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 Hans Reimann [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hans Reimann [WIP]   Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:56 am

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hans Reimann
» Titles: Bishop of the Lion
» Age: 678
» Gender/Sex: Male
» Kingdom: West
» Affiliation/Rank: Priest

» Appearance Description: Hans, even in the rare occasion he is out of his priestly garb, simply looks to be a priest. His closed eyes smile wider than his mouth. When he opens them, they pierce. It's not like a blade, but the morning sun finally breaking over distant mountains. It is the light of a new dawn, far from anything particularly deadly. So even with them open, there is nothing about him that beguiles the observer. No malicious intent falls around Hans. It almost seems to even bounce off of him, giving him a purity unlike most others—the Sugiura of Purity, of course, would have him beat in that sense.

To be truthful, Hans does put most people off by the way he looks. A priest, clad in black, is an omen for death usually. Not with Hans. With his timid, short steps that seem to be him making sure he does not trip on his own pants, it's hard to associate the end of a life with him. Instead, he gives the appearance of a priest who performs baptisms and other tame, but important, events. Nothing big comes his way. One would be welcome into his chapel, but there is always a foreboding feeling when entering. A horror movie is about to start, and the priest has no idea what is going on. "Everything will be fine if we Pray," he would say. His hands stay steepled together, like he wants to ask for a donation—but of course, such a thing isn't proper.
» Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:
  • Quiet: Hans is a rather quiet individual. It's not like he doesn't speak much however. He's quiet in the sense that rarely does a conversation go on beyond what is most necessary. At no point is there an awkward silence nor is there a pregnant silence as someone waits for him to finish. Hans speaks clearly and concisely when he does speak. There may be the occasional "hmm" as he thinks on his wording, but never does he stutter mid-sentence, backpedaling as fast as he was once speaking.

  • Calm Reactionary: Hans does react to most things around him. He may even let out a startled yelp when something pops out of a bush. Yet, it is never overwhelming. His reactions never border on lingering. They happen and are over with as soon as possible. When he cries, it is never long enough for someone to pat him on the back, consoling him with "there, there"-s. Hans will show the emotion long enough for people to recognize it, but no further.

  • Open-Minded: One of the strangest parts of Hans's personality is that he has an extremely open mind compared to most Sugiura. Why bother with other races? Well, we could learn from them, and they from us. Aren't they inferior to a Sugiura? Is the smith inferior to the farmer at harvesting? They are perhaps only inferior when applied to what we can do. He does not outright defend other races, but he does give other Sugiura something to think about. However, other races have proven themselves to be more inept than Sugiura in many aspects, and he does point that out. Facts are facts after all.

  • Mediator: Hans dislikes violence in all forms. This is to the point that he is a vegan and refuses to eat meat. He does not make it his life goal to stop and prevent it, but he does preach about how the blood of one man is truly the blood of two. The one who is killed will shed blood, but revenge will take the blood of the killer. When he can, Hans does offer himself to be a messenger and mediator between two feuding individuals or factions. His priestly demeanor gives people the ability to trust he is neutral.

III. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities
  • Small Aura: It is hard to tell that Hans is really there. It's not like he's masking his energy signature. Anyone who is good at detecting, and especially those that can detect energy in other ways than a simple "pressure" (e.g. seeing, smelling, tasting, etc.), can see that Hans does have more energy than he lets on. It is just spread over a much wider area to make it diluted. In the areas where the concentration is higher, it is possible to see an odd, golden spark floating around before fading out. But even without his aura, Hans keeps to himself so well that it is hard to make him out from even an empty room. He is sometimes the embodiment of "heard, but not seen."
  • :

» Equipment Hans keeps a book written in almost illegible writing inside one of the many pockets of his robes. This book is what he uses to preach from. If one were to try to decypher it, it would end up being mostly gibberish and not from any known religion. He also carries numerous other small nicknacks throughout his robe. These are mundane things, such as needle and thread, matches, a flask of water, packets of various common spices (sugar, salt, pepper, etc.), a small screwdriver with multiple heads tucked within its handle, etc. He can effectively pull out anything small that would be useful in a normal, everyday situation out from his robe.

