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 Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]   Mon May 29, 2017 10:47 am

The Silent Magpie


Junko inhaled and exhaled softly, her body completely composed and relaxed. This was the most relaxed the girl had ever been in her life, even more than when Arianda gave her a feeling of calm and pleasure. Her mind was active though, sinking deeper and deeper into utter despair. She had forced herself to stop tearing up, keeping her red eyes shut as instructed. She had accepted it; she was awful, and there was no changing or saving her... Her mind was in some morbid sense of ease, knowing she would face repercussions for her "crime". She heard this man's voice once more, this crack of moonlight that showed her the way in the darkness of her mind, that showed her the cruelty of her actions.

"Yes..." She had replied, unknowingly breathing in more of the pink mist, that gave her body such ease, such comfort... Even if she knew she was breathing in this, she would still inhale, to allow it into her body. Though she had accepted she was filthy, she accepted whatever this man would generously give her. She couldnt push him out; that would be awful... She was completely mentally delirious, completely snipped away from reality by this man.

Junko felt relief as she felt she was finally going to get what she deserved for doing this to these people... That...
The instant a sharp pain hit her forehead, the sound similar to an airplane taking off in her head, she partially snapped back into reality. Not only did she feel something sharp on her scalp, she felt it go in... Quite deep as well. In a moment of panic, her eyes shot open, a hand darting to her forehead before she flinched, moving her hand down. It felt like touching salt to an open wound, her taking a look at her hand. She was in shock, seeing blood on it. She felt a warm liquid trickle down from her head to by her eye, seeing red at the edge of her vision. She swore she heard noises in her head as well. She felt up her skull, feeling frightened as what the man had did to her, but she slowly looked to him as he had asked her about the pain.

She felt fear swim in her chest along with the pleasant fuzzies, but reality had been brought to her once more. She was thinking about disagreeing, and had the desire to inch away from him, but she was struck with a terrible pain in her head. She persisted the thought, but the pain only got worse... She held her head, letting out agonized groans as her head dipped. She shivered, tears coming from her eyes. Was... Disagreeing bad? Did that cause this? She groaned, and completely abandoned the thought of disagreeing. She felt a little.. Iffy in the head. It was slightly harder to focus, to keep track all of a sudden... Soon she slowly raised her head, smiling gently at the man.
"I... Agree. It was liberating, thank you..." She was instantly met with gratifying pleasure, which overshadowed the pain she had felt. She almost began drooling from how wonderful she felt. She had no idea she was being reprogramed without her knowledge through this, not a single guess.
"Junko... Junko Astillon." She replied to the man, being much more accepting of his presence, "Our... Goddess? Khala?" She asked, tilting her head to the side, confusion marked on her face, "I didn't know there was a goddess.. I didnt even think tha-tha-..." She had scratched the side of her head through the whole process of speaking, as if trying to get whatever was making noises in her head out. She had occasionally switched sides of scratching, her eye twitching from discomfort. "I-I... Itch-Itch..." She had mistaken what she heard in her skull for some sort of itching, trying vigorously to relieve it.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Stuff Changes, And I Hate Change. [Junko/Sunshine] [CLOSED]   Mon May 29, 2017 1:28 pm