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 Operation Island Purge [Vanguard Mission] - Micronesia Thread

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Operation Island Purge [Vanguard Mission] - Micronesia Thread   Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:43 pm


Artist: Johnny Rivers - Song: Secret Agent Man - Word Count: N/A

Vladimir let out a sigh; it seemed that he was lagging behind. The beast was already slain and the it seemed the girl was coming to assist him; how poor it must seem that he had not already slain the demon. A bit annoyed with this Vladimir decided it was about time to end this show; what was the point in allowing something as trivial as this to continue on? It was with this the man seemed to try and utilize some form of energy. The strikes were soft, so be it, though they did effect Vladimir. The energy was sharp, sharp enough to cut through pieces of chi and tear a muscle. This, however, was nothing for him. Sure, he knew he was damaged, but that was not enough to stop his movements. This was for the sake of Russia! It was to prove to the people of Micronesia, no to the people of the world that Russia was able to be as assertive as it need be. He was here to prove to everyone that there was yet another great power on this earth and that Russia had not simply turned into a sleeping country; one in which the very people were unable to do anything. It was with this force, with this determination, that his body continued to move. Although he had faltered for a moment there, but that was all! "And why do you speak when in the presence of death?" It was with this that chi would flow through his chest and arms; what small wounds there may have been temporarily healed, and his body at an increased strength.

It was with this that his arm would shoot up once more, grabbing the man by the nape of the neck and slamming it into his knee. His grip was now something he doubted the demon could resist. What was the point of resistance at this point? He would be killed either way. It was with this that it seemed the female felt the need to intervene and would begin to launch her own attacks. It seemed this had turned into a group beat down, though he would have preferred to do this alone. It was with this that he would drag the mans up, his knee having hit it three times at this point, Vladimir would punch the man in the face once more, allowing him to fall to the ground. It was with this that his right arm would begin to glow blue, but for a moment, before a beam of Chi shot out and towards the mans chest. This was, without a doubt, the end for the male if he was unable to evade.

Even if the man was able to evade the grabbing of his nape, which came at a much quicker speed than before, Vladimir's arms would turn begin to turn blue; it seemed he was out to finish this no matter the situation. Launching a punch towards the males chest the chi would launch outward, and more than likely pierce the mans chest. Assuming that the man could not live without his chest this should be the end.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Operation Island Purge [Vanguard Mission] - Micronesia Thread   Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:38 pm

Random Demon Dude

Demon Dude

The man could heal himself, it seemed. As his blow had torn muscle, and without muscle, no amount of strength or determination could cause movement. So many people forgot about the fact that while they possessed grant spiritual powers, they were still biological, still followed the rules that mortals followed. But, the healing didn't seem to do anything for his brain, as after he healed himself, he did exactly the same trick, which was met with exactly the same counter, an incredibly rapid blow to throw off the grapple attempt, and then he slid off to the side with skilled footwork. He could feel that the second blow was not as effective as the first, and wouldn't stop the blow in and of itself, so he needed to get out of the way while he slowed it down. The man had sped up, either through enhancement or because he started this fight without his full abilities. The playing field was practically level, and so he would have a much greater time with this fight.

It was not to be, however, since the woman appeared just as the man's arm was glowing blue, and drove a mighty punch to his gut. Random threw himself backwards from the force of the blow, reducing the impact, but not by a great deal. Nothing broke, but it certainly didn't feel good. He landed several meters back, in a position to keep an eye on both of them, but debating wither he should stay. Everyone else had bugged out, the soldiers had cleaned up what men they had managed to grab, and the Beast was dead. While he was watching the two and considering his options, the man launched some sort of energy beam, which Random only just managed to avoid taking straight to the chest. As it was, his arm was blown off, ending in a ragged stump of nothing. And it hurt, a lot. Bugging out had never sounded so good, and so that was exactly what he did, utilizing his Shadow Movement mere seconds after the beam was shot. With any luck, it would appear as if he was obliterated by the beam. And if not, he was still out of this crazy hell-hole. Random really needed better assignments....

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Operation Island Purge [Vanguard Mission] - Micronesia Thread
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