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 Memory Lane Collapse

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Memory Lane Collapse   Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:02 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

It had been a while since he came here as his memories stung. He was walking on a crutch for the moment. Letting his frame rest on it as he began coughing into his hand. His body hadn't recovered entirely from the surgery among other things. Losing a couple lungs and being told about his fatal sickness. He couldn't catch a break he smiled as he let his frame slid against a tree now. Letting himself lower down to the ground as he breathed or tried anyways. Each breath felt hard to grasp these days with the problems he suffered from. His green eyes looked over the area slowly, changes to his physical body seemed to escape on. Closing his eyes he leaned back letting his mind rest. This was a place of memories and fitting a place as any. To remember his friends and their vanishing to find things. This wasn't the first time he'd come here, his condition was poor. Fatal illness in his lungs and the lack of some. So he'd occasionally wander away from his doctor's coddling and poking. They didn't need to hammer the point home of him being dead walking.

Kaminari and Snopy, he hoped they'd both found what they sought. But in the end, did it really matter? Both of them had been successful while he stayed in the background. The new Gotei he doubted had need of a spell weaver like him. He'd fought people who could make things explode among other things. He'd seen Moonie and fought him, now he was sick and had to consider his options carefully. Fighting was the last resort for sure. He laid his frame down in the grass feeling the cool breeze blowing. He wasn't interesting he figured in the least bit. Some people said he had the air of just a normal shinigami. But was this all he was meant to be, just some normal shinigami? Couldn't he accomplish more or become something greater. This wasn't his full potential even if he lacked lungs. Even if he was going to die at the very least he could try. Try to become stronger to honor their memories, he reached up grabbing at the air. His body just couldn't handle the strain of fighting that way anymore.

The sickness made breathing hard and he'd cough blood up occasionally. So this was time to think of solutions and go from there.

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Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Such esoteric demands in reagents required esoteric traveling, which was why she was here now. Mirja Eeola, Wolf Of Awesome [name pending] was here to get what she needed from things and stuff. Chidori needed a lot of invigoration with her herbs, after all, and Elixiers didn't come cheaply, so she was about the Rukongai for the herbalists that populated it. Interestingly enough, it seemed the Herbalists were not in the high districts. Like those haughty gits were too good for something as good and honest as going out and picking herbs to make into brews. She didn't like those people.

But, there was still work to be done. After she had gotten all she needed from the working man, there was still something to be gotten from her own effort. A boar existed in the forests surrounding the Rukongai, which ate a plant, and it's stomach acids changed the plant's properties. It was in that change that it became useful to Mirja, and so she was on the hunt with her wolf nose and sharp ears. However, those same senses sensed something else entirely before she found what she was looking for, and so she went over to check it out.

There, like a man sat on the grass, was a man sat on the grass. That little fact was probably by he looked like a man sat on the grass. Things that were things generally looked more like things than other things, that was a well known fact. Still, thing or not thing, she was intrigued.
"Hello, Man person~ you look like you are trying to die quietly. I can't have that, so I am here to make your death as energetic as possible. Unless you aren't trying to die, in which case, kudos for staying alive"

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Memory Lane Collapse
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