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 Shimmering Love Under The Bleeding Sun [Monsuta Mission Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shimmering Love Under The Bleeding Sun [Monsuta Mission Thread]   Thu May 25, 2017 3:02 pm

Mission Thread:



Song: Lostwoods - Artist: ozonesounds - Words: N/A

Sun, sun, sun. Oh praise the wonderful sun!

The stellar cluster of life in the sky was beaming with a most glorious glow that would make even the glummest of individuals feel twinges of happiness from its warm rays. All throughout the island, it's gripping pulsations of joy shined for all to relish in. It's why so many sought to live, indulge and bask in the life of coastal regions because there were nothing but comfort, beauty, and serenity for as far as the eye could see. And thus, it was the perfect place to get people calmed, chilled and open enough to discuss matters of importance when it came to the global stage of earth.


Did one believe all of this was possible just because humanity was a peace and loving people? Not a chance.

Today was an important day because of the fact that the Monsuta had already sent a transmission to the new leadership of the Solomon Islands that a representative from their faction was going to be visiting. Their purpose? To create some form of allyship with the new country as they begin to grow into power. Everyone needs friends, and both the Monsuta and the Solomon Islands were no different.

Thus, it is why Adam gave his coordinates to the authorities of The Solomon Islands to arrive on the coastlines of Sukiki. As on that beach is where the slender figure of this ambassador would be awaiting. With the golden glimmer of the morning sun arising on the beach, the placid breeze of this tropical wind blew through the male's twin-tailed hair and his blood eyes couldn't help but feel content and in awe of the wonders that came with placing ones self in nature.

Feeling the warmth of the sand between the toes of his feet, it felt as if he was rooted and one with the earth as he continued to mull along the shore and observe the endless seas beyond the reach of this island. In response to this feeling of serenity flowing through his veins, the chi of Adam reacted by emitting a release of cherry pink energy from his body. Those who were in its presence may feel this same anticipation, excitement, heat and love flowing through their essence as he did since his feelings were starting to reflect themselves in the material world around him.

He saw great potential in this meeting and could see it as a chance to start further springing the strings of his ambition to the world around him. It was quite the thrill to see the seeds of his investments beginning to grow within the Monsuta, the people he allied himself and the lives he was starting to alter and change. If he could bring some type of benefit to these people, then he feels he would have done his job of further pushing some form of progression into the planet and keeping his sails straight towards his grand and unending ambition.

"Today is a good day. I feel it's going to be good. It will be good."

With that self-affirmation given, a gentle laugh escaped his flush lips, and he resigned himself to wait for his guests to arrive.

Coding By: [THEFROST]


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Shimmering Love Under The Bleeding Sun [Monsuta Mission Thread]
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