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 Re-Emergence [Closed]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Re-Emergence [Closed]   Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:39 am

Eight months. Four years. Crawling from dimension to dimension was not the easiest thing on ones perception of time. What was less than a year for Kaminari and her silver haired friend, was four years to those they were forced to leave behind. Lost in a world that was not their own, Kaminari and friend nicknamed Silver, finally found their way home through a powerful man who just wanted to lend a helping hand. They were suspicious at first, but in the end took the help since they had no other way of knowing whether they'd ever make it back home. They tried once, but did fail at that time and were still lost.

Hopping through that portal was their only chance to get home. A rush of energy pushed them through quicker than expected. When she finally came out on the other side, she was thrown through the air. She opened her eyes as air rushed passed her body to look at a bright blue sky. She took notice of the white clouds, fluffy and soft, before her body slammed into the ground with a rather hard thud. She slid along grass and dirt before her body broke into a violent roll and she was stopped by a tree. "Ow." she winced and leaned forward to pop her back. The light snap relieved some pressure and a bit of pain, but not all of it. Luckily, she had not been too badly hurt.

Kaminari had a few cuts along her arms and could tell her legs were going to bruise, but she could deal with that. She ignored the scrape on her cheek and looked around. What she needed now was to know where she was. The first and easiest thing to notice was the amount of trees she was surrounded by. The thick leaves barely allowed vision of the sky above and anything beyond one hundred feet from her was shrouded in the darkness the trees provided. She heard very little beyond the insects of the forest and the movement of the leaves as a small breeze blew through the area. It was quiet, relaxing, and rather pretty, but Kaminari noticed something very wrong here.

"SILVER?!" she shouted as loud as she could, her voice echoing through the air, breaking the natural silence. She didn't hesitate to unsheathe the katana she held at her side the moment she realized her friend was not in sight. Suddenly, this peaceful area turned into a place of horror and loneliness, and fear filled her heart. Where was she? Who would find her? What would find her? Was Silver okay? Would she see him again? Was she even in her own realm? She didn't know. When he did not call back for her, the panic set in and she was afraid to move her own feet. She looked around, refusing to call out again, knowing that it would only alert people to her position and they probably weren't nice. For now, she was lost and on her own.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Re-Emergence [Closed]   Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:59 am