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 Martin Aiken[WIP]

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Coding In Template By:


Soul Evo Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Martin Aiken
» Titles: -//-
» Real Age: 25
» Age Appearance: Around 20 to 25
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Monsuta

» Physical Appearance Description: Martin is a proud 6'1 feet tall male specimen, with lean, but muscled body, showing well the fruits of his rigorous training. The boy sports a light tan, his skin having a golden hue to it. His hair is just long enough to cover his ears and left to go wild as they please. Thanks to good genes, though, they seem to be rather tame. At the given time the young wizard went for classic black. As well, as the hair, the boys eyebrows too are black and dyed, both with magical potions. Because of a little accident, trying to make them permanently black, now they change upon different outer and inner aspects. To name few, his hair could turn red, hard and messy upon being angry or sloppy, brownish orange, when it is hot. They could become silver grey when it is about to storm, even illuminating a bit of a light. Sometimes the boy can control these changes, sometimes not, depending on how stable and in control he feels at that time.

Under this spectacle of colours were two pink, large eyes staring. On good days, when one felt that everything was alright with the world, they were clear, warm and friendly. If they were gazing at someone Martin didn't like or hated, the clearness became cold as ice and sharp as knifes. When excited, the warmth turned into a burning fire, but, when sad, depressed and such, it dissipated completely, becoming murky like a rainy, hot and grey day. But once the boys body was brimming with supernatural energies, it is then when the pink turns to electric blue, as his hair returns to the boys original, platinum white colour.

In clothing the male like both things that were practical and, in the same time, fit his aesthetics. For Martin those would be something between steampunk and mid-evil Britain. While the last two years he had tone it down trying to fit in with the Karakuras society, in Ulsoltra, the realm he calls home, it was common for a mage to...Well, look like a mage. Through his travels he have had many different outfits, ranging from a knights armour with blue, heavy and expensive cloak to the most basic peasant linen garments. It was only when banned from Ulsotra, that Martin had a chance to own more than one pair of pants.

» Physical Appearance Picture:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:
  • Brave: There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. If one asked Martin at which side he is, the boy couldn't give you a clear answer. He isn't sure himself about that. But what could be said about the boy is that he had never turned down a challenge, no matter how hard it seemed. To say it paid off most of the time, hardly. Usually he barely got out alive just to plunge into next crazy thing. There were times this bravery of his was put on the test. Memories of Mortheim still plagued the young man's nightmares, making him wake up with cold sweat and checking, if there was no blood on him. Still, even after this event, the boys fearless attitude against danger didn't change.

    But diving into lost, cursed temples or raiding a camp of bloodthirsty demons isn't the only way how Martin expresses his bravery. He feels no fear whatsoever, when meeting new people. More precisely, at the start he felt it, but it was quickly oppressed and he just made himself to talk, express his feelings and such making good bunch of friends. If something bothers the boy, he had never problems talking about it, as well, as he had never feared the truth, even the one many people would like to leave hidden away and unknown.

  • Curios: Maybe it was the environment, maybe the fact he was forced to travel a lot, maybe genes, but Martin was terribly curios kid. And terrible was the right word to put, as it got him into more than countless unfortunate situations. While his teachers at the academy admired the young mages thirst to know, there were many who didn't. This curiosity of his went from such things as trying to find what secrets are hidden in a abandoned castle or what dwells deep into a sunken city to less beneficial and, in some cases, more dangerous situations, like, snooping around guard commanders cabinet or bugging his friends about how they feel towards one or another person. The worst thing is that Martin is really persistent and in many cases it is hard to shake him off. Additionally, if the boys curiosity isn't sated with answers given he will try to pry deeper...Even if there is nothing more to pry. Sometimes he thinks of things being more than they are in truth.

  • Romantic: It couldn't be said that romance was a major aspect of his life, but maybe this was the reason the young boy from early age craved it. Martins parents were far from the fairy-tale couple and people around the young man had more crucial things to deal with than thinking about their personal life. But it never stopped him. He loved stories where two lovers met in secret, where prince held his beloved and love blossomed, flourished. To him they weren't just stories and in time he became a person who craved same kind of love, even, if it was silly and unrealistic. He had both childish crushes, as well, as stronger feelings, as time passed and he matured. The mage got hurt many times, but stood up again, not giving up on hope to find the right person one day.

