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 Hael Cruor [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hael Cruor [WIP]   Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:01 pm

001. basics

Name: Hael Cruor.
Titles | Nicknames: The Sugiuran of Sin. The Sinful Northern Princess.
Age: 16
Gender: Female.
Origin: Sin.
Affiliation: Herself.

002. appearance

Hael is five foot six inches and weighs one hundred and seventeen pounds. She is slimly built and is one of the least physically imposing member of her family. Her style is simple as she wears a white one piece with a pink cross-like design at the center. A white jacket is thrown over this and a pair of white, heeled boots gives her an extra inch. She wears two pieces of armour which includes her gloves and knee protectors. And, to finish off the look, she wears a pink headband that pulls back a majority of her long, black hair.

003. personality

Content isn’t necessarily a word that describes Hael well. She’s quite the opposite as her sinful nature hardly allows for her to be anything less than discontent with her life. A lot of her discontent stems from her envious trait as the things she isn’t happy with can be traced back to this trait. As an individual who encompasses the cardinal sins and thus envy, Hael will always find herself discontent when she perceives someone else has an advantage over her. In this case, that would be her older siblings and it’s because of their advantage that she’s willing to go to quite the extreme to improve herself. She does not see her siblings as inferior to her, but that does not stop her from wanting to be better than them in every capacity.

When coupled with lust, the two traits is truly enough to motivate her and thus, the combination is enough to override her slothful nature - though not completely. In her case, Hael desires what most of the population does which is power and control. However, she only wants these things because she believes that it’s the only true way to earn admiration. She wants people to love and respect her based on her own merits and not because she is a princess. She feels like any admiration anyone would show her at this point would be insincere as she hasn’t done anything to warrant such love or respect. Thus, she pursues the power and control necessary to aspire this in people without them looking at her royal status.

Although envy and lust seem to be driving force, all sinful traits can be traced back to pride in some capacity. And, she is quite the prideful person. Her pride is the reason she cannot bear to be in the shadow of her older siblings or anyone for that matter, why she takes an almost unhealthy amount of pride in the sugiuran race - viewing them as the dominate species - and why she can no longer allow herself to laze about while her siblings got better like she use to. She refuses to be left defeated and so, she never goes down without a fight. She also takes pride in her image and it’s because of this pride that she cannot bring herself to be anything less than polite regardless of her personal feelings towards someone.

In addition to being a prideful individual who envies her older siblings and desires admiration, Hael is also a rather slothful person. It use to be her dominate trait, however its influence over her as since diminished which had allowed her three other traits to surface and become prominent. She frequently feels the need to sleep for days on end as the feeling of exhaustion has built up over the years and no amount of ‘regular’ sleep seems capable of shaking it off. Quite frankly, the only thing preventing her from curling up in bed and becoming apathetic to the world around her is her desire to achieve her goals for once in her life and the combination of lust, envy, and pride that overrides her slothful nature.

In regards to greed, wrath, and gluttony, well they don’t hold any sort of sway over Hael. Certainly, she displays such traits, but not enough for them to be noteworthy as they come in flashes and leave as quickly as they come. Thus, such traits are only noticeable when they have been exacerbated and even then, it’s nothing too extreme or impressive for that matter.

Hael isn’t particularly close to her parents, but she has a decent if not strong relationship with her siblings. Sure, she may envy her older siblings in some capacity, but that has not hindered her capacity to enjoy their company. Of course, she likes her siblings for different reasons. However, she likes Izayoi the most because she feels like she can indulge in her slothful nature in his company without any judgment on his part with Kamui coming in a close second.

Hael is the sort of person who likes to have control over something. It is why she spent a large portion of her childhood fancying herself on the throne before reality set in and she threw away her idealistic mindset. For the most part, she has not strayed away from hoping for a position of authority, however she no longer yearns for the crown and has settled on simply working towards becoming the leader of the Northern Kingdom’s military.

