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 Looking for trouble

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Looking for trouble   Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:50 pm

Eerie silence filled the area, no signs of life could be seen, it had looked like as if something had happened here but what it was Yoma held no idea. The city seemed to be in ruins, lacking in energy or spirit the world continued to be lost in a plague of darkness. The entire place gave off a dark and horrid feeling causing Yoma’s very soul to feel some type of pain. Yoma chose to come here for what reason? He arrived just curious of the location and the events that had happened here, wishing to learn more and break free from ignorance.

“Why? Why does this place give off a bad feeling what happened here?”

Yoma pondered as he moved around examination area to area looking for anything, a sign saying that someone is here. He didn’t like the feeling he got but also the feeling to be careful. Yoma knew it would be stupid but he decided to attract attention to himself. He started grabbing small pieces of rubble and tossing them with a small charge creating small little explosions but loud booms as if a set of fire crackers were going on.

Yoma knew he needed to open his mind to the ignorance that dwelled in him, That's why he was here. To learn and grow, obtain an experience only he can obtain. As yoma continued making noise being careful where he threw his small explosions. Yoma focused on what he would do if he encountered something. He no longer had a zanpakuto so all he had was his shunpo, kido, and basic abilities to rely on. So he had to figure out how to use these to their full extent in combat. He wanted to find the proper way to fight and use his power the only way to do this was through experience.

Yoma could feel the rumblings within his body. He knew this was a message from someone. His other half was warning him to be careful. Yoma had met someone he wanted to protect but for that he need strength. Which was one of the two reasons he was here to obtain experience and to obtain the strength someone achieve their dreams and goals. He was ready to face what came his way but he was starting to get a little bored he had been continuously making noise yet attracted nothing he didnt know if this was a good thing or not.

“Aww come on out someone, anyone or anything. If not that means coming here was pointless.”

Yoma gave a loud shout with his hands on his head messing up his hair.
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