  • Stubborn: When set his mind on something it is hard for Martin to change it himself. Sometimes it would look like almost some kind of OCD, seeing him even obsessing about one or another thing. They could be good things, like, aiming to learn a language or finish a research paper, but it might go in the direction of not giving up on finding someone's secret no matter who he would hurt. Afterwards, yes, the boy may feel sorry, but there would be no regret while trying to achieve his goal.

  • Hard Worker: You can call it insecurity about him-self and a need to be acknowledge by others, but Martin is one of those people, who give all of himself to what he does. Be it studies, hobbies or his actual job, you will see him giving it all. It is because from the land the boy comes a person is rewarded accordingly to the work that has been put into. In practice it hasn't always played out like that, but even then he convinces himself it is the life experience he had gained.

  • Needy for Approval: From young age the boy was smothered by praises from people around him. Was it his parents, who though their child was a genius or his teachers, who adored how well obedient and hard working kid was the boy. This then grew into almost a addiction to be praised, noticed and admired by what he did. Martin fought monsters, explored ancient ruins, was what his partners wanted him to be just so they would constantly acknowledge him. Make him feel like he meant something. And as years went on and the mage grew in power such grew his need for attention. More daring adventures, bigger circle of friends and enemies, the youngest of Aiken's would never say it loudly, but he was an true attention whore.

  • Loose Morals: This is yet another characteristic this young mage doesn't want to talk about. While being truly a nice person, helpful and kind, it can't go unnoticed, that sometimes Martin makes really odd and even plain nasty decisions. Previously it was mentioned already how, when setting his mind on something, the male will not let go and do anything to get what he was aiming at. Well, it included hurting other people and not just physically, but also emotionally or socially. Not even talking about theft or vandalism, which the male had never seen as a bad thing. From all things, this side is what Martin hates the most, as it reminds the boy of his lineage and what could become of him one day, if not careful.

  • Childish: He had always been the youngest. He was the only kid to his parents, then he was the youngest student in his group, the youngest member in the various adventurer parties and the youngest guard, when serving Ulsotras Protectors. Such position for many years had allowed the boy to act younger to his age. While being all serious when needed, on more casual occasions the boy will allow himself be hyper-active, brimming with energy and sometimes just acting as a goof-ball. Sometimes it mixes with a little of flirtatiousness, making Martin into a play-full devil he likes to be.

  • Envious: As how much Martin would hate to admit it, the boy feels envy towards people, that can do something he can't. This thing is more directed towards skills and not any skills, but those he has no possibility to master himself. Additionally, it is hard for the boy, if someone else is getting more attention, him being in the same room. He will then try to re-direct it to himself, feeling bad about afterwards.

I. Character History

» History

Part One - Fairy Tales:
It was around 26 years ago, when his mother and father met on the busy streets of Karakura City. Both young, healthy and special in a supernatural way, they fell in love. Martin never knew details about why or how exactly his parents got together, as his father never had the strength to talk about it. The only thing the boy did know, at that time his father had no idea from where the women he had fallen in love really came. It needed another two months, beautiful wedding and his father noticing his wife's slow sinking into depression, that made the man ask. And it made Desmond Aiken find out things that later on he wished had never been uncovered.

The boys mother, Melissa Blacklight, didn't come from Earth Realm or any of the known realms at all. Yes, she was a Chi Human, but the women came from a realm almost isolated by the rest of the universe. As she explained to Martins father, the trip to Earth Realm was a way of expedition and while she loved him, the women badly missed her home and all the friends she left there. Desmond was in shock, but far from feeling betrayed or hurt by his wife. Instead she seemed to him even more mysterious and charming than before. Plus, this gave the man opportunity to escape Karakura City and start everything from anew, as his carrier as a low-key criminal didn't seem so wonderful.

With that decided both didn't spend much time in idle and departed to Ulsotra, The Kingdom of Sun. The place was nothing he had seen before, or, rather, something he would never expect seeing out of fantasy games or novels. Grand castles made of stone mixed with modern, but fantasy-like architecture. The fusion of old and new was so strange, though, much seemed still coming from middle-ages. Guards were wearing plate armour, there were robed mages, people dressed in clothing from a mid-evil festival meeting steampunk. And while there were not even close to as many people, as in Karakura or any other big city in that matter, it still seemed alive. But what was even more interesting, the air itself was sizzling with magic.

