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 The Pale Song [CLOSED]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Pale Song [CLOSED]   Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:15 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

He listened quietly and calmly, his eyes becoming more so calm. His expression and breathing were relaxed. She was right he'd made the group sound far too rigid. It wasn't that way in his heart or mind really. A nest was a good way of thinking of it. But he wasn't really that pure of a person that a dove fit. Tsubasa had long since stained his hands with blood. He'd learned something that crowd never would. Accepting yourself to become one meant one thing. A sword and the art of swordsmanship was the art of killing. It wasn't pretty or something that people could understand. A blade was a weapon and learning was how to kill in essence. That was the truth, pure and untainted logic came from those who'd never fought wars. Those who's hands were unstained by the blood man. But a pipe dream in the end as he smiled a bit leaning back in his chair. "That's true, but I must say that my hands are far too stained with blood..If it were a Nest..It would be a Nest of Raven's." He said softly saying it out loud to the female.

This wasn't some joke or anything the Nest wouldn't ever be a pure thing. Not with his influence even though he had begun atonement for what he did. He wasn't the pure Shinigami of virtue and purity. He wasn't someone who'd done things in an age where it was simple. He was a place where life or death was decided by a sword. He'd killed so many people earning a name as the legendary assassin. But in the end, Tsubasa didn't truly care about titles or past things. The future was what mattered and it needed to be given help. The Vanguard was struggling lately to help the common people. The Guild of Heroes did what they could out of the base they were in. In the End, something was needed a wandering band of heroes maybe. No heroes weren't the correct term, they weren't good or evil. They were those who did what they could to help within their beliefs. They didn't interfere with things that didn't concern their friends or family. Mongolia as a tent, no it was a Nest.

"I guess I should tell you this, the Vanguard's last two confrontations were poor. The moon was destroyed and Iceland was a loss where they tried to liberate it. Presently their status is unknown even to my clan..The world needs something, the Gotei can't give it at the moment. I know that much for certain. Maybe a Raven's Nest is needed in this world now. Someone who will not pick sides, help those caught in the crossfire between good and evil." He said describing it almost carefully. As he sipped his tea and thought about it. Tsubasa had long since tried his hand at helping people. He thought for a long time about the state of the Gotei. They were a fragmented organization with nobles and power struggles. Vanguard had suffered some defeats recently and wasn't at their best. The question now was, did he move the pieces into play or wait. Tsubasa knew one thing for certain, he couldn't be a leader for this. Leadership was the problem, this Nest. Would need a council of people who could discuss and agree. Disagree and vote on things without violence or disputes for power coming into place.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Pale Song [CLOSED]   Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:16 am

Tsubine Koezuka

Tsubine thought about what he said. A nest of ravens? For the moment at least, that might work. They wouldn't be a large group at the start, so being in the dark about most things would be the smart way to handle any business. If they already had an army behind them, then it would be a falcon's nest or some other bird of prey. Now, it was fine as-is. He had solid ideas, but he obviously needed help. And truthfully, she wanted to help. Tsubine couldn't just rush into anything right now. Everything was so uncertain. There were parts of her that even wanted to just burn it all in sheer rage—letting out all of her pent-up emotions.

As Tsubasa explained what happened with the Vanguard, Tsubine's brow furrowed. It was unpleasant news. There was no sugar coating it. "That is... most troubling. I haven't really noticed the moon lately, so I suppose I see why I missed it. Honestly, I always felt that young Arishima was in over his head..." Tsubine shook her head. "The Gotei was never designed to fully protect the World of the Living like it has been forced to. The Vanguard was designed with the failures of the Gotei in mind, if I am remembering correctly." Tsubine smiled gently again. It was the same, almost-motherly smile she seemed so good at. "Unabara-san, use the Vanguard's mistakes to form this idea of yours into reality."

Tsubine stood slowly. It was without any prompting or warning. She had made up her mind on at least one thing. "I have business elsewhere. My life has not been entirely peaceful the past few years and I need advice from those that I know and trust dearly. I haven't had an actual good chance to see them in centuries." Her smile twisted to sadness, nostalgia burning in her eyes. "I hope that I can at least contact you here. Your idea intrigues and interests me. It may be possible that it might become our idea, rather than something supported by only your back." Tsubine bowed in respect, thanking Tsubasa for his hospitality. She had a long trek in front of her. There were two stubborn, troublesome, lovable brothers she had to visit.

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The Pale Song [CLOSED]
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