I. Basic Information

» Name: Johan von Volkhardt
» Titles: Goldenes Tier/Ougon no Kemono (黄金の獣)/Golden Beast
» Age: 678
» Gender/Sex: Male
» Origin: Glory
» Kingdom: West
» Affiliation/Rank: King of the West

» True Appearance Description: Much like his outer shell, Johan puts people off. However, it is almost the opposite effect. Whereas people distance themselves from Hans because he seems odd and weird, Johan is more brilliant than most. It is like averting one's eyes from a flame because it burns too bright. His eyes, open more often than most would think possible, are that of the final noon's sun--when the star begins engulf the world in the apocalypse. They pierce through what they gaze upon whilst seeing all. Benevolence and malevolence dance around his very essence like a chaotic tango. Malicious intent swirls around him while he remains engulfed in goodwill. And yet, he still has the same purity his shell had. He does not wish to lie or cheat.

Johan is much the embodiment of a true regent. Whether this is a king, emperor, or even a god, it does not matter. He walks with short, measured strides. The world waits upon him, not the other way around. More than that, Johan has a commanding presence. His uniform, pressed and worn constantly, is a reminder that he is more than a simple regent. Fancy robes and cloaks do not suit him as they would a king. Yet, he decorates himself with a stole that is worth more than some castles--woven in golden fiber with darker, burnt ivory inlays of runes and other arcane symbols. It acts as his crown, showing those who care that he has the wealth to wear such a fine thing around--such wealth only belonging to a regent, not a simple noble.

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:
Johan is one who aims for beyond the stars. A star is a simple point, reachable with some effort. But what lies beyond those stars? He strives for those heights, where one can only imagine what it is like there. Johan wishes this not just for himself, but for any Sugiura. Any who carry the blood of the Sugiura are worthy of ascending even past him. So long as he makes a mark on history so deep that his name becomes somewhat holy, he does not care if someone outdoes him. In fact, that is one of the things he musess on more often than not. It would be a challenge for him to become even more glorious than the one who outdid him. Such a rush is beyond exhilirating for him.

Johan believes in an absolute control. Without that kind of control, it's hard to say that the Sugiura will survive. The West went into chaos because the Leonhardts all but disappeared. No one took the throne—no one held the power. Thus, he had to take it. Johan will not tolerate the Sugiura being weak. He'll show them the power that Sugiura are meant to hold—and how to use it to keep their control as the top of food chain. Johan likes to be a little flashy. His entrances are grand, and he never appears unannounced. Going through the shadows is disgusting. Johan doesn't care if others skulk about. That might be their origin. The Sugiura of Skulking is probably not someone he would get along with however. He has to show up in a fanfare of sparks and (potentially destruction).

Johan thinks very highly of himself. This isn't because he's just better than most. He knows of many that could out-fight, out-politick, out-lead, etc. him. But he doesn't see any of them doing anything. He's better because he acts for the "betterment" of the Sugiura. Power comes with responsibility, so those who use it must follow through with their responsibility. But his ego also comes from something else—pride of being a Sugiura. To him, the Sugiura were the pinnacle of pinnacles. They're not now, but what they were in the past (from what he has read) was something far greater than he could have imagined. He wants to bring them back to that state so everyone can have that same pride he feels for his own race.

Johan is perhaps one of the most outspoken members of society when he speaks of culture, espcially that of the Sugiura themselves. The Sugiura have, effectively, stagnated when it comes to the arts and other expressions of creativity. Architecture is uniform. Paintings are stale and without innovation. Music has no life to it. It is all drab and over-performed. That is one of the many things he blames the downfall of the Sugiura on, and one of the few things he can praise the other races on. Humans especially have caught his eye when it comes to arts. Their temporal nature makes them exceptionally clever and daring.

Family means everything to Johan. Of course, his family is the entire Western Kingdom (if not more). He does not care about the bonds of blood and genetics (so long as you're a Sugiura, of course). Who your parents were does not dictate family. It is who you choose that becomes family. So, Johan has decided to effectively adopt the entire West, or at least those who will follow his rule. This is only a symbolic gesture, as there is no way in any of the hells that Johan could legally adopt even a fraction of the population. Despite that it may come off as cult-esque, he truly does not mean it to be like that. Johan wants to treat these people like family, protecting them and guiding them to the great heights they deserve.