Soon afterwards Melissa taught Desmond the ways of the new world. They didn't stay long in Ulsotra, as that was only the start of their destination and moved forward to another realm. Such both travelled few days, the man seeing multiple wonders in his way. As his wife explained to him, this place was a sponge for forgotten ideas, as well, as ideas, that didn't live to their full potential. In here they were stacked in multiple small realm and allowed to play out. In return pieces of information on what happened in these realms were returned to other big realms in form of ideas, which then became into fairy-tales, stories, video games, art pieces and such. As she liked to put it, this was a small universe for stories to play out till the end...And further.

Blackrock, their destination, an realm made of bogs, swamps, big, deep forests, small villages and a huge castle in the middle of all of it. When reaching this realm Desmond found out Melissa was actually the ruler of it, literally owning the small world. She had the realms heart and such, the women owned it. You could imagine that at this point Desmond was a bit overwhelmed with information. Yes, he did live in Karakura. Yes, he knew about all the major wars that had happened and he himself was a Soul Evolved human, but one thing was hearing about the unimaginable and completely different is to see it.

Soon, though, he got used to it. As the man lived with his wife, becoming something of a theoretical king, Martins father had it clear that his wife had the realm under an iron fist. And again, it was mainly because she owned, what was called the Blackrock's Heart. As he learned later on, each of these miniature realms had an anchor that kept them together, balanced. They were objects of intense power and were the literal „hearts" of an realm. Owning one and having the appropriate power gave a person control over many aspects of the said realm. These hearts could be people, animals or objects, in that case taking form of crystals in most cases. No one, though, knew what was Blackrock's Heart.

A year passed in which two things happened. First, Desmond slowly learned that his wife was a tyrant. A cunning one. A lot of other realms had learned to fear her and few were even at war with Blackrock. She had even the title „The Evil Queen" as she was a direct descendant of the original one. The one Desmond knew from the fairy tales. Second, Melissa got pregnant and had a child. A son, which they named Martin. Desmond thought of him as the most loveliest little thing ever. This, sadly, was the breaking point where their marriage ended.

Suddenly Melissa became uninterested with Desmond. She grew cold, caring only for the child, but ignoring his father. It was then he understood that the „Evil" in her title wasn't too much. He saw the true colours of the women he once loved and acted on that accord. The man fled. Fled, taking Martin with him.

Through obstacles, the lone father reached Ulsotra, where he found a safe refuge from Martins mother. It was one of the oldest and largest of the realms, being ruled by the King of Nine Hearts. A man so powerful almost every realm was some way loyal and under the kings influence. Even Melissa was vary of this person. Such, Desmond and Martin started their lives in here. At first it was hard for the single father, as the land was completely new, with no friends or family to turn to, but kind hearts found him and the man managed to settle down with a house for his child and a work to keep the man occupied.

Part Two - Complicated Child and Easy Way Out:
This is where Martins life really starts. Maybe because of the environment, maybe because of his unusual parents, but at age of three the child was able to walk, talk and acted like an matured five years old. In appearance he was taller then most three year old's, but much more skinnier. For his father it was sometimes hard to look at the boy, as he had inherited his mothers platinum white hair and some other small characteristics. At this time Martins curiosity was already excessive. He had to know everything. It was impossible to get him sit in one place or obey to any orders given. He would poke his nose in any place he found of interest to him, he would ask any question, without any shyness whatsoever. This slowly gave the boy's nanny and father quite of a headache.

Things got even more complicated, when, two months before his fourth birthday, Martin started to express powers of supernatural nature. Random energy bolts, sparks of fire, moving objects. At start it was nothing large, though, making Desmond concerned and afraid of the speed of the child's growth. His concern grew even large when, around age of four, his son learned how to control his quickly growing power. Even in such levels that he started to create his own effects, just to get what his kids physics wouldn't allow him otherwise. This made everyone in their close circle awed and scared at the same time.

