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 The Sound of Sorrow

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Sound of Sorrow   Thu May 18, 2017 11:57 am

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Some things couldn't be held in or contained in the darkness. The Quincy returned to finish the job and came for the blood of him.Demons and Quincy from that night so long ago. They showed their fangs so long ago how many moons had gone. This was normal that had been put away for so many years. The Pale Rider, that was a title these days but did they know? He put a hand through his hair and said softly as Pest once said."I'll do what's needed, send a message that cannot be wiped away by anything." Arrows were shot at him and his body they struck did nothing. They shattered upon contact with his eyes of crimson stared downwards. "You attack me with arrows and teeth, yet you know nothing of pain...I'll educate you soon." It was almost a blur of an instant before each person lay on the ground. This blood letting or perhaps a reach into the past darkness. The Pale Rider, murder was a tool, not a pleasure. But something in him deep down found a joy in this.

Lives were forfeit in this moment of all things as they attacked or tried. Demons found nothing fruitful from their Master Kiriel. He'd once said they did this to wake him up. Darkness was in him and he wasn't turning it away tonight. He sent a surge of electricity through the ground hitting those around him. Their bodies convulsed in pain as he exhaled softly a smile slowly appeared." No, no, no I won't let you die just yet.That's too soft a punishment...I won't let you have such an easy release from your chains of captivity. The Quincy I can't harm because of this alliance, but I can do something to them...that will not go away.." Tsubasa's smile became twisted as he stood there. " Run, run fast as you can..I promise this night will lead to wonderland." They got up and began running away. The trouble with the truth of things was that they weren't going to get away. Escape from this darkness wasn't happening not in this eve. They were going to run and flee from him and seeing the hopelessness.

"Do you feel it, do you sense the hopelessness? DO YOU FEEL THE FEAR THEY FELT! THE AGONY BROUGHT ON BY TENSION AS CHILDREN WERE RIPPED APART! I will show you no kindness or mercy this night..You drew your daggers and pushed them into this world like poison...You ripped apart my daughter, so no matter what I do...I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" They ran and would go again and again feeling. Storms brewed around the area as rain fell and they slipped and fell in the mud. Dirt clinging to their white outfits and dark clothing. Crawling and cowering in the mud pleading as he sent a surge of electricity convulsing into their body. "Begging, you seriously believe begging will get mercy? My children begged how many begged for remorse from you and you said no? HOW MANY did you stand and watch burn you....You...." His spiritual pressure caused the ground to crack as their bodies convulsed more in pain. He walked towards one of the males.

Bringing his index finger up he snapped it into the male's knee joint causing it snap. Causing a howl of pain to echo out as he sent another surge out rendering the others unconscious. This was the pain and sadness fo the Pale Rider. The past was gone, Tsunashi was gone. Everyone had left him was he the only one left? They'd stolen his place to belong from him. Taken away what made him human and now it was time for them to see. He gripped the broken leg as he charged it with electricity. Controlling the nervous system through signals he slowly caused pain to be sent overwhelmingly to the brain. They left things on what was done to Tsubaki. They'd committed atrocities that went beyond this realm. His son's mother destroyed and raped by them. Caused pain beyond fathoming and they wanted mercy? They expected him to show kindness to obey some code of conduct they didn't. His composure slowly returned as his smile faded and it became slow. Something filled the air long past the days that once were. The crimson world that filled this rotten realm.

The past was right he made the choice as he gripped one of their throats as he growled slightly. "If...not for my brother I would cause you agony beyond your imagination..If not for his sacrifice...I would destroy you.I will feed you to Despair and show you just how unhinged you can make someone.I will bring back our weapons that we wore off..The Steeds return to the horsemen, you've fired the first shot of war..Hulderic and Kiriel started this battle and I will finish it.Your location is known and I will kill one will be spared your pitiful existence will cease.." He dropped him as he walked to a tree giving it a slam with his hand. As the entire area exploded in spiritual pressure. "Get out of here or I will erase you completely you worthless maggots..I'll show you the Pale and what the true meaning of Despair is...Get out of this place.Or I will erase you."

Oh, how it clawed at his subconscious, the desire to peel them like fruits and skin them. Heal them and break them over and over again. Torture them using Despair to slowly rip and tear their souls apart. To slowly destroy the humanity in them to make them mere husks. Oh, the Euphoria of the thought was there. Pest made a sacrifice because he could restrain himself. Because he could hold in this demon within his blood. But right now it scratched and clawed like a beast in him. He remained alert as they vanished and his body let a sigh out as he remained there in the rain. Tsubasa Unabara the man of composure and endless stance. Was vulnerable for a moment as he laid against the tree. Water ran does his face and cheeks tears or not was unknown. This was something the Pale Rider could do as he'd yet to mourn. Yet to truly let it out as he'd felt his emotions building and boiling."Tsunashi, your right..I can't be that demon..those kids count on me..pathetic..of me I guess to fail expectations of my brothers.The failure remains and those gifted ones die, I guess that's fate for you."

He was alone at last and something about that thought struck him. The only Unabara left was him everyone else had died. Those who were here didn't carry the burden. Was this what it meant to be strong from his generation? To survive and complete his progress to becoming someone worthwhile. Tsubasa's journey it was a long one as the clothing he wore got damp. He watched them depart running away in fear of what they'd seen. The message was sent but it almost went further. His emotions were raw and unhinged. This was the Unabara who once lead them. The man who'd kill without remorse and bring death upon them. He ripped his brother's arm off as a kindness at the time when it was death. That arm was Pest's belief in him and the only thing that stopped him. It was the root which kept the darkness at bay. He deserved no happiness or joy in his life. It's why no matter the marriage Tsubasa remained unmoved. He didn't let love enter that picture.

For his crimes, he deserved no happiness his only place was a swordsman. A warrior who had killed far too many to ever be forgiven. Who'd done crimes against the Balance and the world. This was his atonement and his price for the pain he'd caused. This was his Despair to rot in for all eternity.

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The Sound of Sorrow
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