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 Start of a Flame (KAI)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Start of a Flame (KAI)   Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:55 pm

Yoma traveled searching for his quest of self improvement, lost in a desert he knew he had to better understand everything. This world, The other planes of existence, and yet himself, he was far too ignorant to be called a true warrior. He focused closing his eyes and continued walking. Using only the senses he had begun to develop he attempted to avoid obstacles in his path and continued walking clearing his mind in the process. As he cleared his head he let the reasoning he traveled flow into him.

He had left the gotei as he felt that he didn’t belong something felt wrong to him, something wrong with him, limitations. This powerful feeling drove him to leave and search for something more. He had met someone he couldn’t remember who but someone who challenged him and drove him to understand his own weaknesses. Within this conflict he lost his zanpakuto shattered and left with nothing yoma continued to carry it with him for a while longer as he joined the monsuta. Within the monsuta he found a place to call home and belong but not before long trouble ensured. His new home was challenge which caused yoma to stand up to opponents he knew he had no chance against. In the end he knew he had to leave in failure. Shortly, after this the monsuta changed becoming less of a home but he encountered someone by the name of poliro who trained him in the basics of combat, true combat, while also showing him how to repair his zanpakuto. Yet, yoma couldn’t repair it he couldn’t feel the connection to it as he had never truly understood it. He had chosen the task to abandon it hidden from the world somewhere where no one could find it. He vowed to return to it once he gained the knowledge and power he seeked to someday return for it, to become someone who is truly worthy of wielding the blade.

This thought traveled and left yoma’s mind further motivating him to grow and become more true to his role in the world. He opened his eyes he somehow felt the presences of others around him. He could feel them but it was strange he didn't know what this power was. He didn’t know how but once his eyes opened this feeling disappeared. Yoma laughed it off. While investigating the village he was in. he spoke to the people of the village learning of the wealth that lies inside. They had major mines used to gather materials that were in very high demand. Yoma held no interest in them but still wanted to use this as a learning experience. Grabbing several books yoma studied and researched the mines and history of the town a little, speaking to people and growing much more knowledgeable. Yoma heads into the mines and travels deep within. He grows in awe of the sights, many gemstones glimmered, puddles of waters dipped leaving behind a wet and moist feeling in the mine. Yoma’s had read about the experience of the mine not too long now and yet seeing it in person he could feel a sense of happiness and exploration from this place.

As he traveled further his worries were washed away by the beauty of the place, many gemstones were resistant to heat, pressure, breakage, and even the rock around the gemstones gave of a nice guiding light. Yoma looked around surprised how big the space in this mine was.

“Hello anyone out there?”

Yoma couldn’t help but shout out, he felt as he was the only one is this mysterious glowing world. A new experience for him to obtain. Yet, his soul felt lacking for a moment and gave him the feeling that something was missing. Yoma had a sorrow hit him for a moment which casted aside ready to shout some more.

“Hello, anyone alive in here? It's kinda lonely alone in here. Anyone want to join me?”
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Start of a Flame (KAI)   Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:20 pm

The sun shone in the sky, baking this desert wasteland Jian Yijun found himself in during the hottest days of summer. Perhaps this wasn't the best time to take a trip to a small mining village in the middle of nowhere. Regardless, the young Chinese man continued to drive in a topless jeep along a little-used dirt road, the speeding wheels sending up billowing dust clouds as they spun. The tracks left in the ground were easily discernible due to this route hardly being used by vehicles. Danger from beastly monsters like Hollows and Demons and all other nightmarish beings was a constant threat around these parts. If any outsiders actually needed to traverse these lands it would be far likelier for them to bring powerful bodyguards. Instead, Kai was alone.

Kai could just barely make out the town in the distance blurred due to the heat rising off the broken, barren earth. Sweat lined his brow as the vehicle struggled to pump out enough cold air to counteract the sweltering desert heat though the jeep's speed kept wind blowing into the cab. While Kai's thoughts began to stray a strange shimmering began occurring about two hundred feet in front of his vehicle. At first he merely squinted, straining to see what exactly it was. Within a few seconds the shimmering was replaced by the muscular white body of a gigantic monster with a mask for a face. He knew exactly what this thing was: Hollow.

Kai slammed on the brake with his left foot while his right stayed on the gas pedal, turning the steering wheel hard as he did so. With his free hand Kai activated his P.I.L.H.S. Device hanging around his wrist, causing a white light to momentarily shine in said hand before being replaced by a heavy black pistol. The exact second the gun appeared Kai squeezed the trigger twice in rapid succession. The Hollow's mask exploded as the high powered energy-infused rounds tore through the beast's head, killing it instantly. Kai quickly corrected his vehicle by pulling off the brake and turning the wheel to straighten it out. All of this occurred within about ten seconds.

Having once again faced danger head on, Kai was getting more and more used to the almost heart attack-like feeling which overcame him after. In response to this deadly encounter he drove slower and focused on his breathing to calm down. In a few minutes Kai finally made it to the village and parked near the entrance before getting out and making his way to the nearby mine on foot, making sure to bring a bottle of water with him as he went. Kai took regular sips of the refreshing liquid as he made his way through town. Once he reached the mine Kai entered quietly and began making his way into the underground tunnels spread across for miles in every direction.

Despite the heat above, the mined caverns almost seemed to radiate a coolness more reminiscent of autumn than summer. Though dark for the first thirty or so minutes of walking, eventually glowing gems of various colors jotting out of the walls and ceiling lit the dirt floor up enough for Kai to not trip on whatever littered the ground. Stopping in his tracks, Kai closed his eyes and focused....yes, he could just barely make out the echoes of what seemed to be a man's shouting. Drawing his gun Kai made his way deeper into the mine.

After another fifteen minutes of traversing these long-forgotten mine shafts, the tunnel he was in opened up to a large cavern lit up by more gems with stalactites hanging from the ceiling some ten or so meters above Kai's head. The drip drip drip of water falling from the stone spikes echoed out. Kai stood still, staring in amazement at the beauty of the underground chamber. In the middle of the room Kai noticed who he assumed was the person shouting out earlier. Clearing his through, Kai introduced himself to the man. "Hey there, what uh...what're you doing down here? I'm Kai."
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Start of a Flame (KAI)
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