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 A Wanderer's Curse

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Wanderer's Curse   Fri May 19, 2017 3:31 pm

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He once sat in the kingdom of Hueco Mundo killing hollows. The veteran Shinigami had an air about him. Being there during the Quincy war and the man who slaughtered the children and innocent people. He was a killer to his core as he sat within a bar drinking. Sake or whatever beverage they had was better. He held the glass staring into the liquid as it looked almost of blood. Redeeming one's self for crimes so long ago had he been there. Yamamoto could have been saved perhaps, Yachiru wouldn't be in a coma. The only survivor of the Original Captains a man with unbridled experience and intellect on things. His digits ran across the glass as he stood up putting his tab down on the bar. He wasn't just a drunk as he hefted the large black blade to his back. Seven feet of blade slowly resting against his spine now as he headed for the door. He didn't intend to fight as a male came to him making an offer. "Tell ya what old man, you look tough if I beat you I get the sword and you buy me a drink."

The smell from the man was more alcohol than man at this point. He didn't know where this one came from as the male swung. He gently put a hand on the male's side. It was sudden but the male was blasted backward into a chair. The technique didn't require any physical skill as he sighed softly. "Young man, you are far too impetuous for even that amount of alcohol. Humility would serve you well..Now if you will pardon me I paid my tab." He said his eyes shined with a conviction. Something behind this old man's worn features as he pushed his cloak on. The male remained unmoving knocked out from whatever that was. It sadly didn't take long but the police arrived as they began the process of taking him into custody. He'd not released his spiritual pressure or done anything to harm the person. They remained stationary for the moment as he exhaled and entered the bar slowly. "I apologize for the disturbance miss, I had intended to enjoy my drink and leave..This is for any damages or personal offense I may have committed."

Giving a boy of his head he pulled out some additional money along with the tip he'd left her. He'd been quite generous for the most part as he walked past the male. Gently putting his arms out to be cuffed if they decided to do so. He wasn't drunk or remotely phased by the liquor in his system. The elder male stood and waited as Police stood taken aback by what had happened. Takeshi remained to wait with his arms out. Perhaps they were trying to identify him or something of the sorts. No one was left alive aside from his rival Yachiru. But she was in a coma at this point. Takeshi was the oldest living Shinigami at present and it didn't help much. He didn't side with the Gotei due to a vow of honor. But he didn't stand by idle either in watching this world. He'd become a spectator for far too long, perhaps action was needed. Even the old generation could provide some form of wisdom in this world.

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A Wanderer's Curse
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