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 Sovereigns Call [Potential Priority Mission ]

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Amidst the rushing waves, which frothed with foam and rolled freely atop the pacific ocean, a streak skimmed across the water's surface. Reaching speeds upward of seven hundred miles an hour, leaving a trail of waves tens of feet high in their wake as it continued upon its path. This streak was a girl, who stood at a very modest height of five foot, nine inches. Her hair normally blond was currently varying shades of platinum, bleached by this world's harsh sunlight. Brine filled froth kissed her skin before evaporating.

Salt water gushed and drenched her clothes, causing them to stick to her body in a manner that most would find uncomfortable. Yet as she rushed onwards, towards an unknown destination, she seemed to care very little about the state of her body. It was almost like she was compelled to travel, as if something was calling her to the very location she sought. Though, in all honesty she hadn’t the faintest inkling of where that might be.

Within her mind, she was conversing with her zanpakuto spirit, the satire within their deep voice dripping with each word that slipped crisply from their lips.

” So you are compelled to fly in the middle of a great body of water? Sounds more like you got tired of all those mortals and all the noise they make Magnolia. “

The zanpakuto spoke with disgust and dismissal in his voice. The hints of arrogance clear in how he viewed the weak. A privileged spirit that had been passed upon within her family since times immemorable. He found the thought ludicrous that something compelled magnolia to be here, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but waves. He had assumed that she simply didn’t want to be stuck amongst the weak mortals anymore, a sentiment he shared. He didn’t like the weak that much, since in his mind the strong would always rule over the weak, it was simply a fact of life.

The girl flying amidst the waves let out a slight sigh, as she eventually looked inwards. Within her she glanced at the male who sat upon a gilded throne, where as in her inner world she sat cross legged looking back at him. Her expression one of exasperation at the males antics, as she responded in a heavy tone.

”..I told you, as unlikely as you might think it is, i feel . . a urge to travel in this direction, i cannot explain it. It’s simply an elusive tug in my gut that gets stronger further i travel in this direction.”

Her response was very direct, and firm. She didn’t like being second-guessed, and even less being mocked by her zanpakuto spirit. It was an affront to her pride in a way, she was the king he was not. She ruled the inner space within her mind, and he was nothing but an overgrown spoiled brat. Or at least he acted like it from time to time, such as he currently was.

”..What if this tug never stops? Will you continue to ceaselessly chase it?”

Her zanpakuto spirit raijin responded with a barking tone. He was more so confused by the notion that something had compelled magnolia to this extent. He knew her to be fool-hardy and rash, but she never did things without a reason. This had been the first time in many years that he had observed her doing something so . . erratic. It worried him to an extent. Even if he was hard on her, she was his lifeline. Thus he tried his best to keep her out of trouble.

”..What are you worried about? I have an eternity to meander through until someone kills me. It’s not like i have a limited lifespan. “

Magnolia retorted as her eyes narrowed and amidst the glare of the sun beating down upon the waves through light-shafts that lingered through the holes in the clouds above. She could see land, and that elusive tug continued to grow stronger, and stronger. It caused the shinigami to feel that something was calling her after all. That she wasn’t simply doing this because she finally had gotten one of her “screws” knocked loose through battling people.

She didn’t know what the islands were called, but there was a vast number of them. Instead as she rapidly approached shore, she began to decelerate. She didn’t see a point in kicking up sand-storms and causing damage to the natural fauna simply to get to her destination faster.

”..Lucky for you it seems we won’t be traveling forever.”

She mentally send this verbal jab at her zanpakuto, her words saturated with mental sass before her sandaled feet touched down upon the warm sand. The waters of honiara were warm as they lapped against her toes, roughly the temperature of bathwater as it left it’s winding imprint upon the sands.

She strode forward without releasing much spiritual energy, looking around the island to see just what had called her here. What was so special about this place that she had traveled thousands of miles to get here?

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Sovereigns Call [Potential Priority Mission ]
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