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 Yanna Deus the Forsaken [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yanna Deus the Forsaken [WIP]   Wed May 24, 2017 7:03 pm




» Name: Her given name at birth was Izabelle, with no last name as they weren't needed for royalty back during her birth. Though when she had entered Hueco Mundo, to symbolize her birth she changed her name to Yanna Deus. Yanna is derived from the Hebrew word "Yana" which meant "God is gracious", while Deus was derived from the Latin word "Deus", meaning God.

» Titles: Forgotten Queen, Lord of the Forsaken

» Real Age: Currently, Yanna is 610 years old by human standards.

» Age Appearance: Being stunted at the point of ascension to the state of Forsaken, Yanna seems to look of someone in their late 20’s to early 30’s. 29 to be specific.

» Gender: Yanna was born and raised as a Female.

» Race: Yanna was born as a Human, but being stuck in Hueco Mundo for so long, she converted into a Human-Hollow hybrid, donning a mask and all, though after she got together with Aizen, she was converted into a Human-Vizard Hybrid through the Hogyoku.

» Affiliation/Rank: Soon after populating Hueco Mundo with humans, Yanna founded a small religion/cult/faction known as Populus Dei. In this said faction, Yanna ranks the second highest in terms of authority, given the codename of The Empress.

Also with this, Yanna has a slight affiliation with Hueco Mundo and those who reside there. Since she's been on hiatus for a while, she hasn't been paying too much attention to the events that have happened, but she has heard of the organizations that have taken over.


» Physical Appearance Image:

» Physical Appearance Description: Yanna, in short, is elegant more than anything else. Being raised as a princess, Yanna was always taught to care about what she looked like but don’t overdo it. Even today, nearly 600 years later, she still remembers this key piece of information and holds it dear as it’s one of the few memories she had of her home.

Yanna has silver-blonde hair, making it look a more dull shade of blonde than bright. If it were to be let down, it would reach just below the halfway point of her back, though she rarely ever keeps it down as it would get in the way of her everyday activities. Instead, she has it tied up in quite a unique way. She keeps her hair tied up, having a smaller braid surrounding the starting point of the rise, and finally a black silk ribbon to secure it. She keeps the front part of her hair down, it is long enough to fall past her jaw.

Yanna’s attire is very formal. It mainly contains itself of blackish-purple tinted, the material also seems to feel like silk. Most of the time her dresses show only a tad bit of cleavage, her C cup breasts making it actually quite hard to be tasteful yet formal at the same time. The bottom of the dresses covering her thighs, only stopping at the knees. She combines the dark dress with fishnet stockings, to add just a hint of sexiness to her overall appearance.

»Reiatsu: Yanna's reiatsu has a very wild and violent appearance, looking jagged and sharp around the edges tho having the structure of liquid, seeming to mold around objects that come in contact with it. The color of it is black with a purple outline, making it very hard to see in the dark but very noticeable in the light. If one gets close enough to her, they would notice that the reiatsu smells of grape wine, complimenting the royal vibe she gives off.


Izabelle, also known as the 5th Queen of England, or she was supposed to be. She was born to Queen Anne and her spouse Prince of Denmark. Though she wasn't an only child, actually she was the opposite. She was one of the triplets, the other two children being her brothers, Benjamin and Bernard. Though Benjamin didn't long as he died soon after birth to an unknown cause.

Both Izabelle and Bernard are spiritually aware, Izabelle more than Bernard. The servants that had worked at their estate would report to the heads of the house that the children would talk to nothing and various objects would be moving with them across the room. In truth, Izabelle and Bernard were not only spiritually aware, but they were strong with spiritual power. This was odd but not unheard of, but their mass amount of Reiryoku were uncontrolled, so the two couldn't be around each other for too long because they would hurt each other.

Though her brother was troublesome and a danger to her health, they were actually quite close. They would send notes to each other daily, getting them through the servants around the estate. She actually got along quite well with Bernard, but her parents were a different story. Her mother was barely ever around, mainly because she was the queen, but Izabelle never took that as an excuse. Throughout her whole life, she's only seen her mother twice that she remembers. Her father was almost the same, but he visited Bernard and only Bernard. At least her mother visited, she doesn't even know what her father looks like.

But then one day, Izabelle was feeling a tad bit rebellious and left her room then went to the courtyard. Her brother had done the same. It was hard to explain but they had somewhat of a telepathic connection, being able to know what the other is thinking and communicate in some form of way. Eventually, they met, and it was, to say the least, explosive. To Bernard, Izabelle was the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen, and to Izabelle, Bernard the most handsome guy she's laid eyes upon. Both awkward and indecent, yes, but they couldn't deny their feelings for each other. But this reunion was short lived.

