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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Going Simple

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Song: N/A| Artist: N/A | Word Count: 500

Things were going great for Rtisuko first the Rail cannon she made was a complete success made it through the prototype stage with no issue whatsoever, now that the first part of her missin was complete it was time to create another weapon...

Sitting on a bench drawing a rough sketch of what the next item would be.. "Hmm, I could go for something more simpler less hassle for the workers and myself included but what.."
Ritsuko scratched her head thinking of what type of sword, would it he a European sword Japanese? The possibilities were just endless for her, she looked up too find some sort of sign to aid her but where would it be?

A man was selling sword of various sizes each coming from different parts of the world some were real but he obviously couldn't sell it to those underage. One particular sword caught her eye however..
The sword itself had a basic design the hilt was similar to a typical European sword and was pretty light-weight probably beautiful almost like it was never touched by a single soul.

"Excuse me sir, how much for this sword?"

The merchant was fairly built had a mustache and was wearing regular attire although his face had a few scars he seemed like a nice gentleman so she asked
What the price was for this sword.
"This sword young lady will cost you about 1129.83 rubles" ($20.00 US currency)
Ritsuko rummaged through her purse and handed the man the money making sure the amount was correct before handing it too him of course here's
Counting the money before putting it in the cash register. He took the sword off the rack making sure nothing was damaged before putting the sword in a special case with the receipt inside.
"Pleasure doing business with ya"

Ritsuko replied with a thank you before heading off home to greet her parents perhaps get something to eat after all you can't think without something in your stomach giving her dad a hug with a small kiss in the cheek

Your in a good mood today, anything exciting happen? Her mother asked curiously

"Yep,just coming up with ideas weapons I'm thinking about doing a sword next."

Ritsuko was about to head straight towards her room until her mother stopped her for a brief moment..
Do you want something to eat, perhaps some Veal Orlov?
"Sounds great mom, I'll be in my room for a few minutes"
With that Ritsuko headed upstairs to her room closing her door...

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Going Simple
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