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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Nostalgia [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nostalgia [Open]   Sat May 13, 2017 7:01 pm



Artist: Nujabes/Idst - Song: BattleCry - Word Count: 417

Taking advantage of his day off Ryuzaki departed from Soul Society for the first time since he'd arrived and headed back to the living realm. Karakura city's park to be precise, the place he'd spent much of his youth, and a place that still very much stuck out in his memory. Soul Society was nice and everything, but it just wasn't what he was used to. Everything there was crafted out of reishi, and to him it just didn't feel the same, nothing felt as... real. With all of the hard work he'd put in recently it felt nice to be able to relax completely, and where better to do that than the park? When he first arrived he felt compelled to walk the trails once more, as he had so many times before in his youth, and so he indulged himself. He knew that some of the trails ventured deep into forested area, and covered rather difficult terrain, requiring the walker to ascend and descend multiple hills, slosh through small streams, and occasionally cut through thickets of thorns and closely knit shrubbery. Today he felt like doing none of that, so he took the most relaxing and peaceful trail he could remember. One that kept mostly to the edges of the forest, but that still had some of the most interesting and breathtaking scenery he had ever witnessed strewn along it. When eventually he was satisfied and felt the urge to walk the trails no more he slowly made his way to the lake. He'd spent time swimming here in his youth but that wasn't what he truly appreciated about this place. No, the main reason he came here was to sit beneath the old tree that sat near the shore and simply watch the goings on. It had always been a nice place to sit and think over any matters that were currently troubling him, and it gave him a sense of comfort. As he approached he could see a few other people in various positions around the lake, he could see a couple canoeing about halfway across the lake, and a young boy was playing fetch with his dog. Sitting himself beneath the tree Ryuzaki sighed and interlaced his hands behind his head. It was pleasant to be back among his childhood memories, the feeling of nostalgia overtook him, and he closed his eyes beginning to daydream. In just a short time he could feel himself nodding off, and embraced a light sleep.

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Song: Evangelion X - By: Anonymuz - Word Count: 476



Artist: Nujabes/Idst - Song: BattleCry - Word Count: 551

Ryuzaki was having a rather vivid dream involving a midget and a rodeo until he was suddenly, and rudely jostled awake from his nap when a strange bag whopped him in the side of the head with a decent bit of force. Fortunately there wasn't anything particularly hard or pointy in the bag, in fact it seemed to be quite cushioned but even so it still had a bit of heft to it. He raised his hand to his head absentmindedly massaging the impacted area and opened his eyes just in time to see a pink haired boy leap into the clear blue water of the lake, thoroughly splashing several unlucky individuals who just happened to be standing a bit to close to the shoreline. He could only assume that the bag belonged to this boy who seemed to be something of a troublemaker, whether his actions were intentional or not. Under normal circumstances Ryuzaki would most likely have been rather annoyed, but being back amongst his childhood memories he found himself strangely indifferent to the whole thing, perhaps even a bit amused. In addition, the boy seemed fairly interesting, Ryuzaki got the feeling that he wasn't simply a normal child frolicking in the park. Coming to this conclusion he decided to interact with the boy and find out exactly what was up with this kid who had so carelessly soaked the park goers. Grabbing the bag and sitting it up against the tree Ryuzaki decided to wait for the boy here, he'd certainly have to come and retrieve his bag. He briefly considered jumping into the water as well but after a moments of thought he decided against it. He was a strong swimmer, but he had never really enjoyed it and he particularly didn't feel like getting wet today. He also didn't have a change of clothes, so there was that to consider. In the end Ryuzaki decided it would be best to just wait under the tree and talk to the kid when he came by. Ryuzaki stood and stretched his arms above his head letting out a yawn and then leaned back against the rough bark of the tree before pulling off one of the many leaves that dangled from the branches of the tree and fiddling with it a bit. When he had finished he had fashioned himself a leaflute. This was something he'd done many times in his childhood and he felt that he'd gotten pretty good at playing the crude instrument. Placing the leaf to his lips he began to play, and after only a few short moments he noticed that a few of the park goers were looking his way. When he reached a brief pause in the tune he gave them a small smile and then carried on with his impromptu performance. Eventually he had a small crowd gathered around him, maybe five or six people, and he had just reached the most interesting part of the tune. With a flourish he stood upright and distanced himself from the tree a bit, then finished his performance and gave a slight bow. The small crowd clapped for a moment and then dispersed, giving him the occasional nod or smile. Pleased with his performance Ryuzaki leaned against the tree once more and smiled contentedly.

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Nostalgia [Open]
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