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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Sunny↓Deals [Adam/Eiji]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sunny↓Deals [Adam/Eiji]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:37 am



Song: Yume Nikki Remixes - Artist: Neku - Words:

Contractors were always a welcomed hand in the Monsuta. So it pleased the ears of Adam to hear that yet another person was interested in having a chance at becoming a full-fledged Monsuta operative through their contractor program. It was a good chance for them to test the waters of the organization, see if they like and actually get benefits + pay from doing a bit of paid work. And who doesn't like getting advantages in life? Nobody, that's who.

Anyway, since Adam was doing a round of recruitment missions for the Monsuta, he had more than a little bit of time in his day to scout out another recruit. So, he'd instruct for this potential associate to meet him in the city of Tampico, Mexico. To be more precise, he wanted him to Playa Miramar and enjoy some fun in the sun with Adam. As, like a normal person, anyone would love to have a bit of delight under sunlight, salty seas and warm sands.

...hmmmmm, but then again this world wasn't very normal.

Ah, who the hell cares? Adam was gonna enjoy himself regardless of what nutjob he gets.

So, for the sake of his pleasure is the reason why he was seen sitting on a white patio chair that overlooked the shores. This placid sight of warm skies, fresh water, and the calm air was enough to make anyone feel downright cozy and at home. Hence, while waiting on his friend to arrive, Adam enjoyed a nice cup of strawberry ice cream to give him that refreshing feeling of chill to flow through his body. While enjoying the tropical breeze the overflew his body, he let his frilly pink dress flow in the wind and allowed himself to just enjoy the moment before things got nutty.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Sunny↓Deals [Adam/Eiji]   Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:16 pm

It had been quite some time since Eiji had contact from someone from outside Soul Society. He had ventured out on a few occasions in order to see just how much the world had changed, but even then it was not for a very long period of time. While he was not content with where he was, at the moment, he was content with the place that he often resided. Sure, the barracks were cramped and had a... certain odor about them, but it was part of the charm! The smell was something that a person would get used to, and the people were good enough. None of it mattered much in the long run, Eiji had plans for something bigger and better. It was with this that he had heard of some contract work and became somewhat interested. The pay seemed good enough, and experience was the best way to learn; the only downside was the fact that he would have to travel to a rather interesting place on Earth. Mexico, a place which he had never visited. All he had known was that he was to meet some man, or woman, and discuss the possibility of doing contract work. He had no real details on what sort of work, or even on who it was that he was supposed to be meeting. All he knew was that this would be an interesting meeting.

Eiji was interested in this meeting, though he was unsure of whether he should really bring much with him. There was little chance that this would be a threat, this was meant to be a simple form of discussion, but you never knew with people. All these people who sought power seemed to give two shits about each other, though that could be said about Eiji as well. Dry. That was all that Eiji could use to describe this place. The sun beat down on his skin as though he was invading another realm and they wished to force him out. Even in Japan the heat was never this bad, the air never this dry. It was with these rather unwelcoming conditions that Eiji had entered the land. The place which he was directed to was rather vague; there was no real indication as to where he was to meet the person, or who it was! With a sigh Eiji would simply begin to wander around Tampico.
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Sunny↓Deals [Adam/Eiji]
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