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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active Since June 3rd, 2010]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Lets Make Something! [Part 1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lets Make Something! [Part 1]   Sun May 21, 2017 8:43 pm

Vladimir was a person who was very unskilled when it came to creating and maintaining advanced technologies, and he understood this. It was not as though he had gotten some sort of degree in engineering, nor had he actually ever attempted to build something before! This, however, did not stop him from having these rather interesting ideas. These ideas were things that Vladimir simply could not put off any longer. Taking the initiative he simply decided to visit one of Russia's more premier technological sites. It was here that he would be able to find a person who could understand what it was that he wanted and only then would he be happy.

It was with this that he took the liberty of using his own connections to get himself into the compound; it was with this that he was directed to some rather educated men. After having spent a few minutes in the lab with the men it seemed that they were pretty understanding of his situation and what it was that he was trying to accomplish. Everyone wanted to get Russia back into the forefront of technological advancements and the most powerful military.

"Listen, I can't talk specifics, I don't know them, but I can tell you what I want! I want a bomb, one bigger than anything you've ever made before. I'm sure you know the impact that Nuclear weapons had on the world so many years ago. I want that, again. Bigger, better. Can you handle this? I do hope that you can understand what it is I want. A bomb at least one hundred times more powerful; a bomb that can destroy a nation, but just that. It doesn't have the same problems as a traditional nuke. I want to be able to handle the fallout. Understand? THEN WHY ARE YOU STANDING AROUND? GET TO WORK!" It was with this that he left the compound and get to work. They seemed confident in their own abilities.
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Lets Make Something! [Part 1]
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