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 Sassy Cat [Demon WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sassy Cat [Demon WIP]   Mon May 29, 2017 10:11 am

Primal Demon


I. Basic Information

» Name: Sassy

» Age: 5107 Years (That's 61284 in Cat Years)

» Gender: Female

» Shifter Appearance:

» True Appearance:

» Height: Four Feet, Ten Inches (147 centimeters)

» Weight: 132 pounds (60 kilograms)

II. Personality Traits

» Trait 1:

» Trait 2:

» Trait 3:

III. Character Background

» Ancient Lore:

The Divine as interpreted by early man has always been an inexact concept founded on people’s beliefs moreso than actual fact. In modern times when the reality of spiritual worlds became discovered, the old gods did not quite fit in with the science man now knew. For whatever may have happened in the past, it was hard to tell precisely what was truly experienced and what was the fabrications of a madman or someone merely seeking meaning in life. And if gods did come into contact with humankind in the past? What little could have been gleaned from this intersection was distorted in the minds of those who experienced it, or lost in translation over the ages. It was an unrefined era then, and most of the truth has long been lost. The Divine, as once they were depicted, were false.

But that did not mean they did not exist.

While much is not known, there exist a certain clique of demons who once interfered with mankind’s history—they became known as the Egyptian Gods, their lore twisted to fit man’s perspective of existence, but had indeed been encountered. This presents a certain theory that most old gods may have simply been powerful individuals from the past who once had influenced early man on Earth. At least, this is the case for Bastet, the main character of this story. Bastet, who for complicated reasons now goes by the name ‘Sassy,’ once represented Egypt’s god of felines and warfare, if for nothing else based on basic skills of observation. The stories tell of how the bestial God once went on a rampage, before falling into the cool waters of a lake, transforming into a gentle cat. This legend holds some merit, but the ultimate truth is hidden away in the mind of Bastet herself…

» Bastet, the Raging Lioness:

While once considered gods by the humans who encountered Bastet and the clique she belonged to, in comparison to demonkind as a whole, they were not very powerful or special. While technically Primal Demons, they were still considered newborns at the time they came across humans. Their lineage had perhaps small instances of royal blood, but this had very little meaning as the descendants bred with other families and diluted it, leaving no claim to their former power. Yet even such little power was considered immense by the weakling humans they came across, enough to have them build temples in their honor and create a mythology involving them as immeasurable deities.

Ra, Horus, Set, Thoth, Anubis… there were a total of fifty-two names than humans learned of when they encountered this clique, including Bastet’s own. There were also other demon cliques who became involved with the same area of Egypt once the first demons set foot into this land, but these others were rivals, akin to clashing factions in the small territory of the demon realm they belonged to. When the first demons travelled to Earth, the others followed in order to continue their war with each other, and it is this war from which humans have structured the most of their mythology.

What humans have misconstrued as a clash of the gods merely was a war between two hated factions of demons. There were many clashes among them, but to highlight Bastet’s in specific—her greatest enemy was a demon known as ‘Apep’. If she was meant to represent felines, Apep was iconic to snakes, and it was from their many fights that cats gained the association with hunters of snakes in Egypt. Many a feud between the two ended in victory for the demon Bastet, who was naturally superior in combat versus Apep. Yet, he in turn was clever, and used schemes to make up for his lack in power.

In their final battle together, Apep was able to inflict a poison upon Bastet with the slightest of injuries, despite being horribly beaten in return. He had lost the fight, surely, but the war was won with this move. The poison corrupted Bastet’s mind, driving her to uncontrollable rage over all other emotions, effectively forcing her own clique to exile her from the Demon Realm because they couldn’t figure out how to calm her from Apep’s venom. Ra was the one forced to make this decision, in order to effectively fight back against Apep’s forces, they couldn’t risk using their own on trying to keep Bastet in check.

The Raging Lioness was sent out alone to the lower regions of Egypt, causing havoc for the humans in this area at the time while the war raged up north. Yet, there were few who followed Bastet in her exile due to their close ties. Mut, her mother, and Wadjet, a childhood friend. They did not fight in the wars, but they could still try their best to help Bastet in her maddened state. Try as they might, though, they were only able to minimize the damage done to the human communities. They were forced to keep her in Lake Isheru, calming her without success.

It was not until in desperation that Mut and Wadjet thought to forcefully suppress the rage in Bastet’s heart by sacrificing themselves; using their own life energy in order to overpower the venom. In the center of that lake one day, the deed was done, as they allowed themselves to be absorbed into Bastet’s form. For the first time, the Lioness was allowed rest from her anger, falling into a coma that lasted for three entire days. Humans eventually discovered her, believing Egypt’s waters to have been the cause behind her calming, though they lacked the entire truth. And when the three days ended… Bastet vanished.

» Sassy, Out of Nowhere:

Bastet’s legend was thought to have ended there, merely the consequence of Egyptian legend, but something that no one really knows is that she did reappear one day… far into the future. Year 2412 AD, the first human sighting of her was by a character known as none other than Len Washi. She was as she appeared back then, a woman with considerably lacking clothing and some small yet genuine feline features attached to her body. One would believe that her personality and memories would remain in tact as well and yet… Bastet acted like little more than a newborn kitten, lost and then found by sheer coincidence. With her former past far in the past and long forgotten, she had nowhere to go, no frame of mind to think for herself about what to do. She had been saved from Apep’s poison but she’d lost so much of herself as a result.

