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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Selfish, Selfless, and Confused [Junko Power Upgrades]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Selfish, Selfless, and Confused [Junko Power Upgrades]   Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:49 pm

» Name Of Character: Junko Astillon
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: This is more replacing than upgrading, but still an upgrade nonetheless since it’s new.

June’s (Superego) Abilities

Increased Cell Reproduction
This ability is possible through Junko’s ability to add things from her mind into reality. If she touches her hand nearby a wound, (considering if that wound is within a 6 inch radius of where she touches with a hand) and wills it with concentration, she can cause cells to replicate at a much higher rate than normal in order to heal the injury faster. At the cellular level, the cells don’t asexually reproduce by conventional means; they simply replicate the nearest cell and continue until the area no longer has any empty space. If the cells don’t successfully fill the empty space, no matter how far in the process they are, they will simply wither and die, turning into an ash-like substance and fall from the wound, minus any areas that were not created by June. The process also tuckers her out quite quickly at it’s current stage, so it’s difficult for her to heal any serious injuries or limb losses. There’s also a giant risk to this; the development of damaged cells. If she tries to push herself to heal the injury faster, the cells replicate very sloppily. The more she tries to cut down the time at a low level, the more often damaged cells can develop. Damaged cells could potentially be dangerous or fatal to the injured, depending on the area.

For example, if she pushed herself to quickly heal a heart when she hasn’t enough experience for the rate she’s healing at, it can lead to the heart being damaged and working irregularly or stop working properly all together. There is a benefit however to counteract this flaw; bettering the cell production. Every ten threads where she successfully heals a wound that takes 3 or more posts to heal, she gains more energy. The more energy she has, the faster the cells are able to copy and reproduce without genetic flaws. Her current rates are as follows:

Energy: Lasts 3 posts
Wounds akin to cuts/punctures/1rst degree burns: 1 post
Wounds akin to gashes/deep stabs/2nd degree burns: 3 posts
Wounds akin to large areas of torn flesh/3rd degree burns: 5 posts
Wounds akin to minor part loss (fingers, toes, eyes, etc.): 6 posts
Wounds akin to major part loss (limbs, organs): 8 posts

Brain Wave Sensing/Emitting
June is able to sense the emotions of creatures capable of feeling emotions, considering her senses are sharp enough to detect brain waves, to be exact, ones that send off emotions, of those within a close proximity (about 10-15 feet) of her. They come off of people like an aura, though isn’t capable of being visible. Knowing exactly how others feel can have her know how to react to them.

Though if too many people are feeling a particular emotion, or one is feeling an emotion particularly strongly, it can overwhelm her’s and cause her to deviate towards the other’s emotions. For example, if many people around her are happy, she won’t be able to contain herself and smile and potentially laugh depending on how much she’s feeling at once. In turn, if she feels an emotion strongly enough, she can emit it herself, influencing those around her to feel that particular emotion. It isn’t definite for them to feel different; those with Beginner willpower are most easily affected by it, Adept has a bit of resistance, Advanced has more resistance than Adept, above Master can suffer very little effects from it. Though a huge driving force in it’s effects is consenting to the waves. If someone, no matter what level, actually drops their mental defenses and lets the waves affect them, then they were feel the full force of the waves.

A note to this ability; Anyone affected by the waves, both June and those she distributes the waves to, cannot actually do anything like change memories or read minds. It only makes them shift gears to feel more of a certain emotion; it doesn’t do anything to directly interfere with any critical workings of the mind. Also, she cannot distribute anything like mindlessness or emotionlessness states, considering the type of waves the ability is built on are not present in either concept.

Theta Wave Interaction

June is able to distribute a high amount of Theta waves to those around her, causing those within the range of the brain waves to slowly drift to sleep, dampening their Beta waves in this process so that their brains only distribute Theta waves, thus causing sleep. Though with this process, the Theta waves, along with weaker Delta waves in her own brain causes her to fall asleep along with them.

Their consciousnesses get projected into each other, creating one large dream, though June does not add to this dream except for herself, since the Delta waves cancels out any possibility of her subconscious mind of being projected. With this, she can speak to the creator of the dream (or combined dream), mainly to tap into what exactly is bumbling in their mind. For Master and above in Focus, it takes 7 posts for them to fall asleep, Advanced 5 posts, Adept 4 posts, and Beginner 2 posts.

Juju’s (Id) Abilities

Primal State
Juju is capable of dropping their mental functions (primarily thought-based ones) and up their physical functions to that of a wild animal. This causes their pupils to slit, their nails to become claws, their muscles to become more pronounced, their teeth to sharpen, and their face becoming much like a dog or bear’s, possessing a slight “snout”. There are two different states they can go into, promoting very different physical and mental responses. They don’t consciously go into these states, happening during teeth-grinding instances, life or death situations, or the mention of the words “Lamb”, “Little”, “Little Lamb”, or singing the nursery rhyme “Mary Had A Little Lamb” due to the trauma they had faced.

Irrational State
Juju cuts off their ability to rationally think, putting them into a sort of state of “insanity”. They can still recall things, even think humanely, but they are consumed by a strong sense of paranoia in their head. They have a few giggle fits, anxiety attacks, asking strange questions, doing strange things (tilting their head, twitching, sudden lashing out, etc.). In this state they can still tell friend from foe, but they can’t tell if friend will do something they wouldn’t expect, like backstabbing, or if foe will suddenly have a change of heart.