There is no rest for the wicked, and Hael is one of the most wicked as dictated by her origin, however that does not mean she cannot like the idea of resting. As someone whose personality is greatly influenced by the cardinal sins, Hael’s slothful nature had been the driving sin during her younger years; and although it has a weaker sway over her, she still cannot help but wish to curl up in bed and shut out the world for several days. However, her insistent need to surpass her siblings prevents her from doing this.

Small Talk
Hael isn’t the sort of person to initiate chatter that goes absolutely nowhere. It’s a complete waste of time and energy, two things she could be putting into something far more important than exchanging pleasantries. Especially since such conversations feel forced, insincere, and meaningless in her opinion. However, she isn’t rude enough to not engage in small talk when one strikes it up with her, although she conceals the fact that she cannot wait for the conversation to be over. After all, the only reason she engages in such pointless chatter is because it’s the polite thing to do. Otherwise, she’d avoid it altogether or attempt to get straight to the point if she feels like someone is beating around the bush.

Older Siblings
Hael dislikes her older siblings to a certain extent. Now, she does not dislike them as people, but rather she dislikes their individual strengths and even finds herself envious of them. She would love to be a prodigy like Kamui, possess Yuzuki's strength and Izayoi’s destructive capabilities, or even Kanna’s brains. Even if she has such traits, she is overshadowed by her siblings who are, naturally, more talented in their areas. She also dislikes her older siblings because she has so many, resulting in her being so far down the succession line that she has little to no hope of ever being the ruler of the Northern Kingdom. However, this does not negate the respect and admiration she has for them.

Although she wishes to surpass her older siblings, Hael doesn’t necessarily like working for it. She had spent her childhood underneath her father’s tutelage, learning how to wield every bladed weapon in existence before focusing on the rapier and she’s tired. If Envy effects were permanent, she would never train again and spend that time catching up on some much needed rest. However, the importance of not relying on her origin has been beaten into her and so, she begrudgingly spends at least an hour a day honing her skills.

Hael takes an awful amount of pride in being born a Sugiuran and views the other races as beneath hers. Sure, she is a hybrid as the blood of a human flows through her veins and she could tap into the powers that comes with it, however she ignores that part of her heritage. She doesn’t view hybrids like herself with disdain for as long as they can tap into the Sugiuran’s natural talents then she views them as such. However, no one else is shielded from her distaste, though she dislikes some more than others. Her ranking is as follows: Sugiuran (Hybrids), Human, Iramasha, Demon, Shinigami, and Hollow. Now, her general dislike for these races doesn’t prevent her from being polite, it just means she doesn’t view them on the same playing field and thus, they must work harder to earn her respect - Sagumi is a prime example as it was pretty much beaten into her.

Hael is the sort of person who believes that her private life should remain private and thus, she isn’t likely to delve into her personal affairs. All that anyone needs to know is her name and the fact that she is a princess in the military. She will not divulge anything beyond that unless it serves a purpose and even then, it would be with great reluctance.

004. backstory

As the daughter of Aceldama Cruor, the Northern Queen, Hael was born into the lap of luxury. And with Sagumi Sumashuu as her father, she was born with a wealth of power at her fingertips. Hael had definitely hit the jackpot when it came to genetics just like her older siblings. She was born strong and healthy, one of many children her parents would bring into the world.

Hael distinguishes herself from her siblings early on, though definitely not in a positive matter. Her origin of sin had kicked in early and her slothful nature quickly made itself known. She had hit her milestones later than her siblings as she was far more content with sleeping the days away rather than learning essential skills such as how to walk, talk, and read. Adventurous wasn’t a word one could use to describe the child at all, as she hardly removed herself from her bed and the times she was seen out of her room, she was forced to.

It truly was odd as the family hadn’t dealt with a child as lazy as Hael. And even odder when she got older. Up until age five, she had fancied herself quite a few things - one such flight of fancy happened to be queen of the Northern Kingdom. However, no one took the ramblings of the slothful child seriously as she was all talk, her nature seemingly disallowing her from building up the drive and motivation to pursue her dreams and make a plan to get there. Really, it looked like Hael was on the path to being the princess who did nothing, but talked a big game. However, it seemed her parents would no longer accept their daughter’s behavior and so, like her siblings, she began training.