Cold and alone, stuck in the rain; the boy Washi decided to take her with him out of kindness. By bringing her into his apartment and giving her the care for her that he did, his actions caused Bastet to imprint onto him as if he were her owner. Forgoing her former nature and stature, Bastet had become Len’s pet cat, more or less. And in exchange, he gave her a name for lack of the one she had forgotten: “Sassy”. This was the means with which she has been reintroduced into the world. Everything she used to have may have been lost, but now…

...Now she was free to have a second chance at life.

IV. Natural Abilities

IV. Demon Skills

» Intertwined Za Koa: In the latter years of Sassy’s life as Bastet, during the age in which she could feel only madness—experience only madness as a result of her worst enemy’s poison venom—the method used in order to save her life was an unprecedented kind. Other demons who held close bonds to her were willing to lay down their lives and sacrifice themselves for her sake. They offered their very essence to her not unlike a cult would make an offering to their gods. This ritual resulted in a fusion of their souls, binding their energies to the core of Sassy’s soul; and with it, their powers as a demon. Normally, Sassy’s connection to Za Koa would have settled at an average level on its own merits; but, with those demons now merged with her, she added an additional connection to Za Koa that improved her ability to manipulate demon energy.

In terms of raw output, Sassy’s Za Koa is clearly one cut above. She can access the multiple waygates into the negative realm that are within her body to draw in massive amounts of energy at an accelerated rate—on par with some of the greatest of Za Koa masters. Additionally, her ability to improve this demonic skill is multiplied by the number of demon souls she had fused to hers from the past, representing an incredible latent potential. This is all wonderful, but it does not imply a flawless improvement over other demons; this was a boon achieved through forbidden methods as opposed to true development. It’s use isn’t completely practical and neither is it entirely stable. For one, the fact that these separate connections originated in demons who were not Sassy mean that she does not have complete control over them. They are a part of her now but on the occasion will forget and be inaccessible while under duress. If Sassy’s state grows intensely out of balance, then these additional pathways may become self-destructive to her.

» Za Koa — Reclamation of Exhaust: A latter system of Sassy’s Za Koa mastery comes in the form of an energy metabolism capable of reusing the wasted energy created by utilizing Demon Magic. And in direct consequence, her body has evolved to uniquely manifest her exhaust in an overt gaseous state for ease of reclaiming it. To elaborate, as demons convert their energies into their spells or other abilities, a certain percentage of that energy is lost depending on their mastery in manipulating Za Koa. The process is usually never perfectly efficient, and there is usually always some amount of wasted energy in the conversion. Sassy’s nature introduces a solution to this problem, as closely intertwined the qualities of Gold that it is—just as the precious metal conducts electricity incredibly well, Sassy’s body is naturally conductive to demon energy. Even when the wasted energy escapes, she can take it back within her to be recycled.

This ability is very visible to both allies and enemies alike, occurring every time Sassy utilizes demon energy in order to fuel her abilities. To be more exact, it begins just before the attack is released, when the conversion is made. This effect is represented as an expulsion of a white steam-like substance that follows all the rules of any other gas, but represents the lost energy that Sassy would normally be without. Now, this steam can almost immediately be recollected again, but there is a one-second pause that must be endured before then, which is not insignificant in the middle of a fight. Furthermore, to collect the gaseous energy requires Sassy to actively do so, which involves certain movements of the arms passing through the steam… no other abilities can be activated or maintained during this time. If the steam is allowed to rest for too long, it will fade. She has a maximum of two posts through which the gas persists. As a result, Sassy can be kept from collecting this excess energy if she is pressured by an opponent or the steam is somehow taken from her. The energy cannot be used by others, however, without Sassy’s unique metabolism built for utilizing it.

» Demon Magic: Bastet was once a master of crafting and utilizing the demonic variety of spells, practically warping the world around her as the God she was believed to be. It was never quite so potent as the greatest practitioners of Demon Magic, but always oh so fantastical by outward appearances; that is to say, flashy. Now, though… Bastet’s memories have been ripped from Sassy’s mind and now have left her with none of the knowledge necessary to properly use any of these spells. She is one with the means to effectively use them as her Za Koa would suggest, but effectively has to start fresh in terms of acquiring the spells. To add to that, her new mentality is not so conducive to fighting as a spellcaster, leaving her with a heavy deficiency in this area. Sassy’s new repertoire focuses on fire-based abilities and her latent bloodline powers: Both are only available due to their simplicity.

» Demon Spells — Gilded Fire: Sassy, in her current state, possesses the aptitude for only one area of Demon Magic through the typical method, and that is of the element of fire. This is unsurprising; in her past, Bastet was very closely associated to the concept of the sun as a big ball of fire in the sky. Additionally, because this element is such a simple and primal form of destruction, the spells tied to it are easy enough for someone like Sassy to cast even with the disappearance of her experience. Overall, her natural aptitude for these spells have more or less granted her the ability to manifest fire from her energy, and manipulate it as she wishes so long as she can properly visualize the spells in her head. Doubtless, this magic requires more focus from Sassy than the rest of her abilities.

