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 Soulforged Equipment.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Soulforged Equipment.   Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:58 pm

[This equipment is designed as a suppliment to Tai Chi.

While none-Tai Chi people can use it, it is merely better class of mundane equipment without it]

» Item Name: Soulforged Equipment.
» Item Type: Anyone

» Used For: Defensive/Offensive.

» Item Description: Soulforging is a manner of crafting weapons and armour that are imbued with the crafter's Dantian energy [Refer to Tai Chi thread linked above]. The most common equipment found are bracers, but with the right crafter and enough money, you can comission anything. Soulforged gear comes in three levels. Inscription, Engraving, and Gestalting. Each level is rated the same as a Dantian, from Bronze to Black Gold, with the mythically rare Yu-Shan Inscribed lingering somewhere between rumor and reality.

Inscription is the most common, as it is easy to create and has low energy demands. Such that the crafter can create equipment of one rank higher than his Dantian, allowing a Bronze rank Soulforger to create Silver rank Inscriptions. They are considerably more durable than the mundane counterparts, espeically when broaching the ranks of Gold and Black Gold, and they make excellent weapons due to the pristine edge and incredibly solid nature. They are made by inscribing symbols onto the face of the equipment, and imbuing your Dantian energy into the inscription as it is being written. The cartographic synergy allows the energy to be enhanced to a degree determined by the complexity of the inscription. With Bronze-rank inscriptions being the most simple, and Yu-Shan Inscriptions being masterworks of a virtuoso.

Such demands for size and complexity generally means that higher rank gear is larger, such as breastplates or arm-sleeves. Once the inscriptions have been imbued with the energy, they latch onto the object, and can not be scrapped off despite being merely ink. Sufficiently powerful blows such as extreme heats or mighty winds, can disable it, however. Micro-inscriptions can be found, but are dramatically more expensive than their standard-sized brothers. These Micro-Inscriptions are very small versions of the originals, and means that there can be higher ranking gear while retaining a smaller, more maneuverable sizes, such as daggers for weapons, and wrist-guards for armor.

Engraving is more complex, as it is carving into the item itself, rather than simply drawing on it. The energy demands are considerably higher, and so the crafter can only make equipment rated equal to his Dantian level. This is the main reason why high level gear like Black Gold Engraving is incredibly rare, and why there is no Yu-Shan Engravings. At least, nothing modern, but the old warriors of Wulin hid their treasures jealously. The complexity ruling remains, and so with the increased effort, the superior energy demands, and failure being harder to rectify than simply rubbing out the ink, Engraving equipment is a lot more expensive than Inscription equipment, but the power is of a higher level, which makes it much more desirable, and with the fact that it is engraved rather than simply inked, it is impossible to damage without breaking the equipment itself. Not impossible for Bronze Rank equipment, but slowly becoming such as it approaches Gold and Black Gold.

Gestalting is the apex of Soulforging. In Modern times, Gestalting rare, only practiced by one Forger in a hundred. The incredible skill required to make anything more than the absolute basic equipment puts most Soulforgers off, despite the lucrative gains they could achieve. Unlike the other two styles, Gestalting requires equipment forged specifically for the enhancement, by the Soulforger in question and glazed with a thin layer rare herbs used for
Elixiers by Cultivators. And then the combination and entwining of both Engraving and Inscribing, with the blood of the Soul Forger being used instead of ink. This creates an decadently greedy piece of equipment, demanding such energy that a Soul Forger can only craft equipment one rank below their Dantian. This makes Gold Gestalt equipment relics that are rabidly sort after, and Yu-Shan equipment literally impossible for the modern crafter, much to the despair of many.

The final result of this colossal task, is nothing short of perfection itself. The raging power that is contained within a Gestalt equipment can cause the user to be able to crush their opponents without fear, as the blade never dulls, the Armour never breaks, and the gauntlet hits like the hammer of the gods itself.

However, while these pieces of equipment work perfectly fine for anyone who wields them, they are truly designed for those who cultivate, those who practice Tai Chi. These people can activate the inscription, engraving, or Gestalt with their own power, and be temporarily invigorated in body and spirit [4 posts]. They can only draw from one piece of equipment at any one time, however, so it is best to draw from the most potent source available, unless you want to hide your strength. Also, for the rich man, it is cumbersome to carry such equipment about with him all the time, and so you can absorb it into your Dantian for later use, but only if you are the same rank as the equipment. Even if Inscribed equipment was made by a Bronze Rank, you would need to be a Silver Rank to absorb it, giving a good balance between power, and versatility.

An interesting evolution of the Soulforged equipment is that Spiritual Beings can focus inwards and meld the equipment into any form that would clash or collide with it, such as a Zanpaktou Bankai that covers the entire body. The user is still restricted by the same rules, and would need to be Silver Rank to meld their equipment into their spiritual form.

» Obtained From: Anywhere that harbors a Soulforger.

» Yen Price:

[I suck at pricing so these can change]

Inscription [Micro-Inscriptions cost twice as much]:
Bronze: 15,000 yen.
Silver: 40,000 yen
Gold: 120,000 yen
Black Gold: 310,000 yen
Yu-Shan: [Unavailable for commercial purchase]

Engraving [Micro-engraving costs thrice as much]:
Bronze: 45,000 yen
Silver: 140,000 yen
Gold: 500,000 yen
Black Gold: 1,950,000 yen.
Yu-Shan: [Plot only]

Gestalting [Micro-engraving is nearly impossible and so costs eight times as much]

Bronze: 12,000,000 yen
Silver: 18,000,000 yen
Gold: 73,000,000 yen
Black Gold: [Plot Only]
Yu-Shan: [N/A. Does not exist]

» Notes: [smile]
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Soulforged Equipment.   Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:34 pm

[adm]I will be approving these. I'm putting some faith into you not to abuse these. Abuse these annnnnnd I revoke them. You know the drill. APPROVED!~[/adm]
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Soulforged Equipment.
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