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 Seraphina "Sera" Cruor [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Seraphina "Sera" Cruor [WIP]   Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:01 pm

001. basics

Name: Seraphina Cruor.
Titles | Nicknames: The Sugiuran of Sin. The Sinful Northern Princess. Young Miss.| Sera.
Age: n/a (true age, assumed to be one of the younger ones). 8-10 (appearance-wise).
Gender: Female.
Origin: Sin.
Affiliation: Herself.

002. appearance

003. personality

Defensive - You look silly criticizing perfection.
Although Sera may come across as someone who is very much in control of her emotions and thus, her actions, the child cannot help but respond to criticism in a disproportionate manner. As someone who thinks rather highly of themselves, the princess doesn’t appreciate any criticism that negatively evaluates her personality or performance. So, whereas someone else will take that criticism - especially if constructive - and try to improve, Sera always gets defensive and will try to justify her behavior, become enraged, or write it off. Therefore, it’s not abnormal for her to respond to criticism by denying the identified faults, attacking the critic, and/or disengaging from the uncomfortable situation entirely.

It’s truly bizarre to some that she can dish it, but she cannot take it. Sera regularly shows that she’s woefully incapable of retaining any emotional poise, or receptivity when faced with criticism unless she’s praised beforehand. And, even then, she’s still likely to respond negatively. After all, she's compelled at all cost to block out any negative feedback about herself in order to maintain her grandiose sense of self. After all, in her opinion, she needs to be viewed as this perfect, superlative, and infallible individual. When this image is threatened, she cannot help but respond in a hypersensitive manner to criticism.

To take this further, Sera is susceptible to criticism because it endangers her fragile sense of internal validation. Thus, she takes great pains to devalue or invalidate her critic. She will do everything possible to negate their viewpoint, and that means doing more than simply blaming or challenging them. When her position is threatened, she becomes evasive, utter half-truths, outright lie, contradict herself and even rewrite history in her favor so long as she can protect her sense of grandiose.

In short, the easiest and most efficient way to get a reaction out of Sera is to criticize her - and it doesn’t matter rather or not the criticism is constructive or destructive. However, one should be prepared for the princess to devalue their criticism by verbally assaulting them, projecting her faults and weaknesses onto them, or for her to write it off by justifying the actions that led up to such a criticism. At worse, one would need to be ready to respond to an act of violence on Sera’s part. Although it doesn’t happen often - she does have some form of self-control, no matter how little - there’s always the possibility that instead she will attack rather than defend herself. Especially if you don’t respond how she wants you to as she lashes out at you - verbally speaking.

After all, humbly admitting to her mistake and trying to improve herself would imply that she isn’t as perfect as she thinks she is. And even apologizing for her transgressions is simply impossible without it sounding forced and insincere as it implies that she was somehow wrong. Thus, she finds it much easier to demean, invalidate, and sometimes even assault the individual rather than admit fault and maybe even consider that there are areas she needs to improve in.

No Empathy - I would feel sorry for you if I could, but I cannot so I will not.

004. backstory

005. assets

006. natural abilities

008. spells

009. skill sheet

her skill sheet


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Seraphina "Sera" Cruor [WIP]
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