Thoughts constantly bounce around their head and they are in an extremely excitable state of mind, may it be a positive excitement or a negative one. They may pace a lot or even go on all fours just to correct themselves a minute later. They may self harm accidentally or even hurt people without intending to, but apologize afterwards. Their pupils only appear slightly slitted, and have less of a threatening appearance, but still reminiscent of an animal.

Mindless State
Juju’s mind completely severs from her body, becoming inactive which leads to an unconscious, dreamless state. This state has absolutely no mind, no sanity. It’s only instinct is to eat, whether it be friend or foe. Alive or dead. It growls and paces around like a predator, snarling at it’s prey and walks on only four legs. It sniffs, it’s sense of smell being elevated beyond normal means. This part also removes any mental restrictions Juju would have, allowing them to lift very heavy objects (Past their normal limit, it hits up to 27k lbs).

It has absolutely no sense of pain or agony, so even if it gets hurt it won’t feel it. Although, it will physically falter from the injuries if they’re serious, such as severed tendons or large amount of torn flesh. This state of painlessness can be very dangerous if it loses too much blood, if not coming out of this state or getting fatally wounded, could seriously hurt, temporarily cripple, or kill the body. It’s muscles are far more noticeable, veins popping out everywhere on it’s body. It constantly drools, having a more profound snout-like face, along with serrated teeth.

Juju is able to manipulate their blood and their blood alone through the means of willing to protect themselves. Blood quickly secretes from their skin for whatever form Juju wishes for it to be. The problem is that, well, Juju can’t pull out more than 10% of their blood without feeling the urge to faint, so to be effective they’d have to be very versatile with what little amount of blood they have. They can form claws, tentacles, even needles with the blood. It can be a liquid or solid, if they build up the iron content in their blood to the tips of the object they wish to be sharp. They can only work with so little, so they have to be careful not to sporadically lose blood. These claws slice through flesh like butter, and can cut through material as hard as stone with enough effort applied to it, though that’s as far as they can go without breaking.

Junko’s (Ego) Abilities

Reality Adjustment
Y’know those run of the mill Shonen traits with people lifting heavy ass swords and having big horns with no difficulty? Well, this ability basically impales those norms in the gut. Within reason, of course. By asking a question about a person, Junko can make a person’s physical traits or abilities work against them by subconsciously adjusting to the question. It’s a sort of mental trickery she can do without even realizing it; she could be genuinely curious just to see someone plummet due to their wings not being able to support their body, or not being able to move since their tails are so big.

This suggestion can rattle in the minds of even the higher ranks of Willpower, but likely wouldn’t stifle their combat or life. The effects are always temporary, only lasting until Junko leaves an area of 30-50 feet from the affected, or if she justifies the “inaccuracy” with reality. Any rank below Advanced will be easily affected by this ability at it’s current level, Advanced taking a little more convincing, and above just to maybe have uneven tipping or slight but mostly unnoticeable difficulty wielding a large weapon.

Please Believe Me!
Junko is able to do another form of suggestion implantation; by saying a particular statement she actually means. If Junko wishes for this person to go along with what her statement is, for example if she was telling someone she was fine, this causes the listener to have to figure out what to do with the statement or in some cases, question, or it will stick in their mind until they give in or completely eradicate it from their mind. The best time to do this ability is when it’s least expected, and it honestly just seems like a normal statement, except it causes the user to think on it and have to review their memories of her to figure out whether to erase it or do what she said. She can’t command people to do huge things that go against their morals or anything; it’s in no way absolute mind control or brainwashing. It’s simply suggesting, and if asked or said correctly can lead to different outcomes.

» Why: Through the thread, Junko and her other selves have begun fleshing out their personalities. They’ve only now begun to realize they’re pretty much their own people now, with their own choices and thoughts. Their abilities and their potential is bound to grow from these experiences, from how different and how they have influenced their abilities’ formation. These experiences have set them on their paths (More Juju and June than Junko, since Junko has existed far longer than the other two) and their point of views are shaping. Their powers represent their outlook, their perception, they themselves. June’s abilities are from empathy, thinking of others; they have possible therapeutic and healing uses, though can leave her in weakness, whether it be physically or emotionally, due to her having to sacrifice time and give patience and time to these actions. Juju’s abilities are from independence, solitude, doing things with force; they are of a wild animal, a beast; a display of impatience, of “gimmie gimmie”, of greed.

They show the result of taking, and taking, until there’s nothing left to take. The dangers of being selfish and only caring for their own wellbeing. And Junko’s abilities, being centered around one’s perception of reality, and how this crazy world she was thrusted into makes no sense to her. The need to ask questions, to make sense of it, to be on the same level. Alongside the convincing, the trying to be on the same page by trying to influence those around her to pull down and listen to her. She wants to be on equal ground with everyone, that ground being reality, or well, some sense of reality.

Development from this thread:

» Extra: This thread was 5k+ words. New milestone!

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Selfish, Selfless, and Confused [Junko Power Upgrades]   Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:31 pm

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The Selfish, Selfless, and Confused [Junko Power Upgrades]
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