean one would have to wait two posts before they could use it again.

» Eternal Partner Name:
The Behemoth

» Eternal Partner Appearance:
Some question the form of a beast asking just what defines them the simple ideal is that maybe just maybe the beast is defined not by what it is or the name it bears ... but the past it suffers. Behemoth is the monster dyed in a shade of bloody red, the beast that sifts beneath the surface, it sits towering all men and shaded by its darkness the only thing it truly shows are those demonic eyes, the gripping smoke that comes with each of its words and its grizzled fangs. The beast sits as the king of its domain and it knows it the beast rarely takes true form or offers insight into what it truly is but shows the blessing of something beyond a simple spirit. The monster is calloused in nature never revealing to much of itself simply the bones of those that lie before it this beast is not a creature dwelling with monsters ... its the monster that even they should fear.

» Eternal Partner Personality:
The beast that dwells within is something odd, its not your run of the mill spirit who works alongside their master, it truly makes the task that is presented before it harder. Often it taunts Tsui with the idea that he has no spirit and that it liked his eternal partner and thus ate the spirit so he could inhabit it. despite this however the beast took a shine to the man allowing him to hold the beast as its "master." though not even he would know the monsters true intentions. the beast is lazy and resides within its dwelling believing it beyond all others and capable of more than trifling games of battle, for the king of all beasts needs take no challengers for they should know their place or die regretting ever stepping foot into his den.

» Eternal Partner Powers:
None truly know the capabilities of the beast simply that it states that soon enough it will devour Tsui whole, it shows a key ability to almost mockingly copy his own powers but has yet to show the true extent of its capabilities, it hides its true power until Tsui is truly ready for it to "feast."


» Atma Vatou Name:
The Arbelist

» Atma Vatou Appearance:
His Atma Vatou takes upon the form of a large crimson colored spear, this spear has a name engraved upon it but it looks like it has be carved beyond recognition. the Spear itself has over 80 scratch notches that are said to be the amount of kills originally attributed to this weapon running all over it from blunt end to the tip of the spear. the truth about this pole arm is not truly known, according to Tsui it was the property of a monster who stalked the world butchering those he could, killing any in his path with a lance of blood. A piece that the monster died holding when he chocked on blood due to the cancer in his lungs causing a violent reaction within him. Tsui sees this little piece of history as a cherished prize that tears apart all in its wake truly the man who controls this massive lance is someone beyond normal stature.

» Atma Vatou Abilities:
This weapons abilities exceed beyond that of just a simplistic spear though it functions as a sort of polearm with an extraordinary effect, being fully capable of firing bursts of the mans energy supplies creating waves or blasts from the spear itself. He is even capable of imbuing his smoke upon this massive red spear enhancing its strength and also adding the effects of his smoke so that upon impact they slowly attack and deteriorate cells of their target. On top of this it is often said that this lance is beyond any normal criteria of a simple weapon, the pure strength and sharpness of it is unbelievable turning most things in its path to butter before it. but it comes with a very specific ability on top of all this.

The Deadmans Wonderland:
a technique that brings his cancerous life back to him drawing from his own energy the being tears away at his very core to do something monstrous. The premise of this ability is quite simple by pouring his energy into his bullet he makes it a ticking time bomb. Now some may believe this just means the spears strike is explosive the truth is this Strike is nothing more than a catalyst for energy that infects what it touches. This method extends to the idea that when this bullet hits a target it will attempt to infect their system fighting against their own internal energy, those of higher energy have a much higher resistance, and then change the composition of whatever it hit. This means that when this energy infects either a person or an object it changes the actual structure of said target, making it so that say a brick wall where that strike landed he could manipulate the compounds within and make it explosive. This essentially means that he is changing the target from one thing to a complete other making that wall into explosives, making escape or getting outside the blast radius extremely difficult. The spear when using this ability however must be within the mans grasp, due to it being the literal catalyst that pours his energy forth, thus every time he uses this the mans energy tends to become quite overexerted and thus wouldn't be capable of being utilized again till after a 1 post cool down.

Though their are many ways to counteract this ability such as avoiding its strike or the level of ones durability affecting the energies ability to manipulate cells the major downfall comes in the idea that the spear itself may be physical but the energy pouring from the strike itself is not physical and cant be knocked away, they aren't completely irresistible those who are hit with this energy are capable of forcing it from their body and having their own immune systems counteract it, even stopping it completely this is all determined by the users will power and the capability they have to force their body to deal with this, those of high levels may be completely resistant where as those of low level may not stand a chance.

However a key factor of this power comes in the form of what this energy can do once implanted. It is capable of detonating all that it has enveloped and changed, creating a mass explosion that varies in strength dependent on two factors, the amount of energy he pours in and the substance he changes. This also has a key ability that allows the energy to literally simmer within allowing him to constantly cause mass reactions that don't cease until he stops pouring his energy within it. of course to this extent the man must make physical contact with the host of the energy to pour more in this is also a double edged sword due to the fact that in this instance his ability does have a cool down of 1 post before he can activate another detonation and in that time he is literally gifting his enemy with more power to allow him to activate it again.


» Unnata Release Appearance:

» Unnata Release Powers:

» Unnata Release Abilities:


Hyrule, the flame kings Lance -

the ultimate gift from the great weapon smith of a time long ago. Hyrule has been passed down through the ages to the clan head of the Hiru clans, each man who have wielded its power have been known throughout the ages as legends. The ancient red polearm has long been a symbol of power as a swordsman. One such wielder of this polearm once tipped the world on its head using the spears might. Using it to end the era of kings and tyrants the only way it knew how ..... through blood. Hyrule is a unique weapon, be it the rumors of any who face the activated "red spear" have never lived to speak of it. Or the fact of those who touch the blade would burn at an unholy level, the pole and tip even in its natural state alone capable of burning flesh from bone.

The spears power is specifically heat, this works truly in the favor of Tsui being almost linked together through that power. The spear itself burns at incredibly high temperatures and is capable of not only cutting into a person but upon its touch leaving at least some bad burns even against more serious opponents. When this blade is able to merge with ones energy and is then allowed to react with air this degree of heat increases to drastic levels, capable of upon touching someone causing immense burns. though this phenomenon doesn't happen often as it is seen as a last resort to unleash this spear, and any unworthy to see the weapons true form must die.



Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


Tsui Yazaki [Finished] M9rTQZk

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