Her father, Sagumi, had thought it fitting to pass down his knowledge of swordsmanship to his daughter. It was an endeavor that Hael initially didn’t take seriously, though she didn’t take anything seriously at the time. It only took her father a short week to prove to the child that he meant business and that she best find the motivation necessary to pick up whatever bladed weapon he threw at her and learn something. And, she did, the child using her origin to leech off the motivation of others in order to get through the day - though it was without her knowledge.

As for her mother, the woman started her off discovering and getting her origin under control. Which, definitely was far more enjoyable, but required the same motivation as training with her father did. Regardless, with their combined efforts the slothful child that was Hael had become a thing of the past by time she was eight and she thrived underneath her parents tutelage and no longer required the motivation of others to get through it.

Though, with her slothful behavior having been beaten into submission, her sinful nature really started to surface with lust, pride, and envy at the forefront. She yearns for power and adoration, seeing the position of queen as the fastest way to achieve both goals. She envies her older siblings individual talents and how much closer they are to the throne. And prides herself on being a sugiuran, though a hybrid, and her skill. She likes her siblings though, especially Izayoi, appreciating his laid-back nature that allowed her to be slothful around him. She simply doesn’t like being in their shadows and that was motivation enough to fuel her through the years.

However, as the years went on and she became more in tuned with reality, her desire for the throne weaned until it became nothing more than the half-baked dreams of a child. By time she had become thirteen, she knew that unless some freak accident happened that rendered her older siblings unfit to rule, that she would never sit upon it. At fourteen, she decided that her best chance of having some sort of power and control would be to one day lead the Northern Kingdom’s military - she convinced herself it was a better fit for her anyways. And, with that in mind, she begins taking advantage of the opportunities available to her as a princess.

With that in mind, Hael decides to join the military, fully aware that she would have to reach the top by her own merits and not rely on the reputation of her family.

005. assets

Sacred Weapon: Thibault
The Fencer's Sacred Weapon, Thibault, is designed as an ornate Rapier. Thibault has a complex, sweeping hilt designed to protect the hand wielding the sword rings extending forward from the crosspiece for protection. The hilt includes a knuckle bow extending down from the crosspiece protecting the grip. A fat pommel secures the grip to the weapon and provides some weight to balance the long blade, the full length of the weapon extending from the user's navel to the ground.

The Thibault is a powerful weapon that, should its owner prove competent, is devastatingly lethal. The magic is centered around the point of the weapon and is capable of entirely modifying the causality of an event, specifically relative to the point of the sword. Thibault's tip is entirely immutable and consistent in the space in which it contains and the magic of the blade will, perpetually, influence the Eidos of the area around it to continue making this so. Anything in the space the tip of the sword passes through is modified as the tip would move through the space: regardless of the hardness of the object, heat resistance, plasticity, or resilience; a hole is punched through that space regardless of what material was there before.

The magic present in the tip of the sword interferes with the structural information of the object via the irrefutable existence of Thibaults Tip at the specific spatial coordinate. As such, any space that Thibault's tip moves through is immediately vaporized as if it never existed as Thibault's tip cannot be impugned upon. Consequently Thibault is utterly incapable of being outright blocked as it establishes a firm law in the universe that "Thibault's Tip occupies this space" and as such, any attempt to block it will fail and be punctured.

However, the direction Thibault's tip moves is still dependent upon the kinetic movement from the rest of the weapon and the user, and as such is still subject to outside influences. As the rest of the weapon carries no edge and no especially potent magic outside the typical psionic energy that allows the weapon to stand up to various other supernatural weapons, it is still possible to knock the tip off the course intended by the wielder by attacking other parts of the weapon, effectively allowing Thibault to be successfully parried and for slashing attacks to be completely irrelevant outside of potential bludgeoning.

006. natural abilities

Under her father's tutelage, Hael is a master swordsman in most regards of the word. She is advanced enough to be considered a foremost artist in most blades that any world has produced and is frighteningly proficient with all of them, but has taken a particular liking to and preference for European Fencing, specifically the 16th Century Variety and her Sacred Weapon represents this and to extent, as do her releases.