What do you get when two extremely powerful spiritual entities are in one place? Well, normally nothing but these two were humans, and hollows love humans as snacks. So when a gargantua appeared only a few feet away from them you'd think that a hollow would appear right? But there was no hollow. And being the curious bunch they are, both entered the gaping void. It closed behind them, then Izabelle the 5th Queen of England and Prince Bernard were erased from the world.


First it was two, and then it was one. It didn't take long for it to happen, only a week in Earth's time happened but it felt like a month to Izabelle. Hueco Mundo--that's what the monsters called it-- was a scary place, but more specifically the Menos Forest, located under the sand canopy. Upon the first contact, Izabelle and Bernard have been running for their lives. It was like they had big neon signs on their back in a world of darkness. But they had each other, and that's what kept them going. But even love couldn't allow them to run for eternity.

Bernard was the first to learn. He was always a quick learner. His spiritual pressure seemed to keep itself in check out of fear, or perhaps the human instinct of survival. Bernard saved himself but left Izabelle behind. It took her another two days after his departure before she grasped how to suppress her power.

A whole month passed before she did. Or before her human side did, anyway. Being in hell did something to her, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Emptiness was all she felt. Bernard left her and nobody was going to come save her, she might as well kill herself because death was inevitable and it was creeping on her slowly. Gradually, a mask formed over her face. She noticed but she didn't care, she didn't care about anything anymore. She didn't care about herself, she just wanted to leave her old life behind, start anew. New name, new look, new persona.

And thus was the end of Izabelle and the birth of Yanna. Comes three weeks after, Yanna eats Bernard.



That's how Yanna would be, if you added the time of Izabelle. It's been so long since she's done much of anything. She's been to the human world already, multiple times already, and times have changed signifigantly. Techonology has been introduced, something that would have been a myth when she was alive. It seems that everyone has been enjoying life, but Yanna still felt as if she was missing something..

Granted this was normal, she's a hollow. They all feel empty. Up until that day, Yanna had never left the Menos Forest, but decided to break out onto the top land. And what she saw was beauty, something she hasn't seen in a while.

A castle loomed over the white sand, its shadow enormous. Those around her called it Las Noches. The Nights. And like before, her curiosity had bester her and she entered the fort, only to be confronted by those who looked like her. They were talking, and she overheard one of them call the other an "Arrancar", not soon before signalling for her to follow them, which she did.

The halls of Los Noches compared to nothing that she's seen before. The castles in the human world were small, the halls cramped and hot. But here, it felt, odd. The emptiness she had once was faint now, no longer overwhelming the rest of her emotions. Then she saw him. The king of the castle.

The only word she could describe him with would be: radiant.

The moment she walked into the room she locked eyes with him. He seemed to show an interest in her as she did in him, even if the interests were different. He stoodup from his pearl white throne and approached her, his eyes deadlocked on her. A smirk grew across his face as he got closer and closer and closer, until her bare chest was up against his.


» Sexual Orientation: During the time of her birth, homosexuality was banned and looked down upon, so with that Yanna was expected to be heterosexual. Though in truth, she had an attraction to both sexes, making her, by definition, a closet bisexual.

This changed when she entered Hueco Mundo. Without her parents or anyone else around her to tell her what to do and how to do it, Yanna felt free. And free she was, as she has had many strictly intimate relationships since then, but has had one and only one romantic relationship.

» Speech Pattern: When Yanna talks, a very noticeable feature is her accent. It's an English accent, England-English not American-English. It's not as heavy as it was when she was a child, actually being close to non-existent but it's still there.

Her vocabulary tends to consist of long and needless words that she uses to give off the vibe that she is smart. They are needless because they are just words that have a shorter variation with the same meaning. She also has a very formal tone of voice, speaking in a cliché arrogant way that makes people think that she's snobby.

» Strong Willed: Another word for stubborn, Yanna is able to be determined on an objective or challenge even if the odds are against her. She also hates to get help from others when she is dealing with a physical obstacle, knowing that she can rely on herself and only herself for help in those kind of situation. Others often see this as an obsession or think that she's flat out insane, which she would argue against.

» Observant:

»Serious: Nothing is a joke. Yanna has experienced and has seen way to much in her life to laugh. Its not like she doesn't laugh, even the troubled have a sense of humor, but she doesn't laugh at most jokes but instead reacts with a cold glare.


» Sōsuke Aizen:

» Rose Mischevang:

Coding By: [THEFROST]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yanna Deus the Forsaken [WIP]   Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:04 am

Let me know what's going on with this, will move to inactive if left untouched for another few days without notifying a staff member/myself of the current situation.


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Still working on it

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[mod]Archiving upon member request[/mod]

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Yanna Deus the Forsaken [WIP]
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