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 The Twin Hell Beasts, Saphēda and Kālā Vespara

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Twin Hell Beasts, Saphēda and Kālā Vespara   Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:59 pm


Saphaeda and Kalaa
रं ग दा रा क्ष स

» Name: Saphēda and Kālā Vespara are the two names of Ravan's Hell Beasts, or Naraka Janavara. These two names are taken from the Hindi words "white and black." Just as their name states, Saphēda takes on the appearance of white hair and white jumper, black shorts. Kala has taken on the appearance of black hair and black jumper, with white shorts, just like her name states.

» Gender: They are both female.

» Alias': The Twin Hell Beasts, The Twins of Hell

» Age: Saphēda and Kālā Vespara did not come into creation until around a hundred years past Ravan's own birth from Deveta, making her around 350+ years old. Explained in Ravan's history, Saphēda and Kālā were created for the purpose of filling a void in Ravan as he evolved his own species over hundreds of years.

» Species: They are considered "Hell Beasts", beings born and made from the energies of Hell and natural/eternal partners of Rakshasa demons.

» Affiliation & Residence: Aside Ravan, Saphēda and Kālā are usually found within the lowest layer of Hell, by Ravan. Although they have been found to go through other layers, layer 665 is their home layer and the place in which they will return to his side. While they hold no love or admiration for other demons around the, or even Shadow Fall for that matter, they still remain at a high position as the Shadows under Ravan as a Demon King. They do not trust or wish to be a part of Shadow Fall, but is going through the motions alongside their eternal partner, Ravan.

Just like Ravan, these two Hell Beasts take up the bottom layer of Hell right before layer 666. They sit at Ravan's side as rulers of this realm. Ravan, Sapheda and Kala are the only three beings to exist within this world of darkness. Unlike any other layer, they are alone. Unlike any other layer - they are considered kings of their domain and Hell itself. The gateway that is said to enter the final layer of Hell sits a gate three kilometers high and is around two kilometres wide. It is surrounded by pure darkness, but like the human figures within this realm, completely visible. Right before this gate sits a throne, the throne is sat right in the centre of the large door, where the two sides of the door meet in the middle. The throne has thorns wrapped in and around it's frame, painted a dark grey with red splashes all over it. This is the throne that Ravan sits on as Guardian to this final layer, to make sure nobody makes their way into Deveta and Death's place of rest.


» Calm and Collected: Unlike Ravan, Sapheda and Kala are two beings that pride themselves on their ability to understand and censor their feelings at a whim. In most situations, they remain calm and almost emotionless - their calmness runs so deep that it can be considered almost abnormal. Even in the face of something drastic or terrifying, or if they got an arm cut off or something; Kala and Sapheda would both have the attitude of: "Oh, I see." They rarely show pain, anger or any form of negative emotion let alone positive ones. Happiness? Sadness? Anger? Depression? These are feelings felt within their hearts, for every living being has these. However they do not wish to show them or express them in an outward manner. But suppressing these emotions on the outside, they both had quickly learnt ways to control the way they acted; even from their moment of creation. Their only person to talk to was each other and Ravan, so what was the point of expressing their emotion when Ravan already knew them in and out? Even if not showed, Ravan could tell when these two were undergoing such things as depression and confusion, anger and so forth. By controlling their calmness and being collected, Sapheda and Kala have found themselves capable of giving off a scary vibe as well, using their casualness to their advantage and sometimes even striking fear into the hearts of those whom oppose them.

» Witty and Vulgar: When they do speak in their monotone like voices, Sapheda and Kala often use their actions to make crude and sometimes "seemingly" harmless statements. An example of this would be them ripping out the ribs of an opponent and saying, "hey, you dropped these" showing them their ribs before they even notice it was missing. This also coincides with their wittiness, showing that they're extremely quick when it comes to speaking and replying to such advances. They are often found to think up and show types of crude statements on the spot, needing very little time to prepare for such a thing. Another way to look at this is their vulgar side, not caring in which way they might offend someone or hurt their feelings. They will use every reach of the language without limit, Demon and English languages. Like Ravan, they do not share any sense of formalities or codes of conduct. They simply act, without worry for the requests of others. Saying what they will, when they will, no matter whom it may hurt or offend. They view being offended so easily by words something petty and stupid, and not needed. Their general philosophy when it comes to it could be summed up as "Why should I care?" Why should they care if their words offend someone? The same could be said in return to them, they don't care. Trying to insult them? They'll just give you a blank stare. Sapheda and Kala do not care for the requests or words of people whom mean nothing to them.

» Unique and imaginative: As one might imagine from their previous personality traits, they are quite unique in their own way. They are not held down by anyone being stronger than them or that they might die in a situation, but rather live life how they wish, no matter the risks. Hand in hand with this is their imaginative side. They have been known to run rampant in their imagination, and even try to make said things a reality. This trait goes for both their battle-like lives and general everyday life. For battle and fighting, they have been shown to find unique and imaginative ways to crush their opponents. Whether this is by slowly engulfing their intestines through consumption or plucking their ribs out and gouging their eyes out one by one, they will always look for the "imaginative" route. Even for every day life, contrary to what Ravan is like, they will look for the imaginative way to do things. As Ravan prefers the logical method and ways to get things done best, they will find unique paths that some might not even consider. They had lived in their minds so long that they slowly developed these traits, whilst Ravan grew these traits backwards. Sapheda and Kala pride themselves on their imagination, their imagination being so vast and wild that they refuse to let anyone else restrict them as well.

»Dynamic and Deceptive: They are beings capable of extreme change, Sapheda and Kala being like two peas in a pod, exactly the same; sharing the same ideologies and opinions, and even change. They have been shown to be very adaptable to the situation. Not only adaptive in a physical sense, but they can change their way of behaving within the click of a fingers into almost any style when talking to others. It's not that they change themselves, but rather "adapting" to what they should be. This also goes hand in hand with being deceptive. As they can constantly change and shift the way they are, they are often found to be tricking others into situations or leading them down a false path. They are not beings of intense violence nor wishing death upon people, but even they can hold a sadistic outlook on their surroundings. Whether this is by them taking joy in their eventual leading to downfall of others or that they simply want to kill something, they use this both adaptive like personality and deceptive traits to twist, mock and often humiliate people until they are gargling on their own blood. By the same token, they are also very persuasive when it comes to general talk. If they were to try and talk to you and get you to do something, they would play tricks on the mind and emotions to try and make the most out of your usage before dumping you in the gutter and stomping you out.



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The Twin Hell Beasts, Saphēda and Kālā Vespara
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