The core of fencing is based around the footwork and posture. Starting with the posture, fencing is entirely predicated on limiting surface area of the body from an opponent. As such, the fencer will stand with their feet in an "L" with the foot symmetrical with their sword arm being aimed at the target. The feet are, typically, shoulder length apart with the sword arm outstretched and the free hand either behind the fencer's back or angled backward and relatively away from danger. This stance provides a limited amount of space to actually be struck by the opponent, ultimately making you much harder to hit. As such, fencing is heavily predicated on speed.

The footwork involved in fencing is very linear, but not in the sense that sport fighting has taken in putting people literally on a line, otherwise known as the piste. While most martial forms, typically conventional eastern styles, are very centered on the concept of a circle. Alternatively Fencing is very much about quick, short, almost jerky movements that focus on covering the most distance in the shortest amount of time.

The actual combat involved in fencing is also somewhat linear. The most conventional attack in a fencer's arsenal is the thrust. Typically slashing attacks are a little unconventional and unwieldy as most attacks and blocks are built around defending and attacking the center of the body, as such slashes and swings are considered inefficient. As such, most blades in a fencer's arsenal typically either outright do not contain a bladed edge or if they do, a considerably less potent one than other, heavier weapons. Instead of hefty swings, fencers instead focus on darting, precise, and deadly thrusts and jabs in to the opponent's body.

On top of that, very rarely will a fencer ever, in a conventional sense, "Block" an incoming blow. Almost all defensive techniques in a fencer's arsenal are parries by nature. The fencer, instead of trying to block an attack, will attack the opponent's offensive, meeting their blade in an "X" formation and redirecting it off of the center line and toward the available squishy bits that it may otherwise hit.

At it's most simple, The Fencer's Joushou destroys strength and speed.

At it's more complex, it doesn't necessarily do that at all. Beneath the surface, every action carries a mathematical equation at its core, informational level. The speed of a run, the swing of a sword, the velocity of a bullet, all carry underlying calculations that actually influence the effects and outcomes of all those actions. When the Fencer's weapon connects with an object it begins to, on an informational level, influence the numerical values of these hidden equations.

Using a very basic formula as an example, force is equal to mass times acceleration. This makes sense. The mass of a sword multiplied by how quickly someone swings it is the calculation for how much force that sword will exert on an object. Each swing of a sword involves these underlying calculations happening unbeknownst to the genuine populace that breaks down exactly how various objects interact in our world. Each of these actions and calculations have numbers attached to them. The Fencer's Joushou however influences the way reality itself interprets the numerical values of each object.

An object struck by the Fencer's weapon will not have its informational values properly read by "reality" as the Fencer will be altering the way reality is calculating these values when actions are taken. As an example, if a 4kg object is capable of moving at 20 m/s squared, the force that object would exert is 80 Newtons. However, an object influenced by the Fencer's Joushou, while still having a mass of 4kg and moving at 20 m/s, would not be perceived by the informational core of the world and would, for example be interpreted as a 2kg object moving at 10 m/s, causing the actual force exerted by the object to only be 20 Newtons. So while the ability does not alter the actual parameters of the objects themselves, it does influence the way the world around the object is capable of factoring in its statistics. A sword will still weight five pounds, but it will hit things as if it weighed four. And this ability influences every calculation involving an action and every time the Fencer's weapon makes contact with an object, the object is influenced more dramatically.

To put it in to a more practical frame of reference. Each strike of the Fencer's weapon will, effectively, lower the effect of the wielder's parameters with each strike. The first tier is able to take five strikes before it is reduced to the tier below it, followed by ten strikes for the next tier, followed by fifteen for the following and then twenty for the one after that and the strike count increases by five for each tier. For example, assuming the wielder of a sword has a Strength and Speed of Master and their weapon made contact with The Fencer's Joushou empowered weapon five times, they would only be able to wield the weapon to the effective level of an advanced practitioner. Their individual stats would still be "Master" but any actions taken with their weapon would be reduced to that of an "Advanced." However, direct strikes to the individual themselves will directly lower those parameters.

