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 Chuxian Form for Saisei

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chuxian Form for Saisei   Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:46 am

» Name Of Character: Saisei

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Chuxian Awakening for Saisei. Material is below.

Awakening Appearance:

Unlike his normal pink haired and bright eyed self, Saisei undergoes and extreme alteration in appearance when Chuxian is active. Saisei's previously pink hair becomes pure white and growing roughly an inch longer. Alongside that, the bright blue eyes he once had turn into a bright amber color. The most obvious change in Saisei's face however is the smoothness of his skin compared to his basic appearance. All of his facial features have quickly softened in comparison to their teen esque appearance from before.

The other portion of his appearance that sees dramatic change would be that of his clothing. While normally Saisei can be found wearing something rather generic and boring, the young boy dawns a set of clothing that could be described as relics of the past. A black cloak with split sleeves and a red lining sits atop a rather tight black dress shirt. With an abnormal collar, the tight black shirt is complimented by the lower of the boy's attire, simple dress pants that are neatly tucked into onyx colored boots.

Saisei's Appearance:

Saisei can only currently hold onto his Awakened state for 4 posts at a time, requiring a 3 post cooldown in order to exert himself once more.

Awakened Powers:

Mugen no Kakuchō:

Much like Shin No Kyoka, Mugen No Kakucho follows a similar meaning in power. Translating directly to Infinite Enhancement, Mugen no Kakuchō works on a higher level than the base form of Shin No Kyoka works. By taking the same principles of placing Sei energy into one's limbs and Dou energy into the impact of one's blows, Mugen no Kakuchō allows for Saisei to bolster his energy output by nearly double its original output. Due to Saisei's past as Azure Iramasha and ability to abnormally control Chi so well, the energy that Saisei now puts out and into his blows and limbs allow for him to enhance his very being to a higher level than expected for someone so young. Just as True Enhancement would, Mugen no Kakuchō passively allows for one's senses to heighten to unimaginable heights compared to their base form, also allowing for them to raise each general skill stat up by a single level due to the physical, mental and spiritual enhancements caused by Mugen no Kakuchō. One last effect that Mugen no Kakuchō has on the body Saisei's previous ability to propel Chi Energy direction from his pores on impact with a being, object, or surface. This time, said effect is amplified by double it's original output just as general Chi output is, making his blows and movement act as if two beings were attacking at the same time. While Awakened, this ability will always be in effect unlike in base form for Saisei.

Fuanteina Burō:

Translating directly to Unwavering Blow, Fuanteina Burō is a newly gained ability in the Chuxian Awakening that Saisei has obtained. As its name implies, the main focus of this ability is to expend Dou energy in order to create a blow that is meant to cause extreme damage to an opponent. The way Fuanteina Burō works is rather simple, really. Much like Piqi, Saisei focuses his Dou energy into a single portion of his being in order to enhance a blow. This time, however, his basic ability to exert vibrations upon physical impact with objects, beings and surfaces allows for him to completely immobilize sections of an opponent's body upon impact. Once impact has been reached, the Dou energy being ejected onto the surface of said opponent's skin mixed with the countless vibrations that are being shoved into their innards, a temporary (single post) shutdown of a small area of said impact. Specifically a 6 cm by 6 cm square of surface area will be taken out of commission if the vibrations and Dou energy are allowed to work in tandem. An example of impacting an opponent would be the lost of breathing through a single lung when punched in the chest due to the lack of function in that small square, a small hiccup in the ability to have a beating heart if extremely percise (to the degree of being directly centered upon the heart multiple times with this ability) and the loss of moving one's arm if attacked directly against a shoulder joint. This ability can be used once every two posts, making it a deadly factor in Saisei's Awakening.

Mi Kējidobīsuto:

The third and final ability Saisei has gained during his Chuxian state of Awakening is known as Mi Kējidobīsuto, or, Uncaged Beast. While the name of said power can be relatively vague in most cases, it's rather simple in concept. One can assume that Mi Kējidobīsuto could be extreme and powerful, but for a being of Saisei's skill and strength it's pretty generic. By exerting Chi Energy into the are around his being, Saisei is able to manipulate said energy and produce pockets of extreme pressure at a moment's notice. In a field of 5 meters in each direction of his body, this Chi Energy will allow these spontaneous pockets of pressure to act as harsh conditions in most cases for opponents around his own level of strength. While the ability itself is normally used only force these harsh effects, these pockets of pressure can be used for other odd and abnormal ideas. Some examples would be causing the area around Saisei to lack any true stable footing, allowing him to catch an opponent of guard by changing their stance at will. Another would be inhibiting an opponent's ability to hear due to the pressure causing extreme damage to one's ear drums while a final example could be dampening his very being in order to soften blows from physical damage. This ability can be sustained for two post at a time, requiring a two post cooldown in between.

Flame Creation and Vibration Manipulation Enhancement:

This is a passive and generic ability that explains the increase in power for abilities gained through Hallucinations Saisei has experienced. In this case, Saisei's ability to create flame using his Chi energy has been enhanced, allowing for him to create larger constructs and to enhance more than just his limbs with the fiery power. On the other side of the coin, Saisei's ability to further control Vibrations he creates has now become fine-tuned, allowing for further damage on impact of general attacks on opponents.

» Why:

In The Lost Boy, The Hollow, And The Courier Saisei will enter his awakening state later in the thread in an attempt to save his and Steiner's life. The reason why I'm requesting this upgrade now is due to a time sensitive thread, I won't have this thread finished before posting in the current event. That being said, the form is very basic with only a few powers alongside not having any true tier requirement as a Chi Human other than being a volatile state that can cause extreme damage if over used. I'd like for the form to be pre-approved pending the completion of the thread with Steiner due to the event. Thank you.

» Extra: .


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Chuxian Form for Saisei   Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:35 am



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Chuxian Form for Saisei
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