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 Electric↓Release [Adam/Tsubasa]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Electric↓Release [Adam/Tsubasa]   Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:53 pm

Resumed From This Thread:



Song: r o k t a b o t - Artist: Henric - Words: N/A

Heavenly sun. It felt so nice. There was nothing but breezes and cool air to be felt within the open air of Southern Mexico. So who wouldn't let their nerves relax and open up in the sight of such a lovely atmosphere? Adam wasted no time hopping off the shoulders of Tsubasa and letting himself stretch to indulge in the stench of serenity, balmy breezes and the blessings of the radiant sunlight warming his skin, body and mind with nothing but positive thoughts for what was going to happen to himself, his vision and the future of his golden-haired associate.

But, before their grand plans could be realized, Adam needed to affirm a few things from the values of Tsubasa. So, he turned on his heels, tapped his knife and then licked the tip of the blade with quite the excited look behind his now rose pink filled eyes.

"Tell me: what are the strongest traits you'd say stand out in your powers and the qualities of your soul?"

An electric feeling was tingling within his body as he indulged in the cold steel against his tender his tongue. And, on that rhyme of feeling and thought, something shocked the senses of Adam. His brain clicked, and he assumed that Tsubasa must be some kind of electric whiz if his memory served him right.

So, he'd follow up on his words and bounce up on his toes:

"As, if my intel is right, you have some type of electric or plasma related power, right?"

Then, his eyes would squint and coy smile eased across his lips.

"And your family is based around war, correct? I need to more about those origins if I'm able to piece together and string an ideal reality."

This much -- was true. Adam could pull together many strings like a puppet master, but that didn't mean he could pull dreams out of his ass. He needed something rooted in reality to work with and the reason why they came to Palenque, Mexico was rooted in that. However, depending on the answers he received from Tsubasa, Adam figured they might have to visit a different temple if what he was planning was going to work.

So, his eyes peered down further on Tsubasa and he nudged his head towards him to get on with answering the question.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Electric↓Release [Adam/Tsubasa]   Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:08 am