The effects of this ability last until the end of the thread.

An ability marginally less complex than the Fencer's Zenou, "Priority" continues the Fencing Motif. The ability that the Fencer's Zenou contributes is subtle in theory but potentially rather terrifying in practice. The Zenou, like the Joushou, interferes with the way reality measures and calculates the outcomes of actions, however it is slightly more introspective in nature.

As was established previously, a simple calculation for Force is mass multiplied by acceleration. With this in mind, if two swords were to "clash" against each other, a sword weighing 10kg traveling at 20 m/s squared would equal 200N and a second sword weighing 5kg and traveling at 35 m/s squared would equal out to 175N. In this hypothetical the first sword would overpower the second. The Fencer's Zenou overwrites that reality.

The Fencer's Zenou, at it's most easily explained, attributes a statistical "weight" to one of the portions of a calculation surrounding his weapon. For example, if the above hypothetical were revisited using the second weapon as the Fencer's in Zenou, the same equation of

10kg*20m/s^2 vs 5kg*35m/s^2=175N would instead become:

10kg*20m/s^2=200N vs 5kg*35m/s^2(2)=350.

This hypothetical allows the Fencer to, in essence, mathematically alter the way the world interprets the calculations. To be clear, this in no way makes the Fencer faster than they otherwise should be, instead it influences how much different factors weigh in the calculation of an action.

Practically speaking, what this ability, directly, does is allow the Fencer to use their Speed statistic to directly influence things that should be strictly a matter of strength, giving a hefty weight to the influence of the acceleration factor of force generation, effectively doubling the value of the user's speed statistic. As such, while in Zenou the sheer force of the Fencer's actions is dramatically increased, allowing them to overpower considerably stronger than them through sheer acceleration in situations where they otherwise should not be able to, making them virtually impossible to directly overpower while in this form to all but the most ridiculous powerhouses, effectively needing to directly match the combined value of the Fencers speed and strength strictly with their own strength.


Whenever Hael assumes the embodiment of gluttony, she’s overcome with a ravenous appetite that simply cannot be sated regardless of what she consumes. It’s truly is quite the leap in personality as one would never assume that someone like Hael would fall victim to an insatiable hunger. However, that’s simply how her origin works as the sin equipped is the one that is exacerbated. In exchange for her voraciousness coming to the forefront of her personality and dictating her actions, she gains powers linked to her gluttony.

Such a power is a bottomless stomach, or an infinite digestive system as she puts it. With this ability, Hael is able to consume virtually any substance regardless of the amount and at a speed that is simply unattainable by normal standards. There’s no limit to the amount of matter or material that she can devour and the state of that matter means nothing to her, thus she can easily consume gases, liquids, and solids. She can also devour attacks of the spiritual type - an example is a cero - with little to no negative impact on her overall health and digest it without causing any physical harm to herself. This thus makes dealing with her by throwing energy based attacks at her quite difficult when she’s in this form.

She is also capable of storing whatever she consumes within her body for however long the sin is active and purging it being whenever she pleases. This comes in handy for fights as she can consume an attack and send it right back - the attack maintaining the same strength and speed it did when devoured. However, if she doesn’t feel like purging her body of what she has consumed, her body will simply digest it and turn it into fuel that can be used to slowly replenish her energy thus allowing her to fight longer than normal. This also extends to people as well.

Of course, naturally, there are some weaknesses and/or exceptions that come with this power. Although, for the most part, she suffers no ill effects from the things she consumes, she is still very much capable of suffering damage if met with a strong enough energy, poison, etc. On the light side, she can become very sick and thus suffer from headaches that hamper her focus, feel the need to throw up, or believe the world is spinning - and those are simply examples. On the more severe side, Hael can suffer from both external and internal damage that is enough to drop her down an entire tier and greatly diminish her ability to fight as it would no doubt be painful. She can only devour dead people and so, the living cannot be consumed nor stored in her body.