It became obvious Desmond's son had influenced from the world living in, it's energies and, using something similar to his fathers ability to borrow other people powers, learned the basics to manipulate with it. This was probably the reason for the child's accelerated growth, as his body absorbed more energy then he needed, so, releasing it in such odd way. Once Martin started to use actively the energy he acquired, this growth spurt also slowed down, though, still was visible until age of seven.

Anyhow, his father had no idea what to do with his kid, even being slightly afraid of him. This made the man to search for help, and he looked for it outside from Ulsotra. As he served in Ulsotras Protectors the man had learned a lot and one of these things were, if one is gifted in magic, they go to Aldrun, The Collage of Magic. An artificial realm created by a Demon - Human hybrid, this place was meant for those seeking knowledge how to bend and shape the world around them. How to train ones mind, ones soul.

Aldrun's High Mage, Arghatan Flamestorm, was quite interested in Desmond's story. Even more he was interested in the son of The Evil Queen. One of her offspring’s was already studying here and such he extended a proposition to take the boy in with himself. Martins father said yes maybe faster then one would expect.

This is when the boys father fades out of the picture. Martin was taken to Aldrun, being only five years old. He has been able to control his powers at some degree for around a half a year and people in the college were more than amazed by it. The boy himself, though, was more confused then anything else. He had no idea why his father left him here or what he was suppose to do here. He was given a room with two other kids, almost teenagers already, who, he couldn't say were nice to him at the very start. They even tried to bully the younger boy at the start, but learned that he was stubborn as an ox and didn't allow to be pushed around, no matter how much older or smarter these people were.

Almost immediately the boy was introduced with the collages life. And all confusion faded. Instead, he got curious. excited. The place was huge, everything was big and it all created one question after another. The collage was a miniature realm, so there was a lot to explore. And Martin did. At the very start they tried to put him in the basic courses, but, while he may seem more advanced in magic then most in studying it for couple of years, it all was instinct for the boy. He had no knowledge and, saying the truth, Martins father even lacked a bit in the child's formal education. Because of this reason the first few days were really stressful for the kid and everyone decided it would be for the good of all to start with some private tutoring at the start.

Such Martin met Molforo Sharak, a Shadow mage and his private teacher for the next five months. At first, it was scary. That is, the man was scary. He had a long, grey robe and shadows constantly covered the man's face. Later on he learned the old mage did this only for show, as most of them liked to unnecessary flashy. Getting back to the topic, this mage scared him badly, but Martin tried to be brave and not show it. And it passed. It maybe didn't seem like that at the very start, but the man knew how to manage kids and Martin was even calm one, if sated with new information. And sated he was.

In five months the boy learned things some needed years. They started with basics, reading and writing. He caught up so fast, that in a month both the boys pronunciation and grammar were as he had been studying it for years. At this point the boy still had accelerated growth, it was even faster once arriving in the collage, and in his five years he could be given nine or ten. The boys mind as well was expanding, absorbing everything taught. At some point his teacher tried to figure how he was able to do so and Martin just replied, that he can remember things seen and heard with no problems in any moment. It was like they had happened just five minutes ago.

With such answer Molforo decided it would be for the best to teach the child meditation, as well, as how to logically organize his thoughts. This was probably the hardest thing the boy had to do till then. With a young, immature mind, thoughts were racing like cars on fast lane and slowing them down was quite hard. Not even talking about calming down an young kids over energetic spirit. Still, with hours long, daily training it happened and in shorter period then thought Martin was able to clear his mind of anything, if needed, or remember something at a faster speed then even before.

This training also influenced how the boys powers developed and grew. Once he had better control over his mind and emotions it became easier to control the energy he had. The boy created more advanced spells, but with that injuries came. Third degree burn by not being able to control five balls of fire in the same time. This made his teacher rethink the training given to the boy and change it. Now additionally to his already existing program Martin was taught how to control and advance in his gift. Basics of magic, alchemy, potion making and such were introduced, allowing him to inquire more about something, if it caught his interest. And there was plenty of it.

Part Three - Growing, growing and growing:
At age of seven Martins private studies ended and he was put together with others. He knew as much and even more then others around the boy and could without problems attend and understand the lectures given in the collage. While Molforo didn't teach the boy directly any more, he did teach few other subjects to the newbies, as well, as advanced shadow magic to those skilled enough.