Sassy’s fire isn’t typical fire, albeit, as one can easily tell just from the altered appearance it is given. The golden flames she spawns invoke a sense of enhanced quality, just like the precious metal it shares its color with. The gleaming infernos created are both beautiful and magnificent, and flow much better than its mundane counterpart. Don’t let this drop your guard, though, as with the enrichment of Za Koa this fire is easily several times more potent in destructive capability… it approaches the intensity of plasma without actually being plasma. As such, this fire is reaching temperatures equivalent to the planet’s own Sun, incinerating most forms of matter in seconds and making a problem for all of the surrounding area. It is not uncommon when Sassy summons great amounts of this element, for the local area to become inundated with heat that evaporates liquids and sears any solid surfaces.

And yet, Sassy herself is not affected in the same way. Again attributing her to the Sun, she very much lives off the flames she creates. Fire, whether natural or of her own making, heals her instead of harming her. It works as one would imagine the inverse of being incinerated works: When touched by the flames, Sassy’s physical injuries will be restored to pristine condition. And the heat, rather than exhausting her, will invigorate her and restore her stamina for the sake of combat. Her body can even catch fire, allowing her to constantly heal in the golden flames while others would be burned from touching her.

» Magic Trait — Hand of Midas: It is a strange thing when the stuff of myth comes to be unveiled, the true story told. Such is that of the King named Midas, who had the fantastical power to turn that which he touched with his hands to gold in an instant, both a blessing and a curse. Before the discovery spiritual beings, it was always believed to be a simple legend, that there could exist a human such as that—and, the truth is that it wasn't. Midas was a demon among men, with the supernatural power they told stories about, though not quite as accurately. That capability was always within his control, and it was of his greed that he turned everything he touched to gold. This man? A descendant of the same bloodline from which Bastet and her brothers and sisters stemmed from. His ability was not unprecedented, and in fact appeared as an ability of Bastet herself. The touch of Midas is the ability to swiftly transmute any material into gold through sheer touch. As long as she holds her hand against a solid or liquid surface, she may spread her bloodline magics throughout it. She may use gold itself as a medium, to affect materials as though she were touching it directly, meaning there is no range limit as long as the gold makes one solid path to the target.

The gold in question is not the average element; instead imbued with sorcery to greatly enhance it. It transcends mithril, offering the lightness of air, the durability of adamantium, and the sharpness of obsidian all in one. It has an extremely high melting point, a small stone capable of surviving solidly within the core of the sun for a good few minutes before it turns to liquid—this is because it is extremely tolerant of energies and energy-based attacks. On the other hand, any sharp edge of this gold will seem to slice through matter like it was its antithesis, parting unbiased through everything like a hot knife through butter. While impressive, it's truly its ability to pierce energy-based defenses that stands out, taking them out with ease. Regarding its weight, this metal weighs a drastic amount in that a single cubic inch of it equates to an entire ton; yet to those who wield the weapon, the metal will remain as light as a feather through an enchantment. It comes down to Sassy's choice who she wants the weight to affect or not. There are additional enchantments that can be placed on the transmuted gold by Sassy when it is created, depending on what the original material was: when any object is gilded by her power, she may have its various properties enhanced, such as making a silk cloth even smoother and softer to the touch, or a flute capable of playing entrancing music. These properties will vary from piece to piece.

The touch of Midas works very much on flesh as it does on any other bit of matter, just as it has in the stories of past. Her enemies may see themselves encased in a coffin of gold, becoming a statue with no more thought nor life within it. While yes, they will preserved in a rather powerful metal that will maintain its form for generations, they will remain that way so long as Sassy wishes it, so it's best not to get caught by her enchanting touch. Of course, this ability can also be used to help her allies, protecting them from a powerful attack by transforming them into this nearly-indestructible gold. She has the ability to shift her golden possessions back into whatever they originally were at will, in the state they were at the time, even living beings. It's a stasis of a sort, preserving them frozen in time until she undoes it. This ability can also be utilized on herself, however, she is the only one capable of life, moving and thinking and using her powers while gilded, providing a rather large advantage.

As a final note, Sassy has general manipulation of all gold she has created with her touch of Midas, allowing her to sculpt it with her mind and move it as she wishes. Any shapes or sizes she sees in her mind, she can make with the gold at her disposal. Whether wholly solid, scattered into dust, or melted into liquid, it bends to her will. This power utilizes extra energy however, and thus it will be noticeable through the heat that begins to come off of the gold while she manipulates it. While she free-form controls her gold, it will reach temperatures of up to ten thousand degrees celsius, though often averaging in the thousands.

VI. Demon Forms

VII. Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: -
  • General Speed: -
  • Strength: -
  • Weapon Skill: -

Demon Skill Sheet
  • Za Koa: -
  • Demon Magic: -
  • Shadow Movement: -
  • Akuma Kyōdo: -


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Sassy Cat [Demon WIP]
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