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 The Red Arms of Ruin

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Mirja Eeola
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Red Arms of Ruin   Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:31 pm

» Item Name: The Red Arms of Ruin
» Item Type: One person [Mirja Eeola]

» Used For: Offensive

» Item Description: Mirja's unique take on the Unbara Steed, Ruin. She used her ability to manipulate it's shape to turn it into a liquid, and then injected it into her body, imbibing it and then using her Tulpa to ensure it would be accepted, and bind to her physicality. With this, she can call on it's power without having to use a medium, and do so in an instant. It's powers do not wane at all from the interesting transfer, and retains all the power it would give as any weapon that could be wielded. It also induces an appearance of dilapidated ruin upon the vessel, in this case Mirja's arms. The name comes from the illusionary glammer that falls over her arms when Ruin's power is called upon. Her skin appears to split and start dripping blood all down her arms, turning them a deep red, and not looking to great either.

Steed Powers:

Blood Manipulation: Ruin's power sits within the lifeforce of living beings, their Blood. While she is unable to control the blood of other people, she can aptly manipulate Mirja's own, and this allows her to do many things, limited only by the power Mirja feeds it, and with the depth of her energy, this can be quite considerable with full commitment.

It can grant her temperature resistance by heating or cooling her blood, so that it warms or chills her body and allows for comfortable existence in extreme temperatures. It can enhance the nutrition and speed of the blood-flow, granting Mirja enhanced activity as long as she feeds Ruin to maintain this, and it can flush out toxins, poisons, and other unwanted bloodborne nasties. It can also propagate fresh blood from Mirja's energy, and harden the enzymes within the blood, making it hard as steel while retaining it's ability to fuel the body. This can work defensively, or offensively, launching out the hardened blood in sharp needles which cause no small amount of pain when it hits.

Ruin works brilliantly with Mirja's Heart's Kiai, granting the blood a vastly improved potency and allowing the supercharged heart to launch it all across the body at record speed, making her a venerable juggernaught of annihilation as long as the technique lasts.
» Obtained From: Tsubasa Unabara.

» Yen Price: N/A [unique, can't be bought]

» Notes: <3
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Red Arms of Ruin   Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:18 am

[adm]Approved. I'm putting some faith in you not to abuse these.[/adm]
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The Red Arms of Ruin
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