Attending lectures meant meeting other people, having group mates and, while most were 8 to 10 years older Martin didn't look or sound like seven years old kid. If getting too emotional or excited, yes, one could tell he wasn't as his appearance would suggest, but otherwise he seemed completely normal to his group members. Only few knew his real age and kept it to themselves.

A year passed and with it realization that the boys body had stopped growing. His mind was still a sponge for information, but, with more often use of his powers, it seemed that it was enough for Martins body. Around the same time rumours started to spread of the boy being The Evil Queens son. Martin really didn't care, he had already come up with a plan how to meet his mother, but it still needed some time to come in fruition. Nevertheless, one day the boy was visited by a particular, red haired girl, few years his pear. Her name was Lara and, as it turned out, she was his half-sister.

Like Martin's dad, Lara's too fled from Melissa, learning what she really was, but, unlike Desmond, Lara's father didn't take the girl with him. Instead he left the girl in the hands of their mother and from early age the girl hated The Evil Queen. She would never reveal the true reason, but Martin had his guess it probably was because she didn't get as much attention, as she would want from her mother.

Their talks were long and soon both became close friends. The boys half-sister showed him and taught him what older students were taught and, like always, Martin caught up pretty fast. His advancement went so fast he soon was moved up before others. It was a blink of an eye and Martin was in the same group as Lara. You can say, it made the kid the talk of the whole collage, both in and bad way. There were those, who feared him because of the ancestry the boy carried and there were those amazed by the skill he possessed. One could imagine that all this put Martins sister in her brother's shadow, what wasn't pleasing.

So it didn't take much time for the good relationship that both had to become sour. Lara started to compete with Martin and Martin hated competition. Whatever he did she too tried and whatever she tried, the boy was still better than her. Alchemy, conjuring, battle magic, augmenting magic, the young mage outdid his peers, half-sister including. This increased both the boy's fame through the collage and skills as a wizard. Outdoing someone was just the motivation he really needed.

Asides from the educational part of Martins life there wasn't much place for anything else. Competing and getting better was what swallowed up his whole time. That is, until field practice started. As silly, as it may sound, the collage introduced field practice quite late in their study programs. Why, no one really knew, but little questions were asked about it, as almost no one liked them...Including Martin.

This was when slip-ups started. This is when the boy, after an tiring day, fell in his bed and felt upset about how unfair was the world to him. But if something, Martin was stubborn and didn't let one subject ruin his wonderful reputation. As much, as he hated the subject, the young mage gave it all like everything else and pushed through, not giving anyone a reason to say he wasn't trying his hardest.

But aside from the painful fact at realising he isn't good at something there was also the fact Martin tried to avoid even harder. The boy started to notice. Notice how his eyes wandered around the boys in showers. How he thought time to time, that one or another look nice, cute or handsome. How he felt this weird, weird want of touching the others skin. Martin was no fool and knew at least in theory what was happening, but, first, the boy was pretty sure it should have been towards girls and, second, it was weird to actually experience it.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: (If your character has any equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills: (In this section you can list anything they can do from their general/will racial sheets. In addition to that, you can list non-power related feats they can do as well. Such as if they have a strong immune system, spiritual awareness, good battle skills or anything like that.)

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Powers: (If your character has any sort of special Anima Stone Strength, Soul Sorcery, Soul Dash or Soul Detection; place it here.)

I. Evolution Powers

» Evolution Powers: (What kind of powers has your human obtained from evolving? IF they have, state them here.)

I. Anima Stone

[NOTE: This section is entirely optional. If you do not wish to have your character possess an Anima Stone, just remove this section.

» Anima Stone Name: (What is the name of your Anima Stone?)

» Anima Stone Type: (What type of Anima Stone is it? Internal, or External?)

» Anima Stone Abilities: (What kind of powers does your Anima Stone have, if they have any? List them here.)

I. Soul State Evolution Stage 1

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers )

I. Soul State Evolution Stage 2

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

I. Soul State Evolution Stage 3

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance: (Optional. This will be at least 1 to 0 tier level characters, however. You may fill this out, but the app will ultimately be up to the staff member who reviews it. Simple strike out this section if you do not receive the requirements or permission.)

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities: (Optional. Leave blank if you do not want powers.)

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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Martin Aiken[WIP]
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