008. spells

Name: Iron Breaker
Type: Modern
Subset: Movement
Rank: D
Effect: This technique doesn't view the sword to be cast from iron and steel, but identifies the "sword" itself as a concept of applied Movement Type Magic to allow the slashing motion with the aid of the Magic Sequence. The "sword" is identified as a singular concept turned into a molecular blade that can't be shattered, blunted, or broken as if it were able to cut through any resistance along the slashing axis. Consequently, using this magic the Sugiuran is capable of turning any object in to an effective slashing weapon.

Name: Phantom Blow
Type: Modern
Subset: Oscillating
Rank: D
Effect: Phantom Blow is a flashy but intangible attack that can incapacitate the opponent by causing concussive-like symptoms using a single Psion shock-wave. Usually triggered through a snap of the fingers or a swing of a Sacred Weapon, the magician can send this spell toward an opponent like a projectile, roughly equivalent to the speed of a bala.

Name: Yamatsunami
Type: Modern
Subset: Combination [Speed/Weight]
Rank: D
Effect: A Speed-Type/Weight-Type Magic that first minimizes the inertia of the user and the weapon while closing in on the target at high speed. Then this hidden sword technique transfers all of the stored inertia from the user and weapon movements to the point of contact with the target. This is the Sugiuran Equivalent of the Shunpo with the added effect of being specifically designed to be transitioned into an offensive strike, sacrificing some maneuverability that the Shunpo normally affords for the added devastation that comes from the Yamatsunami’s capacity for offense.

» Personal Spells
Name: Split Step [Supuritto Suteppu]
Type: Modern
Subset: Speed/Mass
Rank: E
Effect: Inherited Paternally. A simple spell, the Split Step is performed by lightly bouncing on the user’s toes and channeling their psionic energy into their feet. The use of this technique puts the user in a better position to move and react to incoming attacks, giving them an extra half second of reaction time, which is often a big difference between life and death.

Name: One-Footed Split Step [Kata Ashi Supuritto Suteppu]
Type: Modern
Subset: Speed/Mass
Rank: D
Effect: Inherited Paternally. A slightly more difficult spell when compared to its multi-footed cousin, the Kata Ashi Supuritto Suteppu is performed by quickly bouncing on one foot at the moment of reaction instead of one and channeling psionic energy to the foot in question. This gives almost three fourths of a second extra in reaction time in a specific direction.

Name: Debunker
Type: Modern
Subset: Movement
Rank: D
Effect: In its simplest explanation, Debunker is a riposte, but in conjunction with a psionic pulse, the user brings the essence and strength of a counter to its furthest degree. The pulse not only inherently pushes away the attempt at a parry, but creates a brief vacuum forwards that literally sucks in the user's blade to add onto the thrusting power, as if the opponent's body draws the blade to their being.

Name: Fencer's Zone
Type: Modern
Subset: Movement
Rank: C
Effect: Adapted from Sagumi's Samurai Zone. A very potent Spell, the Fencer Zone is supremely effective against other Weapon users. Upon making contact with an opponent’s weapon, the user of the technique will selectively influence the Eidos in an opponent’s weapon, artificially altering the way the electrons in the weapon interact with the proton charge in his own, perpetually forcing the weapons into a sense of attraction. This effectively allows the user of the Samurai Zone to funnel his opponent’s blade into the general area that the user wishes, making it substantially easier to parry and negate an opponent’s offense. The effect lasts for five posts.

Name: Nitoryu
Type: Modern
Subset: Movement
Rank: C
Effect: Inherited Paternally. Contrary to what the name suggests, this spell only involves one sword. It does however focus on the capacity to switch sword hands effortless and promotes the capacity for using the momentum given by being able to swiftly and effortlessly transition from one hand to another. Masters of this style tend to be much more defensively sound, being able to cover all angles of attack with little trouble and have effectively improved reaction time, effectively speeding up the speed of an action taken immediately after switching sword hand by up to triple the original speed.

009. skill sheet

her skill sheet


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Hael Cruor [WIP]
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