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 Power Expansion for Ichika Yuudeshi.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Power Expansion for Ichika Yuudeshi.   Sun May 21, 2017 7:23 pm

» Name Of Character: Ichika Yuudeshi
» Link To Character: Ichika's Application

» Upgrading: Ability Upgrades and power development as well as obtaining her Aether Armament that I was going to make post-creation of her application.

» Why: Ichika is working very hard to develop her powers and strength in her goal to be strong and able to protect people, her drive to get stronger is fuelled by her loathing of being weak and unable to help people [as I will show in the Vastime Island Purge Mission] as well as her inferiority complex to Cirno when she sees just how far apart in power they are and how she is limited in the good she can do by the powers that she has.

Jewelled Wings

Ichika is able to incorporate her skill in aether to infuse magical properties into her crystals and allow them a versatile array of effects and strengths. She can only have one wing ability active in ether morph immersion, for her second release she is able to have three active at any given time and in her final form she is able to utilise all six of her wings abilities.

Switching between wings at rapid pace drains stamina incredibly quick which means spamming is possible but the duration she will be able to fight for will be significantly less.

» Emerald Wings: Generating an emerald coloured stone Ichika is able to make the crystal so hot that it catches fire and the crystal works as a fuel to keep it going. This is no ordinary fire however since it is akin to Greek Fire and therefore can burn in water and without oxygen, being incredibly effective towards water users and making it incredibly dangerous to those who are targeted by it since Ichika's fire is only able to be stopped via methods such as spiritual defences or sealing, the fire can burn for two posts since its creation.

» Sapphire Wings: Instead of turning her crystals into a fuel source as she does with her Emerald Wing. Ichika instead generates a multitude of tiny particles that are microscopic and so they take the form of a cloud, this cloud has a decaying effect when it comes into contact with organic matter such as plants and living tissue, a short exposure to the poison doesn't leave people with much less than rash but the longer one is exposed the more it saps the energy and vitality of the targets. Symptoms begin with small things like coughing and nausea which progressively get worse until they develop into migraines and complete fainting. It is particularly effective against natural-based abilities such as plants although due to being a dust cloud it is weak against wind and air currents.

» Ruby Wings: Activating Ruby Wings causes a ruby red crystalline substance in a liquid state to form which acts in many ways like water but it most definitely is, the liquid does not conduct electricity but actually repels it and negates it which makes it an excellent defensive ability should Ichika be facing an electric user but as a liquid it still can be used against fire. This liquid is slow however to move, it's mass makes it hard to control and use properly and as such it is useless for offence in most situation with its primary purpose being defence.

» Chrysanthemum Wings: Creating shards of yellow crystal Ichika's crystal shards possess thermal immunity and therefore cannot be affected by fire or ice, this makes it impossible to burn or freeze them, although freezing the area around them can still trap them. This is particularly effective against thermal powers that might hinder Ichika's crystals from being effective.

» Amethyst Wings: By breaking her crystals so small and microscopic Ichika is able to have them constantly colliding with each other to promote electrical charge and the result is purple electricity that can use any material as a conduit to travel along, even rubber and materials that don't normally collect charge. This includes air as well, meaning that if used right she can electrify an entire area to do incredible area of effect damage. She can generate one electrical surge per post.

» Diamond Wings: Considered her most powerful ability in her Ether Morph: Immersion, she is able to generate a series of small crystal fragments that allow her to redirect light and focus it so that it is able to burn and blind targets while also being able to be used as shards to attack. By surrounding a target in the diamond fragments she is able to flood them with Aether and cause an incredible explosion with the power of a Gran Rey Cero performed by an Advanced User although doing so completely shuts down her Ether Morph and leaves her drained.

» Extra: Nope.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Power Expansion for Ichika Yuudeshi.   Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:32 pm

[adm]Alright, the first thing that I'll say about the wings is that all of them need cooldowns in terms of usage, not just the abilities. I'd like those to be added. Now, time to deal with the specific problems with each of the wings.

Quote :
Sapphire Wings

For this, I'd like a chart, or something of the like to determine the effects of this per tier. I.E 1 tier it takes 6 posts to drain, etc.

Quote :
Ruby Wings

For this, all I need done is that she won't be able to negate all kinds of electricity, especially those of higher tiers.


That should be all the issues that I have with these. Once these are finished, this should be ready to go. If you have any questions or concerns, PM me.

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Power Expansion for Ichika Yuudeshi.
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