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 Taoska Astillon, The Secret Shinobi [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Taoska Astillon, The Secret Shinobi [WIP]   Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:46 pm

Coding In Template By:


Enter Taoska Astillon

I. Basic Information

» Name: Taoska Astillon, Tao for short.
» Titles: Taoska of the Wanderer's, Dokujutsu Queen, Lieutenant Of The Ancients, Scorpion Queen
» Real Age: 760
» Age Appearance: 17
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank:

Astillon Family: Being born from the sister of Nikora Astillon, Kōjun (降順, Descending Moon), Taoska is therefore a member of the Astillon Family. While she may share a strong metaphysical bond with her kin, she is someone who rarely would forge many emotion and physical connections with her other family members outside of Kitarune, Rikane, Henrex, Nikora, and Zanthor, as well as obviously her own parents. However, the one that had managed to get a large connection was Henrex. This eventually led to Henrex being largely protective over his cousin, in a fashion similar to how he acted with his sister, Kitarune.

Kodai (古代, Ancient): This is an age-old peaceful faction that grouped in several famous martial arts schools together in an attempt to preserve and keep the old way of life. Not much is known about these other than that they wish to keep alive the old way. While this lives on to this day, Taoska is a Lieutenant of this faction, and cultivates the martial arts that she has been taught, doing exactly what she has been instructed to do. Preserve, teach, and learn.

Wanderer's Valley: Part of the Kodai, the faction that aimed to keep the old ways alive. This school is not one that trains samurai, surprisingly -- which is why they are considered one of the secret schools. Instead of samurai, the members of Wanderer's Valley are none other than the infamous shinobi. Specializing in the arts of poison, hand-to-hand combat, and the way of the sword -- with the main source of weaponry being the classic sabre and -- as said before -- poison. While she is only a standard kunoichi, her status has been rumored to be well below her deserved rank currently.

» Physical Appearance Description:

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits


"Crowds make me lonely.
Until I start trying to guess which one of them...
Is feeling the same way."



Despises Appearance:


Merciful: Everyone deserves a second chance, don't they?



I. Character History

Taoska, touching the lifeless body of Henrex after she returns from the Wanderer's Valley

I. Natural Abilities & Skills: Learned Through Blood

Natural Skills

Unshackled Speed:

Large Amount Of Physical Strength:

Dokujutsu Master:

» Ninjutsu: What would a ninja be without their training? A dead man or woman, that is what they would be. The ninja have been around for hundreds of years, and these core concepts and skills have been the essentials for one to become a true shinobi. But, that is not the entirety of what the shinobi follow. While samurai have their seven virtues of bushido, ninja follow the code of niniku. Many people believe the ninja to be faceless, merciless assassins, but they truly are the opposite. While they are, in technicality, assassins for hire -- they prefer to avoid direct killing when it comes to missions and jobs, unless they are directly required to. Tao, being a kunoichi from the Wanderer's Valley, has been trained in all of the arts of the ninja. While she is still trying to master the different techniques and skills that the ninja, she is very well versed in these abilities.

  • Bōjutsu – stick and staff techniques
  • Chōhō – espionage
  • Hensōjutsu – disguise and impersonation
  • Intonjutsu – escaping and concealment
  • Kayakujutsu – pyrotechnics
  • Kenjutsu – sword techniques
  • Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama (chain-sickle) techniques
  • Naginatajutsu – naginata (polearm) techniques
  • Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement
  • Shinobi-iri – stealth and infiltration
  • Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques
  • Sōjutsu – spear techniques
  • Sui-ren – water training
  • Taijutsu – unarmed combat

Master Swordswoman:



Bone Corrosion Palm:


Perish Blade:

Wind-Catching Blade

Thirteen Lethal Strikes:

I. Passive Chi Abilities

Passive Chi Abilities

Poison Manipulation & Generation:

Poison Immunity:

Dokuryu (Venom Eye): Obtained through inspiration from Henrex gaining his Den'atsu eye.

I. Shiyong: The Creativity Of Humanity

Sei Abilities

Yin-Yang Heart Protection: The inner skills of the Wudang school -- the school that Tao trained in to prevent suspicion about her whereabouts while in Wanderer's Valley -- are mainly to keep one aspect strong: survivability. Attack and defense are mildly boosted once this skill has been learned, giving even a weaker user a higher level of defense and power to use. The Inner Skills are not exactly tier boosters, or skill sheet boosters, but merely passive abilities that naturally boost the

Inner Pill Skill:

Limitless Purity Technique:

Yin-Yang's Purity Skill:

Dou Abilities

Seidou Abilities

I. Equipment

» Item Name: Kaminari no kokoro (雷の心, Heart of Thunder)
» Item Type: Taoska, as a gift from Henrex.

» Used For: Offensive primarily, but can be used defensively.

» Item Description: Replica of Henrex's left Den'atsu Setsuzokuryu.

» Item Name: Dokuhebi-kō (毒蛇鋼, Venomous Steel)
» Item Type: Taoska only

» Used For: Offense

» Item Description:

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Chi Skills
  • Sei:
  • Dou:
  • Buzhou:
  • Chuxian:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

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Taoska Astillon, The Secret Shinobi [WIP]
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