III. Background

IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities
    Voice of One: Johan's voice is rather demanding. It is not one that orders one to listen to its commands. That type of ability is useless to him. No, his voice is Understood. It has a special, almost magical quality to it. It's capable of penetrating the very heart of all those who hear it. The best comparison is to the cries of dragons from the age of legends. It is a juggernaut of a voice that is incapable of failing to ensnare its audience. While Johan speaks in one language, his voice will carry over to others. When someone hears his voice, they Understand what he is saying. It is not translating the words for them. Words can lack a translation. No, it is the meaning behind what he is saying that is truly Understood. The barrier of languages means nothing to him. Of course, with a high enough willpower, this can be overridden. However, it is not something that harms in any way—it only helps to break down the most common barrier between peoples now.

    Overwhelming Presence: If Hans was a thin morning mist, then Johan is the bright bolt of lightning ripping from the heavens. This makes him hard to ignore, but potentially easy to miss when searching for him. What was once scattered in the air around him is now congealed around and inside him.

    Hans: Hans must be something that is on the reader's mind by now. Hans is not at all a separate character. He is closer to being a vessel for Johan to mill about the masses with. Hans is a construction of Johan's energy around himself, creating a shell that does nothing but spread out his aura. When Johan wishes to emerge and be away from Hans, it takes one post to do so. When this happens, Hans will crack and break away like an eggshell as the beast inside takes center stage. Hans can not be re-applied during combat. The process usually takes about five minutes.


» Sacred Weapon: Johan's Sacred takes the form of a spear that is just as brilliant as himself. However, truth be told, it is hard to really classify it as a spear. It is more like someone took a broadsword and stuck a long handle on it. This is because that is what happened. The actual blade itself is the Sacred with the rest being more ornamental than anything. It serves as his scepter moreso than it does as a weapon.

»Mystic Eyes of Regent's Sight: Johan's mystic eyes are perhaps weak compared to others. For him, however, it is the perfect set. They are best described in short as "seeing all which gazes upon Him." If you see Johan, he can, in turn, see you. This does not mean that he can immediately pierce through illusions or see the invisible. Nor does this mean he can see someone who is two dimensions away, scrying on him. If you simply turn your back or close your eyes--just avert your gaze to where you cannot see him at all, his Mystic Eyes are useless. But in all cases, he knows at least he is being seen--and a general direction of where it is coming from. Thus, if you are standing behind an illusion, he will still sense that the illusion is the one casting the gaze. If one is invisible, it still just shows him the general direction. But if you are visible, he can focus his gaze as if he were standing right next in front of you, mere inches away. That is not the main effect of his eyes however. When his Mystic Eyes activate, it returns a "feeling" to the one who saw him that they have been seen by him. Thus, in a crowd, his power is at its peak. It gives him an omnipresent feeling to the enamoured masses even though he is no such thing.

» Equipment Johan, as King of the West, has access to, well, a lot. However, his only notable piece of personal equipment is a silver-bladed dagger he keeps at his waist. It is not made of actual silver, but it does have a silver-like sheen to it. It is not really special outside of sentimental value.

V. Joushou (Dreizehn Orden)

» Joushou Appearance

» Joushou Abilities

VI. Zenou ()

» Zenou Appearance

» Zenou Abilities

VII. Kyuu Kyou (Selbstgesetz)

» Kyuu Kyou Appearance

» Kyuu Kyou Abilities

Self-Rule: Self-Rule is a unique passive ability. Johan, while in Selbstgesetz, becomes his own "world" in a sense. To put it into RPG terms, the spell Banish would have to be cast twice on Johan to move him from a realm. The first cast would tear away Self-Rule, while the second would be the actual banishment. Self-Rule gives Johan the capabilities of being a realm unto himself. He becomes the bane and ultimate target for Anti-World abilities. This is really nothing other than a way for him to survive an attack that would normally destroy an entire realm. As he is effectively separate from the realm he is currently occupying, things that affect a realm directly would be useless against Johan [I]unless[I] they specifically target him for it.

VIII. Notes

VIV. Skill Sheets

Soldier Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Release Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Hans Reimann [WIP]
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